Everybody coming out for the Women’s Marches tomorrow? Doesn’t matter where you live, I promise there is one near you. There are going to be 600 marches globally tomorrow so whether you live in New York, Kansas, South Africa, or Brisbane there is a Women’s March for you (click this link to find your location).

And if you’re sitting there wondering why on earth you should march, Nanette Burstein has the answer for you with her new Women’s March PSA. It’s getting a lot of coverage so far considering it’s barely been out for 24 hours. AdAge, Shoot, and The Drum are all talking about it and you should be to. McGarryBowen Creative Director Teresa Herd (one of the minds behind the PSA) put it best when asked if this was a political event: “This is not a political movement. It’s a human and civil rights movement.”

We wholeheartedly agree.