Welcome Saul Dibb to the Hungry Man roster.

Saul has spent much of the 21st century writing and directing for both cinema and TV films such as Bullet Boy (2004), The Line of Beauty (2006), The Duchess (2008), Suite Française (2014) & NW (2016), working with talent by the likes of Ralph Fiennes, Keira Knightley, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Hayley Atwell, Charlotte Rampling, Michelle Williams, Ruth Wilson, Matthias Schoenarts, Margot Robbie and Dan Stevens.

He is currently awaiting the release of his most recent feature, Journey’s End (2017), which has already been described by critics as an “exceptional film” and snatched up by Lionsgate.

Saul’s commercial work for the Home Office and VCCP won both a spot in the APA 50 and an arrow at BAA; he then went on to direct a string of commercials for Morrisons and DKLW Lowe.

He’s fantastic at crafting and capturing those real and natural, relatable moments; complimenting subject, performance, location, setting and light.

Saul is excited to dive head first back into the commercial world… Who wants first Dibbs?


Do you remember the first time you heard the word “meme?” For most of us it was within that last decade. If you’re still unfamiliar with the term Carlão Busato and Doritos have created a crash-course in all things internet memes. They have created the memeiest meme-filled soon-to-be-a-meme-itself commercial that’s ever memed the meme-box (computer). It has absolutely everything you have ever asked of the internet… well… almost everything.


This is your pre-weekend reminder that Mother’s Day is this Sunday. While Hank Perlman hit you with the lighter side of the holiday last week, this weekend as we prepare to honor Moms the world ‘round, We Are Magnolias wrote and directed a new spot for Avon that is sure to remind us all just how much we love our mommas.


Listen up! Our very own Lucy Forbes and Asda have joined forces once again, with a precise plan to please mom on Mother’s Day. Check out the spot above and follow step-by-step, for guaranteed mom satisfaction. Just don’t forget the PJs. I’m talking to you, dad!

DABKA came out one week ago and the reviews are in… literally… people are LOVING it. Deadline calls the film “impressive” and “mesmerizing.” They also released videos from their Tribeca Studio this week and there is an excellent interview with the maestro himself, Mr. Bryan Buckley. Other solid write-ups include The Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap, Paste Magazine, Roger Ebert, Film Book, SF Gate, and The Globe and Mail. All in all, in the post-Tribeca haze, DABKA’s feeling pretty good.


Mother’s Day is May 14th!

That reminder is for all the kids out there.

For all you Mom’s out there Hank Perlman and Kraft have a reminder of a different nature: no mother is perfect. Hank’s latest venture into the world of Mac’n’Cheese serves as an instructional video on the elegance and creativity one can employ when not swearing in front of your children. AdWeek’s already hailing the spot as “clever” and “silly.” We’re already hailing it as [expletive deleted] funny!

Hungry Man’s got some fresh blood!….. is a statement you hope the Hungry Man dinner corporation has never said.

Amir Farhang has joined the Hungry Man directing roster. Farhang, who was an advertising creative at 180, Wieden & Kennedy, CP&B and BBH before turning director in 2012, has shot the world over for companies like Gatorade, Ikea and Priceline. He wrote and directed the much lauded Swingman campaign for Adidas, and in 2016 Amir won a Cannes Lion for his directing work on World’s Toughest Job for American Greetings. His innate sense for casting comedy combined with the eye of a documentarian makes Amir the ultimate Swiss Army Director for Hungry Man Productions. Check out the publications that are already psyched about this union below:


If you’re Wayne McClammy and it’s April you win a pencil at the D&AD Awards. It’s what you do.

Yes, indeed, Wayne has taken home yet another D&AD Award for his ever-outstanding work on the Geico “It’s What You Do” campaigns. This year his wooden pencil is in the category of Film Advertising and TV Commercial Campaigns for the spots, Sleeping Beauty, Raccoons, Parrot, and Directions. I don’t even need to say “if you haven’t seen these yet” because if you’re watching any of the NHL playoffs, any of the NBA playoffs, the NFL draft, or anything currently on Hulu you have seen these spots. If you haven’t… well… there’s nothing I can do for ya.

Congrats, Wayne and the Geico Team!

As expected, the world’s first DABKA screening went over like gangbusters. Now that the world is privy to the film itself, everybody wants to learn all they can about Bryan Buckley’s latest feature. He and star Evan Peters did facebook live Q&A’s, participated in a Tribeca Film Festival tumblr Q&A, and The Hollywood Reporter ran a thorough (and glowing) in-depth look behind the film. It includes interviews with Bryan, Evan, and “the Marlon Brando of Somalia” Barkhad Abdi. We strongly urge you to check em out.

You guys! The day has finally arrived: The World Premiere of Bryan Buckley’s latest feature film, DABKA. The film’s Tribeca premiere kicks off tonight at 8:15pm. Tickets are sold out but I heard there’s a vent on the 23rd Street side of the SVA Theater that will be unguarded at exactly 8:03, and if pried open a small adult female or potentially a large child could shimmy through and gain access to the projectionist booth… it’s a long shot, but, hey, if Jay Bahadur can make it to Somalia and back you can crawl through some dusty ductwork.


We realize most of you are going to be familiar with actor Jonathan Banks from his role as Mike Ehrmantraut on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, but he’s got a new role that threatens to eclipse his oh-so-loveable and gregarious AMC alter ego. In Ric Cantor’s latest ads for Fram, Banks takes on the role of Frampa, “…the salty sage teaching the next generation of DIYers to do right by their cars…” as The Drum puts it. They picked the spots as their Ad of the Day and got a great interview with Jon Laughlin, writer and creative director at Laughlin Constable. We highly recommend checking out the ads and interview HERE.

We are officially one week from the world premiere of Bryan Buckley’s latest feature film, DABKA. With Tribeca about to kick into full gear we just thought we’d share a smattering of the press Mr. Buckley et al have been receiving. Vice had a wonderful article discussing the message and politics (or lack thereof) within DABKA. The Hollywood Reporter has the flick on their 23 Must-See Movies list. Huff Post also put together its 14 Must-See Movies list which includes DABKA. MSN, Shoot, The Playlist, and a slew of others are all getting us hyped for this picture. We recommend you read all of them because, come next Friday, everybody’s gonna be talkin’ ‘bout DABKA.


Tribeca Film Festival kicks off next week and Bryan Buckley isn’t the only Hungry Man family member getting in on the action. Chris Modoono just finished a spot featuring a smattering of some of Tribeca’s favorite content creators literally singing the festival’s praises. “Untold Stories” highlights some of the industry’s brightest talents (Robert DeNiro, Katie Holmes, Naya Rivera, Whoopie Goldberg, Michael Rapaport, and so many more) singing about the earnest need to tell their stories. Check out the spot above and if you’re planning on attending the festival we would highly recommend getting your tickets asap. We know first hand screenings are selling out rapidly.


Wayne is back with another Geico “It’s What You Do” spot and this one, if I may, might be the funniest one yet. I know we talk up our spots (it’s what we do) but, my hand to Geico, this one is the best. It’s got a stuntman, the Grim Reaper, public transportation, and the best looking LA street hot dogs you ever did see. Giver ‘er a watch above.


Most of the time when pop culture is using robots as the antagonist they’re breaking the first law of robotics and trying to murder humans. When Wayne McClammy and HPE toss robots into their work, they’re more just out to kill your buzz. Check out Wayne’s latest spot “Nobot.” It won’t so much terrify you as it will really cheese you off.

The One Show has announced its finalists and Hungry Man work plasters the page. We’ve got Wayne McClammy in the Teleivison – Short Form – Campaign category for his Geico “It’s What You Do” spots. Dave Laden is also competing in this category for his “Make Time for Snapple” spots and his “Are You My Grandma” campaign for Grandma’s Cookies is also up for the Online Films & Video – Short Form – Campaign category. And finally the Branded Entertainment category was announced today and Nanette’s #MakeWhatsNext Microsoft spots hit the Online – Short Form – Single slot.

Congrats Wayne, Dave, and Nanette! We’ll make some room on the ol’ awards shelf.

There’s a lot of buzz floating around Bryan Buckley’s latest feature film, DABKA, as we near its April 27th premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Deadline Hollywood knows that with any highly anticipated film there’s always a desire to get as much of it as you can in the days leading up to the release so today they have released an exclusive clip. It features the duo we’re certain the world is going to fall in love with, Evan Peters and Barkhad Abdi, as they meet a long-feared Somali pirate for the first time. The clip sums up the film’s tone perfectly: the tense drama of real life pirates combined with awkward comedy of the oh-so-charismatic Evan Peters.

Give the clip a watch here and then see if you can snag some tickets to the Tribeca screening from a friend, because they are all SOLD OUT.

It’s official. Tickets for the DABKA screenings at Tribeca are 100% SOLD OUT. Here’s hopin’ you neither dillied nor dallied.

If you did wait a little too long to purchase, fret not, you can still reserve tickets for the Free Film Friday screening. But let this be a lesson to you. Early birds get worms….. ew.


Lo, the moment of enlightenment has finally arrived and comic book nerds did rejoice.

Forget Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Forget the price drop on Dr. Strange DVDs. Forget Captain America 2 being on TBS every single friggin day (for real, what happened to all my Seinfeld reruns???). The big news out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this week is Taika’s teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok! It’s already at close to a million views and it’s only been up for a few hours. So what in Valhalla’s name are you waiting for? You don’t wanna be the only one this Monday morning who HASN’T seen the Thor trailer! Check it out above!


Wayne McClammy is back with a new Carl’s Jr. commercial unlike any Carl’s Jr. commercial you’ve ever seen.

After years of using risque commercials featuring scantily-clad women to sell their burgers, Carl’s Jr. and Hardees has decided to go back to its roots and they have tapped Wayne McClammy to take ‘em there. In the flagship spot entitled, “Carl Hardee Sr. Returns,” we find the Carl’s Jr and Hardees headquarters being run by the “poster child millennial CEO, the fictional Carl Hardee, Jr.” who is shown the error of his ways by the brand’s new spokesman, Carl Hardee Sr. portrayed by Charles Esten (what up Deacon Claybourne!).

I won’t spoil it for you, but Hardee Sr. explains to his son just what the Carl’s Jr. and Hardees names are supposed to mean. As Jr. sums it up, “Burgers not boobs.”

There are some excellent write-ups on this spot right now. AdWeek has fascinating interviews with the folks at 72 and Sunny and Creativity Online has interviews with the folks at Carl’s Jr. and Hardees. I know we recommend you read more about all of our commercials, but both of these interviews give fascinating insights into this bold and refreshing new direction so we highly recommend you give both articles a read.


According to NPD Group nearly 31 Million Americans skip breakfast each and every morning. That’s roughly 10% of the United States population not eating what experts have called for decades the most important meal of the day. Well Ric Cantor and McDonald’s are here to show you why this is a very bad idea.

Check out the ad above or over on Creativity Online.

Attention attention, one and all. As of this morning tickets to the Tribeca Film Festival world premiere of Bryan Buckley’s latest feature film, DABKA, are now on sale. With screenings on April 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th anyone in the tri-sate area should have an opportunity to catch this picture as long as you act fast (it is Tribeca after all, it’ll sell out quick).

And for those of you not in the New Yorkish region… well… main character and real-life-journalist Jay Bahadur traveled all the way to Somalia to tell this story so you can travel to see his movie.

You can grab your DABKA tickets right HERE.


Wayne McClammy’s latest Coordown PSA, “Not Special Needs,” has generated 5.7 million Facebook views in five days and was presented during the World Down Syndrome Day Conference in New York, at the United Nations headquarters. It’s a very funny spot with a cast comprised almoast entirely of actors with Down syndrome that points out the simple fact that people with Down syndrome don’t require special needs. The message is resonating so well that Creativity Online, Shoot, and AdWeek have all posted write-ups about it. We would strongly suggest checking out AdWeek’s. It’s got excellent interviews and insight. Do so after you watch the spot itself, though.


Ric Cantor’s spot “Hello” for the New Zealand Transport Agency can’t be stopped. After taking Cannes by storm, this week it’s back in New Zealand taking home an Axis Award. The Axis Awards “celebrate the very best advertising in New Zealand.” I think “Hello” qualifies. If you haven’t seen this PSA yet (and at this point I don’t know how you could miss it) check it out above.

Congrats Ric!


Hey everybody, we’d like to introduce you to Ricky Mena, CEO and founder of Heart of a Hero Inc, a nonprofit organization aimed at lifting the spirits of children in need. To date Ricky has visited over 7,000 homeless, special needs, and terminally ill children and shows no signs of slowing down. Please repost, give him a follow, and hashtag #theellenshow to help get him the support he needs to reach even more kids, and check out the brief film Chris Woods put together to honor Ricky’s pursuits.


Ricardo Mehedff’s first feature film, Inner Court, will make its debut at the Boston International Film Festival next month. The picture is a “film noir psychological drama” that centers around a judge presiding over a sensitive corruption case who must remain locked in his office after receiving death threats. As Ricardo puts it, it’s a study of the “institutions corrupted in their essence.” It’s an absolutely amazing film and we highly suggest anyone in the greater Boston area go check it out. You can find the trailer above and more info here at the Boston International Film Fest website.


Hungry Man’s resident cineaste is back at it again with a new commercial for Aldi. Richard Bullock has his camera trained on the children of Mini Roos, Australia’s largest football [soccer] program for kids. The spot is called “Keep Them Playing” and its message centers around keeping Australia’s youth out in the yard, in the parks, in the dirt fields playing football. The message is wonderfully poignant but the visuals, in classic Bullock fashion, are so viscerally engaging that you’d think Terrance Malick had quit Texas, moved to Australia, and gotten into commercials.

Good on ya, Richard. And keep them kids playing, Australia!

Entertainment Weekly has dropped the first images from Taika’s latest feature film, Thor: Ragnarok. For anyone who has been hiding underground since the 2012 Chitauri Invasion (#nerdhumor) our dear friend and colleague Taika Waititi is helming one of 2017’s most anticipated additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We all here at Hungry Man are massive comic book nerds (or maybe just the blog guy) but if these images are any indication, we can unbiasedly and objectively proclaim that Taika has made the greatest Marvel movie ever to be crafted by the hand of man and we are friggin PUMPED!

It’s International Women’s Day and Hungry Man would be remiss if we didn’t raise up and show our support. Our New York office came in reppin’ the red today in support. Though our name is Hungry Man, make no mistake, we’ve got a hefty 50/50 male to female split in this company and we are damn proud of it.

International Women’s day was birthed from the resistance of 15,000 women in 1908 and though the world has made significant progress in the last one hundred and nine years, we can and will do better.

Happy Women’s Day, World!


Beginning of the week gotcha down? Need a daily dose of inspiration?

Max Joseph and Casey Neistat have got ya covered with their new YouTube vid, Do What You Can’t. It’s a simple reminder that everyone killing it on YouTube right now, all the people we so reverently refer to as “influencers,” they all started off as “average” people who simply did what they were told they can’t.

Because we all need a little reminder once in a while.


Dave Laden’s latest Muscle Milk spot, “Strong Feels Good,” has been garnering some very high praise.

First it was on AdForum’s Best of the Month list.

Then Agency Spy did a damn fine write-up on it.

Now AdForum’s back making Muscle Milk the Editor’s Pick on its Best Ads of the Week list.

Suffice it to say, Strong Feels Good feels good and strong, baby! Woooo! MUSCLE MILK!


The Royal Television Society Awards have officially been announced and David Kerr’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream has been nominated for Best Single Drama. The RTS Awards is one of the biggest television awards in the UK so this is an immense honor. Now when you go looking through the list, don’t be fooled by the other Midsummer Night’s Dream on the list. That’s an adaptation by the children’s television program CBeebies. You read that right. A 400 year old play about a group of young lovers having an inter-species key party in the middle of the woods was adapted into a children’s television program. And is up for an award! I got a lot of laughs from David’s version yet somehow I feel like I might get just as many laughs out of the CBeebies’ version.

Congrats, David! Everybody watch David win an RTS Award on March 21st (or 21 March).

The 16th annual Tribeca Film Festival line-up has been announced and, it’s official, Bryan Buckley’s latest feature film DABKA will make its worldwide debut at this year’s festival.

DABKA will mark what promises to be a memorable feature debut for Hungry Man in 2017. Academy award winner Al Pacino, Academy nominated Barkhad Abdi, Academy nominated Melanie Griffith, and American Horror Story’s Evan Peters form a powerful cast which tells the true story of The New York Times bestseller “The Pirates of Somalia: Inside Their Hidden World”. The book was written by a 24 year old wannabe journalist, Jay Bahadur, who in 2008 formed a half-baked plan to embed himself among the pirates of Somalia. Ultimately, he finds himself interviewing the head pirate who orchestrated the taking of the Maersk Alabama (featured in the film Captain Phillips) just before the legendary hijacking occurred. The movie is sure to gain international attention, as several prominent cast members were Somali refugees found in the streets and trained to play their roles in an effort to boost the awareness of their plight.

You can see the full Tribeca line-up at Deadline, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Yahoo, NBC, The Wrap or you can just command-f and type “Dabka” to only read about us. I think we’re the only “Dabka” on the roster.


Yesterday Taika Waititi was named New Zealander of the Year at the annual Kiwi award show of the same name. He has won Sundance, he has won the AFI Awards, he has been nominated for an Oscar, and yet somehow Taika has managed to one-up himself. He is currently the top person in his country. Like, of all of the New Zealanders… he’s the best. Granted, that’s not how the awards themselves would put it, but that’s how I’m puttin’ it.

Congratulations Taika and everybody can check out his hilarious acceptance speech above.


Remember Thor? Big hammer? Blonde beard? Dynamite abs? The guy who was somehow missing in Captain America: Civil War? Well Taika Waititi is back with yet another tease at where Thor has been all these years.

For those who missed the first update at last year’s ComiCon, check it out HERE.

For those familiar with Thor and Daryl’s hardships, you’ll be pleased to find that life has not gotten any easier for the two roomies. Creativity Online featured the “totally mundane” video on their site today because Thor in the world of the totally mundane is Taika Waititi gold. Check it out above.

Andrew Chaplin’s BBC Three series Witless just got a hell of a write-up on VODzilla.co, receiving an 8 out of 10 review for Season 2 (currently viewable online with BBC’s iPlayer). Reviewer Ivan Radford calls Season 2 “laugh-out-loud hilarious” and even goes so far as to compliment Mr. Chaplin himself, saying it’s, “… made even more so by director Andrew Chaplin, who never misses a chance to blend cinematic style with the most mundane actions.” He doles out even more compliments which you can read at the review right HERE, but we must warn you, there are Season 1 spoilers in the review so if you haven’t watched Season 1 yet, first off, what is wrong with you? Second off, go to iPlayer and check it out. It’s rare that such a well reviewed show has a Season 2 that’s even better than Season 1, so you must check it out. We insist.

Bryan Buckley’s hit Super Bowl ad is the number one most watch spot of the day over at Creativity Online. As you may know, Creativity updates their Top 20 list daily, the numbers reflecting how much each piece of work is viewed and today Bryan’s It’s a Ten is the number one most watched ad on the site. Everybody’s probably just trying to get last minute haircut ideas for the weekend.

Congratulations Bryan!

Little Black Book has released their Top Ads of Super Bowl LI list and lo and behold, not one but TWO Bryan Buckley spots made the list calling them cheeky and funny. Not a bad day when one director comprises 14% of a “best of the Super Bowl” list. And, no, I didn’t have to use a calculator to figure out what 2 spots out of 14 spots was as a percentage!!!

… yes I did. #DontCheckMyMath

DABKA will mark what promises to be a memorable feature debut for Hungry Man in 2017. Academy award winner Al Pacino, Academy nominated Barkhad Abdi, Academy nominated Melanie Griffith, and American Horror Story’s Evan Peters form a powerful cast which tells the true story of The New York Times bestseller “The Pirates of Somalia: Inside Their Hidden World”. The book was written by a 24 year old wannabe journalist, Jay Bahadur, who in 2008 formed a half-baked plan to embed himself among the pirates of Somalia. Ultimately, he finds himself interviewing the head pirate who orchestrated the taking of the Maersk Alabama (featured in the film Captain Phillips) just before the legendary hijacking occurred. The movie is sure to gain international attention, as several prominent cast members were Somali refugees found in the streets and trained to play their roles in an effort to boost the awareness of their plight.

Bryan Buckley wrote and directed the film, and it was produced by Mino Jarjoura and Matt Lefebvre, the same trio which was the force behind of the Academy nominated short narrative film ASAD in 2013.

DABKA will premiere in the spring of 2017. Check back often for updates or follow the film on Social Media.


Asad is a 2012 South African-American short film directed by Bryan Buckley. It is a coming of age fable of a Somali boy as he struggles to survive in his war-torn land.

Produced in South Africa by Mino Jarjoura of Hungry Man Productions, the cast is made up of Somali refugees living in South Africa, none of whom had any acting experience prior to production.

The film was nominated for the 2012 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. Click HERE to watch Asad right now.


WOW. That was one hell of an exciting night. The drama, the excitement, and — oh yeah — the football game was fun too. But those COMMERCIALS! Dude!

Hungry Man had several spots in The Big Game but unsurprisingly the two big hits of the night came from the King of the Super Bowl himself, Mr. Bryan Buckley. Bryan’s Bud Light spot presented the much heralded return of Spuds MacKenzie and his black and white ad for It’s a 10 haircare products took an elegantly humorous jab at our commander and piece — CHEIF. Commander and chief. AdAge had both Buckley spots at the top of its best of the night list, AdWeek made It’s a 10 their #2 spot of the game, Creativity Online calls It’s a 10 “The Super Bowl’s Funniest Surprise,” It’s a 10 was #3 on Buzzfeed’s Super Bowl Commercials Everyone Will Be Talking About list, and The Huffington Post had It’s a 10 on their Super Bowl Ads that Trolled Trump list which, though it wasn’t quite our intention, is still a nice honor.

Big ups to Mr. Buckley for another fine Super Bowl showing and congrats to all of the Hungry Man spots peppered throughout the most watched television event of the year!

Women’s Wear Daily is talking up Milana’s new web series for Silver Jeans calling it “… an irreverent approach to love via jeans,” and we can’t describe the series any better than that. A collection of nine, thirty second episodes, Love Below the Waist shows us what really happens when our pants fall in love. You can see the episodes as they air at the Silver Jeans YouTube page between now and their finale just before Valentine’s Day. So if you need to get in the mood for romance we’ve got some anthropomorphic jeans that’ll do just the trick!


King of the Super Bowl, Bryan Buckley is back this year with an all new Bud Light Super Bowl spot that brings back this classic Budweiser character, Spuds MacKenzie. For those millennials out there who might be scratching their heads, Spuds was a Budweiser mascot who first made his Super Bowl premiere in 1987. You can check out the originals here. But now, exactly thirty years later, Bryan and Bud Light have brought Spuds back, albeit in a slightly more ethereal way (don’t get upset, dog’s don’t make it to 30, it’s simply a numbers game). Check out the Super Bowl ad above and be the first to be talkin’ about the reboot of Spuds. Oh, yeah, and Creativity Online has made it their Ad of the Day #NBD.


Every woman’s body is different and these days with the overwhelming amount of ways there are to get fit there can be a lot of pressure to subscribe to one regimen over another. If you find yourself at a loss for what to do, just check out Dave’s latest Muscle Milk spot. Let it be a reminder that we’ve all got different muscles so you just have to find what’s right for you.


Everybody coming out for the Women’s Marches tomorrow? Doesn’t matter where you live, I promise there is one near you. There are going to be 600 marches globally tomorrow so whether you live in New York, Kansas, South Africa, or Brisbane there is a Women’s March for you (click this link to find your location).

And if you’re sitting there wondering why on earth you should march, Nanette Burstein has the answer for you with her new Women’s March PSA. It’s getting a lot of coverage so far considering it’s barely been out for 24 hours. AdAge, Shoot, and The Drum are all talking about it and you should be to. McGarryBowen Creative Director Teresa Herd (one of the minds behind the PSA) put it best when asked if this was a political event: “This is not a political movement. It’s a human and civil rights movement.”

We wholeheartedly agree.


Nanette has a new PSA out explaining why you should join one of the hundreds of Women’s Marches across America this Saturday. What began as a March on Washington has become rallying cry for proponents of Equal Rights around the world. Literally around the world. So far there are over 600 sister marches planned globally with well over a million participants. People of all genders, all races, all nationalities and religions — citizens of the globe with a single unifying belief in equality for all. It’s not political. It’s just common sense.

If that sounds logical to you, come on out. You can find the march nearest you right HERE. And if you’re still not convinced, watch Nanette’s spot above. That’s sure to get ya.

Fun Fact: Nanette’s crew for the PSA was comprised entirely of women.

Series Two of Andrew Chaplin’s show Witless hits BBC’s iPlayer at the end of the month. January 25th iPlayer will drop all five episodes so now is the time to rewatch all of season one! And if you’ve never seen the show before, the quick pitch is: Leanne (Kerry Howard, Him & Her, and forthcoming Young Hyacinth) and Rhona (Zoe Boyle, Downton Abbey, Sons Of Anarchy), are two ordinary flatmates whose lives are thrown into disarray after being forced into witness protection.


Who doesn’t wanna watch that? Need an endorsement? Digital Spy called the show a “brilliant online comedy.”

Trust us. You’re gonna wanna check it out on the 25th.

Rotten Tomatoes has announced its 2016 Golden Tomato Award Winners and Taika’s film Hunt for the Wilderpeople will go down as the Best Reviewed Film of 2016 in Limited Release. The picture currently has a 97% Fresh rating on the review aggregating site and of the FIVE critics that gave it a rotten review, one of the top negative reviewers hated it because, “It has too many… feel-good moments for my comfort zone.”

So if you’re a person who absolutely hates to feel good when watching a movie, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. I’d suggest maybe Nocturnal Animals or Manchester by the Sea.

On the other hand, if you enjoy feeling good at the movies then absolutely check this flick out. It’s on VOD and streaming sites now. It’s an outstanding motion picture and, clearly, one of the best movies of 2016.

Congratulations, Taika!


Did everyone watch The Globes last night? I personally played The Golden Globes drinking game, hence not being coherent enough to post about it ‘till noon. But, if you’re one of the millions of Americans who did peep the show, you were privy to the latest collaboration between Hungry Man director Dan Opsal and Golden Globe/Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. The high paced musical opening, written and directed by Dan, features all of the night’s brightest stars, like Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, John Travolta, Rami Malek, JT (Justin Timberlake lets his friends call him JT), Tina Fey, the kids from Stranger Things, and many MANY more.

If you were one of the few who didn’t watch the show live (we do understand there was a big Utah Jazz game on) check out the cold open above. Oxymorons are already calling it an instant classic.


Three years ago the world was given a question.

This question was more important than, “Who killed JFK?” More important than “What happens after we die?” This question was even more important than “What https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-prix-en-pharmacie/ is the meaning of life?” On December 18, 2013 the planet Earth received a query that has baffled scientist, mathematicians, and philosophers alike.

Finally thanks to Hank Perlman and ESPN we now have an answer to the most befuddling question of all human existence…

Turn down for what?


Since the dawn of homo sapien the transition from boy to man has been viewed as transformative, a hurdle that once leapt leaves its leaper in rarified air. The air of adulthood. The air of independence. Chris Woods’ latest spot for Braun shows us what that transition has been like over the millennia, the rituals that come along with metamorphosis. I think you’ll agree 2017’s version of manhood is a skosh tamer than previous generations.


Stressing over work? Missing the relaxation of the holidays? Ric Cantor knows how you feel. He’s teamed up with Vicks in an effort to help you tune out that nagging voice in your head that has you wondering if you put the proper cover on the TPS reports. Don’t worry about the TPS reports. You got the memo. Everything is fine. Let Ric’s Vicks lull you into a peaceful night’s sleep.


Dave Laden’s back slingin’ some Truth at you folks. His latest anti-smoklng spots for Truth have been dominating the airwaves and, just this weekend, they took home a bronze Clio Award in the Health & Wellness category. If you’re a current smoker and wanna learn how to save some scratch, give the commercial above a watch. You might find it very informative. And if you’re not a current smoker be sure to use that extra money you’ve got wisely. Don’t just blow it all on hats.

Congratulations Dave!


David Kerr is hangin’ with Keith Lemon this Christmas, bringin’ the UK all the latest Carphone Warehouse deals and Campaign is loving it, noting that the spot checks all of the “festive cheer boxes.” I personally love this Campaign write-up because it has given me the perfect non-curse-word exclamatory sentence to use around my Southern Baptist parents’ house this holiday season. JESUS IN PYJAMAS!!!!


While shooting their latest Muscle Milk spot, Dave and Steph took a break to indulge in the latest of internet trends, The Mannequin Challenge. For those of you who are unaware, The Mannequin Challenge is where a large group of people stand completely still and somebody shoots video amongst said people. Some say this fresh interactive meme is an ode to the robots of Westworld. Others claim it is merely an evolved form of planking. We here at Hungry Man don’t really care from whence it arose. We merely sacrifice our motion and offer up our stillness to the God of the internet….

…. fyi, Charlie from Charlie Bit Me is the God of the internet.


Yesterday GQ dropped Hank’s Ryan Reynolds interview with Ryan Reynolds and already a mere 24 hours later it has taken over the trades. E Online, MTV, Access Hollywood, Us Weekly, Front Page of Reddit, Devour, Buzzfeed — They’ve all got it and they all love it!

If you’ve somehow managed to miss the Ryan on Ryan action go ahead and click play on the video above. We promise you will agree with GQ, Ryan Reynolds truly is the Man of the Year.


It’s been a great year for Ryan Reynolds. He starred in Deadpool, the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time. He welcomed his second daughter into the world. He was named GQ’s Man of the Year. But that doesn’t stop his twin brother, Gordon, from taking him down a peg in this exclusive collaboration between Hungry Man’s Hank Perlman and GQ Magazine.


We here at Hungry Man know times are tough. Things always get heated around election time and this is an extra-ordinary election so one of our venerable directors has released a new mini-doc to try and help guide the way through this ‘Murican swamp maze of mayhem. Max Joseph’s latest opus is called, “The Truth About The Hillary Clinton Scandals.” Yes, we realize most of America has already made up their minds, but to all the undecided Ken Bones out there, give this video a watch before wandering into the voting booth tomorrow. And to everybody else who is already with her? Well… Thanksgiving’s coming up. Maybe just keep this video handy for when politics inevitably is brought up during dinner and you need to make clear succinct points in a five minute span.

… ya know… provided President Drumpf doesn’t replace Thanksgiving with something “less sissy” like ThanksTrumping… TrumpThanksing… TrumpsGiving?… I don’t know. He’s gonna workshop it. It’ll gonna be tremendous.


The annual Communication Arts Award winners were announced this week and FOUR Hungry Man directors were honored as winners. Hank Perlman won for his viagra sans ordonnance Kraft Blind Taste Test spot. Craig Brownrigg won for his Rite Aid Carriers spot. Wayne McClammy won for his Geico campaign Countdown, Whisper, and Spy. And Chris Woods won for his Stove Top spot Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim. Communication Arts has been celebrating exceptional Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography, Interactive, and Typography, since 1959 so big ups to Hank, Wayne, Craig, and Chris.


Wayne’s viagra online paypal australia latest round of Geico has hit the airwaves and both Creativity Online and AdWeek agree it is a fantastic addition to the pantheon of classic Geico spots Wayne and The Martin Agency have created together. I won’t spoil the “what” of it all, but needless to say it involves talking raccoons and has lead to a handfull of subsequent internet cooking videos entitled, “Raccookin’.” Check out Wayne’s spot above and if you wanna see more online content AdWeek has collected several Raccookin’ videos right here.


You know those times when you’re trying to get through the latest episode of Westworld and your husband and/or wife walks in asking, “Who’s that? Is that a robot or a person? Why is Anthony Hopkins’s hair like that? How old is Anthony Hopkins? Hold on. I’ll check IMDB.” And you just wish you could be left alone to get lost in James Marsden’s glacier blue eyes…

… you know those times?

Well Wayne McClammy and his latest spot for Geico have the remedy for any and all who would impede your binge watching habits. He took his cue from the oldest of fairy tales. Check out the ad above and take notes, because I’m pretty sure something crazy is about to happen to The Man in Black.


Did everybody enjoy the debate last night? Yeah, me neither. I mean, they wouldn’t even let Deez Nuts debate! What’s with that?!?!?!

Well, if you’re getting as sick of American politics as I am, David Kerr’s latest spot for E!’s The Royals has an out for you, albeit an a-typically frigid Royals “out” laced in sarcasm and superiority. Hey, she’s Queen Helena. It’s what she does!

So if you’re tired of all the vitriol and contempt here in America, Elizabeth Hurley wants you to know that it’s aye okay for us to undo our British exit from the 1700’s and come on back to our mother’s arms. And, frankly, if it’s Elizabeth Hurley’s arms? I vote yes.


If you like inanimate objects talking then Ric Cantor’s latest ad for Savills is the one for you! Personally, ever since I saw Toy Story I often fear that my belongings can hear me and, frankly, I find this new spot quite unnerving. The commercial finds a couple returning from a day of house hunting and it truly takes the phrase “This house speaks to me” to a concerning level.


David Kerr is making a splash with his new spot for RGII, “Even if it’s Daniel” (that’s Registered Gas Installers of Ireland for you Yanks, not Robert Griffin’s father). Little Black Book calls the ad “charmingly funny” and that truly is the best way to describe it. The spot finds Irish superstar Daniel O’Donnell being welcomed into an Irish superfan’s home for the first time only to be summarily dismissed immediately upon entry. I’d tell you why but, frankly, the reason is so incredibly adorable you just have to see for yourself.


For the third time in its eleven year run, Hungry Man Brazil has been nominated for Best Advertising Production Company at the Caboré Awards. This is an insane achievement and, of course, a true honor. It’s such a big deal, in fact, that the letters of nomination are submitted via owl cages. And, no, that’s not a euphemism. They are hand delivered in actual owl cages. Winners aren’t announced until the Gala Ceremony on Dec 5, 2016 so between now and then head on over to HungryMan.com and check out all of the wonderful work our Brazilian brothers and sisters have been cooking up down there. You’ll very quickly understand why an owl cage was so ardently proffered their way.


Fresh off her epic showing at the Toronto International Film Festival (or TIFF, as the festival is known to her friends), Nanette Burstein and the good people at Showtime are dropping her new Feature Documentary tomorrow night at 9pm. Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, tells the story of tech millionaire John McAfee – famed inventor of anti-virus software – and how he went off the grid to live in Belize, building a compound and harem, becoming a drug lord and developing an armed security force to guard himself against the police… That is, until he became a suspect in his neighbor’s murder and had to make his escape back to the U.S.

Slate, Hollywood Reporter, Wired, and The Verge already love Gringo and we’re certain you will too.

Check your local listings to ensure you don’t miss a moment of the action. But if you Google the movie be sure to Google the entire title, not just Gringo. If you Google “Gringo” the top result will be Mel Gibson’s movie Get the Gringo and that’s a whole different flick. One movie stars an insane racist millionaire who moves

to his own private island where he arms himself and terrorizes anyone who comes within a hundred feet of him and the other movie stars John McAfee.



Hungry Man director David Allain has just completed a spot for CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM, is a registered charity, which exists to prevent male suicide in the UK. In 2014, male suicide accounts for 76% of all suicides and is the single biggest cause of death in men under 45 in the UK. This is a truly personal project for David. He developed the concept and wrote the script himself, and all of the monologues are quotes taken directly from real men that have used CALM in their battle against depression and to resist suicide. As he puts it, “I wanted to create mini scenes that aren’t what we expect to see and yet are rooted in the journeys of real men.” It’s not Hungry Man’s usual goofy-go-lucky schitck but we’re hoping that digression from the bits and the jokes will help to convey the severity of the issue and we can think of no better director to bring this into the light than David.


Dave is having a banner year of shooting companies’ first commercials. Initially Yelp tapped Dave to shoot their first spots ever, then Dave wins an EMMY (not really pertinent to this conversation but is still incredibly impressive), and now Google is rolling out their brand new video calling app, Google Duo, and they have turned to the one man who can take care of firsts in 2016: Mr. Dave Laden.

Check out the first of Dave’s firsts above. The ad features anthropomorphic peanut butter and jelly jars so if you’ve already had your quota of cute today, maybe don’t click on it.


We here at Hungry Man realize in this cinematic world of tentpoles and franchises there might not be enough room at your local cineplexes for smaller family dramedies where the guy from Jurassic Park talks weird (i.e. with a New Zealand accent), but that’s why we’re here. To let you know the very day that Taika’s new movie The Hunt for the Wilderpeople hits iTunes.

