We’ve got more pencil distributions this week. Same recipient, different color pencil, different award show altogether, same quantity of joy.

Wayne McClammy brought home two pencils from this year’s D&AD Awards. Both pencils were wood, both were for Geico, and both were in the category of Film Advertising / TV Commercials 21-40 seconds. Now we know what you’re thinking, “When’s it gonna end???” Never. That’s when. Have you seen these Geico commercials? Rhetorical question. We know you’ve seen them because we know you have encountered a television and/or the internet within the last week. These spots are amazing. Even my mother has seen ‘em and likes ‘em. She says, “I like the one with the young man who runs a lot.” I’m not saying my little old mother in Wilmington, North Carolina directly influences the choosing of D&AD pencil winners… but I’m not NOT saying that.

Congratulations, Wayne! More pencils to add to the collection.