Like a child anticipating the pain of a doctor’s needle or that moment when you realized you’ve just tripped, fans of the national football league have been braced for the impact of Peyton Manning’s retirement since he walked away from San Fransisco with that latest Super Bowl ring. Well, he finally ripped off the proverbial Band-Aid this week. The man that we have worked with so many times and with whom we’ve shared so many laughs, Mr. Peyton Manning, is officially retiring. You will be missed good sir, but we know you are going to love retirement. You can’t have that big a stake in Papa Johns and not love being retired. So just once more for the road, in honor of the man himself, we here at Hungry Man Inc would be honored if you’d let us get “Football on Your Phone” stuck in your head just one more time.

Farewell, Pey-Pey!