And, you guys? That day is today.

Yes, the film that still — after five months of being in theaters — has a NINETY-NINE PERCENT FRESH rating on Rotten Tomatoes is now available for anybody in the world with an internet connection to watch. We know this ruins your Friday night plans but if your friends get mad at you just tell ’em, “Sorry, I gotta go see about a Kiwi.”


The 2016 Clio Award Winners have been announced and it should come as no surprise that Wayne McClammy has walked away with two. He won a bronze in the Short Form category for his Madden the Movie spot for EA Sports, and he took home GOLD in the Film Technique category for his Call of Duty Seize Glory spot.

We know this seems like a good thing but I do want us all to bear in mind that this can’t be easy on Wayne. He has to constantly constantly over and over again reinforce the shelves upon which all his awards sit and, you guys, that type of home improvement is neither easy nor cheap.

Congratulations Wayne and… we’re sorry…


You can find out the answer to that riddle and more in Dave’s latest Snapple ad, “Astronaut.” We promise the answer isn’t going to throw you into a political tirade. That headline was just click bait. And here you are… dance my little puppets… dance…

Anywho! While you’re here why don’t you check out Dave’s spot!



World Cup of Hockey starts today folks! And with that in mind Scotty Vincent’s back with an all new WCoH ad featuring legendary hockey player and former Gretzky coach, Barry Melrose. The spot features WCoH darling Reg Carling explaining to Barry what it really means to be a Camerican. What? You mean you don’t know either? Well you better click play on the spot above and afterwards be sure to click on over to ESPN to check out the world’s greatest hockey players battling it out.


Anybody going to TIFF this year? Nanette is and she’s bringing a new feature film with her.

Fresh off of winning a Silver Lion at Cannes and being included on AdWeek’s Creative 100 list, Nanette has a new documentary premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend. Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee delves into the strange story of John McAfee, who went from millionaire software mogul, to yogi, to Kurtz-like jungle recluse, to potential murderer, and most recently a prospective presidential candidate for the American Libertarian Party. Yes, this is the same McAfee whose software you’ve spent your entire computing life using to rid your hard drive of malware.

The picture is utterly fascinating and if any of you find yourselves in the Toronto area this weekend we highly recommend you catch a screening. All info can be found here.


Bryan Buckley and Tina Fey have teamed up for another round of American Express spots. This new one finds Tina wheeling and dealing for the perfect goat cheese salad whilst flying the friendly skies and just like every other Buckley/Fey spot over the past eight years (yep, their dream team status goes back nearly a full decade) Tina brings so much funny and charm she practically makes Bryan’s job as easy as yelling “Action”….. practically.


The Clio Awards shortlist has hit the world and it comes as zero surprise that Bryan Buckley and Wayne McClammy are topping the list of nominees. Bryan’s up there for his Super Bowl Honda spot New Truck to Love and Wayne’s got two spots on the list, one for Geico Countdown and another for EA Sports Madden: The Movie. Talking sheep, Dave Franco, and the Final Countdown. I’d say Hungry Man’s got this one in the bag.

Congratulations, Wayne and Bryan.


Conor Byrne’s new short Loudini is making the rounds this week. Already receiving write-ups in Paste Magazine, StereoGum, and Pitchfork, the short was written and directed by Conor Byrne, produced by Tyler Byrne, and presented by Ray-Ban Films. Loudini stars Henry Zebrowski (Wolf of Wall Street) as Lou, a magician at the end of his rope [magician joke] and also features the band Car Seat Headrest with a new song “Does It Feel Good (To Say Goodbye?)”.

Yet another masterpiece from Hungry Man’s youngest Cannes winner and it’s a good thing, too, ‘cuz I’m certain Conor’s going to be finding “illusion dust” (glitter) on his clothes for years to come thanks to this shoot.


Chris Woods’ latest spot for Reese’s serves as an outstanding PSA to children the whole world wide as we approach what the Farmer’s Almanac said could be one of the snowiest winters in decades. DO NOT STICK YOUR TONGUE TO A POLE IN WINTER! I know we all roll our eyes now, but we almost tried it a dozen times when we were kids and, ya know

what? It’s no laughing matter. Like rollerblading scars, herpes, and that Menudo tattoo you swore would never go out of style, sticking one’s tongue to a pole in winter stays with you forever.


Today’s the day, folks! Bryan Buckley’s feature film The Bronze hits DVD, BluRay, and Video On Demand. We humbly request that you go out and rent/buy/legally download… “Humbly request?”… No. That’s not the Hope Ann Greggory way.



Have you guys seen Dave Laden’s latest Foster Farms spot featuring a horned hairy monster personifying a human being’s hunger? If you’re not sure, trust us, you haven’t seen it. You’d remember.

Today AdWeek gave me the article I’ve been waiting for, in which they describe just how Laden and Legacy Effects went about creating this kind of adorable kind of horrifying beast of hungry tummy nightmares. Check out the article here and definitely check out the commercial. The images sprang from the demented mind of Dave Laden so you know it’s gonna look NUTS!


AdWeek put together its Creative 100 list this week and not only did one of Hungry Man’s greatest directors, Nanette Burstein,

make the list but one of Hungry Man’s newest additions, Milana Vayntrub, made the AdWeek cover! There is an outstanding interview with Milana that can be found right here that really shows the versatility of this actor/director/writer/documentarian/spokeswoman. You’re definitely gonna wanna give the article a read because no matter what you know Milana as, whether it’s “the AT&T girl,” or the refugee who made a movie about refugees, or “Subway Rat Woman” in Ghostbusters, or UCB improver, or the director of those Cracker Barrel commercials…. Doesn’t matter what you think you already know about Milana, I promise, you have but scratched the surface. Check out her write-up here and check out Nanette on the Creative 100 list here.

We are so stoked on our Hungry Man Women… but like, not like Hungry Man-Women… like Hungry Man comma Women… or, that comma’s not right… Maybe Hungry Man dash Women? Hungry Women? Hungry People?….. we’ll work on proper gender assignations another time.


Agency Spy is loving Wayne’s new ESPN spot featuring David Ortiz. The spot finds Ortiz carefully planning how he’s going to spend his retirement which, if the way my parents spend theirs is any indication, will include Big Papi moving to Florida, signing up for lots of water aerobics, and trying to figure out how “the Facebook” works.


Captain Sulu isn’t the only Star Trek character making headlines this week. Dave Laden dipped his toes into the final frontier with his new Quicken spots featuring a married couple of Vulcans appreciating the space-aged technology that is the Rocket Mortgage app. We know what you’re thinking, Dave Laden and Star Trek, it’s a highly logical pairing, and you are correct. AdAge, Shoot Online, and Mashable are all talking about these commercials and it is nothing but good news.

Check out the spot above and remember, I have been and always shall be your friend…

… NAH! I’m just messin’ with ya. I don’t know you! Don’t be cray cray!


The 2016 Summer Olympics are coming up and Nanette Burstien has a very important message to all the young girls out there: Keep playing.

There are massive quantities of statistics that show beyond doubt that young females are socially discouraged from continuing to play sports as they grow older, specifically the Junior High School years, arguably a young woman’s most impressionable time. Well Nanette and Always say to hell with that. Keep playing. You think those Olympic athletes let people shame them out of their desired sporting event? Shit no. And you shouldn’t either.

This point is made so saliently in this new ad that Creativity Online and AdWeek are highlighting the spot this week. There’s also an excellent director’s interview that can be found here.

So adults, if you have a young girl in your life, make sure she watches Nanette’s new Always commercial. And if there are any young girls reading this right now (which would be really weird since tweens aren’t really Hungry Man’s demo but…) listen to Nanette when she tells you: keep playing.


The jury is in, literally, and Hungry Man has walked away from Cannes with 4 Lions for 10 spots. As reported last week, Ric Cantor took home a Gold Lion for his spot Hello with the New Zealand Transport Agency, and then this weekend Nanette brought home a Silver Lion for her Microsoft spot Make What’s Next, and Wayne McClammy took home a Bronze Lion for his Madden Season music video as well as a Silver Lion for his Geico It’s What You Do campaign, featuring Check, Countdown, Directions, Fisherman, Reunion, Spy, and Whisper.

We are astoundingly proud of our winners this year, but also for our record breaking number of shortlisted spots. Here’s a

quick once over of every Hungry Man spot Cannes felt deserved attention:

Cyber Lions

Nanette Burstein – Lean Cuisine “#WeighThis”

Glass Lions

Nanette Burstien – Microsoft “Make What’s Next”

Direct Lions

Ric Cantor – New Zealand Transport Agency “Hello”

Film Lions

Conor Byrne

– Crystal Pepsi “The 92nd Floor”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Bees”

Dave Laden – Snapple “King of Hearts”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Telegraph”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Break Room”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Cafeteria”

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions – Talent: Sports

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Film Craft – Direction

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”

Film Craft – Visual Effects

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”


100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Official selection at Sundance. Highest grossing local film in New Zealand EVER.

Taika’s new film Hunt for the Wilderpeople is in North American theaters today and you all need to go see this movie. For reals. No more tomfoolery. No more ballyhoo. Go see Wilderpeople. Now. Go see it. Today. Leave work. Right now. Do it. Do it. Just do it.

In 2010, David created a piece with his long time collaborator V.V. Brown and made a pop art piece mixing photography and illustration. The piece reflected Architecture Week and depicted a Monopoly board where mini Polaroids of architecture from around London took them from the 11th Century up to the 21st. It also employed Pentonville Prison as ‘Jail’, a free Congestion Charge instead of ‘Free Parking’, and Inheritance Tax instead of ‘Luxury Tax’. It was called ‘Board of the Capital’ and it appeared in the collection alongside works by the likes of Grayson Perry, Moby, and Marc Quinn.

In 2012, they were invited to contribute to another collection by Shelter. This time all of the pieces in the collection were curated under the theme Up My Street. David made a piece that mixed photography and illustration called ‘My Ends Live on the Back of a City Fox’. Inspired by Native American and Indian folklore where the world is believed to sit on the back of an animal (elephant, turtle etc.), he showed his world (East London – from where he then lived by Roman Road to Shoreditch High St) on the back of an urban fox, which David felt to be a mascot for his London. The image in the middle is a composite of architecture and landmarks along his way to Shoreditch High St (Brick Lane Bagel Shop, Buddhist Centre, Box Park, RickMix, Shoreditch House etc.) and the frame consists of all of the road signs between his home and there. This window onto East London is sat upon by two people he felt typical of the area – a student and a wino. This piece was hung beside a piece by Jake and Dinos Chapman and appeared in the collection with works by other artists including Miles Aldridge and Anthony Gormley.


Ric Cantor has taken home a Gold Lion from Cannes!

Didn’t want to bury the lead there. Ric Cantor is now the proud owner of a golden Cannes Lion award for his brilliant spot “Hello” from the New Zealand Transport Agency. If you haven’t seen it yet definitely check it out, because not only is it a hilariously awkward little film, but it’s also an invaluable public service announcement. Don’t let your friends text and drive. Do anything to stop them… ANYTHING. Clearly that message and the method through which Ric conveyed it resonated with the Cannes judges because they bestowed upon him one of the highest honors a commercial director can receive.

Brilliant spot. Brilliant message. Brilliant execution. Congratulations, Ric!


Day 3 of Wilderpeople Week goes out to my homies rockin’ in NYC!!!

Who’s going to see Taika’s new flick Hunt for the Wilderpeople this week? I know. All of you, right? Especially my peeps in Williamsburg who all say they saw What We Do In The Shadows before anybody else. We know you did, guys. We know you did.

Anyways, we know money gets tight in the big city so as a little extra added value, if you go to one of the Wilderpeople screenings found on the list here, you’ll not only get to see the brand new picture before [almost] everybody else, but you’ll also get a sweet-ass Q&A by the film’s director and/or the film’s star. I know, right? We’re too too generous.

Check out the showtimes and go see nature get gangsta! #Wilderpeople


This one goes out to all my Angelenos!

If you are in the

Los Angeles area this week and you enjoy laughter, either your own or that of a large group of people, we highly recommend you head on over to the Arclight and/or Landmark theaters to see Taika Waititi’s latest picture Hunt for the Wilderpeople, after which there will be butt loads of questions and answers by the man himself and his lead actor Julian Dennison. Showtimes for Arclight are below and can also be found here.



Archlight Hollywood Q&A:

Thurs 23rd – 7pm, 9.15pm, 11pm 12,15am
Fri 24th – 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5.15pm, 7.20pm. 9.30pm, 11pm
Sat 25th – 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5.15pm, 7.20pm. 9.30pm, 11pm
Sun 26th – 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5.15pm, 7.20pm. 9.30pm, 11pm


Good morning Hungry Friends, and welcome to Wilderpeople Week! That’s right, that almost-alliterative-title can mean only one thing: Taika’s newest feature film Hunt for the Wilderpeople gets its North American release this week. In anticipation of this long awaited launch Taika and the film’s star, Julian Dennison, will be doing Q&A’s all week at movie theaters in New York and L.A. You can see a full list at the film’s Facebook page here but needless to say if you are in the New York or Los Angeles area this week and want to say, “I saw the director of Thor: Ragnarok before he was with Marvel,” now is your chance. Or, if you’re not a braggy s.o.b. and just wanna see the genius behind What We Do in the Shadows, Boy, Eagle vs. Shark, and Flight of the Conchords talk some shop then now is your chance!


Carlao Busato’s latest spot for Mondelez proves that nothing beats sharing a candy bar with a friend, even when that friend is a soaking-wet ghost girl crawling out of your television. The folks over at Creativity Online certainly agree. I mean, hey, who doesn’t like chocolate?

Last night, HM’s own David Kerr took the stage at the Slapstick Comedy Festival in Bristol, alongside fellow funny Brits Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, for a special night honoring their achievement in silent comedy. David A’d some Q’s during a panel hosted by comedian Robin Ince, and took home a shiny new Slapstick Festival Legacy Medal. Even more impressive than the medal – it was the first Q&A ever to be conducted in complete silence.


Out of the 5,000+ Film and Film Craft entries submitted to Cannes this year, less than 200 are expected to win a Lion trophy. The Gunn Report has launched their annual sweepstakes to predict the winners, including 20 commercials from around the world with the highest potential to rack up the prizes. Needless to say, Hungry Man has made the cut, with Wayne’s “Spy” spot for GEICO’s “It’s What You Do” campaign cracking the top 20. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, because that would be unethical. But if you’re a smart person, you vote for Wayne. It’s what you do.


Creativity has named Caio and Fabio’s new Heineken spot “Cliche” an “Editor’s Pick”! Any sports fan should enjoy this stunt, and be sure to stay tuned for the twist!


We realize you guys are probably getting tired of hearing about all the awards Hungry Man has been pulling in this awards season and, frankly, we’re getting tired of putting up new shelving to hold them all but, alas, Hungry Man has brought home several new prizes, this time from The Effie Awards.

Effie’s objective is simple: to honor the most effective marketing communications cases in the United States and Canada. When that’s your directive there are really only two names that need be brought up: Conor Byrne and Wayne McClammy. Last night Conor brought home a silver Effie Award for his Solar City Power of Ra campaign in the category of Positive Change and Wayne brought home a silver and a bronze for his Madden NFL ’15 music video Madden Season in the categories of Entertainment and Sports and Youth Marketing / Teens & Young Adults respectively.

Congratulations Wayne and Conor, and please stop.


Andrew Chaplin’s latest short film 1500 Words was on the front page of the U.S. site The Awesomer this week as well as being named Short of the Week at ShortOfTheWeek.com. In a review of the film ShortOfTheWeek.com says, “It’s charming, it’s funny, it’s heartbreaking – what more could you want?” Nothing more, ShortOfTheWeek. Nothing more. Give the short a view up top and check out that review.


Andrew Chaplin is taking the BBC by storm with his new sitcom Witless. Quick elevator pitch for Witless: Two flatmates’ lives are thrown into disarray after witnessing a gangland shooting.

Boom. How do you not want to watch that? Well, good news, you can. All episodes are available on iPlayer right here. Click there now to go watch the show Digital Spy calls “Brilliant.” It’s so brilliant, in fact, that BBC Three has already ordered a second series, unless you’re an American reading this, in which case BBC Three has already ordered a second season. They haven’t ordered a whole new series, though I’m sure they soon will because the show is currently winning its slot after The Graham Norton show every Friday night.

Congratulations Andrew!

For more about Andrew and his award winning short 1500 Words that’s currently killing it at film festivals and online click on over to here.


Women’s issues are at the forefront of all of our minds right now. From reproductive rights, to bathroom rights, to the first potential female U.S. President… But nobody seems to be talking about the foremost important issue. Nobody, that is, but Ricardo Mehedff. Ricardo is here for you, ladies, because he knows that what you desire even more than an equal wage is to get your damn beer when you order one. Ricardo’s spot “Yes We Beer” is less of a commercial and more of a PSA: We all love beer, even and especially women. It’s 2016, gentlemen, and women can order any drink they damn well please.

So check out his spot, and if you’re a waiter and/or bartender and a lady asks you for a beer? You bring her the beer. Stat.


Get ready, world! David Kerr is bringing Bill Shakespeare’s immortal classic Midsummer Night’s Dream back to life this Monday night on BBC One. John Hannah, Nonso Anozie, Matt Lucas, Maxine Peake I mean COME ON! Tell me you don’t want to see that! Young lovers looking for a good Monday night romcom? This is the ORIGINAL romcom. Parents, looking to give you children a little culture whilst simultaneously teaching them the birds and the bees via a multi-species Dionysian key party? I promise you will not lose their attention.

So everybody set your alarms to buzz you at 8:25 Monday evening and make sure you don’t miss out on all the iambic pentam-a-fun!


We here at Hungry Man have no illusions about where we fit in the world of advertising. We’re funny. From our inception Hungry Man has made a name for itself coming up with new and innovative ways to get you to chuckle. But behind it all we have always had filmmakers like Richard Bullock out there doing the emotional work. The forward-thinking work. And I never knew quite how to describe his affect on this company until this week, when The Stable wrote an article entirely devoted to Richard and his position as Judge at this year’s D&AD Awards. In the article they describe Bullock in the most apt and succinct way I’ve ever heard, as “The moral rudder” of the design and advertising business. It was one of those revelations that makes you step back and really appreciate the elegance of the imagery. Richard Bullock is a moral rudder. While the rest of us are out there trying to go viral or trying to make people laugh while urging them to make desired purchases, Richard Bullock has been in the back of it all making sure we never sail too far off course. Always reminding us that, though there is importance in laughter, there’s more to this world than the rest of us are frequently focused on.

It’s an excellent article. You can check it out here. Moral rudder only scratches the surface of what The Stable unearthed in their one-on-one, but if you’ve ever wondered what kind of person sits in judgement at some of the largest advertising awards shows on earth, give a read to Richard Bullock’s interview in The Stable.


We know there are some of you out there who have been suffering in silence for three years. For seven seasons you had a core group of friends that you used to see at least once a week if not more in syndication but for three years now it’s been radio silence from them and, yeah, it hurts…

… Well hurt no more, dear sweet viewer, for your long pined for friends at 30 Rock are back in Wayne McClammy’s latest commercials for Verizon. Kenneth, Jenna, and Frank are back in several new spots that Creativity Online has called “Clever” “Funny” and “Snappy.” Check out “Audition” above and you can see “Backdoor Brag” right here.


We have some good, non-Thor related Taika Waititi news this week. His latest feature film and Sundance hit, Hunt for the Wilderpeople has its worldwide distribution. Not surprising after Wilderpeople became the highest-grossing local film ever in New Zealand, taking NZ$9.6 million ($6.52 million) over seven weeks. It was finally announced this week in Variety that, “Vertigo Releasing has acquired the film for the U.K., Synergy has taken it for France, and Front Row Entertainment for the Middle East. North America (co-repped by Protagonist and CAA) sold at Sundance to The Orchard, while local territories New Zealand and Australia were retained by the producers and are with Piki and Madman. Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (SPWA) has scooped up all remaining territories.”

Bottom line? If you found yourself rewatching What We Do in the Shadows for the fortieth time this month and are bemoaning your lack of more Taika, fret not, for more Taika is headed you way.


We’ve got more pencil distributions this week. Same recipient, different color pencil, different award show altogether, same quantity of joy.

Wayne McClammy brought home two pencils from this year’s D&AD Awards. Both pencils were wood, both were for Geico, and both were in the category of Film Advertising / TV Commercials 21-40 seconds. Now we know what you’re thinking, “When’s it gonna end???” Never. That’s when. Have you seen these Geico commercials? Rhetorical question. We know you’ve seen them because we know you have encountered a television and/or the internet within the last week. These spots are amazing. Even my mother has seen ‘em and likes ‘em. She says, “I like the one with the young man who runs a lot.” I’m not saying my little old mother in Wilmington, North Carolina directly influences the choosing of D&AD pencil winners… but I’m not NOT saying that.

Congratulations, Wayne! More pencils to add to the collection.


UpRoxx this week compiled a list of their “Most Important Viral Videos in Late-Night History” and while we disagree with the impetus of this list (we think Stephen Colbert is doing a masterful job and some of us watch his YouTube clips every single morning in the bathroom as we prepare for work oh no I’ve said too much) we wholeheartedly agree with their appraisal of top Late Night YouTube Vid Ever…

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, we present to you Wayne McClammy’s masterpiece… I’m F***ing Matt Damon.


You remember that one kid in grade school — it was always the same kid — who would inevitably every single class ask to borrow someone’s pencil? Well after this week’s One Show Awards, Hungry Man has many pencils to spare.

For those who may not get that joke, the One Show awards its recipients pencils and this week Hungry Man took home a plethora of number twos, starting with Wayne McClammy taking home a total of 4 pencils as well as 6 merits in these categories for these spots:

Consumer :30 TV SINGLE
Geico “Whisper” – SILVER PENCIL
Geico “Final Countdown” – MERIT
Geico “South pole” – MERIT
Geico “Fisherman” – MERIT

Geico “It’s What You Do” – GOLD PENCIL

Geico “Final Countdown” – MERIT
Geico “Whisper” – MERIT

Call of Duty: Black Ops III “Seize Glory” – MERIT

That’s a lotta lead! But we weren’t done. After Wayne filled his pencil pouch it was Ricardo Mehedff’s turn with his Pedigree spot First Days Out which won a bronze pencil in the CSR Advertising category and was also honored in other categories like Integrated Branding, Innovation Brand Transformation, Digital, Film/Online, and Branded Social Post.

Well done, Wayne and Ricardo!


Happy Tuesday, folks! I come bearing more One Show Award announcements.

I know. I know. I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t Wayne already win, like, forty-seven of these?” That is hyperbolically accurate. But another Hungry Man director also took home a One Show pencil.

No surprise here, Ricardo Mehedff’s Pedigree spot “First Days Out” won a bronze pencil in the CSR Advertising category. He was also honored in other categories like Integrated Branding, Innovation Brand Transformation, Digital, Film/Online, and Branded Social Post.

Not too shabby, guys. Seriously, though, if you haven’t seen Ricardo’s Pedigree spot check it out above. It truly is heartwarming and there’s no wonder why it’s taken home every possible branded content award.

Well done, Ricardo!


The One Show Winners have been announced and boy is it a fun day for Hungry Man. We had two big winners at this year’s show, the first of which is Wayne McClammy taking home a total of 4 pencils as well as 6 merits in these categories for these spots:

Consumer :30 TV SINGLE
Geico “Whisper” – SILVER PENCIL
Geico “Final Countdown” – MERIT
Geico “South pole” – MERIT
Geico “Fisherman” – MERIT

Geico “It’s What You Do” – GOLD PENCIL

Geico “Final Countdown” – MERIT
Geico “Whisper” – MERIT

Call of Duty: Black Ops III “Seize Glory” – MERIT

That’s a lotta lead! Congrats, Wayne!

Stay tuned to find out which other Hungry Man Director took home a Pencil from this year’s One Show Awards.


The final in Dave’s Tour De Snapple is called “Kings” and it’s a lot like the diner scene from Pulp Fiction except with less guns….. and more mustaches….. and only slightly less swearing….


Have you ever wondered how dolphins could stand to eat such stomach churningly smelly fish for dinner? Sure ya have! The second of Dave’s Snapple Fact series explains why, and, no, it’s not because they’re all pescetarians…. but they are…. except Killer Whales. 


We all know the best part of drinking a Snapple is the fun Snapple fact you get with each bottle. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Mango Madness, but how can you put a price on fascinating factoids?

You can’t.

That’s why Dave’s newest campaign for Snapple is a series of spots each highlighting one such factoid. The first of which is an exploration of the first SPAM message in history. Spoiler Alert: it’s got nothing to do with making anything longer. 


There are awards, and there are awards, and then there are Emmys. Dave Laden is now the proud owner of the latter.

Last night the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the winners of the 37th annual Sports Emmy Awards and Dave’s NBC NASCAR spot, “America, Start Your Engines,” took home the Emmy for Outstanding Sports Promotional Announcement. I don’t think I need to impress upon you the immensity of this moment, I think just referring to Dave as “Emmy Award Winning Dave Laden” from now on will convey how momentous this achievement is.

… and I’m not joking. I ran into Dave at the urinal this morning and said, “Good morning, Emmy Award Winning Dave Laden.” Yeah, it was weird. But Emmy Award Winning Dave Laden earned that weird moment.

Congratulations to Dave as well as the creative dream team of Executive Producer / Executive Creative Director Allan Broce & NBC Sports.


Conor Byrne’s ode to The Knicks has made Shoot Online this week! Fresh off his run at the Tribeca Film Festival Conor’s short film Porzingod is making its rounds on the internet, and this week it’s Shoot showing Mr. Byrne some love. If you haven’t seen it yet check out the video above. The film stars John Leguizamo and Adam Mucci and is a ridiculous, passionate, earnest look into Conor’s basketball loving soul. You should definitely watch it… unless you’re a Celtics fan… you guys might wanna stay away…


Have we all been keeping up with the NHL Playoffs? I know you have, so I know you’ve seen Washington Capital Nicklas Bäckström cleaning up out there on the ice. Nicklas was kind enough to take a break from dominating the National Hockey League to sit down and have a chat with Reg Carling in order to talk specifics about this year’s impending World Cup of Hockey including whose seats are and are not comped. Check out Scott Vincent’s latest in the video above and be sure to root for Bäckström and the Caps tomorrow night.


David Kerr is up on David Reviews this week with his latest add for Lidl, a chain of Irish super markets. The spot follows a mother of at least several as she goes through her day and explains to us what her day is full of. The spot is a full, charming look into the world of Ireland’s kick ass full time Moms and in true Irish fashion nearly ends full of curse words.

Well done, David!


Much like Daniel, Dave Laden is back at it again! Fresh on the heels of his Grandma’s Cookies spot “Park” making AdForum’s Top Five Ads Worldwide last week, this week AdWeek has seen fit to give all of these spots a wee write-up. The article includes all four scenarios as well as interviews with Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ creative director Jon Wolanske and copywriter Colin Nissan. It’s a must-read and these are must watches. As AdWeek puts it, they are “twisted,” “unsettling,” and can “…warm our cold, cold hearts.” That’s high praise.


If you’ve been watching the Stanley Cup Finals lately (and we know you have since you’re all fine citizens of the world) you may have seen Scott Vincent’s ads for The World Cup of Hockey, the latest of which features Boston Bruin Patrice Bergeron. For those not aware, the World Cup of Hockey is a best-on-best international hockey championship set for September. It will feature eight teams made up of more than 150 of the best players in the NHL. But that’s in September. Right now, Scotty V’s shooting spot after spot with the hottest hockey players in the league. Check out Patrice’s commercial in which he shows off his many, many awards…


The 2016 Webby Awards were announced today and Bryan Buckley officially took home the gold with his Beats by Dre spot, “Christmas Miracle”! If you happened to miss this bad boy in December, the spot follows Tracy Morgan fresh back from his all-too-extended trip in the hospital as he explains to us why he deserves some Beats by Dre headphones for Christmas. We’d like to thank everyone who voted for this spot, as well as the Webbys themselves. I think this means Hungry Man has officially won the internet. Good job, team. Good job.


Dave Laden’s latest opus is getting write-ups in Creativity Online, Shoot, Ads of the World, and Adver To Log. His campaign for Grandma’s Cookies centers around that feeling you get when you smell those sweet, moist, delicious saucers of dough. It just reminds you of Grandma. And my Grandma didn’t even bake cookies! The only snacks she ever had around her house were peanuts. Unsalted. But somehow every time someone opens a package of Grandma’s cookies it just takes me back to a childhood I never had. I love you Gam-Gam!


Conor Byrne had an excellent showing at the Tribeca Film Festival this past week. His latest short film is a three minute ode to New York Knicks power forward Kristaps Porziņģis, and stars John Leguizamo and Adam Mucci. It’s a ridiculous, passionate, earnest look into Conor’s basketball loving soul and has received an astounding amount of praise from outlets like:

The New York Post
Filmmaker Magazine
USA Today
The Source
Shoot Online
Barstool Sports

If you’re not a New York Knicks fan, don’t worry, you can still appreciate the short for Conor’s Wes-Andersony-Eye for the frame and also it’s got Johnny Legz in it! Who doesn’t love Johnny Legz!


It’s a good day for Wayne McClammy, he has won two D&AD Awards for his work with The Martin Agency on Geico. His spots “Spy” and “Whisper” are taking home pencils. You may recognize these commercials from watching sporting events on TV. Or maybe from when they play in front of every video on YouTube. Or maybe when they play in front of every act of every television show on Hulu. Or the forty-two times we’ve all watched them on HungryMan.com and somehow we’ve never gotten sick of them.

Regardless of where you’ve seen them before, they’re taking home pencils at this years D&AD awards. To find out what color pencils be sure to check out the ceremony on May 19th.


In honor of the 400th anniversary of Bill Shakespeare’s death, David Kerr together with the BBC have recreated A Midsummer Night’s Dream, set to air May 30th. The trailer for the film is forthcoming but with an all-star cast comprised of John Hannah, Nonso Anozie, Matt Lucas, Maxine Peake, and more, we’re absolutely certain this will be the greatest performance in the 400 some-odd years since its inception. I mean, come on, Matt Lucas as Nick Bottom? Fie on everyone else who has ever assayed the role (pun absolutely intended).


Conor Byrne’s latest short film premieres at The Tribecca Film Festival tomorrow and it is so sensational that both the New York Post, IndieWire, and Filmmaker Magazine had write-ups about it. The title of the picture is “Porzingod,” a word that will immediately see the ears of a select portion of our audience perk up and will sound like gibberish to the rest of us.

Allow me to explain….

The film is a three minute ode to New York Knicks power forward Kristaps Porziņģis, and stars John Leguizamo and Adam Mucci. It’s a ridiculous, passionate, earnest look into Conor’s basketball loving soul and promises to be a massive hit, especially with New Yorkers. Check out the feature the New York Post wrote here and if you’re in the Tribecca area go see this picture. It’s amazing.


TGIF everybody! Not because the weekend is upon us (though a weekend replete with hockey playoffs isn’t anything to scoff at) but rather because Friday is the day that AdForum releases its list of the Top 5 Ads in the World. This week’s number 2 ad comes as no surprise, Ric Cantor’s Mr Kipling spot “Slide Show.” If you haven’t seen this one yet you should know it’s the most safe for work NSFW ad you’ll ever see.

Congratulations Ric and everybody have a great weekend (especially the Los Angeles Kings).


Hungry Man’s newest addition has made Creativity on her first venture out. Milana Vayntrub’s latest spots for Cracker Barrel mac and cheese are today’s Creativity Editor’s Pick. Highlighting Cracker Barrel’s award winning cheddar cheese now used in its soon to be award winning mac and cheese the spot deflates the prestige around winning awards for pointless tasks and touts the merits of winning awards for best cheese. And we can’t help but agree. Best Cheese is definitely an award worth winning as is Editor’s Pick.

Well done, Milana!


Ric Cantor is helming the new relaunch of Premier Foods brand Mr. Kipling with the most safe for work NSFW spot you’ll see this year. Ric deftly demonstrates why anytime somebody asks me if I want to see their honeymoon pictures I always respond with an emphatic, “Absolutely I do.” Granted, this has resulted in me seeing a lifetime’s worth of people holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but every once in a while Ric’s Kipling spot comes to life! Check the commercial out above and be sure to read the article Campaign wrote up about the rebranding.


Agency Spy released a wonderful write-up of Dave Laden’s newest Tecate spots today, which just so happen to be the first spots in the brand’s first-ever national campaign. The commercials feature boxing star Canelo Alvarez and soccer referee Felipe Ramos Rizo and, much like Dave himself, the spots just ooze masculinity. But don’t worry, ladies, these pieces aren’t filled with the usual “bros, broads, and booze” you’d find in a normal beer ad. These are clever send-ups of the status quo. Especially Red Card, a quiet indictment of soccer players who spend more time flopping than playing.

Check out the article, it’s got great interviews with Tecate brand director, Belen Manukoff and Saatchi & Saatchi New York CCO Jay Benjamin. Fascinating stuff!


Ace Metrix is an analytics company that scores every national TV ad in the US using a panel of at least 500 consumers, demographically balanced according to the US census.

I tell you that to tell you this…

Ace Metrix just released a list of the 10 ads of the first quarter of 2016 that were able to “get noticed” and right at the top of this list, number one with a bullet, Nanette Burstein’s Microsoft commercial “Woman Made.” It’s a brilliant commercial made by our resident docu-expert and it just goes to show that when you make an important spot with a poignant message people pay attention, and to say that important spots with a poignant messages is Nanette’s wheelhouse feels like an astounding understatement. Check out Business Insider and AdAge’s reports on this release.

Well done, Nanette. Another top spot!


To hell with Election Day! The most important vote of your 2016 is the 20th annual Webby Awards! Ya know why? ‘Cuz three of Hungry Man’s directors are nominated (with an honorable mention for Madden: The Movie). That’s right, folks…

Bryan’s “Christmas Miracle” spot with Tracy Morgan – NOMINATED (Online Film & Video / Scripted)

Wayne’s Madden NFL Campaign – NOMINATED (Advertising & Media / Digital Campaign)

Chris Woods’ “Kids Read Mean Tweets” – NOMINATED (Advertising & Media / PSA)

And ya know who chooses the winner? You! So please go to webbyawards.com and vote for Hungry Man’s directors because this is way more important than stopping [insert reviled political candidate here] from becoming President! This actually matters!


Everybody’s been wondering who’s going to win, Batman or Superman? Well, in New Zealand the answer is neither. Taika Waititi’s latest feature film, Hunt for the Wilderpeople has DEMOLISHED Warner Brother’s latest attempt at a superhero franchise at the box office. As both IndieWire and the New Zealand Herald points out, Wilderpeople took in a record breaking $1.3 million last weekend, soundly beating Batman v Superman’s runner up $741,000. More than half a million of the movie’s opening weekend gross was made on Saturday which makes Wilderpeople’s Saturday showing the highest grossing day for a New Zealand film ever.

Cue Sadffleck.

Congratulations, Taika! We look forward to your next cinematic venture, whatever that may be!


Spring is upon us, folks, and that means but one thing: Awards Season.

To kick things off this year Dave Laden’s NBC NASCAR spot “America, Start Your Engines” has been nominated for an Emmy at the 37th annual Sports Emmy Awards. He is nominated in the Outstanding Sports Promotional Announcement category. Competition is stiff this year but when you team Dave Laden up with Nick Offerman and toss a little homemade Jerry Reed-esque ditty in there, we’re certain Dave and NBC will be taking home the gold.

Well done, Mr. Laden!


Here we are, folks. We are down to the final four teams of the 2016 NCAA Championship. Anybody have a perfect bracket? We had UNC Wilmington going all the way so that one did not go according to plan. BUT, I’ll tell ya, regardless of whether you’re beating your friends or cursing Duke’s name every night before you go to sleep, we can be sure the real winners of this championship are the athletes playing in this year’s Coaches vs. Cancer basketball game. Every year Infiniti hosts a game featuring 2 NCAA coaches and 14 cancer survivors to show the world what it means to be a survivor. We suggest you definitely check out the game today on Final Four Friday, and if you want to see what working with these coaches is like for the players click play on Richard Bullock’s short doc above. Inspiring barely even covers it.

Go Seahawks.


Cell phones distracting drivers is a global issue. Last year alone there were 1.6 million car accidents caused by cell phone distractions but, unfortunately, that message is not getting across to drivers. The stats for accidents just keeps rising. Nothing seems to work, not government agencies flatly stating statistics, not warnings on GPS and certain cell phone apps, not even Werner Herzog’s terrifying voice explaining the dangers of texting and driving in an all-too-real short documentary. Drivers just don’t seem to be taking this threat seriously, so that’s exactly the new strategy Ric Cantor and the New Zealand Transport Authority have decided to attack this problem with: not taking it seriously.

