Wayne McClammy is back with a new Carl’s Jr. commercial unlike any Carl’s Jr. commercial you’ve ever seen.

After years of using risque commercials featuring scantily-clad women to sell their burgers, Carl’s Jr. and Hardees has decided to go back to its roots and they have tapped Wayne McClammy to take ‘em there. In the flagship spot entitled, “Carl Hardee Sr. Returns,” we find the Carl’s Jr and Hardees headquarters being run by the “poster child millennial CEO, the fictional Carl Hardee, Jr.” who is shown the error of his ways by the brand’s new spokesman, Carl Hardee Sr. portrayed by Charles Esten (what up Deacon Claybourne!).

I won’t spoil it for you, but Hardee Sr. explains to his son just what the Carl’s Jr. and Hardees names are supposed to mean. As Jr. sums it up, “Burgers not boobs.”

There are some excellent write-ups on this spot right now. AdWeek has fascinating interviews with the folks at 72 and Sunny and Creativity Online has interviews with the folks at Carl’s Jr. and Hardees. I know we recommend you read more about all of our commercials, but both of these interviews give fascinating insights into this bold and refreshing new direction so we highly recommend you give both articles a read.