As the year winds down it’s time for Shoot to pick their Ad Agency of the Year and they went with The Martin Agency. Based out of Richmond, The Martin Agency is currently celebrating their 50th year and what better way to do so than having this honor bestowed upon them by one of the most venerable advertising periodicals/websites in the world?

Ever the mensch, Joe Alexander, Chief Creative Officer over at Martin was generous enough to note their collaboration with Hungry Man and Wayne McClammy on some of the greatest commercials of the past decade including Hump Day, Countdown, Whisper, Operation… Ya know, pretty much any Geico spot that ends with the tag, “It’s what ya do,” and sharing the limelight is what Alexander does, specifying of McClammy, “Wayne has a great sense of comedy, is very collaborative, has a strong point of view without being a jerk about it, and he’s also good at marrying humor and dialogue with sophisticated visual effects.”

We would like to congratulate everyone at The Martin Agency and look forward to many more Martin/McClammy team-ups to come.