WOW. That was one hell of an exciting night. The drama, the excitement, and — oh yeah — the football game was fun too. But those COMMERCIALS! Dude!

Hungry Man had several spots in The Big Game but unsurprisingly the two big hits of the night came from the King of the Super Bowl himself, Mr. Bryan Buckley. Bryan’s Bud Light spot presented the much heralded return of Spuds MacKenzie and his black and white ad for It’s a 10 haircare products took an elegantly humorous jab at our commander and piece — CHEIF. Commander and chief. AdAge had both Buckley spots at the top of its best of the night list, AdWeek made It’s a 10 their #2 spot of the game, Creativity Online calls It’s a 10 “The Super Bowl’s Funniest Surprise,” It’s a 10 was #3 on Buzzfeed’s Super Bowl Commercials Everyone Will Be Talking About list, and The Huffington Post had It’s a 10 on their Super Bowl Ads that Trolled Trump list which, though it wasn’t quite our intention, is still a nice honor.

Big ups to Mr. Buckley for another fine Super Bowl showing and congrats to all of the Hungry Man spots peppered throughout the most watched television event of the year!