Carlão Busato and Doritos Take on the Internet

Do you remember the first time you heard the word “meme?” For most of us it was within that last decade. If you’re still unfamiliar with the term Carlão Busato and Doritos have created a crash-course in all things internet memes. They have created the memeiest meme-filled soon-to-be-a-meme-itself commercial that’s ever memed the meme-box (computer)….

Hungry Man One of the Best Ad Production Companies in Brazil

For the third time in its eleven year run, Hungry Man Brazil has been nominated for Best Advertising Production Company at the Caboré Awards. This is an insane achievement and, of course, a true honor. It’s such a big deal, in fact, that the letters of nomination are submitted via owl cages. And, no, that’s…

Carlao Gets Ghoulish in New Candy Bar Ad

Carlao Busato’s latest spot for Mondelez proves that nothing beats sharing a candy bar with a friend, even when that friend is a soaking-wet ghost girl crawling out of your television. The folks over at Creativity Online certainly agree. I mean, hey, who doesn’t like chocolate?

Happy Back to the Future Day!

Well, we have officially made it. The future. I assume all of you know what I’m talking about but for that one dude out there who hasn’t been on the internet in a week (what are you even doing with your life?) I’ll explain… today… is Back to the Future Day! That’s right, when Bob…

Clio Shortlist Announced. Hungry Man Pleased.

The 2015 Clio Awards Shortlist is out and Hungry Man is all over that B! Under the category of Film/Product Service Hank is nominated for his Amazon spot, “Talking to Things,” featuring Gary Busey and Wayne is nominated for his internet-breaking “Madden Season” music video. Ricardo’s “First Days Out” commercial for Pedigree is also in…

AdWeek Has Some Words for Carlão

Our boy Carlão Busato is at it again. AdWeek has highlighted his newest ad for Creative Club São Paulo, “The Fall and Rise of The Mole” calling the commercial “beautiful,” “gross,” “disturbingly conceived,” and “gorgeously made.” They also called it “brilliantly insane” but I figured two more adjectives might be too mu— oh hey look…

Everybody Raves for Carlão’s Wave

The Wave festival has tapped Carlão Busato to do their advertising for their award show about advertising. The irony is not lost on them. Give the spot above a looksie and see if you can’t catch what is out of place in this every-day scene from a Brazilian kitchen.

Carlão’s Burn Wins Silver

Huge congratulations are in order to Carlão Busato for picking up a Silver Sol Award in the Film Craft Category at the FIAP Awards. The spot that won him the silver was “Don’t Look Back” for Burn. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely click play on the video above. We can guarantee you, you’ve…

3rd Annual Ciclope Festival Was Great Success!

Hungry Man set the 3rd annual Ciclope Festival ablaze this week racking up three awards and earning five finalist nods in a variety of categories, such as… Direction Silver – Grey Poupon “The Chase” by Bryan Buckley Bronze – Comedy Central “Siesta” by Bryan Buckley Finalist – Geico “Hump Day” by Wayne McClammy Finalist –…

Men, Take a Lesson From Mcdonald’s on How to Seduce the Ladies

Men of the world, maybe it’s time you take a lesson from Mcdonald’s book of impressing the ladies. It seems like there’s some tough competition for you guys out there and it’s not just your 6 foot 2 chiseled French neighbor with the adorable puppy dog. Carlão Busato directs this hilariously wacky and fun spot for…

Mind Reading Test Goes Wrong in Carlão’s Newest Ford Spot

In the latest ad for Ford out of JWT Brazil called, “Reading Your Mind“, director Carlão Busato takes us to a futuristic Ford testing lab where a mind reading test takes an unexpected turn. But really, of all the superhero powers; flying, mind reading and radioactive spider like abilities, I’d definitely say mind reading ranks at…


Directed by Carlão Busato for Hungry Man BR out of Ogilvy & Mather Brasil comes the latest spot for Dove Men. A man mistakenly using woman’s shampoo creates some off putting and bizarre consequences in the office. Finally! A solution for all the naive men out there who think they can just use ANY type of…

Our Brazilian Directors Co-Write & Direct Christmas Music Video Card

Brazilian directors Carlao Busato, Gualter Pupo and Joao Caetano Feyer joined forces to co-write and co-direct an unusual music video christmas message for the band “Johnny Lipstick and the Bad Licks”. “Marx Was Santa Claus” chronicles the life of an old communist intellectual who to survive needs to work as Santa Claus. In this little saga, dwarves,…

There is a Cure! Director Carlao Busato, LewLara/TBWA and Nissan show you how.

Brazilian Director Carlao Busato and LewLara/TBWA Sao Paulo Agency have just released their latest work for Nissan.  If you know someone who has major problems in getting stuck, or “Mud – Stuck”, try this cure!  

Carlão Busato – Ford “Ogres”

Pshhh. You think you’re cool just cause your car has a V8 “engine”? Face it babycakes, engines aren’t real. Just like Santa. Carlao Busato shows us how cars REALLY work.


2011 brought Bieber Fever to the world. 2012’s largest epidemic….is a KISSDEMIC. Carlão Busato’s new spot for “Close Up” shows us just how the world is affected when everyone’s breath is 3x cleaner from eating Close Up. Prepare for Kiss- teria!!

Hungry Man Brazil

We present Hungry Man’s new loft space in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil!

Busato’s Latest Spot!

Brazilian Director Carlao Busato’s latest spot for MITSUBISHI Lancer for Africa Sao Paulo Agency is up on (! Check it out!


Production Company A-List 2011: Hungry Man

Guess the world is really hungry for our love cause Adcritic just listed us on the Production Company A-List of 2011! Go Hungry Man!