Ric’s hilarious new spot for NZTA sends a different message aimed not at distracted drivers but rather at their also-at-risk passengers. It’s clear drivers themselves aren’t going to be safe, so you, as the passenger, need to make them, even if that means making things a little… ahem… uncomfortable. Check out the spot that AdWeek calls “devilishly good” above.


Lucy Forbes brings us this scintillating new commercial for the British television show Bring the Noise. The spot features the show’s stars, Ricky Wilson, Katherine Ryan, and Tinie Tempah in what can only be described as a comedic pastiche that deftly melds the dramatic renderings of one of the planet’s biggest stars…

…. in short? Kathy dances like Queen Bey. 


In Scott Vincent’s latest spot for Cox Cable we see just how far a certain Mom will go to be cool. Spoiler alert: it’s really friggin’ far. 

If there are any Mothers out there who don’t want to alienate their children take notes on what not to do. That said, we think it’s hilarious to make our progeny as uncomfortable as possible in social situations so if you decide to go the other way, god speed. 


This is a good week for David Kerr! First he takes home an award from the Royal Television Society for his C4 television show No Offence, now homeboy has won a bronze at the British Arrow Awards in the Web-based Series category. The winning spots were for his work for Smart Energy, Bride, Doctor, and Satnav. If you haven’t seen them yet you can watch all of ‘em here at The British Arrows website. Our sincerest congratulations to David and we’re excited to see what award you take home tomorrow. Three awards one week!!! Go for the hat trick!!!!


David Kerr’s C4 TV series No Offence took home Best Drama series at the RTS Awards last night. For those of us Yanks who may not be aware, RTS stands for Royal Television Society and it is considered the gold standard of achievement in the television community. This is a massive accomplishment for David and the whole No Offence team. If you’re not familiar with the show you can watch the trailer above and if you are familiar with the show, feel free to go into work tomorrow and shove it in all of your coworkers’ faces. “I told you this show was amazing! Eat it!”


Shoot Online and Agency Spy are showing affection for Bryan’s latest Gatorade spots featuring Bryce Harper, Paul George, and Cam Newton. Shoot puts it eloquently describing the calm of the spots as a departure “from the action-packed sports norm to underscore the importance of ‘Recover Time.’” And can I just say I’m glad somebody gets it. My Carolina Momma watched these spots and shouted at the screen, “Why is Cam just sittin’ around??? That’s not the way to get a ring!!! Get up, Cam!!! Get up!!!” Some people just don’t understand the importance of recovery. But enough about my impending Easter plans, check out the spot above and the several other cuts at Shoot and AdWeek.


The day has finally arrived! Bryan Buckley’s feature film debut, The Bronze, hits theaters today! So drop what you’re doing right now and go see this raunchy, Rauchy, no-holds-barred peek inside the mind of a former US Olympian who can’t seem to get her head out of the past.

I’m not kidding.

Stop doing what you’re doing and go see this movie. It’s okay. We’ll talk to your boss. Everything will be fine as long as you see this movie. Now.


In preparation for the release of Bryan Buckley’s feature film debut, The Bronze, in theaters everywhere this Friday, AOL Build is doing a livestream interview with the stars, Melissa Rauch, Thomas Middleditch, Sebastian Stan, Haley Lu Richardson, and the big man himself, Mr. Bryan Buckley. Be sure to tune in to AOL.com tomorrow at 1pm Eastern Time. They wanted to do it later in the day but the closer we got to 5pm on St. Patty’s Day the worse our panel’s potential answers would be… or better… tough to say.


AdWeek has announced the most watched ads on YouTube for February and, no surprise here, Bryan Buckley has made the list with his Honda spot from the Super Bowl, “New Truck to Love.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, people can’t get enough of anthropomorphic animals. And, no, that wasn’t hyperbole, I have literally said that before. Life in the twenty-first century is really really weird.

Anyways, congratulations Bryan!


This is it, folks! The week we’ve been waiting for ever since it was announced that commercial dynamo and Oscar nominee, Bryan Buckley, was going to team up with Big Bang Theory star and miniature humorist, Melissa Rauch on a feature film. This is the week we’ve been waiting for since we learned that The Bronze was going to be the opening night film of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. This is the week we’ve been anticipating for months as the 2016 Summer Olympic Games approached us. Yes, Bryan Buckley’s Olympics-inspired comedy, The Bronze, hits theaters nationwide this week and to kick off the celebration, tomorrow at 1:30 pm eastern time Melissa is going to be doing a live Twitter Q&A with IMDB. To participate follow IMDb on Twitter and send your questions now to #IMDbAskMelissa. And please, be sure to make every single one of them about the insane sex scene that may or may not be in the movie.


Hungry Man’s favorite sons, Misters Conor and Tyler Byrne, have just had their newest short film, Porzingod, accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival. Their film will be shown in the ESPN Sports Shorts section of the festival and has been described as a prayer for the New York Knicks and their rookie Kristaps Porzingis, and it stars the legendary John Leguizamo. You couldn’t get more New York if you threw a Ray’s pizza at Woody Allen during a performance of Hamilton!

Check out the Tribeca line-up here at Deadline.

Congrats Conor and Tyler!


Like a child anticipating the pain of a doctor’s needle or that moment when you realized you’ve just tripped, fans of the national football league have been braced for the impact of Peyton Manning’s retirement since he walked away from San Fransisco with that latest Super Bowl ring. Well, he finally ripped off the proverbial Band-Aid this week. The man that we have worked with so many times and with whom we’ve shared so many laughs, Mr. Peyton Manning, is officially retiring. You will be missed good sir, but we know you are going to love retirement. You can’t have that big a stake in Papa Johns and not love being retired. So just once more for the road, in honor of the man himself, we here at Hungry Man Inc would be honored if you’d let us get “Football on Your Phone” stuck in your head just one more time.

Farewell, Pey-Pey!


Creativity Online is loving Hank and Kraft’s sneaky sneaky new tactics. Hank’s latest spot for the Mac’n’Cheese giant reveals a startling revelation! Kraft is no longer using artificial flavors, preservatives, or dyes and they haven’t been FOR MONTHS! Boom. Mind blown. That means if you’ve had Kraft Mac’n’Cheese in the last three months you’ve been eating nothing but the freshest Mac’n’Cheese you can shake out of a box. Some said it couldn’t be done. Some said the taste would drive people away. Well? You all didn’t even notice. I’m not saying Hank and Kraft made us all look like fools but… well… I have cheese on my face.


Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Well so what if men get paid more than women. What does it matter?” If you have, you’re a terrible person. That said, there are some valid questions that have arisen over the wage gap between men and women and Hank Perlman has teamed up with The Business Bulge to answer some of them. We must warn you, however, there are some very suggestive mannequins in this spot so if faux-man-bulges upsets you it might be best to move onto the next post. It’s probably less offensive.


Yes, anytime Nanette steps on the scene you know you’re gonna get punched right in the limbic system. Today’s spot released just in time for International Women’s Day highlights the way we gender-wash our world’s scientific heritage and the way that affects our nation’s young girls. Like all of Nanette’s work we promise you will walk away reconsidering the way your mind’s eye views all of history, because some say it’s written by the winners, we here at Hungry Man say it’s written by dicks… er… men.

I know, I know. This is big talk. Luckily for us Creativity Online, Little Black Book, and AdWeek all agree with our assessment. So this Women’s Day find a young girl in your life and tell her about Yvonne Brill, or Ada Lovelace, or Tabitha Babbit… Unless you don’t actually know any young girls, in which case it’s probably better for everyone if you just go home and look these ladies up on wikipedia and quietly keep the information to yourself.


Los Angeles premiere of Bryan Buckley’s latest cinematic opus, The Bronze, is tonight! Is everybody ready to get some Hope Anne Greggory in their life? Now if you weren’t invited, don’t feel bad, we weren’t either. But have no fear, The Bronze will be in theaters everywhere March 18th so go online and buy your tickets for next week and in the meantime we’ll live vicariously through the articles in The Hollywood Reporter and Variety and the like.


Did everybody see Tina Fey on ABC last night???????

No, not the Oscars. I mean, yeah, she was funny. Who doesn’t love a good drunken award presenter joke (looking at you Jonah Hill) but we’re talking about Tina’s brand new American Express spots shot by her longtime collaborator, Mr. Bryan Buckley. It’s too difficult to pick the funniest of all of the spots so I’ll just post the longest, but if you love it like we know you will, check out all the rest on YouTube.

And congratulations to Leo, though we were REALLY looking forward to some great sad Leo memes were he to lose. Oh well.


The British Arrow Award shortlist is up and David Kerr has made the proverbial grade. Dominating the “Web-Based Series” category David is nominated for his Smart Energy series Bride, SatNav, and Doctor. The premise of the series is professionals approximating when they should be exacting so we did in fact triple check with the British Arrows and they confirmed, David is, indeed, nominated. Had they just been joking we would’ve been upset, but we’d have to admire their level 10 trolling skills.

They’re not though.

He’s nominated.



Everybody have fun with the Grammys last night? It’s always a pleasure watching the music industry’s biggest stars doing what they do best… or in some cases second and third best.

If you didn’t catch it, don’t worry, Bryan Buckley has got the hottest new artist for ya, Baby Dame Dolla and Kev Love with their latest music video “Droppin’ Dimes.” You’ve gotta check out this music video. These guys are about to pop off and will be center stage next year baffling people even more than Kendrick Lamar. We like it, Creativity Online likes it (they made it their Ad of the Day), and we’re sure you’re gonna love it.


Big news on the feature film front. Al Pacino, Melanie Griffith, and Barkhad Abdi are the latest to join Bryan Buckley’s feature film follow-up to The Bronze. Already shooting in New York and prepping the move to Africa, Buckley’s latest cinematic venture stars Evan Peters as real life journalist Jay Bahadur and tells the tale of how Jay went from obscure college graduate to the western world’s foremost Somali expert by doing the one thing no other white journalist had the balls to do: he went there. If this sounds like familiar territory you have probably seen Bryan Buckley’s Oscar Nominated short film Asad. If this does not sound familiar you probably know Bryan from his Sundance film The Bronze. If the latter is true, buckle up, ‘cuz you’re about to see a massive 180 from the raunchy indie gymnastics-com set to hit theaters March 18th.


This weekend marks the biggest advertising day of the year. The Super Bowl is like the Christmas of the ad world, which I guess would make Christmas the World Series of commercials, and Back to School would be the Stanley Cup of advertising seasons. Anyway, in honor of The Big Game, AdAge has complied a list of the Top Ten Super Bowl Ads of All Time and, no surprise, Hungry Man makes the list several times. That’s right, spots 5 and 2 both belong to Hungry Man with #2 being a spot by our incomparable co-founder, the King of the Super Bowl himself, Mr. Bryan Buckley.

Congratulations Bryan and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year… In fact, I literally can’t wait, so I’m gonna go watch it again right here.


Movies. Television. And now Super Bowl Commercials. Everything is on demand these days. We don’t even have to wait for the Super Bowl to watch Super Bowl Commercials anymore. What a wondrous age in which we live! This means I don’t have to clamor to the keyboard come Monday morning to tell you all about Bryan’s amazing Honda spot in which sheep croon to Queen. I can tell you right now. And so I shall…

Hey everybody! Did you see the big game yesterday? I know, right? That Cam Newton and/or Peyton Manning! Wooo! But did you see Bryan Buckley’s new Honda spot? That’s right, the man who has been dubbed “The King of the Super Bowl” has yet another spot in the Super Bowl. Check it out above. It’ll make you Broncos and/or Panthers fans feel much better after your loss yesterday.


Making a Murderer is over. You’ve seen every episode of Master of None twice. And Pretty Little Liars just isn’t as enthralling now that you know who A is. So what’s your next click fix on Netflix???


That’s right, America, Hungry Man director Chris Modoono’s feature film debut has just hit everybody’s favorite time suck, Netflix. Elevator pitch: An elementary school teacher going through a divorce can no longer keep it together around his students. Boom. How would you not want to watch that movie???

So the next time you pop on Netflix and consider re-watching Val Kilmer’s The Saint, we recommend instead typing “Tenured” into that search bar and settling in for 1 hour and 22 minutes of pure unadulterated adult humor. And give it five stars. That means something in this world, man.


BuzzFeed has premiered the new green band trailer for Bryan Buckley’s first feature film, The Bronze, which hits theaters March 18th. They’ve also paired the trailer with an excellent article about the picture, and much like spaghetti bolognese and a nice zinfandel, this pairing makes for the perfect entertaining feast. Granted, spaghetti bolognese isn’t often followed by the word “taint locker” but, hey, Melissa Rauch don’t play by nobody’s rules.


Sundance Weekend opened with a friggin bang for Hungry Man. Takia Waititi had the premiere for his latest feature film, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and it’s getting excellent reviews.

Now, we won’t kid ya, Taika’s had a tough year what with CBS naming his last picture What We Do In The Shadows one of the best movies of 2015. Unfortunately for Taika, 2016 looks to be shaping up quite the same. A little known publication called Variety dubbed Wilderpeople, “… a pleasing comedy-adventure that pays cheeky homage to some early New Zealand classics.” Seriously. Check out the review here and the teaser trailer above. It couldn’t have been a sweeter review and we are currently awaiting with great anticipation Taika’s next movie, whatever it may be.


We’re nearing the end of January. Is everybody still using their New Year’s resolution gym memberships daily? No? Well, okay, maybe not daily, but every other day? You’re right. That’s too much traffic to fight for a workout. How’s about even weekends of every other month? Yeah. That’s what we thought.

Well prepare to be inspired, ‘cuz Robert Nylund’s got a new Sats spot the message of which is “Train Everywhere.” That’s right, we here at Hungry Man subscribe to the notion that you don’t need a big fancy gym with a three year membership agreement that is absolutely ironclad (sorry, you are NOT getting out of that one). Just hop online and let Sats do all the heavy lifting for you… except… ya know… the actual heavy lifting of weights and such. That you have to do yourself.


Creativity Online has listed Dave’s Taco Bell “Eat it for Them” spot as one of their Ads of the Day. The spot, extolling the virtues of steak, is there to help us appreciate the ease with which we can acquire an item that was once so coveted and so rare. Sort of the opposite story of cigarettes, gluten, and a can of Four Loko.


CBS News announced their Top 20 Best Films of 2015 this week and, no surprise here, Taika Waititi’s What We Do In The Shadows made the list. Right up there with The Revenant, Room, Spotlight, and Steve Jobs, CBS News says What We Do In The Shadows “…zig-zagged and swerved instead of staying on a predictably steady course…” and of course, having seen the film several times, we here at Hungry Man wholeheartedly agree. I’m not one to tout Rotten Tomatoes stats but WWDITS still has a NINETY-SIX FRIGGIN PERCENT! If you haven’t seen WWDITS yet, come on, what’s the hold-up? Making a Murderer ain’t going anywhere. Pop on over to itunes and rent and/or buy WWDITS. We promise it’ll be worth your money. I mean, come on, it’s by the guy who’s doing the next Thor movie! *COUGH COUGH COUGH* — allegedly! Allegedly doing the next Thor movie. There are rumors. No confirmation yet. Ahem. Just rumors. And IMDB credits. And rumors.


If you’re like me, you have the fashion sense of a drunken toddler. Luckily, I don’t have to appear on national television every other night unlike Indiana Pacers players Paul George and Joe Young who appear in Bryan Buckley’s Gatorade commercial “Too Much Fashion.” Also unlike me, Paul George shows off his impeccable — if slightly unorthodox — fashion sense. Joe Young, however… well… someone should get that two year old some coffee.


Now that the holidays are over you’re probably finding yourself left with all that sweet holiday loot, be it Christmas gift cards from the Uncle who has no idea “what twenty-somethings like,” or that Hanukkah gelt from your bubbie who couldn’t make the 45 minute car ride down to see you, or perhaps that holiday bonus your boss spontaneously gave to everybody after singing “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” Whinnie the Pooh style (shirt no pants). Well, Wayne, Fred Armisen, and Old Navy have some suggestions as to how you could spend dem holiday duckets. Spoiler alert: It’s clothes.


The Taco Bell bong, that is. Yes indeedy, Dave’s latest project with The Bell is more of a call to action for any and all meat eaters out there. Our ancestors used to die in the search for good steak. They battled beasts. They battled the elements. They battled each other. And all for that one simple joy of cooking meat over a flame and ripping it apart with their teeth. Yet here we sit, fat, lazy, and selfish. We take for granted the fact that we could walk down the street, enter the nearest Taco Bell and say, “Hey! I want some steak!” I mean, we could probably say it nicer than that, but there’s no time, damn it!

So I don’t care if you’ve already eaten. I don’t care if it’s not even noon. I don’t even care if you’re a vegetarian. You need to get up, go out, and get your ass some steak. You’re not eating it for you. You’re eating it for them.

Good night. And good luck.


As we come to the end of the NFL regular season people around the world are looking at Cam Newton and his 15 & 1 record wondering how he has remained so good the whole season long. Is it the humid Carolina winters keeping him hydrated year round? Is it his cologne, Sex Panther, made with bits of real Panther? Is he actually Superman?

The real answer is none of these (except the Sex Panther one). The real answer is Gatorade and Bryan Buckley. They have teamed up once again to ensure the Panthers, and anyone else using their patented techniques, have an all but flawless season. So if any players headed home for the off season wanna know how Superman does it, you need look no further than the spot above.


Sad news for Giants fans today, as twelve-year head coach Tom Coughlin has officially resigned. “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as head coach of the New York Football Giants. This is a not a sad occasion for me. I have spent 15 years with this organization as an assistant and head coach and was fortunate to be part of three Super Bowl winning teams. A Lombardi Trophy every five years is an achievement in which we all take great pride,” Coughlin’s statement said.

Though we here at Hungry Man align ourselves with no one NFL team (unless The Washington Sentinels count) we would like to honor Coach Coughlin the only way we know how… Having Rob Lowe talk about what he’ll look like at Coughlin’s tender age of 69.



I know, you guys. I know. You don’t need to tell me. It’s the first Monday of the New Year and you’re all back at your desks mainlining Foldgers like it was black tar heroine, thinking wistfully about the vacation that up until a few hours ago was the joy of your life. And you find yourselves lamenting, Where did the time go?

Well cheer up, ya crabby Abbys, ‘cuz Bryan Buckley has some new State Farm spots for you starring all of your favorite NBA athletes! We promise this will put a spring in your step or, at the very least, get their sweet new theme song stuck in your head long enough to annoy the shit out of Janice in accounting with all of your humming. And at the end of the day, isn’t that really all we need? To annoy Janice in accounting. #JIADGAF

Plus, we’re sure you’ll like these spots seeing as how all of these guys did too:

Bleacher Report
Washington Post
Sports Illustrated
USA Today
Press Telegraph
LA Times
Star Tribune
Sporting News
24/7 Sports
Waiting For Next Year
NY Sports Journalism


Big news for NBA fans! Bryan Buckley has made your favorite players a family. Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Kevin Love, Kevin Garnett, Damian Lillard have all become one big happy family in State Farm’s “The Hoopers” spots. Now, we realize this commingling of on-season opponents might seem a strange sight but, trust us, when you add a dash of 90’s TGIF-style sitcomyness everyone gets along like… well… yeah, like one big happy family sans Urkel.


You remember how last week we were talking about The Martin Agency being Shoot’s Agency of the Year thanks to their “It’s What Ya Do” campaigns? Well Martin and Wayne have an all new one and its epic-ocity puts all the others to shame (yes, even Whisper). I won’t even give it anymore preface except to say that AdWeek has already made it their Ad of the Day and we’re sure more publications are to follow.

Everyone with access to BBC2 be sure and tune in Christmas Day as well as Boxing Day for Steve Bendelack’s latest hour-long made for TV film, We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story. To this day Dad’s Army is still one of BBC2’s highest-rated shows 40 years after it was first on air and We’re Doomed! tells of the nightmare that was putting it together. The Guardian is calling We’re Doomed! a drama. Independent UK is calling it a comedy. Radio Times is just trying to figure out if it’s AM or FM and Steve Bendelack is just calling it good (we’re inclined to agree with the latter). Definitely check this film out if for no other reason than seeing Shane Richie in army fatigues.

Co-Sponsored by African Heartland Journeys and Hungry Man, The Big Green eMachine has been venturing across some of the most difficult terrain in Chinsta to bring technology to schools with little power source or space to house computers. The eMachine has a 10 laptop computer setup so that school children can learn by day and adults can log on at night.

Hungry Man’s very own Richard Bullock & Matt Buels played a key part in its creation and pop back to visit from time to time.

Friends of Chintsa spear­headed the fundraising and project man­age­ment of the “Big Green e-​Machine” which is the areas first 4×4 mobile computer lab for the Southern Wild Coast.

Above are some pictures capturing the Big Green E-machine in action and feel free to donate to the Friends of Chintsa charity that runs the day to day operations. It’s a damn good cause and every little bit helps.


As the year winds down it’s time for Shoot to pick their Ad Agency of the Year and they went with The Martin Agency. Based out of Richmond, The Martin Agency is currently celebrating their 50th year and what better way to do so than having this honor bestowed upon them by one of the most venerable advertising periodicals/websites in the world?

Ever the mensch, Joe Alexander, Chief Creative Officer over at Martin was generous enough to note their collaboration with Hungry Man and Wayne McClammy on some of the greatest commercials of the past decade including Hump Day, Countdown, Whisper, Operation… Ya know, pretty much any Geico spot that ends with the tag, “It’s what ya do,” and sharing the limelight is what Alexander does, specifying of McClammy, “Wayne has a great sense of comedy, is very collaborative, has a strong point of view without being a jerk about it, and he’s also good at marrying humor and dialogue with sophisticated visual effects.”

We would like to congratulate everyone at The Martin Agency and look forward to many more Martin/McClammy team-ups to come.


If it’s in Variety it’s gotta be true!

Bryan Buckley’s feature film debut has a release date. The Bronze, the film that opened this year’s Sundance Film Festival, hits select theaters on March 18th just a few months prior to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. We’re hoping it will be enough to scare the U.S. Gymnastics team into winning the gold. See why in the trailer above and be sure to mark your calendars. This is Melissa Rauch like you ain’t never seen Melissa Rauch before.


It’s just about that time of the year, folks. Sundance is back, which can mean but one thing: Taika Waititi has a new movie premiering there. Sure enough like death, taxes, and Robert Redford’s eternal handsomeness, Taika’s new picture “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” is hitting Park City in January. According to Variety his new flick’s about Ricky, a defiant young city kid who finds himself on the run with his cantankerous foster uncle in the wild New Zealand bush. A national manhunt ensues, and the two are forced to put aside their differences and work together to survive. This new film sounds less like What We Do In The Shadows and more like Boy, which, the good news is, when it comes to Taika, whether it’s comedy or dramedy you know it’s gonna be good.

And that’s all the Taika news we have for you. Officially. On the record. That’s all he has going on right now. “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE.


We know, guys. It’s Monday. It’s close to the end of the year but not close enough to get really excited. It’s cold enough outside that you don’t wanna step into the world but you’ve got so much pent up energy from these first few months of winter already that you don’t feel like sinking into your couch for yet another mindless NFL game. What do you do with your Monday night to make you feel better?

Zach Efron. Emily Ratajkowski. Max Joseph. VOD. Now.

In case you couldn’t decode that cypher, Max’s new feature film We Are Your Friends is officially on DVD and VOD. Yeah, you read that right. VOD. That means you don’t even need to leave your couch to see it! Just hop on over to itunes, amazon, or your preferred digital downloading platform and buy that joint! We guarantee you this picture will have you bumpin’ and grindin’ your seasonal affective disorder away in a jiffy. Plus it’s Max Joseph so you KNOW it’s gonna be good!


Tracy Morgan is back, ladies and gentlemen! Back from the hospital. Back making us guffaw. And back teaming up with Bryan Buckley!

The premise for this latest spot is simple: it’s 2 minutes of Tracy Morgan telling us why he deserves some Beats by Dre headphones for Christmas. Boom. If you think that doesn’t sound hilarious you know nothing about Tracy Morgan. If he went on tour reading the phone book I’d have front row tickets to every show, ‘cuz Tracy Morgan doesn’t just do funny, Tracy Morgan is funny. Don’t believe me? Click play on the video above. I’ll bet you the man’s simple delivery of the words “Cottage Cheese” will have you LOLing, ROTFLing, and any other hyperbolic abbreviations you could come up with.


AdWeek, Creativity Online, People, and Fast Co Create are all raving about Wayne’s Black Friday Old Navy spots. You know the ones. They star Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Kumail Nanjiani, and Mr. Old Navy himself, Snoop D-oh-double-G. AdWeek says that the long-form cut, “is plenty entertaining, with enough absurd dialogue to keep it moving at the right clip.” Fast Co Create hails, “it’s fun to watch Louis-Dreyfuss threaten the rapper as he’s tied to a chair and Nanjiani eats all of his donuts.” And People proclaims, “[Old Navy]’s offering a 50 percent off sale Thursday and Friday!” We’re not gonna lie, People seemed to love the spot but seemed more preoccupied with the “mega-sales.” Which… ya know… that’s cool.


This spot is everywhere right now and we highly recommend you take two minutes out of your day and watch the long-form version above because, though Wayne and Julia have made some exquisite Old Navy spots this year, “Burglar” may take the cake… or profiteroles.


I was sitting on the train heading to work this morning I overheard these two people discussing their Thanksgiving meal plans, one of whom said, “Every Thanksgiving I have to make a whole dish of stuffing for myself, I love it so much. I wish I could eat stuffing every day of the year, and not just on Thanksgiving.”

This was my cue.

I popped around the corner where they were sitting and said, “You can eat stuffing every day! Haven’t you seen Chris Woods’ newest Stove Top spots starring the Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim?” They maced me and ran to another train car. But the sentiment still stands. If you’re one of those people who is obsessed with stuffing, be sure to check out Chris’ latest Stove Top commercials. They make it okay to eat stuffing all year long. Stuffing it up, y’all.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go ice my eyes.

How many times have you been sitting across from the table from your significant other and just known that you’re done with them. You know the relationship’s going nowhere. It’s nobody’s fault, but sometimes these things just don’t work out, and as you sit there you know you have to say something. It’s overwhelming. You can’t last one more day under the weight of all these unsaid words. You simply wish you could hire somebody else to take care of this…

Hungry Man Brazil has come up with the solution… in the world of TV.

Gualter Pupo just wrapped production on Hungry Man Brazil’s latest television show, Closure, the premise of which centers around Rio de Janeiro’s first ever Break Up Agency. You go to them, they break up with your significant other, and everyone goes home happy… with the exception of your former S.O. I don’t imagine they’re too happy.

What could go wrong???

Well, Gulater and our Brazil peeps hope a lot will go wrong, ‘cuz that’s good TV. If you’re in Brazil you can catch Closure on an open network channel called Band, and it will later be broadcast on TNT (with a 2 week gap in between Band and TNT). If you’re in the U.S. and are wondering when you can watch it, that’ll have to wait until our homegrown show is inevitably acquired and remade here in Hollywood which, if American Idol, The Office, Homeland, Dancing With The Stars, Ugly Betty and many other US versions of shows abroad are any indication, should be pretty soon.

Well done Gualter et al. You guys can check out stills from set in the gallery above.


Hungry Man Director, David Kerr, has nabbed a Rose d’Or Award nomination for his work on the BBC’s dark anthology series, “Inside No. 9.” If you live in the UK you should know how big a deal this is. If you live in the US the Rose d’Or is awarded by Eurovision and is “the most prestigious international entertainment programme awards,” and you know that’s classy ‘cuz they used an extra “m-e” on the word program.

Major congratulations go to Mr. Kerr as we’re thinking he has a pretty solid chance at bringing home the gold. “Inside No. 9” has already won awards at the Banff International Media Festival (Best Comedy & Best Entertainment), and the Royal Television Society Award (Best Comedy Performance). So keep an eye out for David’s name on the winner’s list and if you’re interested in the material contained “Inside No. 9” check it out on David’s reel right here.

That’s right, America. With Bryan Buckley’s first feature film debut coming up in March, this moment was inevitable, and yet I feel like it’s been a lifetime in the making. Forget Star Wars. Forget Batman v. Superman. Forget Gods of Egypt. The Bronze trailer is the one that’s going to break the internet.

Now, we must warn you, this is a redband trailer, so it’s not suitable for children under the age of eighteen. It does contain the word “fuck.” Oh shit! We said it! Oh well. Guess the cat’s out of the bag and anybody reading this can watch the trailer regardless of age. Kids, you will be prompted to type in your age but if you’re not quite there yet, just use mine (07/27/1952). They’ll never know…


Scott Vincent’s got a new spot from Ad Council. Now we know what you’re thinking. Ad Council? Are they gonna be slingin’ messages at me and makin’ me think about my fellow man? Yes Mr. Cynic. They are. But it’s a Scotty V spot, so these heartfelt messages are gonna be delivered in a bouquet of yucks. Indeed, these Ad Council spots always manage to find a way to keep you laughing while also gently suggesting you keep an eye out for the little guy. And, actually, in this spot “the little guy” is literal.

Well done, Scott. Keep the good vibes comin’!


The latest 007 film, Spectre, just passed the $544 million mark worldwide. The film is being hailed as a beautiful send-off for and final farewell to Daniel Craig’s Bond. But with Craig on his way out, the public find themselves pondering one simple immutable question…

Who’s going to be the next Cadbury Milk Tray Man?

I mean, yeah, we’re also wondering who the next Bond will be, but that mystery pales in comparison to that of the Milk Tray Man. Though we don’t have an answer on the Milk Tray Man front just yet, we do have a selection of possible traynees (athankyou) for you to peruse. Robbie Savage, Denise Lewis, Joey Essex, Thom Evans, and Barry from ‘Eastenders’ all take their shot at the title. Do any of them have what it takes? Find out by watching Steve Bendelack’s latest Cadbury short film above.


Chaplin & Forbes have teamed back up with Leigh Francis to tickle everyone’s funny bone down under… Are there other ways we could’ve phrased that? No. No there are not.

The new spot for Carphone Warehouse aims at showing what Christmas is like in a place that, from our points of view, has its seasons backwards… as well as its views on dangerous eight legged monsters. David Reviews is already getting in on the action claiming, “As ever, fans of the eccentric comedian – and there are plenty of them – will warm to his antics while others may be a bit perplexed.” I think that sums the spot up very well. As a Yankee, I can personally vouch, I had no idea what Francis was saying but damn did I enjoy hearing him say it.

Give the spot a watch above and if you enjoy watching Francis go check out more of his work with C&F on their reel.


The annual London International Awards were held yesterday… in Nevada. That’s right, the 30th LIA judging was held at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas. The judges convened over a ten day period (really taking advantage of that poolside bar and room service) and the winners were announced yesterday.

And guess what?

Conor Byrne KILLED IT!

Our boy took home a silver LIAward in the Film & TV category and was a finalist in the Branded Content category, both were for his Skittles short film, Struck by a Rainbow. For all of the awards this thing has taken home I’d be shocked if any of you hadn’t had your curiosity piqued just a little and checked it out, that said, if any of you reading these words right now haven’t seen it, stop reading, click play above, and smile. And if you’re still reading this even now having still not seen “Struck by a Rainbow”? Well… just know I’m very very disappointed in you.

Congratulations, Con Man! Keep it up, sir!


Hungry Man has some new work about football, and for once we’re not talking American football, we’re talking… well… everybody else in the world’s football.

Richard Bullock has a brand new short documentary out about FC Barcelona (football club, for those uninitiated). It’s got the heart of a sports doc combined with the science of a pit crew squeezing every mph out of their car. It’s a fascinating piece of filmmaking and even if you’re not a football [soccer] fan, even if you don’t speak the language, even if you think the name Leo Messi refers to DiCaprio and his scraggle-beard in The Revenant, you’re gonna want to watch this doc. It’s fascinating from a sports angle, a science angle, and from a nature angle (those pitches are, like, REALLY green). Well done, Richard.

You can catch the trailer above and the full doc right HERE.


Less than 48 hours after its debut, everybody’s talking about Wayne’s new Call of Duty spot. FastCoCreate calls the spot an “epic” ad that “celebrates the everyday badass.” Shots describes the trailer as an “all-out cavalcade of carnage.” Creativity Online says the spot… exists. And Gaming Target even goes so far as to shout out Wayne and the production team saying, “This is director Wayne McClammy’s fourth go-round with Call of Duty and has continued to up the ante with each installment. A majority of the live-action was shot practically, rather than with visual effects, to bring a heightened sense of grit and realism to the spot. Academy Award winning director of photography Deon Bebe teamed up with renowned stunt coordinator Darrin Prescott to lend a cinematic feel to each moment. The film was shot over five days in an abandoned mall in Southern California, as the natural decay and destruction gave the shoot a more authentic feel.” And then there’s the 6 million YouTube views in less than 2 days.

What I’m saying is, if you have not watched this trailer yet, do so.


First thing’s first, we here at Hungry Man have to apologize to anybody who was watching any sporting event at all yesterday because you kids could not get away from Wayne McClammy. Whether it was older Geico spots like “Horror Movie” or newer ones like “Reunion”, our buddy Wayne was EVERYWHERE.

But no spot was more prevalent yesterday than his new Call of Duty “Seize Glory” trailer. You know the one. It’s the reason you had “Paint it Black” by the Stones stuck in your head all night. It premiered yesterday and is getting a hell of a response. AdWeek and Mashable are talking about it and it has received over 3 million views in less than 24 hours. Not a bad start. And if Wayne’s previous work with Call of Duty and 72 and Sunny is any indication, it’s only up from here.

Anyways, if y’all haven’t heard about Kevin yet, you definitely need to check out the spot.


It’s the most exciting time of the year for Major League Baseball fans! Game three of the 2015 World Series happens tomorrow night and fans the world ‘round get to watch the Royals and the Mets battle it out for American Past Time Supremacy. It’s also exciting for another group of fans, though. The MLB is the founding donor for Stand Up 2 Cancer who, together with Scott Vincent, recently shot a series of spots that highlight some of MLB’s biggest stars as well as children who have survived or are currently battling cancer. More than 163,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year worldwide and this is Major League Baseball’s chance to spread the word and get people thinking about, as well as donating to, the fight against cancer. The MLB itself has donated nearly $40 million towards cancer research to date and, though that is a very impressive sum, it isn’t nearly enough. So please kick back tomorrow, grab some snacks, and watch the game, but when Scotty’s SU2C spots roll at various times throughout the game, maybe hop on over to SU2C.org and toss a little coin their way. If you do, I guarantee you, regardless of the score of the game, everybody wins.


Ciclope, the only international event fully dedicated to the “craft” in moving image as they put it, has announced their shortlist for for this year’s International Festival of Craft and Hungry Man has made the list a couple of times. In the categories of “New Talent” and “Low Budget” Mr. Conor Byrne is nominated for his Skittles, “Struck by a Rainbow” spot and in the category of “Adapted Music” João Caetano Feyer is up for his Mix Brazil “Everyone is Gay” spot which, frankly, for adapting Carmina Burana with nothing but the word “Gay” I would hope J.C. sweeps that category up. Come on, Ciclope! Just give it to him! Don’t be gay!

Congrats Conor and J.C.


Big week for our dear director Mr. Andrew Chaplin. First, his newest short, “1500 Words,” has a hell of a showing at the New York Independent Film Festival. “1500 Words” is the dark and comedic tale of one man’s struggle to keep his relationship, and himself alive whilst using his final one thousand five hundred words. Boy, who hasn’t been in that dilly of a pickle?

Then on Wednesday, October 21st Andrew teamed back up with Keith Lemon to deliver a ninety minute long tribute to one of the most classic eighties franchises of all time. No, not Breakin’ and Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo. We’re talking about Back to the Future! Fresh off the global celebration of the date to which Marty McFly travels in the 1989 sequel, Chaplin and Lemon delivered a star studded world class tribute to the films that would even make Biff Tannen weep with emotion. So if you’re living in the UK check out the show on ITV.com and if you’re living in the US, well… Just sit there and think about how cool a ninety minute long tribute would be. So cool…


Well, we have officially made it. The future. I assume all of you know what I’m talking about but for that one dude out there who hasn’t been on the internet in a week (what are you even doing with your life?) I’ll explain… today… is Back to the Future Day!

That’s right, when Bob Zemeckis brought Marty McFly back for another Back to the Future, he sent he and Christopher Lloyd back into the future to the date, October 21st, 2015. For weeks Buzzfeed and every Buzzfeed ripoff out there have been discussing what the film got right and wrong so I won’t waste your time herein, but rather suggest you all take a moment today to enjoy the very last time you’ll ever be in the future. Because after today we’ll officially be in the past. Or… well… at least until it’s time for all of us to get our asses to Mars in 2084.

