We realize you guys are probably getting tired of hearing about all the awards Hungry Man has been pulling in this awards season and, frankly, we’re getting tired of putting up new shelving to hold them all but, alas, Hungry Man has brought home several new prizes, this time from The Effie Awards.

Effie’s objective is simple: to honor the most effective marketing communications cases in the United States and Canada. When that’s your directive there are really only two names that need be brought up: Conor Byrne and Wayne McClammy. Last night Conor brought home a silver Effie Award for his Solar City Power of Ra campaign in the category of Positive Change and Wayne brought home a silver and a bronze for his Madden NFL ’15 music video Madden Season in the categories of Entertainment and Sports and Youth Marketing / Teens & Young Adults respectively.

Congratulations Wayne and Conor, and please stop.