The Royal Television Society Awards have officially been announced and David Kerr’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream has been nominated for Best Single Drama. The RTS Awards is one of the biggest television awards in the UK so this is an immense honor. Now when you go looking through the list, don’t be fooled by the other Midsummer Night’s Dream on the list. That’s an adaptation by the children’s television program CBeebies. You read that right. A 400 year old play about a group of young lovers having an inter-species key party in the middle of the woods was adapted into a children’s television program. And is up for an award! I got a lot of laughs from David’s version yet somehow I feel like I might get just as many laughs out of the CBeebies’ version.

Congrats, David! Everybody watch David win an RTS Award on March 21st (or 21 March).