In remembrance of the past’s future, here’s a little throwback to Hungry Man’s past in which Carlão went back to the future that is currently our past but was at that time our future and oh no I’ve got a nosebleed…



We all know that old Slovak saying, “If it’s in Deadline it’s gotta be true.” Hungry Man’s co-founder, Bryan Buckley, is going to make another movie!

Riding the white hot wave of heat emanating from his latest feature film, The Bronze, a film that burned down Sundance Film Festival’s opening night this year, Bryan is sailing right on into an adaptation of Jay Bahadur’s New York Times Best Seller, The Pirates of Somalia. To make this film Buckley will be returning to a world with which he is very familiar, war torn Somalia. As you may recall Bryan was previously nominated for an Academy Award for his short film Asad, a story about a young Somali boy caught between a world of violence and a desire for peace. Pirates of Somalia (re-titled for the sceen as Where The White Man Runs Away) tells the story of Canadian Journalist, Jay Bahadur, and that crazy idea he had in 2008 to travel to Somalia and report first hand accounts of what life is truly like there. Given Buckley’s ability to deftly balance tones of gentility and brutality we here at Hungry Man cannot wait to see what this film holds as he yet again portrays a part of the world that many locals call, “Where the white man runs away.”


The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer drops tonight but if you can’t wait until then be sure to check out Hank Perlman’s latest commercial for Kraft Mac & Cheese. With the first generation of Star Wars children now having children of their own, the commercial shows the awkward side of explaining “collectibles” to one’s children, and how it can make you feel a touch silly in a way we never before imagined. Even so, if my kid ever removes that 1980 Han Solo in Hoth Fatigues from its original packaging they’re going upstate to live with their grandparents.

AdWeek and AdvertisingAge are also talking about the spot ‘cuz, ya know, it’s friggin Star Wars, man! We all love it!


That’s right, Seahawks Fans! Creativity Online is showing you the love!

Well, okay, they’re not quite showing you the love per se, but rather Dave’s “One Up” spot for Washington Lottery. However, since it does feature Walter Jones, Steve Largent, Cortez Kennedy, as well as an actual seahawk we’ll go ahead and take Creativity’s praising patronage as a tacit endorsement of the Seattle Seahawks who we’re certain, though currently embattled, are going to rise up to prominence once again.

And, hey, if they don’t there’s always hockey.


I think by now we can all agree, cancer is a son of a bitch. Walk down any street in the world and you’d be hard pressed to find one person who hasn’t been directly or indirectly, through family members or friends, affected by this d-bag of a disease. And it’s that universality, that sense of community reacting to the Hitler of all life-threatening diseases, that has teamed up Modern Family’s Julie Bowen and Hungry Man’s Ric Cantor on the latest round of Stand Up 2 Cancer spots. The message is simple, we’re all affected by it so let’s all get together and do something about it, and in a thirty second spot with nearly no dialogue Ric conveys this notion beautifully (and Julie still manages to make us giggle in an ad about cancer).

So in summation, well done Mr. Cantor and kiss our asses, cancer!… though not literally. Colon Cancer doesn’t seem like a fun way to spend one’s October.

Adweek profiled Richard Bullock’s Climate Reality Project PSA in today’s Adfreak column. They loved it, calling it “stirring” and “effective”, and said the speakers “convincingly claim the moral authority” using “just the right tone, firm but respectful.” Click through to read the profile, including an interview with director Richard Bullock.


Sites around the internet are in love with Bryan Buckley’s new Emirates commercial starring Jennifer Aniston. Many seemed to get the joke like The National who went ahead and posted some YouTube responses to the ad in their article (and they were very very favorable). Some articles, like at David Reviews, highlighted the rivalry between Emirates and Etihad pointing out that Aniston’s appearance adds a more human and personable touch to Emirates’ commercials. Other sites, like Us Weekly, just couldn’t seem to get her name right referring to her almost exclusively as “Justin Theroux’s Wife” which, though accurate, did leave us wondering if calling her by her own name on set might have been a faux pas.

Either way, congratulations Mr. Buckley. And here’s a list of everybody who’s loving on Emirates:

Creativity Online
The National
Us Weekly
David Reviews
Daily Mail
Hello Magazine


See, this is why we love AdWeek. It’s not because they continuously pick us for their “Ad of the Day” spots though, don’t get me wrong, we really really like them for that, Carly Rae Jepsen style, but we LOVE them because they have absolutely no problem listing five of Hank Perlman’s Fox NFL ads as their “Ad of the Day.” They don’t stick to the rigid, Highlander-esque dogma of their forefathers where there can be only one. They say, “Hey, these guys made so many funny, creative, and handsome (see: dreamy Rob Lowe smile) commercials that we can’t choose just one so, screw it, here’s five.”

What we’re trying to say is, thank you, AdWeek. And we agree. We can’t choose a favorite Rob Lowe Fox NFL spot either. It’s like choosing your favorite child, or your favorite burger. I mean, I have a favorite burger, but if you put any burger in front of me I’ll eat it because all burgers are amazing.

I really should not write these posts on an empty stomach.

Creativity and Ad Age have released their 2015 A-list and Hungry Man has literally made the grade, yet again. Some might argue, there’s still three months left in the year thus isn’t an end of year wrap-up a skosh premature?

No. No it is not. For as Advertising Age is apt to point out, Hungry Man has made so many notable, engaging, and all around epic spots already this year that, hell, we can just coast on that until 2016 comes a’callin’. We won’t. I’m just saying we could.

Thanks to Creativity Online for acknowledging all the hard work we’ve thrown into these projects in 2015 and buckle up for an even more fruitful 2016.

Also, they did single out specific Hungry Man directors so be sure to give the article a read right here.

Check out this just released, moving spot from Richard Bullock for the Climate Reality Project:


The spot, “Open Letter”, is an appeal to world leaders meeting for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change to take action now. The appeal is plainly spoken, directly to camera from people around the world impacted by climate change including Al Gore, Ed Norton, and Richard Branson.


Creativity Online aren’t the only one’s noticing Richard Bullock’s work with Didier Drogba for Turkish Airlines. Adweek and Campaign are chiming in already with their own mentions! Adweek in particular loved the “visual flair”, in particular the “colorful, hand painted sets”.

Click through to Adweek and Campaign to read more!


People are raving about Richard Bullock’s latest spot for Turkish Airlines. They feature soccer superstar Didier Drogba and explain just how you make a Didier. Spoiler alert: it ain’t sittin’ around on your ass playin’ video games. Creativity Online got in on the love, calling the spot “an exuberant 60-second feast” and predicting that it too could be yet another viral hit for Turkish Airlines.

Congrats to Richard and apologies to every other country on earth for us still calling football soccer. Don’t blame us. Blame Roger Goodell.


Yelp has finally birthed their very first national television commercials and Dave Laden is the proud mother… or, maybe the midwife?… doula?… I don’t know, I’ve lost the metaphor, the point is Yelp was looking for someone to direct their first ever television commercials and they chose Dave as their birth coach, which was clearly a great choice since AdWeek has made it their Ad of the Day. Actually, AdWeek posted all of Dave’s Yelp spots as their Ad of the Day. We’re not judging, AdWeek. We couldn’t pick a favorite either. It’s like picking your favorite child birthed with your favorite doula. Who can choose?

Well done on the spots, David. Keep up the kick ass work!


Once again, like the inexorable path of Apollo’s chariots as they daily raise and lower our burning orb, we have found ourselves drowning in the autumnal, pumpkin spiced waters of fall, which can mean but one thing… FOOTBALL SEASON.

Indeed, just as William Wallace had on approach to that bridge in Sterling, sports fans nationwide are removing their respective side’s colors after their all-too-brief summer’s respite and raising the flags of their burgs high, each one attempting to establish beyond all of doubt’s shades, who is the #1 Fan. Dave Laden’s newest advertisement for Washington’s Lotto portrays this age old story perfectly in a tableau of blue and neon yellow. Check it out above but be forewarned, this communicable madness might engender action on one’s own part to prove to all who may bear witness, that you are the true #1 fan.


Clio Awards kicked off this week with their first wave of winners and Hungry Man made the list several times over in the Film/Product category. Hank took home a Bronze for his Amazon spot where Gary Busey talks to things, strategically entitled, “Talking to Things.” Ricardo also took home a Bronze for his Pedigree spot “First Days Out.” We are waiting with bated breath for them to announce that he’s won the gold in the Social Media category, so stay tuned for that one. And finally Wayne McClammy took home the silver for his Madden spot “Madden Season” starring Dave Franco and Kevin Hart.

We are deeply proud of the recognition our directors are receiving for their tireless efforts and look forward to some more big announcements throughout the rest of the week.


ADC’s Young Guns competition is one of the toughest, most elite competitions there is for young creatives. Indeed, to hear them tell it, ADC began as a means to “ensure that advertising was judged by the same stringent standards as fine art.” Every year ADC lists their top professionals under the age of 30 and this year Conor Byrne has made the list. Usually this alone would be an impressive feat but one must also take into consideration that Young Guns 13 is the smallest group of winners in the competition’s history, so not only has Conor won an illustrious prize but he has done so in the most exclusive year to date.

And right about here is where we would normally make a snarky or self-effacing joke to lighten the post but we’re too blown away by all of Conor’s achievements at such a young age. All we can do is look at his picture on the winners page and wonder… wonder why he can’t smile for a damn winner’s photograph.

Oh hey. Look at that. Joke achieved.

Well done, Conor!


The 2015 Clio Awards Shortlist is out and Hungry Man is all over that B! Under the category of Film/Product Service Hank is nominated for his Amazon spot, “Talking to Things,” featuring Gary Busey and Wayne is nominated for his internet-breaking “Madden Season” music video. Ricardo’s “First Days Out” commercial for Pedigree is also in the Film/Product Service category as well as the Social Media category. Under the Film Technique/Editing Carlao’s “Mole” spot for the Sao Paulo Creative Club scored a nod and none of us were surprised.

This is normally the point where I would explain to the uninitiated what the Clio Awards are but at this point I really don’t feel I have to. If you don’t know Clio by now… well… I’ll just let Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes explain it.


Forget Noah Baumbach. Forget Tom Cruise. When you go to the movie theater this weekend there is one name you have to remember… Max Joseph!

… and… well… okay, I guess you should also remember the name of the movie in order to buy a ticket. So when you go to the movie theater this weekend there are two names you have to remember: Max Joseph and We Are Your Friends.

That’s right, Max’s debut feature film hits cinemas nation-wide today and we urge you all to go see it. Not just those budding DJ’s out there or the EDM lovers, but also anyone who enjoys a good story, some great directing, and those classic Max Joseph montage sequences (some of my favorite on earth).

And if all of that — ALL that Max has to offer — isn’t good enough then, ladies, you’ve got Zach Effron to look at for an hour and a half and, fellas, one unpronounceable word: Ratajkowski.

So please, everyone, step on out tonight and go see We Are Your Friends because it’s a great movie and, damn it, we love Max Joseph.


Yes, with the pride akin to getting a sweet-ass mention in Mom’s annual Christmas card, Source E has given us the validation that it’s not just us who find a bird’s head on the sculpted body of a male model hilarious. Indeed, others find it hilarious as well. If you don’t believe us ask Source E, and if you don’t believe them, then damn it see for yourself! Conor Byrne and Solar City have made comedic gold here, people. COMEDIC GOLD!


Jurassic World.

Avengers 2.

Star Wars VII.

When critics look back at the end of the year and ask themselves what the greatest sequel of 2015 was, their response will be none of these…. Their answer will be a quiet, simple, contemplative, “Madden: The Movie.”

That’s right, kiddies, Wayne McClammy and Madden are back and they’re bigger than ever! Guns! Explosions! No dinosaurs! PSYCH!!!! THERE’S TOTALLY DINOSAURS!!! Last year’s “Madden Season” music video with Dave Franco and Kevin Hart received well over 30 million views in just a few weeks and this year’s movie trailer will top that in just a few minutes!* FastCoCreate already loves it and it’s only been up for an hour!

Watch it now before all the good bandwidth is gone!

*note: just a guesstimate based on statistics that we made up


We’re just gonna let them say it for us…


Creativity Online




Entertainment Weekly


Fox Sports

Sports Grid

Oh, and James Franco’s Instagram…



Solar City has a new mascot and, spoiler alert, it’s a scantily clad muscleman with the face of an eagle. That’s right, America’s number one full-service solar provider has teamed up with Arnold Worldwide and the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, to re-brand the company as a team with serious clean energy goals backed up by a blazing sense of humor.

The new campaign features the fowl-faced sun celestial helping out around the house. Vacuuming, trimming the hedges, holding your reading lamps, whatever you could need help with Ra is there to lend you the infinite power of the sun to work and save, because, at the end of the day, that’s what Solar City is all about.

To bring this environmentally supportive deity to life Arnold turned to Hungry Man’s Conor Byrne, a Cannes Young Director Award winner and two-time 2015 Cannes Lion recipient. Conor’s ability to ground the fantastical in every day settings was a perfect fit for the supernaturally routine world Arnold and Solar City were attempting to construct.


Remember when Taika won gold at Cannes a few months ago for Branded Content and Entertainment? Well we do.

If you haven’t seen his latest spot for New Zealand Transport Agency, “Tinnyvision” you have to check it out herein. It is what we at the office have taken to calling “Classic Waititi,” meaning it has you laughing hysterically for two thirds and then it just hits you with the feels right in the gut.

Okay… maybe it’s just me at the office who calls this “Classic Waititi” but it’ll catch on. Along with me calling people “bro” with a New Zealand accent as in “Brew, thuts clessic Waititi!”


Ya know, after Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Hollywood was skeptical about whether or not a movie about a kraken murdering humans could work. It took a young southern upstart named Wayne Ulysses McCalmmy* to prove them all wrong. Indeed, today AdForum tossed Wayne’s Geico spot “Whispers” up on their Top 5 Worldwide List. That title’s a skosh vague so allow me to elucidate. Top 5 Ads Worldwide… Top 5 Ads… Worldwide.

Well done, Ulysses.

*The author of this post does not actually know if Wayne’s middle name is Ulysses…. but we hope it is.


Sorry guys. I know we were just telling you about Wayne’s new Geico spot “Whisper” at the beginning of the week and normally we wouldn’t overload you with the same spots but Creativity Online is showing us some love. We can’t help it if our guys are making spots worthy of note. Don’t blame us, blame Creativity. Or, even better, blame no one and, instead, give the spot another watch. I don’t know about you guys but I could watch a Kraken demolish the PGA Tour any day of the week and twice on Fridays.


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky
“Just play every hand, you can’t miss them all.” – Sammy Farha
“Go big or go home.” – Douche Bags the world over

These are sayings that have become metaphors for life. Today Kinka Usher brings you a new one in his spot for Georgia Lottery. Check it out above because when you have clear eyes and full hearts you can’t lose.

…that last one doesn’t really apply here, I just love me some Coach Taylor.


Wayne has struck gold yet again with his latest Geico spot. This one, entitled, “Whisper” is currently AdWeek’s Ad of the Day. If you watch any YouTube videos or Hulu shows or pretty much any television at all you have undoubtedly seen Wayne’s other Geico spots but this new one raises the stakes in an incredible way. I’m not gonna say they went ahead and invoked a 13th century Norse sea beast but… uh… well, they went ahead and invoked a 13th century Norse sea beast.


More praise for João Caetano Feyer’s spot “Everyone is Gay” for Mix Brasil. This week it’s in the number one spot on WeLoveAd.com’s Top 10 Weekly Most Viewed list. If you haven’t seen this spot yet… well… then you’ve just been ignoring me for the past three months because not only have we here at Hungry Man been raving about “Everyone is Gay” but it also took home one of them Gold Lions from Cannes. But that’s okay. We understand. It’s Summer vacation. Parents have their kids’ soccer camps and swimming lessons keeping them busy and single childless people have their EDM clubs to go to (It’s EDM, right? That’s what Max Joseph’s been going on about? EDM?).

Anywho, we understand you’ve been busy but it’s August now. Time to get caught up with what we’ve been doing on our Summer vacation and for Hungry Man this Summer has been nothing but gay!


Like Tom and Jerry, The Roadrunner and The Coyote, Dave Laden just cannot stop busting Sasquatch’s nuts*. Now while we do advocate the use of Jack Link’s products, Hungry Man Inc cannot condone the pranks viewed herein and if, indeed, any of you folks do come across Sasquatch in your worldly wanderings, please, PLEASE, just shoot some grainy video of him. Do not do… well… do not do the stuff above.

*Author is unaware of Sasquatch’s gender so we stipulate this idiom might not be apt.


We’ve all heard the adage, “Behind every great man there’s a great woman.” I bet you didn’t know that still applied to that moment when you walk into a Dairy Queen and see a grown man screaming at the top of his lungs as tears flow from his eyes because he’s just eaten yet another jalapeño bacon Flamethrower cheeseburger.

Greatness comes in many forms.

Wayne Boldly Go

Getting the week started with a bang, AdWeek compiled a list of the 10 Commercial Directors Making Today’s Coolest, Strangest and Loveliest Ads. Length of the title and lack of Oxford comma notwithstanding we are absolutely thrilled to see our very own Wayne McClammy make the list. Among the adulation thrown Wayne’s way they called his recent Call of Duty spot, Killcameraman, a “perfectly twisted paean to the fictional workhorse of gory instant replays.” You can tell it’s a hell of a compliment because we had to look up what “paean” meant (noun: a song of praise or triumph. A thing that expresses enthusiastic praise).

We are incredibly proud of Wayne and though we find him cool, strange, and lovely every day it’s vindicating to know someone else finds him that way as well.

Congrats to Wayne and thanks to AdWeek!


You remember those nights at Summer Camp as a kid when you’d be strolling through the forest and come across an eight foot tall cryptid simian-ape-hominid? Remember how you’d be eating Jack Link’s Beef Jerky and it filled you with the antic-inducing vigor of a wild beast? And then you’d decide the best way to ensure you had the optimal quantity of fun would be to pull a prank on said bipedal humanoid?

I’ll bet you thought you’d never be able to relive those experiences again but the joke is now on you. Dave Laden brought our past to life with his new spot for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. Check it out above and be sure to thank Dave when next you see him for recalling in high-def relief the jocular tomfoolery of our youth.

Or… maybe it was just me….


Taika and Rhys are at it again with a new Crazy Domains spot “Gorgeous Greta.” Campaign Brief has all the lowdown on how this marriage of comedic minds came together. Spoiler alert: Rhys’ wardrobe in this spot was all his own. He just showed up to set in that skirt so everybody went with it.

Great job, Taika!


This next one’s for the ladies.

Have you ever stepped on a scale and wished that the number that appeared reflected the important things in life? Nanette Burstein and the good folks at Lean Cuisine have. In her latest docu-style spot Nanette really goes after all of the feels as she asks real women to weigh what’s really valuable to them in life. This approach has really affected a lot of people including the folks at Shoot Online and Creativity Online who both have featured the spot this week and applauded Lean Cuisine’s shift in tone from weighing your fat to weighing your value as a person.

Bravo Lean Cuisine and bravo Nanette.


The internet is just chock full of Negative Nancy’s. Uptight folks who have nothing better to do than comment on Chaplin & Forbes’ Confidante spot “Sniffers” saying things like, “How could you use dogs in this way?” and “Did you have to show the entire pink dildo?” and “Have you no soul?”

But guess what you anal-retentive ninnys, Chaplin & Forbes’ Confidante spot “Sniffers” just won a Bronze Lion at Cannes! Boom! Call THAT sophomoric and juvenile!

Big ups to Forbes & Chaplin. Your humorous home-test kit commercial is spreading awareness hopefully faster than night clubbing youths can spread VD… though probably not. Night clubbing youths can spread VD pretty quickly.


More huge news out of Cannes, Ricardo Mehedff brought home the Bronze Lion for his Pedigree spot “First Days Out.” He won in the brand new Heath and Wellness – Film Craft – Direction category but what he should’ve won in was the Make Me Cry Harder Than I Did At The End Of Marley & Me category. I’m not sure if Cannes has that category but if they don’t they should start it.

Congratulations to Ricardo on the win. He fully deserves it for his heart-melting, visually-arresting mini-doc.

Author’s note: I did not even notice the pun in that last sentence until after I posted this. I regret nothing.


I’m just gonna toss out two unrelated events in history:

Friday, June 26th, 2015, João Caetano Feyer’s spot for Mix Brasil “Everyone is Gay” wins Gold at Cannes in the Film Craft Use of Licensed/Adapted Music category.

Friday, June 26th, 2015, the United States Supreme Court declares same-sex marriage as a legal right of all its citizens.

Now I’m not saying João Caetano Feyer is the direct reason all human beings in America have equal rights in the eyes of the law… but I’m not NOT saying it.

Congratulations to João for the gold win and for, ahem, other achievements.


Hungry Man’s latest addition is already making his new home proud. Chris Woods sent a spot off to Cannes last week. A PSA for Canadian Safe School Network called “Kids Read Mean Tweets.” If you haven’t seen this commercial yet, do yourself a favor and click play above. Needless to say the spot came back from Cannes victoriously carrying a bronze lion in the category of Branded Content and Entertainment Non-Fiction: Online (15 Minutes or Under). Seriously, watch this spot. It’ll impress you with its cleverness and then immediately break your heart, not unlike a date with me. Cue rimshot!

Congratulations, Chris. Much deserved, good sir. Much deserved.


Last year Conor Byrne won the Young Director Award at Cannes, an award that “has become a pioneer breaking ground for directors using new technologies and progressive techniques.” Given that that’s their goal it’s no surprise that just one year later Conor is back at Cannes accepting not one but TWO gold lions for his work on the Skittles mini-mocumentary “Struck by a Rainbow.”

The categories were:

Silver – Branded Entertainment Fiction: Online (15 minutes or under)

Bronze – Film Branded Content & Entertainment Film & Series Short Fictional Film

That second category might’ve been a mouthful but it is quite deserved. Well done Conor! Though this does set a dangerous precedent. Next year you need three wins, okay buddy?


Remember when Wayne McClammy’s “Madden Season” got over 34 million views on all of the internets? Did you think that was the best it was ever gonna get? Well we didn’t!

Apparently Kevin Hart and Dave Franco kill it in France as well as the U.S. because “Madden Season” just brought home Gold and Silver from Cannes. The winning categories are as follows:

Gold – Branded Entertainment: Original Use of Music

Silver – Branded Entertainment Fiction: Online (15 Minutes or Under)

I’m glad it won gold in music because I’ve had that damn song stuck in my head for a year. It’s embarrassing singing about slapping my friends’ faces as they kick my ass in the actual game. I know I shouldn’t pick the Panthers every time but Cam Newton is so damn charming!

Anyways, congrats to Wayne and the whole Madden team for LITERALLY bringing home the gold! Well done, guys.


The Cannes Short List is out and like a group of hipsters at a Mumford and Sons concert, we are all over it.

In the category of branded content we have:

Wayne’s EA Sports Madden Season
Ricardo’s Pedigree First Days Out
Chris Woods’ Canadian Safe School Network Kids Read Mean Tweets
and Conor Byrne’s Skittles spot Struck By A Rainbow.

In the Film category Conor is short listed for Struck by a Rainbow as well as Wayne for his Skittles Web spot.

In the Film Craft category Dave Laden is short listed for his NASCAR America, It’s Time For A Gutcheck spot.

And Ricardo’s First Days Out is nominated again in the Titanium & Integrated section.

Ya know, they say it’s just an honor to be short listed for this type of stuff and they’re absolutely right. It is an honor and we are so very proud. And we’ll be just as proud when all of these guys take home the gold lions for these spots because, I mean, look at ‘em. They’re amazing. Winning these lions will be the second funnest thing one can do on the Cannes Red Carpet.


Wayne McClammy makes Shoot Online yet again. This time with his latest round of Geico. You can find “Prisoner,” the spot in question, above. Be sure to watch it here before popping on over to Shoot’s website for they do give a spoileriffic summation of it in the exposition. However they also called the spot “offbeat” and “comedic” so we can totally overlook their explanatory fervor. I mean, who could blame ‘em, it’s a McClammy joint. Big thanks to Shoot and big congrats to Wayne.


I’ve had several people approach me on the street recently and say, “Hungry Man guy, I recently saw Taika Waititi’s newest Vampire mocumentary What We Do In The Shadows — available on VOD right now everywhere — and I just could not get enough of the Takia and Rhys Darby combo. Do you know where I could find more of the two of them working together?” I said, “Absolutely, fictional guy! Taika just shot some new Crazy Domain commercials with Darby and they are quite humorous indeed.”

For anyone who didn’t get their Waititi/Darby fix from Flight of the Conchords and What We Do In The Shadows check out the Crazy Domain campaign at CampaignBrief.com where they had some delightfully flattering things to say about the comedic duo.


Hungry Man is very proud to welcome a brilliant new director to its roster. A fellah by the name of David Kerr. David is best known for his television work on shows such as That Mitchell and Webb Look, Whites, Fresh Meat, and Inside No. 9. If you don’t know what any of those shows are you’re probably a Yank (though repped the world round by the Hungry Man Inc team David spends a lot of his time in the UK) and if that’s the case I demand you check out his reel immediately. This stuff is astoundingly funny and totally translates transatlantic sensibilities. Dude also just took home “Best PSA” at the AICP Awards last week so he’s got that going for him.

We are sure David is going to make a great addition to the Hungry Man family and we welcome him with open arms.


Nominations were announced for this year’s Professionals of the Year Awards in Brazil and it came as no surprise that João Caetano Feyer is one of the finalists. He’s received a lot of recognition for his wonderful Bomnegocio.com spots. You may have seen them. They’re commercials where furniture grows talking heads. Hard to miss. The category in which he’s nominated is the National Commercial Film category.

The winners aren’t announced until October so we’ll have to remain on the edge of our respective seats until then…. hopefully said seats don’t start talking to us but if they do we know who to turn to.


As American Pharaoh gears up to take the triple crown of horse racing next month, Hank Perlman’s already miles ahead taking home the triple crown of commercial making (yes we admit it’s an unfair comparison since horses can’t actually film commercials due to their lack of opposable thumbs or ability to give stage direction, but go with us).

Creativity Online has given solid write-ups to not one, not two, but THREE of Hank’s Beautyrest commercials. The videos for Bullhorn, Champagne, and Super Hero can be found at those links, and we definitely suggest you check out all three. They are all completely different and utterly hilarious.

Congratulations to Hank. We’re sure the wreath of flowers will be delivered to the New York office shortly. Pictures of his victory lap coming soon #HungryManInc


The 2015 D&AD Awards were held in London last night and Hungry Man’s got more pencils than a Bic warehouse! We took more lead than Sonny Corleone at a toll booth. We made more pencils disappear than The Joker!

… I think three is enough.

Let’s go down the list:

Bryan Buckley et al nabbed a Graphite Pencil for Special Effects in Film Advertising with his Marionette DirecTV commercials.

Ricardo Mehedff’s CNA “Speaking Exchange” crew took home a Yellow Pencil, two Graphite Pencils, and a Wooden Pencil for Digital Tools & Utilities, Direct Response Digital, Innovative Use of Technology, and Advertising & Marketing Communications respectively.

Taika Waititi took home a Wooden Pencil for his Air New Zealand spot “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever” under the category of Tactical Branded Film Content & Entertainment.

And Amnesia won a Graphite in the Use of Music for Film Advertising category for their Mix Brazil spot “Everyone is Gay.”

Congratulations to all of you gentlemen. You deserve every one of these and may you always bring home more writing utensils than Jon Stewart in “The Faculty.”


Huge news out of Hungry Man’s Brazil office! Revenge Therapy, produced by Hungry Man and directed by Marcos Bernstein will be showing at this year’s 2015 Cannes Film Festival under the Brazil Focus section. Revenge Therapy is the story of Carlos, a 35 year old lawyer whose son is shot during a fake blitz and falls into a coma. Desperate and powerless to see nothing is being done to catch those responsible for the crime, Carlos decides to take matters into his own hand, vigilante style!… I added the “vigilante style.” Sorry. I get amped up about this flick.

If you’re going to be in Cannes this year go check out this picture. I assure you, what I’ve described above is just the tip of the homicidal iceberg. I didn’t even tell you about his therapist, the suicide, or any of that other stuff. I really don’t care much for spoilers.

If you’re not going to be in Cannes any time soon, fret not, I’m sure this will be on Netflix soon. Everything is. My own home videos are on Netflix right now. Don’t know how they got there. But they’re there. “My Trip To Ireland, 2008.” Look it up.



The Avengers, Daredevil, Batman v. Superman, Arrow, The Justice League, Ant Man… We are running out of Super Heroes rapidly. Luckily Hank and Beautyrest are holding auditions for the newest Super Hero to add to the team. I don’t know if they’ll find the person best — ahem — suited to join the team but there’s definitely some stiff competition. Now we just need to hope Batman doesn’t hear about it. He can get pretty emo.


That’s what the kids are calling it these days, right? “Dropping the beat?”

Anyways… Hungry Man’s very own Max Joseph just dropped the trailer for his latest feature film, We Are Your Friends, a picture that The Wrap describes as an “EDM coming-of-age drama.” The film stars Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski. We realize we have your attention with those two names alone, but trust us, you’re gonna wanna check out this trailer. This movie promises to be a faithfully rendered portrait of a specific time and a specific place. Plus, it’s Max, so it’ll be fun as shit.


The 14th annual AICE Awards were held last night in LA and a few Hungry Man friends took home awards. Chris Franklin over at Big Sky Editorial won in the category of “Dialogue/Monologue/Spoken Word” for Bryan Buckley’s American Express spot “What’s Your 20?” and The Mill took home the gold for “Visual Effects” on Buckley’s DirecTV spot “Lemonade” (featured above). Our friends listed on that bad boy were Phil Crowe, Chris Bayol, Robert Sethi, Becky Porter, and Jacob Bergman but it was for sure a team effort and everyone at The Mill should be damn proud. I know we are.

For the uninitiated, AICE is the marketing communications trade association whose members are independent creative editorial, design, visual effects, color grading and audio post production companies, so receiving awards from such an association is a high honor. Well done, folks.


“The various trials and tribulations that the young director endures throughout this ridiculous scene… are very well observed… so much so that we’d like to think that this is a ‘making of’ and they decided to run with this instead of the ad they were planning to make.”

That’s right Lunchables fans, Wayne McClammy’s newest spot “Hashtag” is so funny and believable that DavidReviews.com thinks it could be a behind the scenes of a commercial that then got its own commercial. I believe children today call that “Meta”.

It’s not, though. Wayne McClammy is just a very very good director. Watch the spot!


Guess who’s back?

If you guessed Slim Shady you would be mistaken. This is even better… It’s the CONEHEADS.

Anybody born post 1990 just go watch a YouTube video of a cat for a second while the rest of us reminisce up some sweet ass nostalgia. This week Hank Perlman brings Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtain back in [arguably] their most popular Saturday Night Live characters, Beldar and Prymatt Conehead. A new take on State Farm’s previously popular “Jake From State Farm” commercials, this new spot brings the beer-guzzling, driver’s ed teaching, Remulak natives to the 24 hour call center where Jake is always there to take your call. I think we all can agree we’re happy Beldar and Prymatt haven’t quite assimilated into American culture yet… But they’re getting there. AdWeek’s already showing the spot some love and we guarantee they won’t be the last.


We here at Hungry Man make no apologies for touting all of the wonderful spots our directors have made over the last few years. We have humble-bragged our way into all of your feeds extolling the virtues of our many talented directors, and we do not take any of them back nor do we regret one single hyperbolic declaration of quality…

However, every once in a while a lone spot stands out amongst the rest as important and today that spot is Ricardo Mehedff’s “First Day Out” for Pedigree. It seems odd to describe branded content as “important” but as AdWeek states, “First Day Out” is more than a commercial for dog food, it’s an “immensely moving documentary,” and Creativity Online describes it as “… touchingly directed.” You can read all of the kind things Creativity had to say about it as well as a full interview on AdWeek with Ricardo and his brother, Hungry Man EP, Alex Mehedff. We suggest you check out the interview as well as the commercial. We promise it’s something you won’t soon forget.


Wayne McClammy and McGarry Bowen have teamed up to bring one of theater and film’s greatest dramatic actors, Malcolm McDowell, to the Lunchables brand. And so for it’s going… okay.

Check out Wayne’s latest spot above and see just how a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts sells you some mini-subs. McDowell takes to it like a fish in a river… a California river that has long since dried up due to lack of rainfall and overconsumption of water.


We know none of our readers would ever forget about Mother’s Day so we would have no reason to remind everybody to please take care of your mothers this weekend. It’s obvious to all that we should help our mothers relax this Sunday. Kick up their feet. And we certainly don’t need to use Scott Vincent’s latest KFC spot to remind you to treat your mothers to their favorite meal. We know you already know this, we’re just saying to say it…

… seriously though, Mother’s Day is Sunday. Don’t forget.


Conor Byrne is a finalist in five categories at New York Festivals, an award show that’s been around since 1957. This is a major honor for Conor, who is being nominated for his Skittles spot, “Struck by a Rainbow.” At the end of the day, though, we’re not surprised that this film is getting so much attention. “Struck by a Rainbow” isn’t just another commercial, it’s a poignant window into the lives of people who have suffered immense tragedy and yet remain resilient in the face of adversity. It’s like My Left Foot meets Terms of Endearment… but with Skittles.

Congrats, Conor. And if you haven’t already watched this beautiful totem to the human condition, please give it a watch above.


Congrats to Bryan Buckley for his recent success at the D&AD show. The DirecTV Marionettes campaign took home a Pencil for film craft!


Clearly deciding the rest of the advertising award shows were spot on in their judgement, the D&AD 2015 show has awarded Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro’s spot “Speaking Exchange” for CNA a WHITE PENCIL for Creativity for Good.

And that’s not all. The spot also got a Pencil for Digital Marketing, a Pencil for Innovative Use of Technology, and yet one more Pencil for Direct Response.

You might think it gets less exciting after this many awards… but it doesn’t. We’re still excited!!!


That’s neither hyperbole nor is it creative exaggeration. Knorr has posted Nanette’s spot, “Flavor of Home” in eleven different languages and when you add up all of those views from around the world we get a nice round 53 million people who have watched Nanette’s spot. And that’s a conservative guesstimate. Given the heart-warming nature of the film we know on the Easter and/or Passover holidays there were many mothers who pulled their visiting children over to the family desktop saying, “You have to watch this video! You see how that daughter APPRECIATES HER MOTHER’S COOKING???”

… I’m not saying that happened to me. I’m just saying.

Anyways, major congratulations goes out to Nanette and her crew for making a commercial that smashes through language barriers and cultural divides and truly encapsulates what really makes home feel like home to citizens the world round… Food.


Taika’s new spot about an ashamed son coming clean to his father is profiled in Shots TODAY!

Cred where cred’s due:
Wieden & Kennedy / London
Kim Papworth – Creative Director
Max Batten – Creative
Lou Hake – Producer

Click through here to read the article!


“Combining the underdog story of Rocky, the quirky comedy of Napoleon Dynamite and the vulgarity of Team America: World Police” – USA TODAY

The July 10 release of Bryan Buckley’s The Bronze is coming up fast, but USA Today is so excited they posted an article in anticipation.

Click through to this sneak peek and you’ll get to read some kind words and highlights straight from Melissa Rauch herself!


Lenny Dorfman is one of Hungry man’s newest additions. Shoot Online found this such a noteworthy addition that they went ahead and put him on the front of the website today. Not the first time for Lenny and certainly won’t be the last.

Hungry Man is proud to welcome Dorfman and look forward to all he has to bring to this partnership.


Ever since its spectacular opening night at the Sundance Film Festival one question has been repeatedly posited about Bryan Buckley’s feature film debut, The Bronze…

When can I see it????

Well, patient reader, we now have that answer. Relativity Media will be releasing The Bronze in limited release on July 10th and nationwide on the 31st! Boom. Asked and answered.

That’s the good news. The bad news is you only have 3 months to prepare your Hope Gregory costumes for opening night. Sorry guys. Thems the breaks.


AdForum has Nanette’s Knorr spot “Flavour of Home” on it’s Top 5 Ads of the Week list this week. The film is safely ensconced at number two. Not too shabby.

Still haven’t seen it yet? Well damn it, man, give that commercial a watch! We promise you’re going to want to call up your mother immediately afterwards and tell her you love her and then ask her to make your favourite meal for you and then get resentful when she says, “Why can’t you just call to say you love me? Why do I have to make you dinner?” And then you say, “THE MOM IN NANETTE’S COMMERCIAL DID IT! IF YOU LOVED ME YOU’D MAKE ME A G.D. POT ROAST!”

