The Taco Bell bong, that is. Yes indeedy, Dave’s latest project with The Bell is more of a call to action for any and all meat eaters out there. Our ancestors used to die in the search for good steak. They battled beasts. They battled the elements. They battled each other. And all for that one simple joy of cooking meat over a flame and ripping it apart with their teeth. Yet here we sit, fat, lazy, and selfish. We take for granted the fact that we could walk down the street, enter the nearest Taco Bell and say, “Hey! I want some steak!” I mean, we could probably say it nicer than that, but there’s no time, damn it!

So I don’t care if you’ve already eaten. I don’t care if it’s not even noon. I don’t even care if you’re a vegetarian. You need to get up, go out, and get your ass some steak. You’re not eating it for you. You’re eating it for them.

Good night. And good luck.