AdWeek, Creativity Online, People, and Fast Co Create are all raving about Wayne’s Black Friday Old Navy spots. You know the ones. They star Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Kumail Nanjiani, and Mr. Old Navy himself, Snoop D-oh-double-G. AdWeek says that the long-form cut, “is plenty entertaining, with enough absurd dialogue to keep it moving at the right clip.” Fast Co Create hails, “it’s fun to watch Louis-Dreyfuss threaten the rapper as he’s tied to a chair and Nanjiani eats all of his donuts.” And People proclaims, “[Old Navy]’s offering a 50 percent off sale Thursday and Friday!” We’re not gonna lie, People seemed to love the spot but seemed more preoccupied with the “mega-sales.” Which… ya know… that’s cool.


This spot is everywhere right now and we highly recommend you take two minutes out of your day and watch the long-form version above because, though Wayne and Julia have made some exquisite Old Navy spots this year, “Burglar” may take the cake… or profiteroles.