Cell phones distracting drivers is a global issue. Last year alone there were 1.6 million car accidents caused by cell phone distractions but, unfortunately, that message is not getting across to drivers. The stats for accidents just keeps rising. Nothing seems to work, not government agencies flatly stating statistics, not warnings on GPS and certain cell phone apps, not even Werner Herzog’s terrifying voice explaining the dangers of texting and driving in an all-too-real short documentary. Drivers just don’t seem to be taking this threat seriously, so that’s exactly the new strategy Ric Cantor and the New Zealand Transport Authority have decided to attack this problem with: not taking it seriously.

Ric’s hilarious new spot for NZTA sends a different message aimed not at distracted drivers but rather at their also-at-risk passengers. It’s clear drivers themselves aren’t going to be safe, so you, as the passenger, need to make them, even if that means making things a little… ahem… uncomfortable. Check out the spot that AdWeek calls “devilishly good” above.