The 2016 Summer Olympics are coming up and Nanette Burstien has a very important message to all the young girls out there: Keep playing.

There are massive quantities of statistics that show beyond doubt that young females are socially discouraged from continuing to play sports as they grow older, specifically the Junior High School years, arguably a young woman’s most impressionable time. Well Nanette and Always say to hell with that. Keep playing. You think those Olympic athletes let people shame them out of their desired sporting event? Shit no. And you shouldn’t either.

This point is made so saliently in this new ad that Creativity Online and AdWeek are highlighting the spot this week. There’s also an excellent director’s interview that can be found here.

So adults, if you have a young girl in your life, make sure she watches Nanette’s new Always commercial. And if there are any young girls reading this right now (which would be really weird since tweens aren’t really Hungry Man’s demo but…) listen to Nanette when she tells you: keep playing.