Richard Bullock Brings a New Doc on Barca

Hungry Man has some new work about football, and for once we’re not talking American football, we’re talking… well… everybody else in the world’s football.

Richard Bullock has a brand new short documentary out about FC Barcelona (football club, for those uninitiated). It’s got the heart of a sports doc combined with the science of a pit crew squeezing every mph out of their car. It’s a fascinating piece of filmmaking and even if you’re not a football [soccer] fan, even if you don’t speak the language, even if you think the name Leo Messi refers to DiCaprio and his scraggle-beard in The Revenant, you’re gonna want to watch this doc. It’s fascinating from a sports angle, a science angle, and from a nature angle (those pitches are, like, REALLY green). Well done, Richard.

You can catch the trailer above and the full doc right HERE.