Conor Byrne’s new short Loudini is making the rounds this week. Already receiving write-ups in Paste Magazine, StereoGum, and Pitchfork, the short was written and directed by Conor Byrne, produced by Tyler Byrne, and presented by Ray-Ban Films. Loudini stars Henry Zebrowski (Wolf of Wall Street) as Lou, a magician at the end of his rope [magician joke] and also features the band Car Seat Headrest with a new song “Does It Feel Good (To Say Goodbye?)”.

Yet another masterpiece from Hungry Man’s youngest Cannes winner and it’s a good thing, too, ‘cuz I’m certain Conor’s going to be finding “illusion dust” (glitter) on his clothes for years to come thanks to this shoot.


The jury is in, literally, and Hungry Man has walked away from Cannes with 4 Lions for 10 spots. As reported last week, Ric Cantor took home a Gold Lion for his spot Hello with the New Zealand Transport Agency, and then this weekend Nanette brought home a Silver Lion for her Microsoft spot Make What’s Next, and Wayne McClammy took home a Bronze Lion for his Madden Season music video as well as a Silver Lion for his Geico It’s What You Do campaign, featuring Check, Countdown, Directions, Fisherman, Reunion, Spy, and Whisper.

We are astoundingly proud of our winners this year, but also for our record breaking number of shortlisted spots. Here’s a

quick once over of every Hungry Man spot Cannes felt deserved attention:

Cyber Lions

Nanette Burstein – Lean Cuisine “#WeighThis”

Glass Lions

Nanette Burstien – Microsoft “Make What’s Next”

Direct Lions

Ric Cantor – New Zealand Transport Agency “Hello”

Film Lions

Conor Byrne

– Crystal Pepsi “The 92nd Floor”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Bees”

Dave Laden – Snapple “King of Hearts”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Telegraph”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Break Room”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Cafeteria”

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions – Talent: Sports

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Film Craft – Direction

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”

Film Craft – Visual Effects

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”


We realize you guys are probably getting tired of hearing about all the awards Hungry Man has been pulling in this awards season and, frankly, we’re getting tired of putting up new shelving to hold them all but, alas, Hungry Man has brought home several new prizes, this time from The Effie Awards.

Effie’s objective is simple: to honor the most effective marketing communications cases in the United States and Canada. When that’s your directive there are really only two names that need be brought up: Conor Byrne and Wayne McClammy. Last night Conor brought home a silver Effie Award for his Solar City Power of Ra campaign in the category of Positive Change and Wayne brought home a silver and a bronze for his Madden NFL ’15 music video Madden Season in the categories of Entertainment and Sports and Youth Marketing / Teens & Young Adults respectively.

Congratulations Wayne and Conor, and please stop.


Conor Byrne’s ode to The Knicks has made Shoot Online this week! Fresh off his run at the Tribeca Film Festival Conor’s short film Porzingod is making its rounds on the internet, and this week it’s Shoot showing Mr. Byrne some love. If you haven’t seen it yet check out the video above. The film stars John Leguizamo and Adam Mucci and is a ridiculous, passionate, earnest look into Conor’s basketball loving soul. You should definitely watch it… unless you’re a Celtics fan… you guys might wanna stay away…


Conor Byrne had an excellent showing at the Tribeca Film Festival this past week. His latest short film is a three minute ode to New York Knicks power forward Kristaps Porziņģis, and stars John Leguizamo and Adam Mucci. It’s a ridiculous, passionate, earnest look into Conor’s basketball loving soul and has received an astounding amount of praise from outlets like:

The New York Post
Filmmaker Magazine
USA Today
The Source
Shoot Online
Barstool Sports

If you’re not a New York Knicks fan, don’t worry, you can still appreciate the short for Conor’s Wes-Andersony-Eye for the frame and also it’s got Johnny Legz in it! Who doesn’t love Johnny Legz!


Conor Byrne’s latest short film premieres at The Tribecca Film Festival tomorrow and it is so sensational that both the New York Post, IndieWire, and Filmmaker Magazine had write-ups about it. The title of the picture is “Porzingod,” a word that will immediately see the ears of a select portion of our audience perk up and will sound like gibberish to the rest of us.

Allow me to explain….

The film is a three minute ode to New York Knicks power forward Kristaps Porziņģis, and stars John Leguizamo and Adam Mucci. It’s a ridiculous, passionate, earnest look into Conor’s basketball loving soul and promises to be a massive hit, especially with New Yorkers. Check out the feature the New York Post wrote here and if you’re in the Tribecca area go see this picture. It’s amazing.


