The annual London International Awards were held yesterday… in Nevada. That’s right, the 30th LIA judging was held at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas. The judges convened over a ten day period (really taking advantage of that poolside bar and room service) and the winners were announced yesterday.

And guess what?

Conor Byrne KILLED IT!

Our boy took home a silver LIAward in the Film & TV category and was a finalist in the Branded Content category, both were for his Skittles short film, Struck by a Rainbow. For all of the awards this thing has taken home I’d be shocked if any of you hadn’t had your curiosity piqued just a little and checked it out, that said, if any of you reading these words right now haven’t seen it, stop reading, click play above, and smile. And if you’re still reading this even now having still not seen “Struck by a Rainbow”? Well… just know I’m very very disappointed in you.

Congratulations, Con Man! Keep it up, sir!