Big news on the feature film front. Al Pacino, Melanie Griffith, and Barkhad Abdi are the latest to join Bryan Buckley’s feature film follow-up to The Bronze. Already shooting in New York and prepping the move to Africa, Buckley’s latest cinematic venture stars Evan Peters as real life journalist Jay Bahadur and tells the tale of how Jay went from obscure college graduate to the western world’s foremost Somali expert by doing the one thing no other white journalist had the balls to do: he went there. If this sounds like familiar territory you have probably seen Bryan Buckley’s Oscar Nominated short film Asad. If this does not sound familiar you probably know Bryan from his Sundance film The Bronze. If the latter is true, buckle up, ‘cuz you’re about to see a massive 180 from the raunchy indie gymnastics-com set to hit theaters March 18th.