The latest 007 film, Spectre, just passed the $544 million mark worldwide. The film is being hailed as a beautiful send-off for and final farewell to Daniel Craig’s Bond. But with Craig on his way out, the public find themselves pondering one simple immutable question…

Who’s going to be the next Cadbury Milk Tray Man?

I mean, yeah, we’re also wondering who the next Bond will be, but that mystery pales in comparison to that of the Milk Tray Man. Though we don’t have an answer on the Milk Tray Man front just yet, we do have a selection of possible traynees (athankyou) for you to peruse. Robbie Savage, Denise Lewis, Joey Essex, Thom Evans, and Barry from ‘Eastenders’ all take their shot at the title. Do any of them have what it takes? Find out by watching Steve Bendelack’s latest Cadbury short film above.