Anybody going to TIFF this year? Nanette is and she’s bringing a new feature film with her.

Fresh off of winning a Silver Lion at Cannes and being included on AdWeek’s Creative 100 list, Nanette has a new documentary premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend. Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee delves into the strange story of John McAfee, who went from millionaire software mogul, to yogi, to Kurtz-like jungle recluse, to potential murderer, and most recently a prospective presidential candidate for the American Libertarian Party. Yes, this is the same McAfee whose software you’ve spent your entire computing life using to rid your hard drive of malware.

The picture is utterly fascinating and if any of you find yourselves in the Toronto area this weekend we highly recommend you catch a screening. All info can be found here.