Saul Dibb’s Film Premieres at TIFF

YouTube Preview Image

Hungry Man UK’s latest addition, Saul Dibb, is premiering his latest feature film tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival. Journey’s End is a WWI drama based on the play of the same name by R.C. Sherriff. Set in 1918, Journey’s End tells the tale of war-weary Captain Stanhope (Sam Claflin) as he leads the men of C-Company to the front-line trenches of northern France. With a German offensive imminently approaching, the officers (Stephen Graham, Tom Sturridge, and Paul Bettany) and their cook (Toby Jones) use food and the memories of their lives before the war to distract themselves, while Stanhope soaks his fear in whisky, unable to deal with his dread of the inevitable.

To see a clip of the film, head on over to Deadline Hollywood. To find out “Why Buyers Are Circling” the film, check out Variety. And to simply get tickets to the film’s screenings at TIFF, check it out right HERE.