CareerBuilder is advertising again in this year’s Super Bowl—and the job site is returning with its chimpanzees.

The 30-second spot, created by CareerBuilder’s in-house agency and our very own Bryan Buckley, features the chimps creating chaos for the only human employee in the hypothetical firm while they’re on a business trip that has gone terribly wrong.

“Our ads present an experience that almost anyone can relate to: not being in an ideal work situation,” said Cynthia McIntyre, vice president of marketing and communications at CareerBuilder. “You have to have a message that resonates with viewers and pulls your brand through. You also have to be entertaining,” she said. “We’ve always used humor. A lot of advertisers do. But you can’t just tell a joke for the sake of the joke. It’s got to tie effectively into your brand and the ultimate message you’re trying to get across.”