Cannes is Here and so is Hungry Man

The Cannes Lions are in full swing this week and Hungry Man is getting the festival kicked off with a couple of shortlists for Hank’s GQ spot about Ryan Reynolds getting roasted by his twin brother entitled Ryan Reynolds Gets Roasted By His Twin Brother. The categories are Entertainment Talent and Entertainment Online Film. So we’ll be on pins and needles to hear about that.

But the bigger news of the Tuesday goes to Fabio Pinheiro and Caio Rubini who co-directed Heineken’s The Cliche. Today this film took home GOLD in the outdoor category. Oh, and it’s also shortlisted in the PR section of the festival. Oh, and it’s the #1 most watched online Heineken film in the world… so… yeah. We’re feeling pretty good.

Congrats all and we can’t wait to see how the rest of the week shakes out.