Hungry Man’s favorite sons, Misters Conor and Tyler Byrne, have just had their newest short film, Porzingod, accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival. Their film will be shown in the ESPN Sports Shorts section of the festival and has been described as a prayer for the New York Knicks and their rookie Kristaps Porzingis, and it stars the legendary John Leguizamo. You couldn’t get more New York if you threw a Ray’s pizza at Woody Allen during a performance of Hamilton!

Check out the Tribeca line-up here at Deadline.

Congrats Conor and Tyler!


The annual London International Awards were held yesterday… in Nevada. That’s right, the 30th LIA judging was held at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas. The judges convened over a ten day period (really taking advantage of that poolside bar and room service) and the winners were announced yesterday.

And guess what?

Conor Byrne KILLED IT!

Our boy took home a silver LIAward in the Film & TV category and was a finalist in the Branded Content category, both were for his Skittles short film, Struck by a Rainbow. For all of the awards this thing has taken home I’d be shocked if any of you hadn’t had your curiosity piqued just a little and checked it out, that said, if any of you reading these words right now haven’t seen it, stop reading, click play above, and smile. And if you’re still reading this even now having still not seen “Struck by a Rainbow”? Well… just know I’m very very disappointed in you.

Congratulations, Con Man! Keep it up, sir!


Ciclope, the only international event fully dedicated to the “craft” in moving image as they put it, has announced their shortlist for for this year’s International Festival of Craft and Hungry Man has made the list a couple of times. In the categories of “New Talent” and “Low Budget” Mr. Conor Byrne is nominated for his Skittles, “Struck by a Rainbow” spot and in the category of “Adapted Music” João Caetano Feyer is up for his Mix Brazil “Everyone is Gay” spot which, frankly, for adapting Carmina Burana with nothing but the word “Gay” I would hope J.C. sweeps that category up. Come on, Ciclope! Just give it to him! Don’t be gay!

Congrats Conor and J.C.


ADC’s Young Guns competition is one of the toughest, most elite competitions there is for young creatives. Indeed, to hear them tell it, ADC began as a means to “ensure that advertising was judged by the same stringent standards as fine art.” Every year ADC lists their top professionals under the age of 30 and this year Conor Byrne has made the list. Usually this alone would be an impressive feat but one must also take into consideration that Young Guns 13 is the smallest group of winners in the competition’s history, so not only has Conor won an illustrious prize but he has done so in the most exclusive year to date.

And right about here is where we would normally make a snarky or self-effacing joke to lighten the post but we’re too blown away by all of Conor’s achievements at such a young age. All we can do is look at his picture on the winners page and wonder… wonder why he can’t smile for a damn winner’s photograph.

Oh hey. Look at that. Joke achieved.

Well done, Conor!


Yes, with the pride akin to getting a sweet-ass mention in Mom’s annual Christmas card, Source E has given us the validation that it’s not just us who find a bird’s head on the sculpted body of a male model hilarious. Indeed, others find it hilarious as well. If you don’t believe us ask Source E, and if you don’t believe them, then damn it see for yourself! Conor Byrne and Solar City have made comedic gold here, people. COMEDIC GOLD!


Solar City has a new mascot and, spoiler alert, it’s a scantily clad muscleman with the face of an eagle. That’s right, America’s number one full-service solar provider has teamed up with Arnold Worldwide and the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, to re-brand the company as a team with serious clean energy goals backed up by a blazing sense of humor.

The new campaign features the fowl-faced sun celestial helping out around the house. Vacuuming, trimming the hedges, holding your reading lamps, whatever you could need help with Ra is there to lend you the infinite power of the sun to work and save, because, at the end of the day, that’s what Solar City is all about.

To bring this environmentally supportive deity to life Arnold turned to Hungry Man’s Conor Byrne, a Cannes Young Director Award winner and two-time 2015 Cannes Lion recipient. Conor’s ability to ground the fantastical in every day settings was a perfect fit for the supernaturally routine world Arnold and Solar City were attempting to construct.


Last year Conor Byrne won the Young Director Award at Cannes, an award that “has become a pioneer breaking ground for directors using new technologies and progressive techniques.” Given that that’s their goal it’s no surprise that just one year later Conor is back at Cannes accepting not one but TWO gold lions for his work on the Skittles mini-mocumentary “Struck by a Rainbow.”

The categories were:

Silver – Branded Entertainment Fiction: Online (15 minutes or under)

Bronze – Film Branded Content & Entertainment Film & Series Short Fictional Film

That second category might’ve been a mouthful but it is quite deserved. Well done Conor! Though this does set a dangerous precedent. Next year you need three wins, okay buddy?