So basically what we’re saying is Happy Easter and Passover everybody!


Man. We haven’t seen this much crying over potatoes since Signs.

Just released today, Agency Spy and Fast Co Create are already loving Nanette’s newest spot for Knorr. Having worked on shows like New Girl and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 Nanette has proven that she can make us laugh, but it’s with spots like this where she reminds us that her bread and butter (pun totally intended) is in making us cry. The good kind of cry, too. Not like those damn Sarah McLachlan dog commercials. Nanette knows just how to tap into our nostalgia nerve and get the exact emotional response she’s looking for from us and this commercial is a prime example of that.

I could continue to gild the lily but I think I will just let the spot speak for itself. It’s somewhat NSFW in that you wouldn’t want Robin from H.R. making fun of you for sobbing silently at your desk.


First let’s all soak up the initial wave of joy from this news: Chicken fries are back at Burger King. I know. I know. Twill be much jubilation and ballyhoo.

That said, let us now appreciate Dave Laden’s amazing commercials that herald the forthcoming fast food fowl. The spots in question feature a world in which chikens date and rock chicken-tinder (or Coopid). As we’ve previously established, watching animals do what humans do is hilarious in and of itself but imagining a world of hook-ups and parental distrust is brilliant. Clearly Agency Spy thinks so, calling the spots “quirky” and “over-the-top.” We concur. Well done David.


Looking for a quick weekend jaunt? Richard Bullock has just what you’re looking for in his new spot for Turkish Airlines. No… not Turkey…

Africa, baby!

Now we know what you’re thinking, “I can’t just up and fly to Africa. I have a job. And a mortgage. And a cat.” Well after you watch Richard’s new commercial you’re going to forget all about these so called “responsibilities,” because, let me tell ya, our boy makes Africa look GOOOOOD.

Give the spot a watch above and book your flight to Africa directly thereafter. Trust us, you won’t be sorry.*

*You might be sorry if you quit your job, abandon your mortgage, or orphan your cat… unless your cat is a jerk. In which case it’s all good.


Hungry Man Productions would like to welcome its newest director, Mr. Chris Woods. You can check out his reel and bio here, and we definitely recommend that you do so, as he already has a hilarious and visually arresting catalogue of work, but in this Industry of Now people are always wondering, “What’s he done lately?” Well, fictional crass skeptic, Chris’ latest spot making the rounds is a PSA he did for Canadian Safe School Network that is both a clever send-up of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” and a sobering reminder of the fragility of youth. Poignant and engrossing, Chris’ latest spot has attracted the attention of AdWeek, Buzzfeed, and even the Huff Post.

In summation, this is Chris Woods making a splash as he dives head first into Hungry Man’s directing roster. Welcome Chris and bring on more remarkable work!


Our boy Carlão Busato is at it again. AdWeek has highlighted his newest ad for Creative Club São Paulo, “The Fall and Rise of The Mole” calling the commercial “beautiful,” “gross,” “disturbingly conceived,” and “gorgeously made.” They also called it “brilliantly insane” but I figured two more adjectives might be too mu— oh hey look at that.

Anyways, watch the spot (no pun intended) above unless you have a weak stomach where moles are concerned, in which case film yourself whilst watching and post your reaction video on YouTube… ya know… for funsies.


Hungry Man would like to take a moment to say goodbye to an incredible actor, comedian, and friend. On Tuesday Windell Middlebrooks passed away. We have worked with Windell many times over the years. The man was a tremendous talent but even more so he was a tremendous person who could bring a smile to your face even after an eighteen hour exterior night shoot. This loss is truly a tragedy and our hearts go out to his family.

The one piece of solace we can provide in these distressing times is that Windell most certainly left this world a better place than when he arrived here. He made millions of people laugh and you do not weep for a man like that. You celebrate him. So today we celebrate Windell Middlebrooks. We’ll miss ya, buddy, and we count ourselves among the lucky ones who got to know you.

Above is just a smattering of the times Windell made us laugh.


I know… I know… Much like Père Noël, Gary Busey is never really gone, not when we hold him so tenderly in our hearts year round. But he is back with a new Craig Brownrigg Amazon Fire TV commercial so today we celebrate extra!

If you haven’t seen this on your telly or Hulu or other such commercial distributors yet, fret not, you will soon enough. And if you can honestly say you watched all seven seasons of The West Wing and didn’t wonder what Gary Busey would look like behind that desk I call thee a liar and a scoundrel.

Give the spot a watch above! Now!


Hank Perlman’s new Kraft Mac & Cheese spots are making headlines all over the place. First AdWeek takes a look at the new health-conscious aspects of the campaign while Creativity Online focuses more on the humor in Estelle Harris’ spot (we have a feeling someone’s a Seinfeld fan over at Creativity). If you’d rather split the difference and hear about both the health and the ex-Costanzas you can go on over to Little Black Book where they’re just loving the campaign for what it is: pure fun.


Just the other day I was trying to explain to my grandmother that people are getting famous now all thanks to their YouTube channels. She said, “Is that a channel on TV? You know I don’t get cable.” So I said, “It’s TV on the internet.” And she said, “You watch it on your TV?” And I said, “No, you watch it on the internet.” And then she said, “Well then why are we watching it on your TV?” I said, “Because I have a device that streams the internet to my television to make viewing YouTube videos that much easier.” There was a long pause and then she asked, “So they’re on the TV?” And I said, “Yes, Nana, they’re on the damn TV.” And she said, “Don’t take that tone with me!” And Sunday high tea was officially ruined.

The really sad thing is I went through all of that when really all I had to do is show her Nanette Burstien’s new full length feature documentary “The Creators” for YouTube. Granted, the doc itself won’t hit the net till March but the trailer is up now and it’s already getting a ton of press. Marketing Magazine in the UK featured it on its website while The Sunday Times actually featured it in its style section this week. Pretty impressive considering the film is still one month away.

Regardless, check out the trailer above and keep your eyes peeled for more news to come about YouTube’s “The Creators” documentary.


I’m going to speak to two subsets of our New York audience right now.

First up, Taika Waititi and Flight of the Conchords fans. If you guys want to meet the minds behind Flight of the Conchords as well as Eagle Vs. Shark, Boy, and other such wonderful films, you should head over to the Apple Store in SoHo to meet Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi where they will discuss their new mockumentary “What We Do in the Shadows,” a film about vampires and how they live day to day.

Now, to the vampire fans. If you’ve ever wanted to meet two real vampires in real life you should head over to the Apple Store in SoHo to meet Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi where they will discuss their new one hundred percent real documentary “What We Do in the Shadows,” a non-fiction film about vampires and how they live day to day. And be sure to get VERY SPECIFIC with your questions.

More Shadows news as we get closer to its Friday the 13th US release!


The time has come, America. Much like mythical creatures who lurk in darkness for millennia on end, we have been waiting an eternity for this week and at last it is within our grasp!

Taika’s vampire mockumentary, What We Do In The Shadows, has come to America!

That’s right, folks. If you live in New York or LA make no plans this Friday the 13th. No plans, that is, save for traveling to the cineplex and observing this astoundingly funny motion picture by an Oscar Nominated director.

We know Friday may seem like a lifetime away so in the meantime check out this wonderfully in depth interview in which NPR’s Terry Gross sits down with co-directors Taika and Jemaine Clement.

Peep that shit here.


Big Ups to Nanette Burstein for taking home first place at the 8th Annual Cinema Eye Honors. This past year Nanette shot an enthralling documentary for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series in which she interviews Tonya Harding about the infamous 1994 attack on Nancy Kerrigan (trailer above).

If you haven’t seen this doc yet do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s on Netflix Instant right at this moment. You have to watch it. Right now. I’m serious. Open a new tab on your browser, copy and paste this www.Netflix.com, then you’ll see a screen with a bunch movies on in. In the top right hand corner copy and paste this The Price of Gold in the search bar. Click Play. Thank me later.


Parents! Beware! The word is out!

As is evident in Scott Vincent’s new commercial for KFC, kids everywhere are quickly discovering that we’ve been keeping the good shit from them all along. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, allow your children to see these commercials or it’s possible that they may seek retribution for all those years you weren’t feeding them KFC’s Popcorn nuggets.

You may ask yourself, “Why should I be worried about kids getting even with me?”

-Quickness of youth.
-Can hide in the tiniest of spaces.
-Low centers of gravity.

… I don’t know. Why should you fear them?


Woo that game yesterday! Am I right???

That sucker was enthralling up to the last seconds of the match, so we KNOW you all saw Dave Laden’s NASCAR Super Bowl spot with Nick Offerman at the end of the 4th quarter (that already has 7 million views and growing). The Washington Post sure did as they requested, “Can NBC just skip the NASCAR part of this and make some sort of ‘Talladega Nights’ sequel, starring Offerman? Two minutes are not enough.” Not exactly showing the love for NASCAR but damn it if that ain’t a glowing review of Dave’s work.

Shit, they even loved the commercial in Sweden! Well done, David!



Well, it’s Friday. That means Sundance 2015 is just about wrapped up. It has been an excellent week for Bryan and Team Bronze. They opened the festival. They got rave reviews. And they were purchased by Relativity Media. All in all, not a bad week.

But through all the excitement, all of the hubbub if you will, you may have found yourself wondering, “Who is the man behind the movie?” Well fret not, curious reader, for Shoot Online has you covered. They did a lovely profile on a handful of the directors at Sundance with Bryan Buckley topping the list. It is a wonderfully thorough piece and really gives insight into the mind of The King of the Super Bowl (this year’s notwithstanding).


Yesterday Hungry Man had to say goodbye to Cory Berg, one of the kindest, gentlest souls ever to toil beside us. He was a top drummer, a funky dancer, and a world class master producer. He also won the lottery when he married his beautiful bride, Kristine Ling. Take our word for it… this man was mighty wonderful.

We love and miss you Cory, and we count ourselves among the lucky ones, for we got to know you and our lives are immeasurably better for having done so.

A fund in Cory’s name has been set up to help alleviate some of the expenses. Please click the link below.

“Let Me Tell You the Dream” – The Cory Berg Fund


We here at Hungry Man fully acknowledge that not everyone reading this post will be a NASCAR fan. We have followers all around the world so it’s natural to assume that not every one of you is going to enjoy NASCAR or even know what it is. After you watch Dave Laden’s new Super Bowl spot, though, we expect all of that to change.

You’re all gonna be tearin’ down the road pretending you’re Jeff Gordon. You’ll get under the hood of the family SUV to see if you can’t get that puppy up to her top RPMs. You will most certainly paint a giant number three on the top of your beautiful white pick-up truck in honor of the late great Dale Earnhardt Sr. (never forget). We assure you this will happen because no one, and I mean NO ONE, can resist when Dave Laden teams up with Captain America himself… no, not Chris Evans.

Nick G.D. Offerman!

Don’t take our word for it, though. Take USA Today’s word for it when they call the spot “hilarious” or AdWeek when they call it “glorious” and “pure awesome.”

Give the commercial a watch but be warned it may cause excessive need to go fast.


Pop on some Al Green ‘cause this blog post is about to get sexy.

It’s been five days since Bryan Buckley’s film The Bronze opened the Sundance Film Festival and while many people are abuzz about the film’s humor and its actors, several news outlets have chosen to highlight one of the film’s more untoward scenes…

I’m talking, of course, about sex.

That’s right. On top of the laughs, on top of the gymnastics, on top of the incomparable Melissa Rauch splitting our sides for one hour and fifteen minutes, there is a sex scene between gymnasts. I don’t want to tell you anymore than that mostly because I don’t think you need anymore than that but we can assure you it’s something to behold. And don’t take our word for it, USA Today, MTV, Entertainment Weekly, they’re all talking about the sex. You’re welcome America. I’m sorry Mom.


With all of the excitement, the ballyhoo, the hullabaloo if you will, surrounding The Bronze this past week, we have been recommending everyone go see Bryan Buckley’s new film as it makes its Sundance debut, but in doing so we have been remiss. We have ignored all of those people who can’t go to Sundance. Those who can’t afford to fly to Utah, or those who have to be home with the kids, or those who are told, “You can’t come to Sundance because we need you at your desk writing Facebook posts about all of the cool things the rest of us are going to do while we show The Bronze off at Sundance…”

… just for example.

Well, good news, folks. It’s the 21st Century! If you can’t go to the Sundance, the Sundance will go to you streaming live via the internets. We Live Film Festivals has posted the [then] live Opening Night Q&A from the initial screening of The Bronze. You can watch it right HERE. Click on it. Watch it. Throw on your thickest parka and pretend you’re on the side of a beautiful mountain having just seen the funniest comedy you’ll watch all year. I assure you, with this crew it is all laughs.


You ever find yourself skulking through a level of Call of Duty only to be fragged moments later by some 9 year old in Poughkeepsie with a potty mouth? And the kid just adds literal insult to injury by trash talking you as the Kill Cam shows you how you died?

You ever stop to think who’s holding the Kill Cam while that pre-pubescent is calling you a “noob-queer”?

Wayne McClammy and the good people at Call of Duty have an answer for you and AdWeek must’ve enjoyed it because it was their Pick of the Day on Friday. And they wrote an extensive piece on it today. AND Shots wrote a piece on it as well. AND Fast Co Create and Shoot Online featured it today also… so… like… yeah. Everybody loves it. Be sure to check it out above and/or at any of these sites, and congratulations Mr. McClammy for finally shedding light on an area of gamer life heretofore unknown.


Bryan’s film The Bronze premiered at Sundance last night as the Opening Night Film and Variety is giving it a glowing morning-after review. That’s right, no walk of shame here, folks. In his article titled, “5 Reasons ‘The Bronze’ Could Be a Breakout Comedy in 2015” Ramin Setoodeh really talks Bryan and his crew up to his friends declaring, “The R-rated comedy not only lived up to its pre-festival hype, it’s likely to start a bidding war in Park City.” He then goes on to do as the title of the article suggests and lists 5 reasons The Bronze could breakout.

We here at Hungry Man would like to wish a hearty congratulations to Bryan and his crew for a wonderful opening night. We’re all incredibly proud of you guys and wish you nothing but laughs and praise for the rest of Sundance. Hard part’s done, gentlemen. Enjoy yourselves!


If you didn’t hum some Sondheim tunes beneath that title you shame me.

But I didn’t come here to talk 1960’s showtunes, I’m here to talk SUNDANCE! Bryan Buckley’s feature film debut gets its world premiere tonight as Sundance Film Festival’s Opening Night Film!

No pressure, right?

Good news is, people are already talking about how much they want to see The Bronze. USA Today posted the article above just this morning. Variety had The Bronze on their “Sundance Buzz Titles” list. Indiewire is urging non-attendees to stream Bryan and Melissa’s panels live. New York Daily News is asking aloud whether The Bronze will follow in Whiplash’s footsteps and end up an Oscar contender. E Online has The Bronze on its Sundance 2015 Buzz Films list. Rolling Stone spoke about The Bronze in a way only Rolling Stone could, “Finally, fans of Olympic gymnastics get the reverse All About Eve they deserve!”

And it’s, of course, a huge deal that The Bronze is opening the festival. As The Hollywood Reporter’s John Cooper tells it, “Opening night, you want something that’s going to feel exciting and engaging. The Bronze, which is a very broad comedy, does that, but in a way that is very different than Whiplash. Comedies have been bubbling up for a while. Comedians are such good observers of human nature, good at telling us why we are who we are.” Buzzfeed agrees saying this raunchy comedy, “… is as far from Whiplash as you can get” and then they went and put it on their Most Highly Anticipated Films At The 2015 Sundance Film Festival list.

So, I suppose what I’m really getting at here is GO SEE THE BRONZE AT SUNDANCE!


With opening night a mere ONE DAY away The Wrap has your back with a list of the “10 Hottest Sundance Sales Titles” and, yet again, The Bronze is number one with a bullet. Now, we grant you, this list is ostensibly alphabetical, but we know why Bryan’s film is at the top of this list and I think we can all agree it ain’t just because it starts with a “B.”

Check out the list and if you’re heading to Park City right about now check out The Bronze. It’s like East Bound and Down meets The Battleship Potemkin…. on acid.

And, if you are so inclined, here is a Wall Street Journal list of events you can’t stream online for the price of on the house. You may notice Mr. Buckley and Ms. Rauch on there multiple times. You’re welcome.


Two days until the opening of Sundance 2015. You know what that means: every store that sells winter boots in the greater Los Angeles area is going to be sold out.

It ALSO means two days until the world premiere of Bryan Buckley’s new film The Bronze which is playing opening night of the festival. I’m not one to draw unsubstantiated conclusions but last year’s Opening Night Film was just nominated for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards so, all I’m sayin’ is “Melissa Rauch for Best Actress 2016.”

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll begin with an excellent showing at Sundance for which tickets are on sale right this moment so please get your seats now. I know for a fact they are selling out right quick.


Let’s say you go to Sundance, you pick out your movies, but you find out that you can only see 25 of them (I know, right, this always happens to ME). Rolling Stone is here to help. They have gathered together a list of the 25 Must-See Films of Sundance 2015 and whose movie is number 2 [alphabetically] with a bullet? Mr. Bryan Buckley, of course.

So for those of you heading to Sundance, Rolling Stone says you should definitely make time for Bryan’s film The Bronze which Opens the festival in 7 days.


Big news, true believers! Shots magazine did a 5 page spread in their February issue on one of our favorite Hungry People, Mr. Wayne McClammy. We can’t re-post the article herein — that would be stealing — but we can tell you it is comprehensive. Those of you who have met Mr. McClammy know that, much like the Polynesian sculptures on Easter Island or sudoku, he is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. This article, however, lays it all bare beginning with his run-ins with Emilio Esteves in his youth right up to his love of Birdman and fascination with Anthony Bourdain.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Wayne McClammy or if you’ve never even met the guy but you just really dig those camel commercials pick yourself up a copy of this magazine. You will not be sorry.


Statistically most of us in the working world rock the clock punching lives of the 9 to 5er, the group of pencil pushers that invented both hours “rush” and “happy.” There’s a smaller collective of people, though, who took jobs that have them work less conventional hours and, indeed, less conventional days. Fire fighters, police officers, nurses, gas station attendants. People who provide services that you and I may not use daily, in fact, some of these professionals you hope never to need, but you’re astoundingly grateful they’re on the clock when you do. Even on days like Christmas.

Well, this year Gualter Pupo and Electrolux decided it was time to give back to these long taken-for-granted occupations. These honorable men and women who work on holidays, who work on birthdays, who work always to ensure our happiness and our safety.

Gualter and Electrolux said it in the spot above, but the rest of us give thanks for all men and women who can’t be with their families during the holidays because they’re busy making sure we can be with ours. Thank you.


By now we all know Bryan Buckley’s new feature film, The Bronze, is going to open the Sundance Film Festival. That’s just common knowledge like global warming or The DaVinci Code. But how much do we really know about this wonderful new comedy? Well, with the festival little more than a week away, the good people over at Sundance thought we deserved more, so they sat down with Bryan to find out just what makes this comedy Opening Night worthy.


Showtimes are up for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. You’ve got seven chance to see Bryan Buckley’s new film The Bronze if you’re going to Sundance. There is literally no excuse for not seeing it. “I slipped on the ice, twisted my ankle and am now bedridden through the festival.” That didn’t stop a certain gymnast in the ’04 games. “My car got stuck in a snowdrift and they couldn’t get me out until the ice thawed seven days later!” What’s the matter, never heard’a kitty litter? “I’m not going to Sundance this year.” Valid point but nobody likes a whiner.

Mark your calendars now, folks. Bryan Buckley. Sundance. The Bronze. Boom. Done. Mic drop.


You know how we’ve been talking about Conor Byrne’s Skittles spot so much? Like, how it was Creativity Online’s “Pick of the Day” and it was on Campaign and the front page of Shots and also on Shoot? Well, there’s something else we didn’t tell you. You might want to sit down for this…

AdWeek put Skittles on their “Top 5 Commercials of the Week” last week.

I know we shouldn’t have kept this from you. We feel really bad about it, but we didn’t want to seem dicky and braggy so we downplayed the whole thing and… well… we’re sorry. We promise, next time Conor has a commercial on AdWeek’s top 5 list we’ll tell you all about it. Complete honesty. We promise.

Congratulations, Conor!


Note for all Yankees in the audience: In England they call STD’s STI’s. It sucks having to explain the joke but I didn’t want my fellow Americans to have to Google the reference ’cause then their significant other might use their computer and be all like, “Why the eff were you looking up Sexually Transmitted Infections, and why the eff are you calling it a Sexually Transmitted Infection and not a Sexually Transmitted Disease? Did you get it from a British person? Who is she? WHO IS SHE???” I’m not saying that has happened I’m just saying it could happen.

On with the show:

What if figuring out whether or not you had an STI was as easy as having a dog sniff your crotch? I know, right? That’s the world I someday want to live in. Well wish no more! Thanks to Chaplin & Forbes the STI Sniffers are real and on your streets today. Double up your pants (“underwear” for our US subscribers), slap some Trumper on your undercarriage, and avoid any and all creatures walking around the clubs on four legs, which is good advice normally but especially so now.

Check out the doc for these STI Sniffers above, see what Ad Agency had to say about them HERE, and be aware, the future is nigh.


Well, yesterday Conor’s Skittles spot “Struck by a Rainbow” was on the front page of Creativity Online. Today it’s the front page of Shots. This would normally be a feat in and of itself but the cherry on top of this glorious praise-filled sundae is they refer to Conor as “Hungry Man’s rising star.” We could not agree more, Shots.

And for those of you who frequently confuse Shots with Shoot, we’ll make it easy on you today. Conor is also up on ShootOnline so say one or the other, today you’re right about both.


Conor’s Skittles spot “Struck By A Rainbow” is CreativityOnline’s Pick of the Day today and their praise couldn’t be higher. “…the film — and its trailer — are brilliantly acted, posing as the kind of serious documentary that would win a prize at Sundance or Cannes.” Having already won a prize at Cannes this year this praise of Conor doesn’t surprise us in the least, and we are very proud of the work he is doing. Oh, yeah, and it’s on Campaign too.

Well done, Conor!


Why are we here?

Where did we come from?

What are the technological capabilities and software compatabilities of an invertebrate’s exoskeleton?

Life is full of tough questions and in their new spot for Amazon Craig Brownrigg and Gary Busey answer one of the above.


No way to sugar coat it. No need to gild the lily. This news is simply too big to be overemphasized.

Bryan Buckley’s feature film The Bronze got into Sundance, and not only that, but it is the Opening Night Movie!

A stark new comedy written by Melissa and Winston Rauch and directed by Bryan, The Bronze tells the tale of how Hope Greggory became an American hero after winning the bronze medal for the women’s gymnastics team in 2004. Today, she’s still living in her small hometown, washed-up and embittered. Stuck in the past, Hope must reassess her life when a promising young gymnast threatens her local celebrity status.

We are extremely proud of Hungry Man’s co-founder and wish him the heartiest of congratulations. Be sure to stay tuned to Hungry Man’s website for all future Sundance and The Bronze news.


Sriracha drizzle. Pretzel crust. Buffalo sauce. These sort of additions to pizza seem natural to us here in The States. After all, we’re the country that brought the world the Double-Down (you’re welcome), thus it was only natural that we’d eventually concoct the brilliant idea of stuffing bacon and cheese into our pizza crusts.

But what do the originators of pizza think?

Well, Kinka Usher journeyed all the way to Italy to answer that very question. Watch the spot above to see what the O.G. pizza makers think of Pizza Hut’s all new recipes.


We here at Hungry Man understand that sometimes hearing about the same spots winning awards over and over and over again can get tedious. We do. We understand and we sympathize. That’s why we’re not going to go into the fact that Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro’s spot “Speaking Exchange” for CNA took home more awards this week at the El Ojo advertising festival in Buenos Aries. We’re not gonna talk about it. There’s absolutely no reason to tell you the categories in which they won because it would just look like a stupidly long list of awards won, like this:

Grand Prix Direct – Best Fidelity Action and Brand Engagement (Agency)
GOLD – Branded content (Hungry Man)
GOLD – Best Integrated Production (Hungry Man)
SILVER – Best Direction – Non Conventional Format (Hungry Man)
SILVER – Internet Commercials (Hungry Man)

Like, who wants to look at that laundry list of accomplishments? Nobody. Because at this point after the Cannes and Clios we know you’re tired of hearing about how AMAZING this spot is and how many people LOVE it. That’s why we’re simply going to post the spot itself above and ask you to give it a watch. It’s a lovely little piece that a lot people seem to dig.



Oh Canada. You have provided this world with so much joy. Poutine. Hockey. Tim Horton’s doughnuts. And, yes, even Ryan Gosling. You have given us so much, I think it’s time we gave something back. We’ve heard you’ve been concerned that your nations’ branch of Sears is going out of business so Bryan Buckley down here in The States got together with one of your most famous exports, Mr. Michael Myers, to try to alleviate any concerns you may have. Please, watch as Mike and his brother allay your fears and, hopefully, make you giggle as they did ABC, Entertainment Weekly, Racked.com, Business Insider, TheWeek.com, and Marketing Land who calls the spot “… quirky, hilarious and on-target…” which is ironic because we’re talking about Sears, not Target, but we digress…


If you’ve been living in Canada lately you have inevitably found yourself wondering one thing: How are the Tampa Bay Lightning at the top of the NHL Eastern Conference? If you’ve been living in Canada lately and you’ve been wondering two things, the second is certain to be: Are those rumors about Sears Canada going out of business true? Fortunately for you Bryan Buckley and Mike Myers are here to get you answers to the second question. The first still perplexes us.

Give the spot above a watch and find out for yourself, and if you don’t live in Canada then neither of these questions matter to you, but you should watch the video anyway. It’s Mike Myers!


That’s right, Gamers. In his newest spot for Call of Duty & Mountain Dew, Wayne McClammy shows you how to get a DLC (“Downloadable Content” for the non-video-game-enthusiasts) for destroying a Mountain Dew vending machine mid-battle.

Okay, well, that’s not entirely true, but he does show you what it would be like if such a DLC existed. That’s still pre-tty sweet.


Having trouble getting into the spirit of the holiday? Well look no further. Between Wayne’s Geico and Skittles commercials as well as Dave’s spot with a portly bearded white dude dressing up as Christina Applegate we here at Hungry Man have everything you need to get you in the Halloweeny mood.

Happy Halloween to you and yours from us and ours!


Have you ever wished you had a decoy of yourself? Well it doesn’t matter if you have because Christina Applegate has and she’s famous so hush up and watch what happens when C-App (she lets me call her that) gets Fruitwater to set her up with a decoy in Dave Laden’s newest spot.


You guys, this is serious so listen up. With tomorrow being the first day of October and thus Halloween season is officially upon us we want to warn you about a rampant problem that’s decimating the number of teenagers and twenty-somethings we have in this country. That problem is Homicidal Maniacs.

As Wayne McClammy shows in his newest spot for Geico, we are not teaching our children the proper way to run from homicidal maniacs, and as such they’re dying in droves. This problem has become so prevalent that even AdWeek and AdCritic have stepped in to speak out about it.

There’s a very simply solution, however. Just teach your children The Rules. Kevin Williamson didn’t go through all that trouble to write Scream just so you’d not know what to do when a psycho killer [qu’est-ce que c’est] is after you.

Be sure to check out Wayne’s Geico spot above to see what you should NOT do.


With Halloween right around the corner Wayne McClammy and Skittles would like to warn you never to trust a giant spider. We’re not sure where you fall in that “do I trust or do I not trust giant spiders” debate but we say don’t. We are a firm anti when it comes to giant spiders.


In his latest team-up with Craig Brownrigg, Eli Manning proves that if you find yourself tailgating at MetLife Stadium this football season and you run into a guy that resembles Eli Manning, it just might be him…

… especially if he’s all jacked up on Dunkin Donuts coffee. If that’s the case then it’s definitely him and you should at least get his autograph or have him sing to you or something.


Babies hate hipsters. We’re sorry if that offends people but it’s science. They just do. The reason behind such hatred, though, has eluded researchers for years. Is it the suspenders that hold up such tight jeans? Is it the non-prescription glasses that adorn their 20-20 eyeballs? Or perhaps it’s the scent of the sweat-soaked Toms riding their feet.

Turns out it could be none of those things (though we’re not ruling them out as contributing factors). The good folks over at Wilkinson Sword, along with the incomparable Robert Nylund, may have finally solved this age old riddle. Find out for yourself by watching the case study above.


Hungry Man’s got the one two punch of emotion today. If Ricardo and Fabio’s CNA spot didn’t move you this morning (like that’s even possible) Gualter Pupo has gotcha covered. His newest spot for Samsung, “First Date,” is a commercial that Shots said on the front page of their website, “… will tug at your heartstrings.” Now I don’t know exactly what a heartstring actually is, but wherever one might find it in the human anatomy this spot is sure to tug at it. Hard.



Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro’s commercial, Speaking Exchange for CNA has officially taken home silver and gold at the 55th annual Clio Awards. They received silver in the Film category and gold in the Content category. They have also taken home a Black Star at the Creative Club of Sao Paulo Festival. Hungry Man is the only production company to be given the Black Star twice, the last time was in 2012 for Santa’s Forgotten Letters.

If you folks haven’t seen Speaking Exchange spot yet do yourselves a favor and give it a watch. Not only is it well shot and well constructed, but it’s a beautiful story. It’s no wonder this commercial is winning over so many people’s minds and hearts.

Well done, gentlemen. I’m sure there is more to come.


Anybody lucky enough to go to this years Toronto International Film Festival? I meant to go but it’s not hockey season yet and why would someone go to Canada when it’s not hockey season? That’s like visiting New England at a time when there’s no browning foliage to look at. Anyways, if you were at TIFF you probably heard even more buzz about Taika Waititi’s new feature film, What We Do In The Shadows. If, like me, you weren’t one of these lucky festival-goers, don’t worry, Fast Company has you covered. They just published an interview with co-director Jemaine Clement and co-star Stu Rutherford that really gives some nice spoiler-free insight to this vampire mockumentary.

And to all North Americans who couldn’t make their way to TIFF, fret not, What We Do In The Shadows will make its theatrical release on this continent soon. Very soon. Keep you eyes peeled. And in the meantime read Fast Company’s article here and watch the trailer above every hour on the hour. I have been, and it’s not affecting my work in the least [insert text here].


Richard Bullock is back with all new work from Asics. And this time it’s all about Rugby.

Now I know a lot of my fellow Yanks out there don’t have a clue how rugby is played — personally one of my favorite pastimes is going to a sports bar, finding the one TV playing Rugby, and trying to guess the rules as the game is played out before me — but there’s one thing that’s universally understood whether you’re talking about rugby, football, futbal, or hockey, and that is heart. In these Asics spots Bullock conveys the heart this sport takes in such a clear and evocative manner that it transcends country lines and favorite national pastimes. I still don’t understand how the game is played, but damn it if I don’t respect the men that play it and those that stand behind the men that play it (not just because they could kick my ass ten times over).

So give Mr. Bullock’s latest Asics commercials a watch and to all the Americans reading this, the next time you find yourself in a sports bar find the one TV playing rugby and give it a watch. I promise you won’t be sorry.





Major congratulations are in order for Mr. João Caetano Feyer. Two — count ‘em, 2 — of his Bomnegocio.com commercials were in the Top 10 Most Viewed Commercials on YouTube in Brazil last month. For those of you who don’t sprechen zie the local lingity, Bomnegocio.com is Brazil’s version of Ebay. So to sum up, a Hungry Man director is 1/5 of the most viewed YouTube commercials in all of Brazil right now. Not. Too. Shabby.

You can check out the most popular of his Bomnegocio spots above and if you happen to be in Brazil and pass João on the street be sure to sing, “A cada 1 minuto, 4 coisas vendem,” at him. If you don’t speak Portuguese just watch the commercial. You’ll get it.


Yeah, we didn’t think we needed to add anything to that journal title.

Check out Jim Hosking’s latest spot for Schneider Electric because… well… if you have to ask you don’t deserve to watch.


As we approach our second week of the NFL season we’d like to recommend a fun way to enjoy this great American pastime even more. We realize the commercials are everybody’s least favorite part of the NFL weekend — we’ve come to terms with it, it’s okay — so we here at Hungry Man would like to suggest a way you can enjoy the sponsor’s breaks just as much as the game itself.

It’s the Hungry Man drinking game.

Here’s how it works: Every time you see a Hungry Man commercial you take a drink from your beverage*. It’s that easy and it’ll happen way more often than you think. Why, last weekend alone we had Bryan’s Miller Lite spots as well as both Hank’s Hans and Franz State Farm spot and his AT&T Gordon Ramsey commercial all over the ball games. Shit, we even saw them play a clip from Football On Your Phone during the Broncos pre-game.

So this weekend keep yourself busy during the commercial breaks by keeping your eyes peeled for the best Hungry Man Inc has to offer and whenever they cut to commercial get your drinking hand ready*. Oh, and feel free to mumble and grumble every time it’s not a Hungry Man Spot. We sure do.


Note: Hungry Man Productions does not endorse alcoholic drinking games of any nature. We only encourage you to play this drinking game with non-alcoholic beverages like grape drink, or Gatorade, or a nice tall glass of Yoo-Hoo. But please drink your Yoo-Hoo responsibly. As my Dad always used to tell me, “Don’t be an idiot.”


The love for Hank’s State Farm spot just keeps a’comin’. AdForum labeled it their Editor’s Pick of the week. If you haven’t seen it yet watch it now and believe it later.


Apparently we here at Hungry Man aren’t the only people who appreciate some good’ol’fashioned nostalgia. Everybody’s talking about Hank’s latest State Farm spots, “Trainers” and “Steve’s Kid.” Here are just a smattering of the kind things people are saying about us:

Washington Post
Sports Illustrated
Post Crescent
Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
Fan Sided
Wisc News
Chicago Business Journal
California Golden Blogs
Game Day
SB Nation

“Steve’s Kid”
USA Today
Ad Hugger
Ads of the World
The Comic’s Comic
Great Ads

Now if only we could get The Ladies Man to sponsor Trojan and Brian Fellows to sponsor Iams then all of our 90’s endorsement dreams will come true.


Anybody watching last night’s NFL season opener got to see one hell of a blast from the past. If you were born post 1990 you can just tune this one out. You’re not likely to understand the epic-osity that befell the third quarter of the Seahawks/Packers game, but Hank Perlman’s latest State Farm commercial premiered and it starred the two biggest titans of late ’80’s early ’90’s body-building culture. That’s right. I’m talking about none other than Hans and Franz of “Pumping Up With Hans and Franz” fame. If you’re looking for a calorie burning sprint down memory lane give the spot above a little watch, and for those ’90’s babies just check out this video of Hans and Franz in their heyday teaching Swayz-dog how to not be such a girly man.

Great job Hank!


It’s throwback thursday, y’all! And with the NFL regular season beginning tonight I can think of only one proper way to celebrate…. FOOTBALL ON YOUR PHONE! #TBT


If you drove down Wilshire Boulevard very early Tuesday morning you may have seen people camping out on the sidewalks around 12th street. This sight is nothing new here in Southern California. You probably figured Taylor Swift was making an appearance, or perhaps those One Direction children. But as you get closer to the store, something catches your eye. They focus on a vaguely familiar orange and pink sign from your childhood back east (yes, I’m making the pretty safe assumption that if you’re in LA you’re not from LA) and upon seeing the glowing emblem of this delicious bastion of morning invigoration, you utter to yourself a quiet and wistful, “Is that a Dunkin Donuts?”

The answer is yes, Angelenos! We now have ourselves a Dunkin Donuts, and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Craig Brownrigg has just finished his latest round of Dunkin spots complete with Easy E himself, Mr. Eli Manning.*

Check out the spots above and if you happen to find yourself around 12th and Wilshire from now on you can stop in and grab yourself a nice hot cup’a’Dunkin’joe.

*Note: We acknowledge that Eli Manning is not the original Easy E and we further suggest all of you pour some out for the original Eazy’s birthday next week.


Robert Nylund’s newest spot for Intersport has made it to Shots.net. If you have a subscription you can read the article here. If you don’t have a subscription let me just tell you they call this commercial the greatest one minute of film since Orson Welles uttered the word “Rosebud.” They said every human being on earth needs to watch this commercial with the attention they would give the sonogram of their first born child. Shots.net said of Robert Nylund’s Intersport commercial that if D. W. Griffith were alive today he would line up himself, Thomas Ince, Charlie Chaplin, and Sergei Eisenstein and let Robert Nylund slap each of them across the face for not doing enough to further the medium of motion pictures.

