Hungry Man Director, David Kerr, has nabbed a Rose d’Or Award nomination for his work on the BBC’s dark anthology series, “Inside No. 9.” If you live in the UK you should know how big a deal this is. If you live in the US the Rose d’Or is awarded by Eurovision and is “the most prestigious international entertainment programme awards,” and you know that’s classy ‘cuz they used an extra “m-e” on the word program.

Major congratulations go to Mr. Kerr as we’re thinking he has a pretty solid chance at bringing home the gold. “Inside No. 9” has already won awards at the Banff International Media Festival (Best Comedy & Best Entertainment), and the Royal Television Society Award (Best Comedy Performance). So keep an eye out for David’s name on the winner’s list and if you’re interested in the material contained “Inside No. 9” check it out on David’s reel right here.