How many times have you been sitting across from the table from your significant other and just known that you’re done with them. You know the relationship’s going nowhere. It’s nobody’s fault, but sometimes these things just don’t work out, and as you sit there you know you have to say something. It’s overwhelming. You can’t last one more day under the weight of all these unsaid words. You simply wish you could hire somebody else to take care of this…

Hungry Man Brazil has come up with the solution… in the world of TV.

Gualter Pupo just wrapped production on Hungry Man Brazil’s latest television show, Closure, the premise of which centers around Rio de Janeiro’s first ever Break Up Agency. You go to them, they break up with your significant other, and everyone goes home happy… with the exception of your former S.O. I don’t imagine they’re too happy.

What could go wrong???

Well, Gulater and our Brazil peeps hope a lot will go wrong, ‘cuz that’s good TV. If you’re in Brazil you can catch Closure on an open network channel called Band, and it will later be broadcast on TNT (with a 2 week gap in between Band and TNT). If you’re in the U.S. and are wondering when you can watch it, that’ll have to wait until our homegrown show is inevitably acquired and remade here in Hollywood which, if American Idol, The Office, Homeland, Dancing With The Stars, Ugly Betty and many other US versions of shows abroad are any indication, should be pretty soon.

Well done Gualter et al. You guys can check out stills from set in the gallery above.