Chaplin & Forbes have teamed back up with Leigh Francis to tickle everyone’s funny bone down under… Are there other ways we could’ve phrased that? No. No there are not.

The new spot for Carphone Warehouse aims at showing what Christmas is like in a place that, from our points of view, has its seasons backwards… as well as its views on dangerous eight legged monsters. David Reviews is already getting in on the action claiming, “As ever, fans of the eccentric comedian – and there are plenty of them – will warm to his antics while others may be a bit perplexed.” I think that sums the spot up very well. As a Yankee, I can personally vouch, I had no idea what Francis was saying but damn did I enjoy hearing him say it.

Give the spot a watch above and if you enjoy watching Francis go check out more of his work with C&F on their reel.