We here at Hungry Man have no illusions about where we fit in the world of advertising. We’re funny. From our inception Hungry Man has made a name for itself coming up with new and innovative ways to get you to chuckle. But behind it all we have always had filmmakers like Richard Bullock out there doing the emotional work. The forward-thinking work. And I never knew quite how to describe his affect on this company until this week, when The Stable wrote an article entirely devoted to Richard and his position as Judge at this year’s D&AD Awards. In the article they describe Bullock in the most apt and succinct way I’ve ever heard, as “The moral rudder” of the design and advertising business. It was one of those revelations that makes you step back and really appreciate the elegance of the imagery. Richard Bullock is a moral rudder. While the rest of us are out there trying to go viral or trying to make people laugh while urging them to make desired purchases, Richard Bullock has been in the back of it all making sure we never sail too far off course. Always reminding us that, though there is importance in laughter, there’s more to this world than the rest of us are frequently focused on.

It’s an excellent article. You can check it out here. Moral rudder only scratches the surface of what The Stable unearthed in their one-on-one, but if you’ve ever wondered what kind of person sits in judgement at some of the largest advertising awards shows on earth, give a read to Richard Bullock’s interview in The Stable.