That’s what Shots.net said about Robert Nylund’s newest spot for Intersport if you don’t have a subscription to the website.*

*one or more statements above may include embellishments by the author of this post


Anybody that watched last night’s Emmy Awards probably noticed a familiar face. No, not Vince Gilligan deservedly sweeping the awards. Tina Fey! Bryan’s new American Express spot with Miss Bossypants herself made its debut last night to glowing reviews. Why, Creativity Online even tossed it up on their site first thing this morning. Tina’s not eating potpourri in this one. This time it’s Back To School shopping so whether you’re the world’s biggest Tina Fey fan or you just know the frustration of the BTS shopping season, this spot’s got it all for you.


Good news out of South America today! Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro’s spot “Speaking Exchange” for CNA is a finalist at the Clio Awards in no less than four categories:

Content & Contact

The Clio’s are one of the world’s most recognized international awards competition for advertising, design, digital, and communications so needless to say, this is an honor and a half. Thank you to the Clio Awards and good luck to Ricardo and Pinheiro come October 1st. We know you’re going to bring home that Hungry Man gold!


If you’ve been to ESPN.com lately you may have seen a familiar spot popping up here and there. No, not Wayne’s “Madden Season”… well, yeah, they were talking about that spot too, but that’s not what this post is about. Craig Brownrigg’s Wiser commercial “Art Gallery” has been playing non-stop. With football (and hockey) season right around the corner every sports fan who finds themselves in a relationship with one of these “culture lovers” needs to watch this spot and take notes. Never again will one more quarter (or period) be missed for the sake of “art.”


Well, Wayne’s Madden spot has scorched the internet like the brush fires engulf the hills of Southern California (We can say that. We live here… cough… cough…). We here at Hungry Man know how difficult it can be to keep track of where this spot’s been mentioned so we thought we’d compile a comprehensive list for your internet surfing ease. Without any further ado, we present Wayne McClammy’s Metaphorical Madden Season Conflagration List:

Washington Post

USA Today

Fox Sports

CBS Sports



Best Ads on TV

Creativity Online


FastCo Create

High Snobiety

Complex Magazine

Hype Beast

Agency Spy

Hollywood Life

Culture Burst

Freshness Magazine

ShotsMag4E 1

Right around the time he was accepting the Young Director’s Award at Cannes a lot of people found themselves wondering, “Who is this Conor Byrne kid?” Well, Shots Magazine has got it covered. They did a full spread Q&A with Conor for its latest edition in which they talk about Conor’s roots, where he comes from, how he got started, and most importantly of all, his clandestine missions to find nudie mags as a kid. You can read the article above and you can watch Conor’s work at his website BrudderFilms.com.


Well, I said on Friday that Wayne’s Madden spot with Dave Franco and Kevin Hart was about to take over and you guys did not make a liar out of me. A lot of you watched this weekend. Roughly 4 million of you, to be vaguely exact. I guess you’re interested, so, given that, I reckon I’ll fill you in on just a smattering of the news outlets talking about “Madden Season” today. We’re impressed because it’s not all ad sites, it’s not all sports sites. It’s quite a diverse group we have here. Check it out:

Fox Sports

E! online

Hollywood Life

Hype Beast

High Snobiety

It’s also Ad Critic’s Pick of the Day. So, ya know, there’s that.

And it’s only 9am (pst). So, if you’re the fourteen people in America who haven’t already watched this spot, you can do so above. And if you have already watched it… well… you know the drill… WATCH IT AGAIN!


Have you seen that new Madden spot Wayne McClammy did with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco? No? Well you should. This spot is about to TAKE OVER.


SB Nation

Fan Sided

The Bleecher Report

The Sacramento Bee

Fast Company

These are just a few of the first round of websites throwing press Wayne’s way and it’s only been live for a few hours. Not only that but Kevin Hart is BLOWING up the twitterverse with Madden.


Do yourself a favor and watch it now so YOU can be the person at the water cooler saying, “Hey, did you see that new Madden spot? No? Well you should.”


As we enter the last month of vacation season we here at Hungry Man would like to teach you the fastest way to impress the opposite sex whilst checking into a hotel.

Step 1: Use RoomKey.com to book said hotel.

Step 2: That’s it.

Still not getting it? That’s fine. Craig Brownrigg’s new spot for Stand Up To Cancer and Room Key will show ya how it’s done with the ever-classy Tony Hale leading by example.


Or… well… his new spot does.

Scott’s commercials for Depend are making splashes today (no disgusting pun intended) in the ad world. The spots themselves are wonderful little pieces of inspiration. Like Bill Pullman urging us to fight some aliens or Mel Gibson demanding the Scotts get their freedom, Scott Vincent’s new spots make a passionate, declarative plea for underwear awareness.

That’s not the whole story, however.

As Agency Spy and even the New York Times point out in their articles about the commercials, the way in which the spots were made was quite out of the ordinary. Check out Mr. Vincent’s music video for Depend above and click HERE to read up on how this unusual campaign came to be.


In the nineties it was bands, in the aughts you weren’t cool unless you had a half-pipe in your garage, now in the twenty-teens you ain’t got jack if your garage doesn’t have a tech start-up housed inside. In his new spot for Xfinity Hank Perlman shows us just how easy it is to put some app makers to work in your garage…. though, we’d suggest hiring employees of legal working age.


Summer’s here, beach season is in full swing, but you, my metaphorical friend, have a beer gut. What is one to do? Where is one to turn when all of one’s friends say to one, “Hey, one, we’re going to the beach. Grab a 12 pack and meet us there!” You want to go party as if it were 1999 but in 1999 there weren’t as many low calorie beers as there are today and you’re worried one more banquet beer might pop that top button on your pants.

Well Bryan Buckley has good news for you; Miller Lite exists! AND it existed in 1999 so if you were to party like 1999 you could still party with Miller Lite. If you don’t believe us check his spot out above.


Check out Hank’s latest AT&T commercial featuring that manic genius himself, Mr. Gordon Ramsay…

… please don’t tell him I called him manic. Please. I don’t want to get hit with a frying pan.


We’ve had a lot of winners at this year’s Cannes Lions festival and to top things off Gualter Pupo took home a couple himself last week. The spot he did for A.C.Camargo Cancer Center, “Superformula To Fight Cancer” won a silver lion in the Pharma section of the Lions-Health category and a bronze in the Health and Wellness section.

Now, we love it when our directors win awards but this spot holds a special place in all of our hearts and we’re more than thrilled that it got the recognition it deserved. Congratulations, Gualter, for winning an award whilst shedding light on such an important subject.


Channing Tatum, Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman. These guys don’t stand a chance against Taika Waititi. This week Taika’s latest film What We Do In The Shadows (trailer above) scored the number one spot at the New Zealand box office, raking in over $750,000. Now, I know it would be rash to make sweeping declarations like Taika Waititi is the most beloved figure in New Zealand since Sir Edmund Hillary, or everyone in New Zealand finds Taika funnier than Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, or Adam Sandler and the statistics support that, or that Taika Waititi is an unstoppable force the likes of which New Zealand hasn’t seen since Sauron sat atop his hill….

… it would be rash to make those declarations, I guess.

Anyways, What We Do in the Shadows will be released in the United States this fall, so keep your eyes open for that one. The movie is so big it is single handedly pushing New Zealand’s economy past that of China and the UK…. or so I hear.


With Cannes officially over it’s easy to take stock of the amount of awards Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro’s spot for CNA, “Speaking Exchange” has brought home. It’s a nice round double-digit number. Count ’em with me…

3 Gold
3 Silver
4 Bronze

Bravo. The Count couldn’t have done it better himself.

Major congratulations are in order for Ricardo and Fabio. They have made the Top Ten most awarded campaigns at Cannes this year. They have done amazing work and it’s refreshing to see such an effort rewarded so generously. Well done, gentlemen.


I know we’ve been talking big news out of Cannes every day this week, but today we have REALLY big news out of Cannes. Hungry Man progeny Conor Byrne has officially won FIRST PRIZE in the Young Director’s Awards, under the category of North American Short Film. Above is a picture of Conor and his brother/producer Tyler accepting said award, and below is, “Four Eyes,” the film for which they won.

Uber-congratulations go out to the Byrne boys. We know this only marks the beginning. Well done, gents.



More news out of Cannes this week. Bryan Buckley’s DirecTV spot “Football on Your Phone” earned itself a Silver Lion in the PR category for Media, Arts & Entertainment. Add to that the fact that the commercial already has well over eight million views on YouTube and it becomes pretty safe to say that the people love them some football on their phone.

Well done, Bryan and good on ya, Manning Family. Nothing but winners there.


Hungry Man’s first big news out of Cannes this week comes via our Brazil office. Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro are both taking home awards for their heartwarming CNA spot “Speaking Exchange.” The spot has thus far garnered THREE gold lions, THREE silver, and THREE bronze which really kicks off Cannes week with a bang. On top of that we already know Gualter Pupo’s Kibon commercial ”Raise the Roof” is shortlisted for the Outdoor category so… Yeah… Not a bad start for Hungry Man here in France.

Congrats to Ricardo, Fabio, and Gulater. Stay tuned for more Cannes love.


João Caetano Feyer’s newest commercial for Bom Negócio features soccer legend Diego Maradona and, not surprisingly, it was the 5th most watched spot in all of Brazil last month. Don’t take our word for it, though. We’ve included a clip from Meio&Mensagem below highlighting everything that makes this spot a favorite. Can’t read Portuguese? Well then you’ll just have to take our word for it.

Be sure to check out the spot above (it’s subtitled for those English speakers out there who love futbol and need to sell things).



And now, a heart-warming turn.

Hank Perlman’s newest ad for American Greetings is making rounds today. Both AdWeek and Creativity Online picked up the spot which highlights the difficulties in being a father. “Dad Casting” is American Greeting’s follow-up to their widely popular mother’s day spot “Toughest Job In The World.”

Whether you’re a father with six children or a single guy that needs to reaffirm the need for protection, Hank’s spot definitely gets its point across with laughs and emotion; it’s tough to be a Dad.


Ever wonder what it takes to become a top triathlete? Well in Richard Bullock’s new spot for Asics you can find out.

Warning: The following video will either inspire you to get in shape and get your life together, or it will make you want a nap.

You have been warned.


That unnamed robot from Lost in Space

One aspect of the future as has always been defined by pop culture has been the ability to talk to our technology. Well, folks, we’re there. Now you can talk to the Google. Check out Robert Nylund’s newest ad for Google and see just how UK citizens are going to be able to chat it up with England’s own disembodied, all-knowing voice.

I just hope she can’t voice my search history aloud. Then it might be time to ask her to sing “Daisy Bell.”


In his latest commercial for Asics, Richard Bullock shows us just what it takes to be a Marathoner.

Nipple Tape?


Trash Bags?


A desire to run a race derived from a Greek soldier’s sprint from Marathon to Athens which ultimately ended up killing said soldier?

….. I think I’ll take the bus.

For all you crazies out there who still run these races, though, this spot’s for you. You’re braver folk than I.


The Wave festival has tapped Carlão Busato to do their advertising for their award show about advertising. The irony is not lost on them. Give the spot above a looksie and see if you can’t catch what is out of place in this every-day scene from a Brazilian kitchen.


Have you ever taken the cable cars between the Baiana, Alemão/Kibon and Itarare stations in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil? I know. Who hasn’t right?

Well, just in case you’ve never even heard of these cable cars add them to your bucket list, folks. As is evident in Gualter Pupo’s newest spot for Kibon, 10 local artists have taken to the roofs of Alemão and created 22 breathtaking rooftop paintings bringing the finest of art galleries to everyday Alemão. The cable cars are now the most popular tourist destination in Rio de Janeiro surpassing even Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer (the statue, not the man).

Give Creativity Online’s article a read and definitely check out the spot HERE.


Let’s say a woman leans over to you and informs you that she has Sam in her pants. What would your reaction be? Personally I would ask if this arrangement was consensual but, hey, I’m a humanist.

Give Scott Vincent’s newest spot for Poise a watch and think about your response to said encounter. Who knows how many people around you have Sam in their pants right now.


Big news out of New York: Hungry Man progeny and director-extraordinaire, Conor Byrne, has made Shoot Magazine’s 2014 New Director’s Showcase. As Shoot puts it, “The work entered in the 2014 New Directors Showcase search spanned documentaries, features, commercials, shorts, alternative media content, TV programs, music videos, spec and student fare. The body of selected work represents a far-reaching range of genres, styles, emotions and platforms, all reflected in SHOOT’s 12th Annual New Directors Showcase Reel.” In short? Conor is hilarious. His spots are awesome. And you should keep your peepers open for his next Hungry Man commercials.

Check out Shoot’s list here and give Conor’s latest Hungry Man work a watch above. Oh, and get his autograph now… ladies.

Everybody’s talking about Ric’s newest ad for the Labour Party (notice that’s an “O-U-R”, i.e. we’re talking UK politics here for all the Yankees in the audience). The spot is called “The Uncredible Shrinking Man,” and it makes some pretty bold declarations about life and times in English politics. So incendiary is this short film that it currently has almost every outlet in the UK talking about it. Take a look at the gallery of press above and then give the spot a watch HERE. Decide for yourself whether you agree or disagree.



Subservient Chicken is back in the coop, folks, and Bryan Buckley’s the one ruling the roost.

All chicken puns aside, AdWeek’s talking about all the hits Buckley’s newest Burger King spot, “Subservient Chicken Redemption,” has gotten. They also describe the commercial with words like, “bizarre” and “intrigued,” which we’ll take as extremely high praise.

Great job, Bryan! Keep it going!


Bryan Buckley’s newest spots for Starburst are garnering some internet chatter this week. Agency Spy, Ads of the World, and AdWeek are all highlighting the unexplainably juicy spots featuring body builders, fighter jets, and even tears. You can see both spots at any of the links above and you can catch “Land of Intensity” right here in this blog post. See? We like to make it easy for ya.

Well done, Bryan!


2004 was a great year. It was the year Facebook was invented. The Notebook brought women across the world to tears (as well as most men). Evanescence was a thing. But, without a doubt, the biggest event to come out of 2004 was Burger King’s Subservient Chicken. As I’m sure you all remember, Subservient Chicken was the biggest thing to hit the internet since Charlie got bit. But what’s said fowl been up to in the decade since? Well, you’ll just have to watch Bryan Buckley’s new documentary above to find out. Then you’ll know why sites like Creativity Online are giving it all of the props.

… and then go back and re-watch The Notebook just ‘cuz.


Huge congratulations are in order to Carlão Busato for picking up a Silver Sol Award in the Film Craft Category at the FIAP Awards. The spot that won him the silver was “Don’t Look Back” for Burn. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely click play on the video above. We can guarantee you, you’ve never seen anything like it.

Well done, Carlão!


That’s how hashtags work, right?

AdAge threw Chaplin & Forbes into the spotlight this week with their iSpot Hot Spots list. iSpot Hot Spots uses iSpot.tv to track tags and measure activity around TV ads in real time and, I’m here to tell ya folks, Chaplin & Forbes’ Beamly spot “The Show Never Stops” is trending like a son of a b. The version that’s making rounds on TV right now is the safe for work version but Beamly has also released a NSFW version (featured above) that’s also getting some substantial views.

Check out AdAge’s article here and be sure to watch the spot above.



It’s Wednesday. Hank Perlman’s newest spot for Amazon, “Gary Busey,” has just hit the internet and it’s already begin talked about by Creativity Online and Mediaite. It’s been up for mere hours and already people are showing their love for the Tour De Force team that is Perlman/Busey. So compelling is this new development that it forces us here at Hungry Man to make this bold, declarative statement:

Many people are going to be talking about this spot for days to come.

I know. Outrageous. Overly-self-assured. Other such “O” adjectives. But the statement stands. So confident are we that news outlets will be talking about The Buse (he let’s me call him The Buse. We’re buddies now) for days to come that we’re going to go ahead and throw up a heading for every day this week and whenever an outlet mentions Misters Perlman and Busey’s Amazon spot we’ll throw their name under that day’s respective column. That’s right, like Baby Ruthie herself, we are pointing our bat at the outfield and calling our shot.

So come back to this post throughout the week to see just who’s talkin’ ’bout our boys.

Creativity Online

The Examiner

Washington Post
Business Insider


AdAge is highlighting Steve Bendelack’s Mentos spot “Never Surrender” today. The commercial is amazing, they really point out “Never Surrender’s” goofy, Python-esque humor, but the really impressive thing about this article is the incredible detail in which wirter E.J. Schultz delves regarding Mentos’ campaign strategies old and new. If you’d like a comprehensive timeline of how Mentos got from THIS to Steve’s spot above definitely read the article. Not only does it show much love for Hungry Man but it’s damned informative.

Congrats Steve and thanks E.J. on the well done article.


Wayne’s Titanfall spot “Shadow” is up on ShootOnline today. They used phrases like, “Pretty amazing…” and described, “…ear-to-ear grinning…” and said that Wayne is, “…dominating the world…”

Yes, those quotes may have been slightly out of context, but in order to place them in the correct context you have to click THIS LINK and go read the article yourself. Then, should you so desire, give the spot a second watch. I say “second watch” because I know you’re already watching the video above.

Well done, McClammy!


That’s right, kiddies. Today is the day you’ve been waiting for. It’s finally time to watch Scott Vincent’s newest baby, This is Hot 97. VH1 would describe the show thusly, “Known as the place ‘Where Hip Hop Lives,’ New York’s globally recognized #1 radio station HOT 97 is teaming up with VH1 to take viewers on a behind-the-scenes look into the Big Apple’s go-to destination for Hip Hop and R&B with the debut of This Is HOT 97. Premiering on VH1 March 31 at 10:30 PM ET/ PT, This Is HOT 97 is a 30-minute unscripted comedy series that gives viewers a look inside this iconic radio brand.” Note: “unscripted” not “reality.” There’s definitely some story-telling/comedic artistry at work here so if you love Scott Vincent’s past work (and who doesn’t) be sure to tune into VH1 tonight at 10:30 pm, or you can click HERE to watch it at VH1.com right now.

In the meantime enjoy the taste of This is Hot 97 above.


No, you’re not having a stroke or seeing double, Taika took home the gold at last night’s 35th annual AWARD Awards. To hear them tell it, the AWARD Awards is “The Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association – now in its 35th year is the single most important regional awards show. It has a membership of the finest creative minds from New Zealand, to South East Asia and across the states of Australia.” Taika took home the gold in the category of TV Commercial Over :30 for his adorable and disconcerting spot “Blazed” for the New Zealand Transport Agency, and then he took home the silver in Direction, Editing & Online film for the same spot. You can see a solid list of winners on Campaign Brief.

Way to bring home the AWARD Awards, Taika Taika… oh, crap. Now they’ve got me doing it it.


I can see where that headline may have been misleading. An Addy is an advertising award given by The Greater San Francisco Ad Club and Wayne’s Madden spot “Running Back Sons” took home the silver Monday night. Big ups to Wayne for making a hilarious football ad featuring Arian Foster and this year’s Super Bowl Champ, Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch, and big ups to San Francisco for giving an award to an ad featuring this year’s Super Bowl Champ, Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch. It shows tremendous maturity…. though they did only award it the silver…. huh….

Well done all!


If you’ve been on the internet in the past day you have certainly come across at least one article talking about Hank’s Orbit spot “Lipstick” starring the very funny, very desirable Sarah Silverman (That’s not objectification. Watch the spot!). If you only have your websites read to you by a third party and thus you have not been on the internet in the past day tell your reader to take a hike and click on any (or all) of the wonderful websites below to see what they’re saying about Hank’s Orbit.

Creativity Online
Crain’s Chicago Business
Huff Post
Agency Spy

Well done, Hank. I’m sure there are more to come!


Wayne’s Titanfall spot is at it again. After a weekend of non-stop airing during college basketball, his spot, “Shadow,” has now made the Top 5 List at AdForum. I’d like to assume that most of you know what AdForum is but my grandmother used to tell me to not to assume for reasons that had to do with spelling, so for those uninitiated AdForum is “A place to express your opinions, ideas and share your attitude about today’s best creative from around the world.” Well, the people have spoken and right now Wayne McClammy has one of the best creative in the world.


One day into the campaign and Wayne McClammy’s Titanfall commercial “Shadow” is already blowing up the ad world. Today alone it’s on the front page of Shots (as a “hot shot” I might add), Creativity Online, AdAge and just about every gaming site on the internet… That’s right… All of the internets is talking about Titanfall.

Now we realize not all of you are gamers but, trust us, watch this spot and you’ll be pre-ordering Titanfall with the rest of ’em.

Well done, Wayne!


Conor Byrne’s first commercial with Hungry Man Productions is an instant success. AdLand and AdWeek have highlighted it as an ad to watch. Agency Spy calls it, “…the cutest advertisement you see today.” Though very funny, AdWeek also says it “…tugs at heartstrings with grade-schoolers.” Don’t worry, though, we won’t get too emotional for ya. The spot still has plenty of diarrhea and booger jokes to keep you laughing all the way to Wellpoint.com where you can sign up for some cheap-ass healthcare.That sounds like a win win win for everybody!

Great job, Conor. Keep the hilarity coming.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.56.18 AM

The Weinsteins ain’t got nothin’ on Hungry Man! The New York Times released their first ever post-awards awards this year and they had some very kind things to say about Kinka Usher’s Pepsi spot “Mini Hollywood” as well as Bryan Buckley’s American Express commercials with Tina Fey.

“BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY The Pepsi minican commercial, which took place on a movie set, recycled more than a dozen famous film quotations to humorous effect: “I’ll have what she’s having” from “When Harry Met Sally”; “Nobody puts baby in a corner” from “Dirty Dancing”; and, most appropriately, “Say hello to my little friend” from the 1983 version of “Scarface.” The idea is not new; for instance, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences used it to promote the Oscars in 2007. Still, it was clever, particularly when Cuba Gooding Jr. turned up, reworking his familiar line from “Jerry Maguire” to proclaim, “Show me the mini.” Agency: Mekanism.”

“BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Three commercials with Tina Fey for American Express, promoting a new Amex EveryDay credit card, stood out because they were filmed in crisp black and white. The best of the trio ended with Ms. Fey at a market, “hangry” — hungry-angry — enough to eat a bag of potpourri. Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, part of WPP.”

We’d like to thank our lawyers, our agents, everyone at the Pepsi Cola and American Express companies and, of course, Matthew McConaughey for always being our hero.

What’s next, you may ask? We go party with J-Law and B-Coop.


“While Google, Netflix, McDonald’s and Oreo also fared well during the [Academy Award] broadcast, Pepsi’s spot for its mini cans produced the greatest single spike in Twitter activity of the night. Pepsi peaked at 1,200 tweets per minute at one point after the ad ran.”

Yeah, the Pepsi mini spot to which AdWeek is referring is Kinka Usher’s “Mini Hollywood” commercial that aired during Hollywood’s Biggest Night. Apparently the Twitter-verse has spoken, and they have spoken in favor of famous movie lines as well as mini cans of Pepsi.

They’re not the only ones talking, though. AdForum is calling “Mini Hollywood” one of their top five spots of the week.

All in all, a pretty good post-Oscars Monday we’ve got going here.

Nebraska ain’t the only thing that’s black and white on Oscar night! Bryan Buckley’s newest spots for American Express aired during Hollywood’s Biggest Night featuring miss Bossypants herself, Tina Fey. You can check out all three spots below in case you missed the show. And if you did miss the show, spoiler alert: Fast Six won for best adapted screenplay. Suck on that, Scorsese!





The Oscars this weekend will feature a commercial with some pretty familiar dialogue. Kinka Usher’s newest spot for Pepsi pulls a LaBeouf and steals all of its lines from some of the best writers of the last half century (“borrows” suits it better, actually. “Homage” perhaps). Just released today we’re ecstatic to see “Mini Hollywood” is already on Creativity Online’s Pick of the Day and it’s on AdAge’s “Watch The Spot.” Well done Kinka on making an already noteworthy spot, and to Hollywood screenwriters everywhere we say #IAmSorry.


Chaplin & Forbes get celebrities to show off their naughty bits in their new spot for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and people are taking notice. Shots wrote up a great piece on C&F’s piece featuring celebrity’s pieces that discusses the finer points of the charity and the commercial that encourages men all over England to shed their undies come March 7th and go commando against cancer.

To read the Shots article click here and to watch the spot… well… it’s right above these words soooo…


Taika is up for three Andy Awards. Yes, it sounds like an award your college buddy made up after nobody could chug three beer bongs in two minutes like his roommate Andy could, but it’s not. The 50th Annual Andy Awards is designed to celebrate “bravery in advertising” as well as pretty good alliteration. Taika is nominated for his spot “Blazed,” a short film he created for the New Zealand Transport Agency. Nominated for best Copywriting, Direction, and Web Film, we intend no pun when we say that “Blazed” is a sobering portrait of the hazards of drugged driving.

Keep an eye out for the results on April 24th.


I have waited nearly my entire life for this moment. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are now Kraft Macaroni and Cheese characters, and Vanilla Ice is rapping about it. If you were alive in the ’90’s you know just how much this makes every Millenial’s year, and it looks like it’s not just us…

Agency Spy
Rolling Stone!

All of them are praising Hank Perlman’s newest spot for Kraft in which Vanilla Ice performs the classic musical anthem. It’s like, Stairway to HeavenLike A Rolling StoneGo Ninja Go.

But not only are all of these outlets highlighting Hank’s kick-ass spot, but AdWeek has made it its Top Five Commercials of the Week AND they’ve even posted a little behind the scenes video which I included up top.

All in all, a good week for the ’90’s.

Oh, and have fun having this stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


If you live in the greater Chicago area you may have noticed a familiar commercial during your Super Bowl broadcast last week. Dave Laden’s Trolli spot, “Gummi Dog” aired during the venerable footballing event thus prompting many Chicagoans to utter a, “What the hell was that?” Which is exactly the reaction Trolli’s weirdly awesome campaign is going for. As the Chicago Sun and/or Times puts it, “The droll commercial for Sour Brite Crawlers… has a heavy “Napoleon Dynamite” vibe… The message here — and no offense, red heads — is that weirdness can be awesome.” We agree, weirdness can be awesome and delicious.

To check out the Sun/Time’s article on Dave’s Super Bowl work click here.

Congrats to Dave for having a spot in The Bowl and keep up the weirdly awesome work!


Remember Wayne’s award winning spot “Vinnie” for the British Heart Foundation? The good people at Lego sure do. In honor of their new film coming soon to theaters in the UK, they’ve decided to re-do some of the most popular advertisements in England with Legos. Whose is up first? Why Wayne McClammy’s “Vinnie” spot, of course.

You can check it out here.

I don’t know if having one’s commercials reinterpreted by Legos is a badge of honor in your circles, but here at Hungry Man we say good on ya, Wayne! This one’s even better than the Mego version of “Hump Day.”

Author’s Note: That last part was a joke. Do not spend your day scouring YouTube for a version of “Hump Day” performed by Mego dolls. Such a video does not exist….. yet….


NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is getting a little love from AdWeek. Or, rather, the ducks in the spot are. Regardless, Wayne McClammy’s spot “Dale Call” for Diet Mountain Dew was, according to David Kiefaber, “One of my favorite ads from Super Bowl night…” Though he acknowledges that the spot didn’t actually run during the game but, rather, before and after, it still holds up as one of the best of the night.

You all can check out that article right here. You can watch the spot above. And you can give Wayne his props by watching the spot above twice.

Well done Diet Dew team!


It’s always nice when an article about the best Super Bowl commercials begins with, “Brilliantly directed by Bryan Buckley…” First sentence out of the gate. We love it.

Indeed the news outlets are talking about the Super Bowl… well… the commercials of the Super Bowl. The game itself, not as much. Hungry Man has made AdWeek’s top ten, The New Yorker rated Turbo Tax one of its best, The New York Times mentioned GoDaddy, and the Today Show had the star of Bryan’s GoDaddy spot “Puppet Master” on the program to discuss quitting during the big game. We know all of this can seem overwhelming but just remember, we also had spots air before and after the Super Bowl as well… so… there’s that.

To check out all of Hungry Man’s Super Bowl spots click here.


Sorry for the pun…. they just come to me…

Anywho, people are posting all about Hank’s new Kraft spot, “What I Did For Love.” AdWeek, LE Book, Ads of the World, Agency Spy! They all seem to love it, especially Agency Spy how had some particularly nice things to say about the campaign. They even name-check Hank specifically.

Good stuff, Perlman!

Check out the spot above, but don’t do it on an empty stomach.


Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement have been all over Park City this week chatting up reporters, challenging American idioms, and occasionally discussing the finer points of their new film “What We Do In The Shadows,” written, directed, and starring both men. They’ve given many interviews just a smattering of which make this list:

New York Times
Entertainment Weekly

Be sure to check these out. All of these links contain video and all are uniquely hilarious. If you want to learn more about the film… well…. you’re better off googling it, as you won’t get a straight answer out of either of these two gentlemen, nor would we expect one.


Have you ever wondered why in recent years certain companies have released their Super Bowl Commercials early on their websites and on YouTube? Gone are the days of Super Bowl secrecy and nigh is the day of tantalizing one’s audience…

But why?

Well the New York Times breaks it down for you in this article. They also give Bryan Buckley’s GoDaddy spot “Body Builder” a little shout out as well.


Christmas is coming early this year, or, rather, The Super Bowl. Bryan Buckley’s Super Bowl ad for GoDaddy hit the internet hard today scoring write-ups on Creativity Online, AdWeek, and USA Today. Don’t like spoilers? Well don’t you worry, there’s still plenty of GoDaddy goodness saved up for the big game. This is merely a taste of the funny to come.


Big week for Max. So far his Innocent Smoothies spots have landed him write-ups on The Beak Street Bugle, Creative Review, Little Black Book, Best Ads On TV, and Creativity Online. Well, today our dear friend Max Joseph graces the cover page of Shots.net. You can see the spread above and the article here.

Congratulations, Max. People definitely seem to be caught in your Chain of Good.


The website with the most humble name on the internet, BestAdsOnTV.com, has listed Max Joseph’s spot “Peru” for Innocent Smoothies as one of its top ten commercials of the week. Not to be outdone, Creativity Online put out a lovely write-up on the spot calling out Max’s “fun and frenetic” style and even makes a callback to Max’s wonderful spot for Rainforest Alliance, “Follow the Frog.”

Check out these two websites and their much appreciated praise of Max, and be sure to watch “Peru.” It’s so good I’ve put the video right in this post for your viewing ease.



The Superbowl King himself, Mr. Bryan Buckley, will be debuting his new spot for SodaStream during the venerable footballing event on February 2nd. In the meantime the star of said commercial, Miss Scarlett Johansson, gave a wonderful little behind the scenes interview to give you a taste, a soupçon, if you will, of what’s in store for ya come Super Bowl Sunday.

Also, once you’ve watched Scarlett’s interview give this little bad boy a read. The New York Times did a lovely piece on Bryan’s SodaStream commercial with interviews, pictures, and a little bit of talk about last year’s banned SodaStream commercial. Juicy stuff, no?


Everybody catch Nanette’s 30 for 30 doc, “The Price of Gold” last night? If not, fret not, there will be encore showings throughout the next week (the next one airing Sunday at 7:30 ET, 4:30 PT on ESPN). In the meantime Vulture.com did a lovely piece on the doc which you can peep here. Also this morning Nanette graces the cover of New York Magazine (see above). Pick up a copy today and find out who the hottest Doc Director in town is. Spoiler Alert: It’s her.


It’s Kinka’s first spot with Hungry Man and he’s already getting some industry lovin’. Agency Spy did a nice little write-up on Kinka’s Pepsi spot “There Since The First Halftime,” calling the commercial, “Fun and memorable.” We agree with their kind take on the ad but call into question them referring to the commercial as “entirely fictional.” It says on Wikipedia that that’s exactly how the halftime was created. Granted I put that entry in Wikipedia, but still.

Regardless, great job, Kinka. If I may add a little schmaltz to the proceedings, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Creativity Online highlighted Bryan Buckley’s new Xbox spot, “Lost.” The spot features a gamer who is so invested in the new game “Ryse: Son of Rome” that he starts to exhibit actual battle wounds. The same thing happened to me when I played Guitar Hero except instead of getting cuts all over my body I got loaded and threw a television out of my apartment window… so… ya know… there’s that.

Check out the commercial above and be sure to read Creativity Online’s wonderful words about Bryan’s newest spot right here.

If you watched football at all this weekend (and what red-blooded American didn’t?…. apologies to our foreign viewers… and next time I’ll specify ‘American Football’ or as we like to call it, ‘footy’) you saw Kinka Usher’s newest spot for Pepsi, “There Since The First Halftime.” It was a rare glimpse into the past as we were shown just how the football halftime became the football halftime. Sure we don’t know that this is how the halftime actually first began, but wed don’t NOT know this is how the halftime actually first began. Regardless, here’s a look at some beautiful behind the scenes pics. Spoiler Alert: This was not shot in the 1940’s.


Two more sites are talking about Max’s new spots for Innocent Smoothies. Little Black Book got some fantastic interviews with the minds behind “Uganda” including Dave Pickup, Innocent’s UK MD, who details the challenges and joys of working on this project with such a collaborative team. Creative Review is also talking about “Uganda” and praising Max’s “witty tone” when conveying the story behind the brand’s good work.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the articles yourselves, give the spot a watch, and find out why everybody’s loving Innocent Smoothies’ “Uganda.”

Bee tee double-you, if you think this spot is good you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Next week the longform version airs here in the states and we promise you won’t wanna miss that.


No, he wasn’t walking down the street and somebody gave him a heckuva hand slap (though after hearing this news they definitely should). We’re talking about The Beak Street Bugle. Every month they rate the highest fives spots they come across and this month Max Joseph makes their list. Actually, he not only made their list but they specifically call our boy out as somebody worth keeping an eye on.

With regards to his newest spot for Innocent Smooties Beak Street said:
We’ve been keeping a keen eye on Max Joseph since he signed to Hungry Man last year and this is exactly the sort of thing we were hoping he’d do next.

As Nic Cage would say, “That’s high praise,” and we here at Hungry Man couldn’t agree more.

Well done, Max and the rest of the Innocent team! Now go get yourselves that hand slap.


Didn’t bury the lead on that headline. Yes indeed Creativity Online has dubbed Wayne McClammy’s Geico “Hump Day” spot one of “2013’s Most Inspiring Moments In Brand Creativity.” They made a wonderful end of the year video in which they list off their favorites. You can watch it here, and we suggest you do if for no other reason than to watch their compilation of best local news gaffs of 2013.

If you haven’t seen “Hump Day” yet you can click on Wayne’s name above and watch it on his reel but, frankly, if you haven’t seen this spot yet I can only assume you’ve been stranded in the Indian Ocean for six months a la Robert Redford in “All Is Lost” and therefore you have more important matters to tend to.

All that being said, congratulations Wayne and the Geico team! You guys pretty much dominated 2013.

KU_BiopicHungry Man has added former Director’s Guild director of the Year Kinka Usher to its roster. Usher, who is folding his own production house House of Usher after 18 years, has directed campaigns and Super Bowl spots for the likes of Bridgestone, Apple, Time Warner, Visa, Pepsi, and Volkswagen. He won DGA director of the year in 2000. His first shoot for Hungry Man begins this month in a spot for Pepsi. Also joining Hungry Man is Nancy Hacohen, his executive producer at House Of Usher for ten years.
Welcome to the family Kinka!


Now we know how Harry Nilsson felt.

Taika’s latest campaign for Carlton Dry beer has all of the big Ad outlets talking:

Creativity Online
Campaign Brief
Ad News

They all love Taika’s #HelloBeer spots and, at the risk of sounding gauche, we do too. The spots feature a bunch of flatmates (roommates to us yanks) doing what flatmates around the world (or roommates around the world) wish they had the wherewithal to do. Homemade sumo suits, giant arms, paper mache Air Jordan legs, and — of course — upside-down dancing. If you’re a twenty-something dude out there and you say you haven’t ever considered steaming your hot dogs in your dishwasher (for those twenty-something dudes with a dishwasher) you are a dirty rotten liar.

Anyways, check out the spots and check out what these websites say about Taika and his flatmates (… oh, you know).


Nanette’s Google ad “Jess Time” is such a beautiful peice of work we can’t stop talking about it even a year later. As part of the Art Directors Club’s new “Behind the Cube” initiative, Agency Spy sat down with Jesse Juriga and Jessica Brillhart, part of the team behind the spot, to discuss how it was constructed and how they managed to fit such real, earnest emotions into 60 seconds of TV time. If you’re like me and you love this spot, you’re definitely going to want to check this out.


