Good morning Hungry Friends, and welcome to Wilderpeople Week! That’s right, that almost-alliterative-title can mean only one thing: Taika’s newest feature film Hunt for the Wilderpeople gets its North American release this week. In anticipation of this long awaited launch Taika and the film’s star, Julian Dennison, will be doing Q&A’s all week at movie theaters in New York and L.A. You can see a full list at the film’s Facebook page here but needless to say if you are in the New York or Los Angeles area this week and want to say, “I saw the director of Thor: Ragnarok before he was with Marvel,” now is your chance. Or, if you’re not a braggy s.o.b. and just wanna see the genius behind What We Do in the Shadows, Boy, Eagle vs. Shark, and Flight of the Conchords talk some shop then now is your chance!