Lucy Forbes brings us this scintillating new commercial for the British television show Bring the Noise. The spot features the show’s stars, Ricky Wilson, Katherine Ryan, and Tinie Tempah in what can only be described as a comedic pastiche that deftly melds the dramatic renderings of one of the planet’s biggest stars…

…. in short? Kathy dances like Queen Bey. 


Chaplin & Forbes have teamed back up with Leigh Francis to tickle everyone’s funny bone down under… Are there other ways we could’ve phrased that? No. No there are not.

The new spot for Carphone Warehouse aims at showing what Christmas is like in a place that, from our points of view, has its seasons backwards… as well as its views on dangerous eight legged monsters. David Reviews is already getting in on the action claiming, “As ever, fans of the eccentric comedian – and there are plenty of them – will warm to his antics while others may be a bit perplexed.” I think that sums the spot up very well. As a Yankee, I can personally vouch, I had no idea what Francis was saying but damn did I enjoy hearing him say it.

Give the spot a watch above and if you enjoy watching Francis go check out more of his work with C&F on their reel.


The internet is just chock full of Negative Nancy’s. Uptight folks who have nothing better to do than comment on Chaplin & Forbes’ Confidante spot “Sniffers” saying things like, “How could you use dogs in this way?” and “Did you have to show the entire pink dildo?” and “Have you no soul?”

But guess what you anal-retentive ninnys, Chaplin & Forbes’ Confidante spot “Sniffers” just won a Bronze Lion at Cannes! Boom! Call THAT sophomoric and juvenile!

Big ups to Forbes & Chaplin. Your humorous home-test kit commercial is spreading awareness hopefully faster than night clubbing youths can spread VD… though probably not. Night clubbing youths can spread VD pretty quickly.


Note for all Yankees in the audience: In England they call STD’s STI’s. It sucks having to explain the joke but I didn’t want my fellow Americans to have to Google the reference ’cause then their significant other might use their computer and be all like, “Why the eff were you looking up Sexually Transmitted Infections, and why the eff are you calling it a Sexually Transmitted Infection and not a Sexually Transmitted Disease? Did you get it from a British person? Who is she? WHO IS SHE???” I’m not saying that has happened I’m just saying it could happen.

On with the show:

What if figuring out whether or not you had an STI was as easy as having a dog sniff your crotch? I know, right? That’s the world I someday want to live in. Well wish no more! Thanks to Chaplin & Forbes the STI Sniffers are real and on your streets today. Double up your pants (“underwear” for our US subscribers), slap some Trumper on your undercarriage, and avoid any and all creatures walking around the clubs on four legs, which is good advice normally but especially so now.

Check out the doc for these STI Sniffers above, see what Ad Agency had to say about them HERE, and be aware, the future is nigh.


That’s how hashtags work, right?

AdAge threw Chaplin & Forbes into the spotlight this week with their iSpot Hot Spots list. iSpot Hot Spots uses iSpot.tv to track tags and measure activity around TV ads in real time and, I’m here to tell ya folks, Chaplin & Forbes’ Beamly spot “The Show Never Stops” is trending like a son of a b. The version that’s making rounds on TV right now is the safe for work version but Beamly has also released a NSFW version (featured above) that’s also getting some substantial views.

Check out AdAge’s article here and be sure to watch the spot above.


Chaplin & Forbes get celebrities to show off their naughty bits in their new spot for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and people are taking notice. Shots wrote up a great piece on C&F’s piece featuring celebrity’s pieces that discusses the finer points of the charity and the commercial that encourages men all over England to shed their undies come March 7th and go commando against cancer.

To read the Shots article click here and to watch the spot… well… it’s right above these words soooo…