Day 3 of Wilderpeople Week goes out to my homies rockin’ in NYC!!!

Who’s going to see Taika’s new flick Hunt for the Wilderpeople this week? I know. All of you, right? Especially my peeps in Williamsburg who all say they saw What We Do In The Shadows before anybody else. We know you did, guys. We know you did.

Anyways, we know money gets tight in the big city so as a little extra added value, if you go to one of the Wilderpeople screenings found on the list here, you’ll not only get to see the brand new picture before [almost] everybody else, but you’ll also get a sweet-ass Q&A by the film’s director and/or the film’s star. I know, right? We’re too too generous.

Check out the showtimes and go see nature get gangsta! #Wilderpeople