Wayne’s Carls Jr. Spot Best of 2017 (So Far…)

If it’s July it’s time for Shots’ list of 2017’s 10 Best Ads (So Far…) and Wayne McClammy’s Carls Jr. spot Carl Hardee Sr. Returns has made the list. If you haven’t seen it yet, the ad is a complete rebranding of the Carl’s Jr. and Hardees approach. As they say in the spot, “Food, not boobs.” It’s tongue and cheek, is self deprecating, and most of all it’s really friggin funny. And I know some people are worried about Carls Jr. dropping the sexyness in their ads, but fret not dear reader, this new campaign features Nashville’s resident dreamboat Charlie Esten so we are definitely covered on the eye-candy front, am I right?

Congrats Wayne on making the list and for a clearly successful rebranding. If anybody out there is looking to pivot, Wayne McClammy is your man.