The end of the year love for Wayne’s Geico “Hump Day” spot just keeps on coming. In case you’ve missed it, AdWeek listed the 20 Most Viral Ads of 2013 and “Hump Day” landed squarely at #2. Then Time listed their Top 10 Commercials of 2013 and “Hump Day” was #3 with a bullet. Now AdWeek is back at it again rating their favorite spots of 2013 and, sure enough, Wayne’s makes the top 5 yet again. Take a look at their list right here.

Congratulations are once again due to this wonderful director, the magnificent idea, and, of course, Caleb the Camel. Well done all.


Wayne has made yet another top ten in 2013 list. This time it’s Time. They have rated Wayne’s Geico “Hump Day” spot the number 3 television commercial of 2013. They even go so far as to cite the middle school in Connecticut that helped add to the legend of Caleb the camel.

Congrats to Wayne and the entire Geico team. Check out Time’s list of the top ten spots here.


Taika Waititi was back in action in Park City this year and this time he came with Jemaine. The two directors have teamed up on a vampire mock-doc called “What We Do in the Shadows,” about group of Kiwi vampires struggling to understand and adapt to modern society. The film stars Taika and Jemaine, as well as Jonny Brugh, Cori Gonzales-Macuer, and Stu Rutherford. We hope those of you who found yourselves in Park City last month placed that flick at the top of your respective “to see” lists.

If you missed it at Sundance, though, and you happen to be heading to the Berlin Film Festival (because who isn’t?) you should definitely catch it then.

And if you went to both Sundance and Berlin and miss it at both of them, well, then we just can’t help you.

Read more about Taika’s triumphant Sundance return right here.


Inside Llewyn Davis scored the gold at the 23rd annual Gotham Independent Film Awards on Monday night. Though Jess Gonchor directs commercials here at Hungry Man he also moonlights as the Coen Brothers’ Production Designer so I think he deserves a hearty “Congratulations” from all of us for his work on this amazing film. I also think he should send all of us here at Hungry Man some screeners because I cannot wait for this movie to come out on Friday. It looks incredible.

Check out The Hollywood Reporter’s…. ahem…. report on the awards ceremony right here.


Bryan Buckley and John Krasinski have teamed up once again on a new online campaign for Bud Light. The campaign (directed by Buckley and written by Krasinski and his business partner Danny Stessen) is a send up of the “Hold My Beer” internet meme. Both Creativity Online and The New York Times are talking about it this week, giving the spots “much props” (my words, not theirs). Of course I wanted them to do some Bud Light spots about the ErmahGerd meme but, alas, there are too many memes and not enough Bud Light for them all.


As the end of the year draws closer Hungry Man can’t help but reap the awards from all of our hard work! Last night at Ad Council’s 60th Annual Public Service Award Dinner, Dave’s “Feed the Pig” campaign earned Ad Council’s top creative award of the year – the Gold Bell for Creative Excellence. Ad Council’s goal was “Helping young adults take control of their finances and add saving to their lifestyle.” I’d say Dave’s spots are definitely a step closer to Millenial’s fiscal responsibility…. until the Xbox One comes out, that is. Then all bets are off.

Congratulations Dave!


That’s right. With barely one month left in the year AdWeek has declared the Top 20 Viral Ads of 2013, and though there are 20 entires you need look no further than number 2. Wayne McClammy’s Geico “Hump Day” spot gets the silver medal this year. I would say “for those of you who haven’t seen it,” but this pretty much proves that if you’re reading these words right now you’ve seen this video. Indeed, it’s nearly impossible to hear the words “hump day” anymore without shouting at the top of one’s lungs, “HUMP DaaAAAY!” Just ask the students of Vernon Center Middle School.

So congratulations go to Mr. McClammy for once again creating one of those rare breeds of commercials that transcends commerce itself and finds its way into the national zeitgeist. You know if you can beat a dancing baby you’ve got something real special on your hands.


From the moment the first human uttered its first chuckle, the question of “What is funny?” has plagued our species as we time and time again tried to bring smiles to our friends, impress persons of romantic interest, and uplift the otherwise downtrodden. “What is funny?” is one of the most elusive questions on the planet and in an interview with Source E Creative Hungry Man’s very own Hank Perlman, Kevin Byrne and Raquel Balsam attempt to answer this age old question.

Spoiler alert: it’s poop. Poop is funny.


As we head into the end of the 2013 season we here at Hungry Man understand that it’s important to continually reevaluate one’s self and one’s team. Well, we have reevaluated our already extraordinary team and have decided to add another player to our roster of Directors (to mix metaphors a bit).

Craig Brownrigg is a wonderful Canadian filmmaker with a vast breadth of work covering clients like Bud Light, Captain Morgan’s, Dunkin Donuts, Best Buy, Alka Seltzer, KFC, Bank of America, and McDonalds just to name a few. If you haven’t seen Craig’s work yet then you are truly missing out, but fret not, you will be seeing a lot more from him from now on. We here at Hungry Man are proud to have Craig join the team and look forward to a long, creative, and fruitful relationship.

If you are one of the aforementioned people who hasn’t seen what Craig can do with a camera, check out his reel HERE.


Hungry Man director Neil Burger has the easiest way to get over your hump day today. How about a new trailer for his feature film Divergent (based on the novels by Veronica Roth) followed by a live Q&A with the Burger-man himself? That was at 8:30am pst so if you’re like me and were getting ready for work at that time you can find a link to the Q&A and the trailer right here. And we strenuously suggest you give these a looksie. This trailer looks amazing and Neil really conveys his love of the story in the Q&A.



Can’t seem to save any money? Let Dave Laden’s new spot for Ad Council show you how to save… or, at least how not to spend…


Two of Hungry Man’s top directors (and co-owners of the company) are tag-teaming Xbox’s new Xbox One roll-out this fall, with Bryan Buckley shooting last month’s “Invitation” and this month’s “His and Hers” while simultaneously Hank Perlman rocks his own spot, “Retirement Home,” featuring Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis showing off the finer points of the system and how said points can be applied to the greatest football sundays the world has ever known.

But don’t take my word for it. Media Bistro has laid it all out for ya here.

All I know is, I’m gettin’ one.


The Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards have chosen to honor Hungry Man Director Jess Gonchor for his Production Design work on the Coen Brothers’ new film Inside Llewyn Davis. Jess is definitely a shoe-in for this honor having already been recognized by The Art Director’s Guild multiple times and receiving an Academy Award Nomination for 2010’s True Grit. The Hamilton Awards were created, “In grateful appreciation of the immense work done by talented professionals behind the scenes and in recognition of their individual impact on filmmaking…”

Major congratulations are in order to Jess for all of his hard work over the years.

Hank Pelrman’s got a new spot in which we find out just how Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher spend their newly freed up Sundays.

Check it out below…



Bryan Buckley’s Xbox spot “Invitation” made Adweek’s list “YouTube’s 10 Most-Watched Ads in October.” It comes in at number six on the list with 2,785,181 hits in October. Not too shabby when you consider it was only uploaded on October 25th.

Great job Xbox team! It’s only just begun.


Hungry Man set the 3rd annual Ciclope Festival ablaze this week racking up three awards and earning five finalist nods in a variety of categories, such as…

Silver – Grey Poupon “The Chase” by Bryan Buckley

Bronze – Comedy Central “Siesta” by Bryan Buckley

Finalist – Geico “Hump Day” by Wayne McClammy

Finalist – Nike Golf “No Cup Is Safe” by Wayne McClammy

Visual Effects
Finalist – Geico “Hump Day” by Wayne McClammy

Finalist – Google “Jess Time” by Nanette Burstein

Music Video
Finalist – “Marx Was Santa Claus!” by Carlão Busato, Gualter Pupo, & João Caetano Feyer

Live Experience
Bronze – “aMAZEme” by Gualter Pupo

A little bit about the Ciclope Festival

Unlike most advertising festivals, CICLOPE focuses on the art of execution, rather than the agencies’ ideas. Whether it’s a TV commercial, a mobile app or an interactive installation, they truly believe a good execution is as important as the idea, and extremely determinant for the consumer´s experience.

In short? Well done everyone! This is a great day for Hungry Man.

AdWeek’s got a new way of rating newly released spots. They’re now letting their audience decide and their audience has, indeed, decided. Bryan Buckley’s Xbox spot came in 3rd in the top 5 best spots of last week. Add to that the massive amount of airtime it got during every and all sporting events this weekend and I’d say this is a pretty nice roll-out for the Xbox One.



Whether you’re a gamer or not, get ready for all your dreams to come true. Bryan Buckley’s epic new spot for Xbox One has launched a most legendary tease for the new entertainment console out this November. Plus I would take Zachary Quinto transporting next to me at a train station any day.

Check out the behind the scenes from AdAge!

Jess Gonchor is at it again. Sure the man directs some amazing spots for Hungry Man Productions but on the side he moonlights as an award winning Production Designer with some little known directors called The Coen Brothers (I’m just joshin’ ya… they’re very known). The newest motion picture these gentlemen have collaborated on is entitled Inside Llewyn Davis. Check out the trailer below. You won’t be sorry.


Wayne’s new spot for Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority shows a friendship that spans eighteen years in a mere thirty seconds. It’s like Benjamin Button except it’s way shorter… and it progresses the natural way through time… and it doesn’t have Brad Pitt in it… or Cate Blanchett…

… but other than that it’s exactly like Benjamin Button.



Hungry Man Brazil is one of three production companies to be nominated for the Caboré Award, the most coveted of awards in the Brazilian market. Established by Meio & Mensagem in 1980, every production company and ad agency in the country vie for nominations annually in any one of Caboré’s thirteen categories. This year, Hungry Man Brazil has the honor of being nominated for the cream of the proverbial crop; Best Advertising Production.

This is all old hat to our South American brethren, though, as they have been nominated for this honor once before in 2008, which was none too shabby when you take into account the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices were formed a mere three years earlier in 2005 under the leadership of Alex Mehedff, Bryan Buckley and Gualter Pupo. Since 2005 HM Brazil has garnered over 35 awards (including 18 Cannes Lions) and have even branched off from solely doing to commercials. HM Brazil has started a new and exciting arm of the company that they have dubbed Hungry Man Projects. Hungry Man Projects deals in online content, television, and cinema.

As busy as they are, though, our São Paulo and Rio offices still manage to create amazing commercials year after year, and it comes as no great surprise that they should be honored at the 34th annual Caboré Awards.

Congratulations to everyone in our São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices. You make all of us here at Hungry Man — from London to LA — very, very proud.


Anne Bilson of the Telegraph had some nice things to say this week about Steve Bendelack’s films The Leauge of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse and Mr. Bean’s Holiday:

After suffering through the original Bean movie, I had been dreading the sequel. Yet despite my antipathy towards the character (like all right-thinking people, I prefer Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder) the film gradually won me over as Bean’s more obnoxious traits were sidelined in favour of a Tati-esque tour de France. Director of both this and the League of Gentlemen’s film was Steve Bendelack, which bodes well for his next project, The Harry Hill Movie.

But most British film comedy nowadays involves small-screen comedians with no notion of what makes a movie tick. Richard Curtis’s films feel more like collections of cobbled-together skits than properly developed stories (About Time hasn’t yet come out where I live, so I can’t say if that has bucked the trend). The disconnected sketch effect was also evident in Chris Morris’ sporadically hilarious but shambolic Four Lions, and Paul King’s Bunny and the Bull, which felt like three back-to-back episodes of The Mighty Boosh (which made it 70 minutes too long in my book). Andrew O’Connor’s Magicians, with David Mitchell and Robert Webb, and Ricky Gervais’ The Invention of Lying were single sketch ideas stretched out to excruciating feature length.

Thanks Anne!


Dave’s Peta spot “BWVAKTBOOM” is officially a semi-finalist in this year’s SXSW Eco video competition. To hear SXSW Eco say it themselves, “SXSW Eco has quickly become a significant connector for professionals working to solve the complex challenges facing civil society, the economy and the natural world… SXSW Eco provides unique networking opportunities and cross-sector discussion for diverse, passionate and pragmatic professionals in the public, private and academic sectors.”

See? I always told Dave his Peta project was passionate, pragmatic, and professional and this here is proof positive of that posit.

Congratulations Dave and the entire “BWVAKTBOOM” crew.


Dave Laden’s new Trolli spots from Periscope tout themselves as “weirdly awesome” and it seems the rest of the industry tends to agree. The spots are currently highlighted on Ads of the World and Campaign Brief to say nothing of the different social media platforms it’s currently streaming across.

Major congratulations to Dave and his team on making a noteworthy group of ads.


Okay, guys. I’m done. I’m not going to talk about Wayne’s Geico “Hump Day” spot anymore. I’m not gonna mention its over 13 Million views on YouTube, nor will I mention it getting mentioned in all of the trades. I’m not gonna. We’re done talking about it. Finito. No mas…

… I’m gonna let CBS This Morning do it for me. BOOM!


Creativity Online
Campaign Brief

These are just a few of the news outlets talking about Hank Perlman’s new spot for Jet Blue. Perhaps it’s the pigeon voice over, perhaps it’s the beautiful prism through which Hank shoots creatures we often find so disease-ridden, or perhaps it’s the simple fact that this pigeon is telling us that we are not flying in a way that is considered humane to pigeons let alone human beings. No matter what the reason, we know Hank’s new work is captivating and has everybody talkin’.


Taika’s newest spot for the New Zealand Transport Agency is getting some impressive nods from the press. David Kiefaber with AdWeek calls the spot “…curious, funny and charming.” Creativity Online says Blazed is “…a wonderfully scripted spot.” Agency Spy says that Blazed is –and we can’t make this up– “…a perfect anti-drug psa.” The public seems to agree. As of this posting Blazed already has well over 1 million views on YouTube.

Great job, Taika!


AustralianCreative.com is talking about Ric Cantor’s new spots for Vodafone. In a brief but earnest piece they point out that Ric’s Vodafone campaign is filled “… with so much heart you want to hug your Vodafone mobile plan and hold it forever.” Featuring new tunes by The Strypes Australian Creative thinks Ric’s spots are the next big thing and we can’t help but agree.

You can read the article here.


Hey, remember how Hungry Man had a spot at the top of Mashable’s list of Most Shared Spots of June?

Yeah… Well… This time we’ve got two.

Wayne’s “Hump Day” ad for Geico is still topping the Most Shared List in August followed closely by Bryan Buckley’s “Football on Your Phone” spot for DirecTV. Together they have a total of 1,373,302 shares.

People just cannot get enough of that camel or those Manning boys.

Newsfeeds around the country are alight with Wayne McClammy’s new spot for Madden, “Running Back Sons.” The commercial stars Marshawn Lynch and Arian Foster portraying their own fathers as we take things back in time, 80’s style. All sorts of news outlets are covering it from USA Today to AdWeek. Also EA Sports has posted some behind the scenes pics from Wayne’s shoot which, combined with ours, leaves this one well-covered, well-put-together Madden 25 spot.


In his front page article AdWeek reporter Sam Thielman really acknowledges the finer points of Bryan Buckley’s new spot for HTC, Here’s To Change. “You can tell just from the guy’s back that it’s Robert Downey Jr., but I’m mostly happy to see Jon Polito again after several years of absence from Coen brothers movies, and a great shout-out to Downey Sr.’s masterpiece of advertising and race relations, Putney Swope.” Astute observations abound in this well thought out look at celebrity endorsement and odes to post-modern filmmaking. We’re quite glad that AdWeek decided to Highlight This Commercial…. oh crap.


AdCritic is talking about Bryan Buckley’s newest spot for HTC, “Here’s To Change.” The commercial stars the — in their words — “Uber Cool” Robert Downey Jr. as he explains to us the HTC is anything you want it to be. Granted, Hipster Troll Carwash hadn’t crossed my mind when it comes to HTC, but now that Downey Jr. is the face of the company not much else will.


You may be asking yourself, “Self, why are Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch dressed like extras from the movie Boogie Nights? Are they attending Colin Kapernick’s 80’s themed birthday party?”

Not quite.

A couple of weeks ago Wayne McClammy and Heat team up with some of the world’s greatest football players to bring a commercial 25 years in the making to life.

Check out some exclusive stills from set and keep a particular eye out for Wayne and Russell Wilson tossing the ball around. Quarterback of the Seahawks and Wayne McClammy. Just running some plays. No big deal.

O Globo calls Brazilian House, “One of the best – if not the best – GNT Productions.” Directed by Alberto Renault, Brazilian Houses is an intimate look into the architecture of some of Brazil’s best homes, though, given the eloquence with which Patricia Kogut describes the show in her review, it becomes clear that Brazilian House is not simply an ode to four walls and a ceiling. The show goes deeper, into the heart of the matter. Into, as the old cliche states, the difference between a house and a home.

You can read the article here.

Big news in the Hungry Man world today. Bryan Buckley’s spot for DirecTV, “Football On Your Phone” has officially had over 8 million views on YouTube. Major congratulations to Bryan, the crew, and the entire Manning clan!


Or they just love the Manning family. We can’t blame ’em for either.

Bryan Buckley’s latest spot for DirecTV, “Football On Your Phone” is blowing up the internet [figuratively]. In less than 24 hours it has garnered over 2 MILLION views on youtube and has been talked about by seemingly every news organization on planet earth, including:

USA Today
The Wall Street Journal
Sports Illustrated
Huffington Post
E Online
ABC News
CBS Sports
Daily Mail
Media Bistro
Bleacher Report

Okay, so maybe not every outlet on Earth, but every news outlet in the Western Hemisphere. We know you may not have time to read all of these articles so we’ll go ahead and sum it all up for you herein:

People f-ing love “Football On Your Phone.”

We can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. For the two of you in the world who haven’t seen this spot yet, give it a watch. You’ll be pleased (as well as humming the song to yourself for the rest of the day).



That’s right. Dave Laden’s short film “First Impressions” is an official selection at this year’s 9th annual Hollyshorts Film Festival. Major congratulations are in order to Dave and his wonderful cast and crew for creating a wholly unique peice of filmic art.

And, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Hollyshorts film festival, past winners include Grainger David for his film The Chair and Bryan Buckley’s Academy Award Nominated short Asad.

In short — pun intended — this is a big deal.

Congratulations to Nanette Burstein and Bryan Buckley for their Emmy Nominations!

Nanette’s “Jess Time” for Google and Bryan’s “The Chase” for Grey Poupon were both nominated for Emmys at this year’s award ceremony for Outstanding Commercial. Of the four nominees Hungry Man took two of the spots (or 50% of the nominations for those of you who prefer your stats as percentages).

We hear at Hungry Man couldn’t be prouder. Well done all.

Thought you knew everything about Academy Award Nominee Don Cheadle? Well…. you don’t. Check out Wayne’s new Comcast spot, “The Passion” to see the real Cheadle. To see a Cheadle with ideas. A Cheadle with needs.


It used to be, back in the day, farmers would just put up scarecrows to keep unwanted pests off their land. In his new spot for Stonyfield Jim Hosking uses that same idea… just with a wee hint of Wachowski.



Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 5.02.30 PM

Director Jim Hosking’s newest music video for the band Moones called “Universal Remote Control”.

Written and directed by Jim Hosking, the music video first came into fruition after Moones singer Ollie Kristian contacted him. Known for his quirky and eclectic style, commercial director Jim Hosking’s resume boasts some especially unique commercials including, “V Energy”, “Sierra Mist” and “Comcast“. A major difference between shooting commercials and the music video, was the freedom in the creative process. Jim says of Ollie, “He gave me carte blanche to come up with anything I wanted. The band didn’t need to appear in the video… We had £5000 and the idea was to make something truly idiosyncratic to create a bit of impact. But then again, I don’t know how to do that. I just know how to make stuff I like, and then if I follow my gut hopefully I’ll make something that some other people will like too.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 5.03.07 PMOn the Creative Process:

“I wrote a treatment featuring three actor friends of mine.. I sent it to Ollie and he pushed the idea further and he made it even more eccentric than it was already.” The video opens on a fisherman returning home to have dinner with his older counterpart. What follows is a series of unpredictable events ranging from fish and whipped cream and an octopus chase scene. “I really felt with this it was liberating to work with a lot of younger crew, get new ideas, a different feel, just go with the flow of it. I used Nick Gillespie DP who has been 2nd unit on all of Ben Wheatley’s films. We decided to shoot the whole film on a 50mm lens. It’s the closest to a human eye and it’s what Robert Bresson used for his films. Good enough for me, good enough for him.”
That’s right Jim. And for those of you desperately wondering, yes, the actors did indeed eat the fish with the whipped cream.
Watch the full music video by clicking here or the pictures above.

Though we’ve known it for years, PromaxBDA has finally crowned Dave Laden as The Funniest. It was Dave’s Spike TV spot “The Duffy Twins,” a yin and yang tale of tragedy and triumph, that took home the gold at last month’s PromaxBDA Awards under the category of “funniest promo.”

Major congratulations are in order for Dave and his co-creators on this spot, Hungry Man staffers Justin Warius and Frances Galvon. From concept through to production they have created a wonderful peice of promotional art that is clearly getting the attention it so rightfully deserves.

Oh yeah, and it’s really friggin funny.


Following a week of glory at the Cannes Advertising Awards Show, Max Joseph’s award winning spot, “Follow the Frog” was screened at the Saatchi and Saatchi New Director’s Showcase in London last week. For the first time in 23 years, the showcase was held outside of Cannes. Executive Producer Matt Buels was part of the panel of speakers and our director of sales/executive producer James Covill was in attendance.

Congrats to Max!

See below for pictures from the event.

Mashable just released its list of the top 20 ads shared in June and Wayne McClammy‘s Geico spot, “Hump Day,” was right at the top as the #1 most shared ad in all of youtubedom. To break that down for the over-sixty crowd (our key demo) that means people watched “Hump Day” and liked it so much they felt the need — nay — they felt compelled to share it on their various social media platforms. A share is an unequivocal stamp of approval and in June Wayne McClammy got 1.1 thousand stamps of approval.

Congratulations to Wayne and if you haven’t seen this spot yet — well, you clearly are still waiting for myspace to pick back up — and you can watch it below.


Check out some more praise for Hump Day: Unruly

Max Joseph’s “Follow the Frog” has been following the lion, Cannes lion that is!

The fast paced and energetic PSA was awarded a Cannes Film Lion last week at the Annual Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Since then, “Follow the Frog” has been making leaving a hoppy (happy, get it?)  trail in Cannes where it was also selected for the Saatchi and Saatchi New Director’s Showcase. Thirdly, it was selected as Creativity’s Pick of the Day and was published in this edition’s Campaign UK magazine. Saatchi and Saatchi executive board director and showcase curator Andy Gulliman had this to say of the spot, “The tone of voice is perfect and the backing track is spot-on, and he shows his skill by the shots he chooses.” Well done, Max, well done! Ribbit!






From L to R (clockwise): Grey Poupon, Rainforest Alliance, Tide, Devondale.


Unleash the feast! Winners have been announced for this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and it seems like celebrations are in order!

Bryan Buckley picked up a film lion for his Superbowl spot “Miracle Stain” for Tide out of Saatchi and Saatch NY. He also picked up a Lion in the the Titanium and Integrated category for his revitalization of the Grey Poupon classic, “Pardon Me” out of Crispin Porter and Bogusky. Director Tim Bullock was awarded a Film Lion for Devondale, “Sunshine Bubble” out of DDB Melbourne and lastly, Max Joseph was awarded a Film Lion for his viral PSA- “Follow the Frog” by Rainforest Alliance. The spot was also featured in Saatchi and Saatchi’s New Director’s Showcase at Cannes this past Thursday. The spot has also been selected as Creativity’s Pick of the Day. You can view the full list of Cannes winners here!

Gosh it feels great doesn’t it? Break open the Veuve Cliquot Mesdames et Messieurs!

Congratulations to all!





“Gretchen, Stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s NOT going to happen.”

Everyone knows the iconic quote from the 2004 classic, “Mean Girls”. Unfortunately for Gretchen, “Fetch” never really caught on in the movie. Well, ladies and gents, it’s 2013 and it seems our good friends at Optimum are bringing out the newest slang for all to use. Today, they  unveiled their latest ad campaign directed by our very own Taika Waititi. Developed out of the quirky folks at Mother NY, the latest ad features Optimum’s newest effort in characterizing their telephone number. Out the door goes Micheal Bolton, and in strolls the newest craze to hit the airwaves, “MID-WULS”. It’s supposed to describe the incredible feeling you get when you finally get Optimum. It’s a great commercial…I mean, MID WULS commercial! The spot has already been picked up on Creativity, 

Go forth friends and make MID WULS happen!!!








If only the men from “Sex and the City” had learned a lesson or two on how to appeal to women from Mcdonald’s.

Men of the world, maybe it’s time you take a lesson from Mcdonald’s book of impressing the ladies. It seems like there’s some tough competition for you guys out there and it’s not just your 6 foot 2 chiseled French neighbor with the adorable puppy dog. Carlão Busato directs this hilariously wacky and fun spot for Mcdonald’s in collaboration with PPM Films Vienna and DDB Tribal. Shot for the European Market, director Carlão Busato takes the the latest Mcdonald’s ad down a quirky road in what may be quite possibly, the most creative attempt to make Mcdonald’s more appealing to women. Sprinkled with guest appearances from clones, piano love melodies and a man on a singular carousel horse, we HAD to ask Carlão to describe the creative process a little below.

Carlão Busato:
“The creative process overall, was pretty intense and full of freedom. After my treatment was done, which included a much more intense and radical craziness than originally written in the scripts, we got together with the agency to finalize the scripts.
But for me, the greatest thing that happened was that the carousel horse came up from a limitation we had. The original idea was to have a real horse in the film, but of course, McDonalds didn’t allow us to have it inside, so I thought: let’s have a fake horse, a cheesy horse made of fiber. Everybody loved the idea and we had that amazing carousel horse moving towards the girls. 
Regarding the explosions by the end… well, each time that I have the opportunity I try to have explosions… and zombies”


Thursday, April 6th marked the 11th Annual AICP Awards Show in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, also known fondly as, “Ad Prom”! We are proud to announce the winnings for directors Bryan Buckley, Nanette Burstein and Max Joseph. See below for the full list of Hungry Man winners. Congrats to team Hungry Man!
Bryan Buckley- Grey Poupon- “The Chase”
Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 5.31.20 PM
Nanette Burstein-Google Chrome-“Jess Time”
Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 5.32.22 PM
  Max Joseph-Rainforest Alliance – “Follow the Frog”
Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 5.35.48 PM

Performance Dialogue:
Nanette / Google Chrome / Jess Time
Bryan/ Grey Poupon/ The Chase 
Agency Art Direction:
Bryan/ Grey Poupon/ The Chase 
Cause Marketing:
Max Joseph/ Rainforest Alliance / Follow the Frog

To say that Alex Mehedeff is simply the managing partner and executive producer for Hungry Man Brazil would just be breaching the tip of the iceberg. Having worked with Hungry Man for the past 8 years, Alex has more than a few notches under his belt. As well as managing a multi format division of Hungry Man, *Hungry Man Projects, Alex is an established producer, avid bicyclist and actor. (You can see him in the Mini Cooper video below) The multi talented man was recently interviewed by Trustcollective.com.  Alex shared his tips for success, the future of business in Brazil and some fun anecdotes about Cannes.

See the full interview below or by clicking  here.


Dove for Men – “Slow” Directed by Carlão Busato.

Hungry Man recently garnered international acclaim for its brilliant campaign for Dove’s Men + Care shampoo line. What’s the secret to creating work that appeals equally to both a Brazilian and global audience?

Hungry Man is one company with many international hubs. Each of our directors can and does work through all of its offices.

So with this kind of culture and business model, our work is always positioned creatively to appeal to the international market, no matter where it comes from.  We just happen to be in a market that speaks a different language, Brazilian Portuguese.

Therefore, we’re always looking for opportunities and making sure we try our very best to make work that speaks to audiences abroad, both creatively and in terms of production quality.

Our work is under constant internal review by everyone in the NY, LA, and London offices.  So our directors and our entire team are always being ‘watched’ in a way.  That really drives us to seek out recognition that goes beyond the Brazilian world.  Sometimes it’s possible to make a project work just by being Brazilian, but it’s often more than that.  It’s about always adjusting your viewfinder to find a ‘universal’ story.

One of the main reasons we opened Hungry Man in Brazil was to build and export director talent. That is our mission.  It’s in our DNA to allow talent to grow and find recognition so that they can work in other markets and bring that experience back to share with local creatives, producers, sales reps, DPs, etc. To us, the international aspect of the business is pretty much the base of our creative thinking.

Tell us about a fond memory from a previous visit to the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. What are you looking forward to most about Cannes 2013?

One fond memory comes from the time Hungry Man invited me to hit the stage with them in 2005 to receive the Gold Film Lion for the MINI Cooper Counterfeit work we did in Brazil together, which I produced with Ralph Laucella, our then-line producer. As will happen on some productions, I had jumped in to do a little acting for the final piece. So we’re at the Lions Awards ceremony, all waiting for our signal to go on stage. When the announcer finally calls on us, he says, “We now invite the advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, production company Hungry Man, and the actor of the work to come onstage!”

I remember calling the entire team that worked on pretty much all of Hungry Man’s projects in Rio, and telling them that it had won Gold!!  That was a moment, for sure!  That was when I really discovered the ‘competitive’ edge Cannes has in the advertising industry.  And growing up in competitive swimming, it hit me really well.  It felt really, really good.

I remember calling the entire team that worked on pretty much all of Hungry Man’s projects in Rio, and telling them that it had won Gold!!  That was a moment, for sure!  That was when I really discovered the ‘competitive’ edge Cannes has in the advertising industry.  And growing up in competitive swimming, it hit me really well.  It felt really, really good.

Funny thing was that I really hadn’t gotten so involved in ‘winning lions’ at Cannes before that.  It was all about business networking and building relationships.  Since then, I always get very anxious to see the short list and find out what’s in there for possible Lions. Today, with so many different categories and emerging forms of content, we’ve founded Hungry Man Projects, which handles multi-format and integrated work.


Mini Cooper – “Counterfeit Minis” Directed by Bryan Buckley

With the both the Olympics and the World Cup coming to Brazil over the next three years, how is Hungry Man especially well-positioned to help advertisers looking to capitalize on the world’s two biggest sporting events?

We’re an international production company with almost eight years in-the-making in Brazil.  We have a very solid business in Brazil.  Besides that, 99% of the projects involved in these two global events will require considerable international knowledge of how to do business in Brazil. A company with our experience will be an invaluable asset, helping foreign advertisers to hit the ground running.  We have offices in key locations, usually in the markets that drive these types of projects, so we can be a full-service solution for them.  Besides that, we’ve got talent – not only Brazilian talent, but also international talent – to help drive these projects to garner the objectives and results needed.

Beyond the abundant business opportunities and talented creatives, what are some things that international advertisers can look forward to when they plan to work in Brazil?

Advertisers can look forward to meeting and engaging in a culture that really is its own thing: a melting pot called Brazil that speaks Portuguese in the middle of Latin America, where no other country does.  So although people call us ‘Latin Americans,” we’re not; we are Brazilians.  Ask anyone that is from Brazil or any foreigner living in Brazil.

Advertisers can also expect a lot of respect and passion.  It’s in our blood.


Director Gualter Pupo teamed up with JWT Brazil to shoot a short mini documentary for the heartwarming new approaches AC Camargo Hospital is taking for their pediatric Oncology department. The hospital has taken a unique approach to treating the young patients stricken with Cancer. JWT Creatives Hernan Rebalderia and Santiago Dulce reached out to Gualter about the concept of a “SuperFormula” box. The idea was to cover conventional IV and medicinal treatments with packaging resembling that of famous superheros like; The Green Lantern, Superman, WonderWoman and Batman to make the process less scary for children.  A series of comics were also created alongside the boxes in which the superheros went through similar treatments like that of the children to become stronger and more powerful. Gualter said, “The super formula box is an injection of hope, energy for the kids.”


The shooting process consisted of Gualter and the production team visiting the hospital three times. They went on to shoot in the factory where the “Superboxes” were made and to the animation studio Vetro Zero where the comics were designed. In order to bring the interviews to life, Gualter  filmed the doctors outside of the hospital. Gualter and the team will return in six months to  check the results and thoughts from the doctors, nurses and children. The spot has already been picking up a ton of press everywhere and was featured in Creativity as Pick of the Day.





No longer will an empty refrigerator filled with only a jar of Mayonnaise cast you to the bottom rung of society. In these recession times, who would have thought mayonnaise could be one of the kitchen pantry’s most versatile options? Director Gualter Pupo teamed up with Ogilvy Brasil to create the “Food Slot”,  a slot machine that was placed in a Brazilian supermarket that gave out over 280 different combinations of recipes utilizing Hellman’s Mayonnaise. The project took over 4 months of research and development to create all of the killer recipes. Watch the spot below to see grocery buyers hilarious reactions. The spot is called, “Jackpot” and has already been picked up by Bestads, Adforum and Adsoftheworld!



In the latest ad for Ford out of JWT Brazil called, “Reading Your Mind“, director Carlão Busato takes us to a futuristic Ford testing lab where a mind reading test takes an unexpected turn. But really, of all the superhero powers; flying, mind reading and radioactive spider like abilities, I’d definitely say mind reading ranks at the bottom of the 3. Like you really want to hear what Angela from HR thinks about as she puts up yet another cat poster. Check out the spot here!


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 11.18.51 AM


That expression is priceless.


Taika Waititi, the man of many talents. Actor, director, writer and most importantly able to speak with a charming New Zealand accent. What can’t he do? Well,  in the lastest of his recent accomplishments, Taika stars in a web film for the NEW Samsung Galaxy Note II! In it, Taika shares with us the many cre-ations that can be made with the Samsung!  Also, in case you were interested to learn more, the video lists a few of his other accomplishments like raising an owl from birth and becoming  the proud owner of a 1989 Citroen Bx 60. Yes, that’s 1989, 23 years of glory all combined into one silver box on wheels. Check out this funny advert below! It’s already making viral heads spin on Bestadsontv!


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.00.15 PM






That right. She won’t get mad one bit with this one.  Today is HumpDay!  Wednesday, the most overlooked day of the week  makes a unique appearance in director Wayne McClammy‘s newest spot for Geico. Aptly named, “Humpday”, the spot is part of Geico’s ongoing “Happier Than” campaign out of the Martin Agency.  Happy Humpday everyone! The spot has already been featured in Creativity and Adweek to raving reviews!

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 1.42.36 PM


                                                                                                                                                                                                       Behind every powerful man is a big, furry, white cat.

He’s known as “King of the Superbowl”, famously dubbed by Shots Magazine as the, “Super Bowl Top Cat” , and as of 2013, an Oscar nominated director . Since his first stint as an art director post college, director Bryan Buckley has made his way up the industry world  garnering countless industry awards,  become the co owner of a top production company synonymous with comedy and later set to direct a feature film.  How does such a talent get his start? See below for the answer in an exclusive interview with  MyFirstShoot.com.



Photography by Justin Warias.

Can you tell me a little bit about your background?

I went to art school in Syracuse, and when I graduated I became an art director.  Then I got converted into being a writer. Tom DeCerchio and I started an ad agency together called Buckley / DeCerchio. I was just out of school, and I think I was 24 at the time. And then Frank Todaro joined us. Hank Perlman, who later became my partner at Hungry Man, was a creative at our agency as well.

What was your first shoot? Who gave you your first shot?

Hank Perlman. Hank was the guy one hundred percent. Hank called me and said “Hey look, I have this NHL project for ESPN. There’s no money, and we talked to a few other directors, and no one thinks these spots can be done.” The idea was that a pro hockey player has a cold sore on his lip, and he’s talking about winning the Stanley Cup. Traditionally everyone drinks from the cup. Then we see other players and fans with a cold sore on their lip throughout the spot.  Hank said, “Just show up to their practice, wait until it’s over and then run on the ice and you shoot the spots.” We shot 180 of those hockey spots for ESPN. Frank and I co-directed, and Hank wrote most of the scripts. After the shoot we walked around with a cold sore for over a year trying to get people to wear it.

When did you decide to start directing?

I never went to film school, so I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I didn’t even want to tell anyone that I was a director for like a year. I felt weird saying it. It was kind of like, well, what makes you a director? It’s funny because our production company at the time, Radical Media, didn’t even claim we directed the ESPN spots. They gave credit to our DP, Robert Leacock. No one really thought we were directors, so it took a couple of years before I actually believed that was the case. The moment I said this directing thing makes sense was when I wrote a screenplay. I remember there was interest in it, and they wanted me to shop it around to directors. I spent 6 months writing the script and now I’m with a director like Chris Columbus, and he wants to shoot the film. The problem was I really didn’t want Chris Columbus directing my movie. I realized “My God, I should direct!” That’s when the light bulb went off. Maybe directing is a better path to take, it has to be better then handing something over to someone else.

