Yes, anytime Nanette steps on the scene you know you’re gonna get punched right in the limbic system. Today’s spot released just in time for International Women’s Day highlights the way we gender-wash our world’s scientific heritage and the way that affects our nation’s young girls. Like all of Nanette’s work we promise you will walk away reconsidering the way your mind’s eye views all of history, because some say it’s written by the winners, we here at Hungry Man say it’s written by dicks… er… men.

I know, I know. This is big talk. Luckily for us Creativity Online, Little Black Book, and AdWeek all agree with our assessment. So this Women’s Day find a young girl in your life and tell her about Yvonne Brill, or Ada Lovelace, or Tabitha Babbit… Unless you don’t actually know any young girls, in which case it’s probably better for everyone if you just go home and look these ladies up on wikipedia and quietly keep the information to yourself.