AdWeek put together its Creative 100 list this week and not only did one of Hungry Man’s greatest directors, Nanette Burstein,

make the list but one of Hungry Man’s newest additions, Milana Vayntrub, made the AdWeek cover! There is an outstanding interview with Milana that can be found right here that really shows the versatility of this actor/director/writer/documentarian/spokeswoman. You’re definitely gonna wanna give the article a read because no matter what you know Milana as, whether it’s “the AT&T girl,” or the refugee who made a movie about refugees, or “Subway Rat Woman” in Ghostbusters, or UCB improver, or the director of those Cracker Barrel commercials…. Doesn’t matter what you think you already know about Milana, I promise, you have but scratched the surface. Check out her write-up here and check out Nanette on the Creative 100 list here.

We are so stoked on our Hungry Man Women… but like, not like Hungry Man-Women… like Hungry Man comma Women… or, that comma’s not right… Maybe Hungry Man dash Women? Hungry Women? Hungry People?….. we’ll work on proper gender assignations another time.