Aside from the usual prep, did you have any rituals back then? Do you have any now?

There’s no such thing as usual prep. I mean it’s sort of usual prep. It’s more like never ending prep, you know? I don’t think you can prep enough. You always prep, and then you walk on set and everything you’ve prepped, of course, falls apart – from weather or actors not performing well or locations that are not cleared that you thought were cleared. There’s always going to be some disaster. Personally I work best when I am under pressure. So I like when things are sort of off, you know? I can’t stand slow shoots, because I think people react better under pressure. Their instincts are better, they’re sharper – everyone from the cameramen to the actors. I’m always looking at my team or crew like a sports team. Hopefully no one gets too comfortable. I think that’s really the key. You are always challenging yourself and everyone is challenging each other. Oh, and I’ve never sat down on a shoot. Ever.

Was there an “aha” moment?

You are constantly trying to discover the “aha” moments. Almost every shoot has an aha moment of like ‘We got it!’, or ‘We nailed it!’, or you’ve messed with a technique and liked the result. Commercials are about what comes out that year. The industry is always trying new things. You have to constantly reinvent yourself and constantly grow and create something new. There is always a new challenge or technology to experiment with.

Do you think it’s easier to become a director now or when you first started directing?

I don’t know. I think it might be easier now. No one took me seriously when I started out. No one believes you know what the hell you are talking about, not even yourself. All of sudden realize you can do it. You haven’t gone to film school, and you haven’t shot a single thing in your life. You don’t even know how to yell action or cut. Seriously, you know, like when do you yell it? Different people would ask me what side the line was on, and I didn’t know what the hell they were talking about. I mean I had no idea, and I would be like “Um, well…..” I got a film book a year into shooting, because people would quiz me on set. You’re like “God, I don’t know anything.” Then people are asking me questions that I had no idea what the hell the answer is. But ultimately, film to me was always about instinct. You can always hire people to give you the technical information, but no one is going tell you it’s time to move on to the next shot, or you don’t have this performance down yet, or what it will take to make the talent do something and get a specific result. All the books in the world aren’t going to explain that.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming directors?

Learn to deal with adversity. When you lose a location and everyone thinks we’re screwed, or when your talent disappears you can’t panic or overreact. Anyone can shoot something when the situation is perfect, but how do you adjust to adversity and still come out with something great, and not dig yourself into the ground when you are in a bad situation? You are rarely going to have an easy day. It’s not going to happen, because all the odds are against you. So you can’t sit there and get pissed about it. You have to adjust.

What do you think of the current state of the advertising industry?

Well, you know the popular thing for everyone to say is “Oh, it’s not what it was.” I think there is a great opportunity for doing great creative right now. The downside is that there is a need for content, but no one wants to pay for anything, and that’s created a difficult environment. So there are great, interesting, ideas out there with no financing and no way to pull them off. If you can’t hire the right actors, or the right DP, or whatever, the idea falls apart. It’s sad, because you want to shoot this great idea, and there’s just no money to do it.

Can you tell me a little bit about your short film Asad?

I wrote Asad over the course of a weekend. It’s a story about Somalia and two young boys. The two boys who played the lead characters had never been to school in their lives. They had to memorize the entire script, which was extremely difficult. There were a lot of challenges with shooting the film, but when we wrapped the shoot we knew it was going to be something special. The Tribeca Film Festival programmed the film, and it won best short film there. Tribeca got behind it and helped promote it, and the rest is sort of history. It sort of blew up from there. Desmund Tutu did a huge address on it showing his public appreciation for the film and for what it had done for their country and the Somali people. It made all the hard work worth it, and the film brought a lot of visibility to the Somali plight. So the experience far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined.

How was the short film experience different from directing commercials?

With a narrative film you have to be so disciplined on character, on script and on execution. So you end up doing a ton of meticulous planning. We had to be even more efficient because of the limited finances and the limited time we had. Working out the story aspect of a narrative film requires incredible discipline.

What’s the most important role of a comedy director?

The job of a comedy director is to assemble the best team and  talent you can find. In theory, the director should show up and not have much to do the day of. It never works out that way, because there are going to be problems. Directing comedy for me personally is a total gut thing. You sort of have to feel it. You prep and you’re all set and you have the basics down and then you have to figure out how to get that extra 10%, and that comes out of the moment, you know, the spontaneity of the idea. And that applies to a shoot with someone like Conan O’ Brian or with an actor who is just starting out.

You’ve had a lot of success in your career. Has there ever been a bad moment?

Yes. It was with one of the first things I had ever written. Tom and I co-wrote and sold a script to Columbia Pictures, and an agent wanted to represent us. Obviously, I was excited, and I told everyone that we sold the script and now we have an agent. A few days later I get a call from the agent and he says “Listen, Tom’s the real talent, and you’re not, and I’m not representing you.” We were both on the cover of Ad Week that month, and we were even in the New York Times. I remember walking into our office the next day being really depressed. The guy who you thought was going to be your agent is telling you that don’t have any talent. I was like “Wow, this sucks!” I’ve already told everyone this guy is my agent, so everyone’s like ‘So how’s it going??? How is the movie panning out?’ You’re like “Uh…Um”. It was a disaster.

What is your favorite movie?

That’s easy – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.




Hungry Man is happy to announce that Grainger David has been selected to be one of Shoot Online’s best new directors of 2013. Each year the festival sets to seek out the best up-and-coming directors who they feel will positively contribute to advertising and entertainment in both it’s traditional and emerging forms.

The event takes place on May 23rd in New York City where Grainger’s film “The Chair” will be screened along with the handful of other directors whose work will be recognized. Prior to the screening a forum of speakers will take place including HM’s own Bryan Buckley.

More information on the showcase and forum can be found here.

You can watch Grainger’s full short, “The Chair” on itunes now.

That’s right.

Who else could wrangle these guys and girls into shape? Legendary funny man Hank Perlman directed the viral stars in the newest string of ads for Youtube’s Comedy Week. Perhaps you have noticed this slew of  Youtube adverts rolling before the “funny cats 101” videos you secretly watch at work. Starring comedians like Rainn Wilson, Sarah Silverman, The Lonely Island, Ryan Higa and more, the ads were created out of Goodby Silverstein & Partners in NY.  The tagline for this ongoing week will be, “This better be funny.” I’m sure it will! The comedy battle begins Sunday, May 19th- through to the 25th.

Click here to read an exclusive feature from Fast company. Watch the ads below.

















Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 11.43.25 AM


DFA. What an acronym!  Once believed to have stood for “Dumb F**king Acronym” ,  “Death From Above” DFA is the epitome of  the “disco punk” record label company. Founded by none other than the infamous LCD Sound System‘s frontman James Murphy, director Max Joseph collaborates with Red Bull Music Academy to go behind the scenes of the 2000’s electro punk band’s transition( sort of)  into one of today’s most eclectic and successful record companies. Besides having some ill tastic beats that can have you nostalgic for the 2000s dance scene that you may or may not have been a part of, this fun documentary takes it back to the past and rocks it into the present in a seamless and fun 13 minute clip commemorating DFA’s 12th year anniversary.

Let’s just say I’ve got a newly found respect for LCD Sound System and am currently “dancing myself clean” right now.

Check out Max’s video here. Written, directed and shot by Max Joseph. What doesn’t he do?! In case you’d like to learn a little more about becoming a viral video director, here is an interview with Max and his 11 tips to virality. NOT virility.







It’s been a while since we’ve last heard the name ACER amongst technology elites Samsung, Apple and Microsoft, but today is the mark of a new revolution!  ACER has made a comeback bigger than Britney’s circa 2008. The  latest ad directed by the ever debonair Dave Laden features the new Acer Aspire laptop containing more than a few bells and whistles to make it stand apart from the others. Shot out of Ideo in San Francisco, the video is already a viral hit on YOUTUBE, with over 60,000 views in just a matter of days. Tech geeks unite!



The prestigious AICP awards show is right around the corner and we are excited to announce the selection of several of our works for the shortlist! The AICP is taking place this year during the week of June 4th. Take a look at the list below to see the nominated gems.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 5.21.53 PM



Bryan Buckley’s Oscar premiere commercial, “The Chase” for Grey Poupon has been nominated in the follow categories.

Agency Art Direction, Copywriting, Editorial, Humour, Performance Dialogue, Visual Style, Viral /Web films

Max Joseph’s PSA for the Rainforest Alliance, “Follow The Frog” has been nominated in the following categories.

Copywriting, Editorial

Nanette Burstein’s heartfelt spot for Google Chrome, “Jess Time” has been nominated in the following category.

Performance Dialogue

Our collaboration with Droga5 and Hennessy captured the essence of professional boxer Manny Pacquiao throughout the streets of the Phillipines. “Manny” has been nominated for best “Original Music”.

Last but not least comes Director Gualter Pupo and artist Marcos Saboya’s impressive 250,000 book maze that premiered at the London Olympics 2012. The project teamed up with OXFAM to donate books to charity.  “aMAZEme” was nominated for a NEXT Award in the Experiential category.

It was only in February that the first Call of Duty spot was released and now with the debut of the follow up The Replacer Black Ops 2 advert, the two have already made it into the Million High Club with combined Youtube views surpassing 9 Million!

Honing in on the original Call of Duty spot,  veteran badass Peter Stormare makes a comeback with a new sidekick, actor/comedian J.B. Smoove. The newest Call of Duty spot features the “Bad Cop, Bad Cop” duo taking over for players during their day to day lives from surgical shifts at the hospital to slapping together sandwiches at the craving inducing shop , “Sammmmmiches.”

Earlier this year, Wayne’s Nike Golf spot starring Tiger Woods and Rory McIllroy surpassed 10 million views.

Have we discovered the solution to the viral equation?

Funny Video + Wayne McClammy = VIRAL GOLD




The team at Wieden & Kennedy Portland behind Wayne’s “No Cup is Safe” spot for Nike Golf was awarded Creative Agency of the Year at Ad Age’s fourth annual Viral Video Awards. Creativity talks about it in their break-down, here.

Sure, they referenced all of the great work W+K has done in the past year but they featured “No Cup is Safe” as a stand-out. We read you loud and clear, Creativity Online. Loud and clear…. winky face emoticon.


Following this past year’s success, Bryan Buckley’s Oscar nominated short ASAD was awarded the Special Jury Award for Outstanding Narrative Short at the Florida Film Festival in Maitland, Florida.

The Florida Film festival is considered one of the “Big 15” film festivals to qualify for Oscar consideration. Congratulations to Bryan, Mino and Matt!

You can see the full list of winners here.



Today, April 15, 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of legendary agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners. To celebrate, the agency has selected their top 30 commercials from the past 30 years.  Coming in second of this marvelous showcase is none other than Bryan Buckley’s eponymous ad for E Trade “Monkey.”

Click here to see the full list.


Here at Hungry Man, we’ve got QUITE the voracious appetite. When we heard the ONE SHOW finalists had been announced you can best believe we were hungry for those little silver, bronze and gold pencils. We’ve got quite a few spots up in the running for the coveted pencils, take a look below to see the Hungry Man nominees or visit the site by clicking here. Congratulations to Hungry Man!

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.55.14 AM



Public Service Integrated Branding Campaign

Steve Bendelack/ Grey London/ British Heart Foundation / Minni Vinnie

Consumer TV :60 Single

Nanette Burstein / Google Creative Lab / Google / Jess Time

Bryan Buckley / Saatchi and Saatchi NY / Tide / Miracle Stain

Consumer TV : 30 Single

Wayne McClammy / The Martin Agency / Basket / Geico

Consumer TV Over :60 Single

Wayne McClammy / 72 and Sunny/ The Replacer / Call of Duty

Non Broadcast Online

James Gooding/ Droga 5 / White Paper / Puma

Bryan Buckley / CPB / The Chase / Grey Poupon

Branded Content Online

James Gooding / Droga 5 / White Paper / Puma

Integrated Branding -Consumer Campaign

Bryan Buckley/ Cpb / Pardon Me / Grey Poupon

Out of Home – Transit & Installations – Single

Project /Ogilvy Brasil / Coca Cola / Sprite Shower




Wayne McClammy / 72 and Sunny / Activision Publishing / Call of Duty: Black Ops II – The War of the future


Bryan Buckley / CP + B / Grey Poupon / The Chase

Interactive Advertising – Environmental / Experiential – Single

Projects / Ogilvy Brazil / Coca Cola / Sprite Shower







Bryan Buckley will be gracing the cover of the May issue of Shots magazine next month. Dubbed “The Super Bowl Top Cat” the article details his work in this year’s Super Bowl as well as his current and future projects. This front page news is made even more auspicious, however, due to the photographic work of Hungry Man’s very own Content Manager, Justin Warias, who took the pictures used in the article. With the Shots cover already making its rounds in the twitter-verse, Warias is quickly becoming known as the photographer so good he can make the cat wink.


Here is this month’s HUNGRIEST fan! 

This gentle soul mistook our Facebook and website for Hungry Man Frozen Foods.  Good Grief.

To read more Hungry Man Love and Hate Mail from our fans click here.


Hungry Man Fan Letter



That’s high praise.

A big “well done” to Wayne and the Call of Duty team. You can find that article right here.


Out of Leo Burnett Chicago comes director Scott Vincent’s newest ad for Sprint’s “Drive First” app starring Nascar legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.  The smart app automatically blocks and replies to texts while you drive.

A modern take on the Abbot and Costello “Who’s on first?” bit, the joke really runs it’s course on a confused crew member of Dale Earnhardt’s team as he tries to explain the app.

See the spot below or read more here where Creativity has garnered it PICK OF THE DAY.


ESPN turned to Hungry Man’s very own Scotty V this week to discuss Dale Earnhardt Junior and his future as an actor. Much the same way CNN might turn to Neil Degrasse Tyson with questions pertaining to the universe, Marty Smith turned to Scott Vincent to find out just what makes a funny sports spot.


Q: What do you get when you cross a hot young director, a southern town in the midst of a plague, and one very moldy chair?
A: Howie Mandel’s bad trip.

AND Grainger David’s massively popular short film, “The Chair,” a picture about a mysterious outbreak of poisonous mold and one boy’s attempt to understand his mother’s death.

“The Chair” had its World Premiere at the 2012 South by Southwest Film Festival where it won the Short Film Jury Award. Its International Premiere was at the 65th Annual Festival de Cannes where it was the only American film nominated for the Short Film Palme D’Or. The film also won the Jury Prize at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Best Director at Hollyshorts, and has screened at the Hamptons International Film Festival, and the Telluride Film Festival.


It’s the most incredible brand collaboration since…hee hee…I think you should just watch…hoo hooo….below! Hee Hee!

Directed by Wayne McClammy out of the Martin Agency,  the spot is part of an ongoing “Happier Than” campaign for Geico. Wayne’s last spot featured basketball star Dikembe Mutumbo called “Basket.”

Watch the spot below or see what Creativity had to say here.




Max’s spot for The Rainforest Alliance called “Follow the Frog” has been picking up pretty much rave reviews everywhere, even being showcased in TED’s “Top 10 Ads Worth Spreading”.

Now his spot is getting nominated for a “Do-gooder” award AND a People’s Telly award!!

In order for Max to have those shiny awards on his mantleplace- We need you to VOTE for both. It’s really simple- all you need to do is click a “thumbs up” on each page.

It’ll take you thirty seconds to do. Probably less. Unless you’re heartless and against saving rainforests.

Make sure you VOTE for Max Joseph “Rainforest Alliance- Follow the Frog”! Click on the images for links to the Voting Pages.

imgres imgres-1


Executive Producer Mino Jarjoura was featured in the March edition of Shoot Online Magazine. The article celebrates Mino’s experiences working with Director Bryan Buckley over the past 7 years. Several Emmy award winning spots and an Oscar nomination later Mino has now joined the Hungry Man family as Executive Producer, heading up the LA office.  Read the full article below or on the site by clicking here.



A new career chapter

March 25, 2013, Robert Goldrich — During an “In The Director’s Chair” session at last year’s SHOOT Directors/Producers Forum at the DGA Theater in New York, director Bryan Buckley of Hungry Man credited his long-time producer Mino Jarjoura for playing an integral role in making the short film Asad a reality. Asad–which was screened for the ad community for the first time at the 2012 Forum shortly after winning Best Narrative Short honors at the Tribeca Film Festival–went on to earn an Oscar nomination this year for Best Live Action Short.
Asad centers on the title character, a 12-year-old lad in a war-torn fishing village in Somalia who must decide between falling into the pirate life or rising above it to choose the path of an honest fisherman. The project was sparked in part by a United Nations short documentary, No Autographs, which brought Buckley and Jarjoura to refugee camps in Kenya and Sudan several years ago. Buckley and Jarjoura encountered Somalian refugees in Kakuma, Kenya. “Their stories and their outlook on life haven’t been fully told and haven’t gained the exposure they deserve,” related Buckley. He noted that media have a fascination with the Somalian pirates and to a lesser extent with the Al-Shabaab [terrorist] group in the Southern territory of Somalia but as a result the spirit of the everyday people themselves gets glossed over and overlooked.
Based on insights gained during his experience on the UN short and sparked by an article he read in the The New York Times a year later,  Buckley wrote a script in an attempt to do justice to the humanity of the Somalian people. In that lensing in Somalia would have been too dangerous a prospect, the short was shot entirely in South Africa, spoken in Somalian (with English subtitles). The cast consisted entirely of real people, including two refugee boys, the title character and a younger sidekick. Neither spoke English and both were illiterate so Buckley had to deploy a translator and the youngsters had to memorize their Somalian lines sans a script or written point of reference.
Recently SHOOT caught up with Jarjoura for his reflections on Asad and his seven years as Buckley’s producer. Jarjoura has embarked on a new career chapter, formally coming on staff at Hungry Man as executive producer heading up day-to-day operations in the Los Angeles office.
Jarjoura recalled that the UN film shoot left an indelible impression on everyone involved. “We were all affected by what we saw. The UN film was quite good but never got the traction for widespread exposure. So we wanted to do something else and Asad sprung from that. We were compelled to go back to the subject matter but to do it in a different way, a short narrative format. Bryan showed me his script and I was blown away by it.”
The logistics of filming the short were a bit daunting. Buckley doesn’t speak Somalian so instinct and careful planning, including the meticulous blocking out of scenes, were key in helping to ensure that the right lines were being said at the right time and in the right place. Buckley and his crew recreated a Somalia fishing village in South Africa, about three hours north of Cape Town. The director noted that Jarjoura was pivotal in dealing with all the logistics and bringing the project to fruition. And the fruits of that labor go beyond walking the red carpet on Oscar night. Hungry Man has helped the two lads in Asad get a formal education–in a short span, they’ve gone from zero grade to the fourth grade already in South Africa. And the Oscar nomination means that more people will see the film and become aware of the refugees and what they can accomplish if they just get the opportunity.
Jarjoura navigated one more recent logistical maze related to Asad, gaining entry into the country for the two youngsters so they could attend last month’s Academy Awards ceremony.


Opportunity knocks
For Jarjoura, the experience on Asad has been gratifying just as the opportunity he’s had to collaborate with Buckley. Jarjoura broke into the business in Toronto–after breaking away from a planned career in accounting. He served as an intern on a music video and got hooked on production. He ended up producing a short film and got involved in varied other projects. Then in 2001 he was asked to help Hungry Man open a satellite office in Toronto. The SAG strike was going on at the time and American production was being diverted to foreign locales as a result.
It was a fateful day in January 2006 that Jarjoura met Buckley on a job in Brazil. The two hit it off and became a team that over the next seven years turned out assorted notable projects, operating out of all of Hungry Man’s offices, taking on productions worldwide. Included in the mix was a pair of primetime Emmy-nominated commercials: American Express’ “Conan-Curtain” for Ogilvy, New York (nominated in 2011); and Audi’s “Green Car” from Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco (nominated in 2010).
In “Curtain,” Conan O’Brien sojourns to India to get the finest silk, weave it and then dye it in a river to create what turns out to be the best red curtain imaginable for his late night talk show on TNT. Indeed, the spot notes that “if you’re really serious about entertainment, every detail counts,” a mantra which segues to using an American Express card to “take charge of your entertainment.”
In “Green Police,” people are arrested by the green police for such “crimes” as not properly disposing of an orange rind, choosing plastic over paper, and using incandescent light bulbs. “Green Car” later takes us to a police checkpoint where traffic has been stopped. Seemingly all the drivers are in jeopardy of being arrested except for the one behind the wheel of an Audi A3 TDI clean diesel automobile who’s allowed to go on his way.
Jarjoura’s Emmy pedigree even extends beyond Buckley. Over the years, Jarjoura managed to occasionally produce for other Hungry Man directors, including Marcos Siega. Jarjoura produced the Siega-directed “Promises” for The Ellen Degeneres Show which won a Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Promotional Announcement-Institutional category.
Getting back to his collaborations with Buckley, Jarjoura’s credits are extensive, capped most notably by this year’s Tide Super Bowl spot, “Miracle Stain, out of Saatchi & Saatchi New York. A food stain on a fan’s football jersey resembles legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana, becoming a national phenomenon–only to be washed away by the fan’s wife who happens to have allegiance to a different football team.
Of the partnership between a director and producer, Jarjoura observed, “The trust has to be there. You want to be a sounding board and a supporter of the director’s vision and at the same time know when to push back on something that isn’t going to work. You might take some lumps, but that’s part of it too.  The important day to day is coming up with a plan for achieving what’s needed. Get the people in place and then the execution of that plan. And trying to do it with style and grace and keeping your clients happy and part of the process. Then you have to be ready to throw it all away and start over when it all changes on the tech scout, two days before the shoot. So don’t get too attached.”
Jarjoura said that a good producer also has to be “the filter” when it comes to all the information and requests intended for the director. “Know what’s important, hold some for the right moment and absorb the rest. It’s amazing how much of it actually matters. Then at the same time you have to figure out the important stuff. You develop an instinct for it. Bryan and I developed our relationship over seven years of working together. On the set you get a lot of requests and questions that are meant for the director. That’s normal. We’re always trying to get a lot done in such a short period of time and stakes are so high.  You begin to know the answers to the questions without having to go get them each time. It’s a marriage–trust and loyalty are a huge part of that. It hasn’t felt like a job. Now if I can figure out how to beat him in our fantasy baseball league this year, I would be complete.”
Another component towards completion involves the new challenges afforded Jarjoura in his role as an executive producer at Hungry Man in L.A. “It’s a great opportunity to help shape and develop directors’ careers, to take all the stuff I’ve learned working with Bryan and apply it, pass it on to some of the great talent we have in place here.”


The Brazilian ‘AdAge’ – Meio e Mensagem, has released its annual report on Agencies, Advertisers and Production Company’s standings / rankings. The Hungry Man Brazil office has been ranked  the #3 production company in all of Brazil! This is especially incredible considering HM Brazil  opened its doors only 7 years ago. Hungry Man Brazil has been pulling out all the stops these past few years with incredible work such as the Cannes Lion award winning “Sprite Shower” out of the *Projects division and most recently with Carlao Busato‘s “Dove For Men-Slow” ad that has since gone viral on Youtube. Congratulations to all for the great work!

Claro Mobile declares its love for Rio in this spot directed by Gualter Pupo.  Daily sunset applauses on Ipanema beach, desire to have Açai anywhere you walk, waterfalls 15mins bike ride from the beach, amazing coastal landscape with hiking and rock climbing with stunning views, overtaken by street art, and , right – the most beautiful girls in the world… There’s more too.

If you haven’t been to Rio, well, that’s your loss.

View the spot!


claro_2 claro_3 claro_4 claro_5 claro_6 claro_7

Directed by Carlão Busato for Hungry Man BR out of Ogilvy & Mather Brasil comes the latest spot for Dove Men. A man mistakenly using woman’s shampoo creates some off putting and bizarre consequences in the office. Finally! A solution for all the naive men out there who think they can just use ANY type of shampoo..how about them apples?

The spot has already garnered over 720,000+ views on Youtube in 4 days and over 100,000+ shares on Facebook. It has also been featured in Creativity’s PICK OF THE DAY and AgencySpy already!



For 3 days, starting today, if you live in Sao Paulo and happen to swing by Market Plaza Shopping Mall, you will be able to enter Shell Helix’s simulator and have a brand experience like no other.  As you experience the simulator in various weather type conditions, many cameras will capture your reactions, to be later included in a spot that will air online.  The *Projects team: Fabio Pinheiro, Armando Ruivo, Gualter Pupo and with collaboration from upcoming director Caco Santana, with production team lead by exec producer Rodrigo Castello and line producer Mariana Beltrão, have been designing and building this puppy for the last 20 days, integrating up to date technology to create a branded consumer experience.  Be our guest to try it out!


photo-1 photo-2 photo-3

A big Congratulations to directors James Gooding and Steve Bendelack for their GOLD win at the Creative Circle Awards last night in London. The GOLD award was given in the “Film—Best Charity category” for the British Heart Foundation campaign this year out of Grey London. The spots were a follow up to 2011’s BHF “No Kissing” spot which starred Vinnie Jones teaching hands only CPR. The winning campaign this year featured actual cardiac arrest survivors who were saved via techniques taught from “No Kissing” as well as a spot targeted towards children and youths called  “Mini Vinnie”. View the spots below. James Gooding directed, “Alan’s Testimonial” and Steve Bendelack is the director of “Mini Vinnie”.


To view the Creative Circle Awards showcase click here.







The Hungry Man Director’s Summit 2013 started off with a bang this year. Hungry Man staff and directors from New York, London, Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo, Brazil were all in attendance at the Los Angeles office.  The festivities included an opening night  Margarita/Taco Party complete with a Mariachi Band welcome party!  Click here  to view the full album!



TED, a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading ideas surrounding Techonology, Education and Design announced today that Hungry Man director Max Joseph’s spot, “Follow the Frog” for the Rainforest Alliance  was selected for it’s annual “Ads Worth Spreading” Challenge. The initiative behind “Ads Worth Spreading”  is to find ads that communicate ideas with consumers in the same way that TED wants to communicate with its audience. Only a total of 10 ads were selected for this distinction. Written, directed and edited by Max Joseph, the spot has seen over a million times and has been shortlisted for the Webbys. To see the full list of winners, click here.





The spot directed by Joao Caetano Feyer for Claro Mobile / Ogilvy Sao Paulo with Int’l Football Celebrities Ronaldo & Neymar Jr, is a finalist on the SBT (2nd Largest Network Channel in Brazil) “Best Commercial of The Year 2012”.   The spot was shot in Sao Paulo early in the year 2012. Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 5.56.02 PM

Bryan is taking over! Bestadsontv.com is featuring two of Bryan’s Superbowl ads in it’s Top 6 Gallery of the week. Tide “Miracle Stain” was one of the top favorites of Superbowl fans coming in second place in USA Today’s Ad Meter ratings. If you still haven’t seen them yet take a look below!









Check out this feature on new Hungry Man directors Axel Laubscher and Robert Nylund. They explain how they give that special Swedish flavor to their work. One highlight:

Robert hasn’t got the million-dollar answer either. But he knows when a commercial’s heading in the wrong direction. “When you’re on the set and you’re shooting a supposedly funny scene and everybody starts laughing on the set, that’s when it turns out shit,” he says. Maybe that’s part of it – recognising that it’s all about context. “On the set it’s theatre,” he muses. But nobody’s laughing when you’re in the editing room watching the jokes flop.

The problem is you don’t know what will be funny until you see it executed. A script can be hilarious, but without the right director, it won’t get a laugh. Axel talks about getting a good script: “The first goal is to get there – to that vision, idea or feeling or something and I think the way Robert and I work is you hope something more is going to happen. If you just do what you thought was going to happen then that’s OK, but if it feels like that extra magic didn’t happen. I feel like our job is not only to invite everybody to the party. Everybody has food and they’re sitting next to each other and all having a good time, but it’s got to be more than that.

“It’s like ‘Yeah, it’s all there. He came into the room and he fell on the banana peel and hit his head and then he held up the product.’ OK. That’s what the storyboard said. But was that funny?”

Check out the link for more!

Writer/Director Bryan Buckley and Producer Mino Jarjoura were both guests of the annual Oscar Luncheon on Monday, February 4, 2013 for the nomination of Best Live Action Short for their short “ASAD”.The Academy Awards’ annual luncheon took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Stars such as Quvenzhané Wallis,  Hugh Jackman, Jessica Chastain and Robert De Niro were just some of the celebrities present at the affair. See photos from the event below.  The Academy Awards will take place on February 24th starting at 8:00PM ET / 7:00PM CT / 5:00PM PT.

Congrats to Bryan, Mino, Matt and the whole team who worked on ASAD!

It was a grand night for Hungry Man and director Bryan Buckley last night when 3 of our comedy spots swept the Superbowl! You can view all the spots by clicking here.

Starting the night with COKE “Mirage”, an epic race between a busload of showgirls, cowboys and Badlanders commences in the middle of the desert fueled by a bottle of Coke. Viewers were given the option of choosing which team would win by voting online. They were also given the choice of sabotaging other teams with various shenanigans such as encountering a metal detector in the middle of the road.  You can see the site at www.cokechase.com.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 5.01.57 PM

Then came, Best Buy’s “Asking Amy” in which comedy queen Amy Poehler pesters a quiet Best Buy employee with a million gabillion hazillion quatrillion questions about technology. My favorite one? When she asks the employee  “Would it read 50 Shades of grey in a sexy voice to me? When he responds “No.” She asks, “Will you?”


Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 12.57.52 PM

Finally, came Ad Meter’s #2 Superbowl Commercial spot, Tide, “Miracle Stain”. This hilarious spot featured a man who while eating spills food on his shirt that leaves a stain in the shape of San Francisco 49er’s player Joe Montana’s face. The “Miracle Stain” becomes a worldwide PHENOM as fans come from all over to viewthe miracle stain. A commercial of epic proportions – it went head to head for the #1 spot and just barely missed out!

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 4.17.05 PM


What did you guys think of the spots? Feel free to tweet us @hungrymaninc with your thoughts!



Wayne’s Nike Golf spot with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy is yet another pick of the week. This time it’s in Campaign. Campaign is one of those “paper publications” people talk about so we’ve got a picture of it below. Check out the copy and then check out the spot HERE!

Picture 7

Picture 28

What’s that in the “Most Popular” section of the Youtubes? Why, Wayne McClammy’s Call of Duty spot “The Replacer.” So remember, kids, as you head into the weekend, if you wanna play a little Call of Duty, just call up The Replacer.


We won’t give the ending of this article away, but we will say several Scott-Vincent-directed sketches make the list and one nearly goes all the way.


Also, on a personal note, many of our staff members here at Hungry Man spent our formative years watching Chappelle’s Show (and by “watching” I mean “quoting with religious zeal”), and this article does an exquisite job summing up exactly why. The show balanced the genius with the sophomoric, public perception vs. self perception, and balanced jokes about racists with jokes about doo-doo butter all the while subverting an entire generation’s understanding about where we stand in this world and why. It also taught us how to invest wisely.

So, in short, good on ya, Scotty V. Good on ya.

In Hungry Man’s third consecutive collaboration with Best Buy for a Superbowl advert, Bryan Buckley directs Comedy gem Amy Poehler for the 2013 Superbowl.

I can’t imagine it being anything short of amazing. You’ll have to tune in Sunday, February 3rd to check it out. Adweek gives us a teaser of the spot. You can read it by clicking here.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 12.57.40 PM



Shot out of DDB Australia, Steve Hudson’s latest spot features the crafty and extremely thought out dedication one man utilizes just to taste a piece from Mcdonald’s new “Loose Change” Menu.

BestAdsonTV.com is currently showcasing Steve Hudson’s “Stretch” spot for Mcdonald’s up on it’s homepage. You can see it by clicking here.
Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 10.23.56 AM



Takia takes on the role of a man having one hell of a hangover in Nash Edgerton’s short film “The Captain.” Featured in this article and it’s accompanying video, Nash explains how they found the location and shot the film within the span of just a few days.


Stain Savers? Why? Why not?

You’re probably wondering what a Stain Saver is and who would actually WANT to save a stain.

Let’s just say if you ever find yourself in a predicament where the spilled chili cheese dog on your shirt kind of looks like the face of Beethoven, you’d be a dummy NOT to save it!

You’ll be turning from zero to hero in no time.

Chris Modoono directs the latest informercial for Tide Stain Savers out of Saatchi and Saatchi New York.

Take a look below.




Read the article below or click here to read on Davidreviews.com!


Rory McIlroy has grabbed the golf world by the lapels and shaken into submission over the last couple of years. The young Irishman began delivering on the enormous promise he’d shown as a teenager by winning two majors and playing a major part in Europe’s extraordinary Ryder Cup win in September.

Nike have long coveted his charisma and must have been thrilled to secure his services as a brand ambassador but his first commercial for the sportswear giant sends a firm signal that they have no intention of using him to replace Tiger Woods.

Instead, the pair get a chance to see if they work well together… and do they ever.

Hungryman’s Wayne McClammy has drawn sublime performances from both men – no mean task in the case of Woods who is as prickly as ever in press interviews despite showing signs of humility in the aftermath of the shit storm that engulfed him when he was exposed as a serial adulterer.

With a bit of luck, this signals the start of a renewed effort by Nike to capitalise on the personalities of the young men and women they pay to use their gear – it’s something they used to do brilliantly and this commercial proves they’re capable of doing it again.


… Well Creativity Online has. It’s their spot of the day and we’d like to applaud them for their magnificent taste.


Hey Bryan!

Here’s just a little video we made in NY for your OSCAR NOMINATION FOR ASAD. Congratulations to Bryan Buckley, Mino Jarjoura, Matt Lefebvre and hungry man!



January 10th will forever go down as a momentous occasion in Hungry Man history. At around 5:35am pst Bryan Buckley’s short film, Asad, produced by Mino Jarjoura and Associately Produced by Matt Lefebvre, was nominated for an Academy Award.

The largest of Congratulations go out to Bryan, Mino, Matt and everyone else responsible for bringing this magnificent story to life.

Picture 12

Be sure to tune in on February 24th at 7pm est/4pm pst to watch the Hungry Man Men take the red carpet by storm (I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that Mr. Buckley will be the guy in the beanie).

With the devastation of Hurricane Sandy still eminent along the Eastern coastline, Hungry Man director Dave Laden and his crew spent two days capturing the stories of those who received the brunt of the storm in Rockaway, Queens, Seaside, New Jersey and Ortley Beach, New Jersey. The project is aimed to gather donations for locals who survived Hurricane Sandy and are currently trying to build their lives back from the destruction. We had a chat with Dave Laden to discuss how he got involved with this project and the difficulties of shooting in the aftermath.

Dave Laden

Q: Why did you decide to get involved with this project?

DL: The second I got the call to do something for Hurricane Sandy relief I was in. It was a combination of wanting to help in anyway that I could and the fact that I had grown up in New Jersey and went to the Jersey shore every summer of childhood. When my buddy Mark Wenneker at Mullen called, I didn’t have to read the script. I knew it was going to be good. But once I did read it… and I saw an opportunity to re–write and re-think a classic holiday song—it was a done deal for me. The only problem was that it needed to be shot, edited and on air in 4 days and here I was in my car, driving down the 405 in LA. I made one call to our executive producer in NY, Kevin Byrne and the next thing you know, I was on a plane to New Jersey.

Q: Was it difficult shooting in Rockaway/Jersey Shore? Was it as bad as you expected?

DL: Now that the filming part is done, I’m blown away by the people who made this shoot possible. Nothing to do with me and everything to do with my team. What they were able to get us access to and the people that rallied to make this work in such a short amount of time in such a highly restricted disaster areas was unreal. Visually, what I saw was a hundred times worse than the worst image I saw on TV. It was extremely emotional for all of us, but the handshakes and the hugs in the end were worth every second.

Q: What is going on there now? Can you give us the real deal?

DL: It is ROUGH. Entire communities and neighborhoods have been wiped out, flattened and destroyed. They need LOTS of help and they will continue to need our help for the next few years. As for right now, right this second, any help is good help. Even hugs. Seriously these people love hugs. But many of them lost EVERYTHING. So anything you can give is going to make a difference.

Some of the damage is obvious to the eye and most of it is extremely emotional but the people in these areas are tough, close knit and they look out for each other. The fight for a normal life has just begun but I know with a hundred percent certainty,especially after filming this project these people will never give up and they will come back stronger than they ever were before.

Q: What happened with the bulldozer?

DL: We were in highly restricted areas so the construction crews had no reason to think there would be people filming anywhere near these sites. Halfway through one of our interviews the boardwalk was basically ripped out from under us. We were rolling at the time though so hopefully the agency will use that take in the edit. I’m not gonna lie though…. I ran.