The Cannes Short List is out and like a group of hipsters at a Mumford and Sons concert, we are all over it.

In the category of branded content we have:

Wayne’s EA Sports Madden Season
Ricardo’s Pedigree First Days Out
Chris Woods’ Canadian Safe School Network Kids Read Mean Tweets
and Conor Byrne’s Skittles spot Struck By A Rainbow.

In the Film category Conor is short listed for Struck by a Rainbow as well as Wayne for his Skittles Web spot.

In the Film Craft category Dave Laden is short listed for his NASCAR America, It’s Time For A Gutcheck spot.

And Ricardo’s First Days Out is nominated again in the Titanium & Integrated section.

Ya know, they say it’s just an honor to be short listed for this type of stuff and they’re absolutely right. It is an honor and we are so very proud. And we’ll be just as proud when all of these guys take home the gold lions for these spots because, I mean, look at ‘em. They’re amazing. Winning these lions will be the second funnest thing one can do on the Cannes Red Carpet.


Conor Byrne is a finalist in five categories at New York Festivals, an award show that’s been around since 1957. This is a major honor for Conor, who is being nominated for his Skittles spot, “Struck by a Rainbow.” At the end of the day, though, we’re not surprised that this film is getting so much attention. “Struck by a Rainbow” isn’t just another commercial, it’s a poignant window into the lives of people who have suffered immense tragedy and yet remain resilient in the face of adversity. It’s like My Left Foot meets Terms of Endearment… but with Skittles.

Congrats, Conor. And if you haven’t already watched this beautiful totem to the human condition, please give it a watch above.


You know how we’ve been talking about Conor Byrne’s Skittles spot so much? Like, how it was Creativity Online’s “Pick of the Day” and it was on Campaign and the front page of Shots and also on Shoot? Well, there’s something else we didn’t tell you. You might want to sit down for this…

AdWeek put Skittles on their “Top 5 Commercials of the Week” last week.

I know we shouldn’t have kept this from you. We feel really bad about it, but we didn’t want to seem dicky and braggy so we downplayed the whole thing and… well… we’re sorry. We promise, next time Conor has a commercial on AdWeek’s top 5 list we’ll tell you all about it. Complete honesty. We promise.

Congratulations, Conor!


Well, yesterday Conor’s Skittles spot “Struck by a Rainbow” was on the front page of Creativity Online. Today it’s the front page of Shots. This would normally be a feat in and of itself but the cherry on top of this glorious praise-filled sundae is they refer to Conor as “Hungry Man’s rising star.” We could not agree more, Shots.

And for those of you who frequently confuse Shots with Shoot, we’ll make it easy on you today. Conor is also up on ShootOnline so say one or the other, today you’re right about both.


Conor’s Skittles spot “Struck By A Rainbow” is CreativityOnline’s Pick of the Day today and their praise couldn’t be higher. “…the film — and its trailer — are brilliantly acted, posing as the kind of serious documentary that would win a prize at Sundance or Cannes.” Having already won a prize at Cannes this year this praise of Conor doesn’t surprise us in the least, and we are very proud of the work he is doing. Oh, yeah, and it’s on Campaign too.

Well done, Conor!

ShotsMag4E 1

Right around the time he was accepting the Young Director’s Award at Cannes a lot of people found themselves wondering, “Who is this Conor Byrne kid?” Well, Shots Magazine has got it covered. They did a full spread Q&A with Conor for its latest edition in which they talk about Conor’s roots, where he comes from, how he got started, and most importantly of all, his clandestine missions to find nudie mags as a kid. You can read the article above and you can watch Conor’s work at his website BrudderFilms.com.


I know we’ve been talking big news out of Cannes every day this week, but today we have REALLY big news out of Cannes. Hungry Man progeny Conor Byrne has officially won FIRST PRIZE in the Young Director’s Awards, under the category of North American Short Film. Above is a picture of Conor and his brother/producer Tyler accepting said award, and below is, “Four Eyes,” the film for which they won.

Uber-congratulations go out to the Byrne boys. We know this only marks the beginning. Well done, gents.



Big news out of New York: Hungry Man progeny and director-extraordinaire, Conor Byrne, has made Shoot Magazine’s 2014 New Director’s Showcase. As Shoot puts it, “The work entered in the 2014 New Directors Showcase search spanned documentaries, features, commercials, shorts, alternative media content, TV programs, music videos, spec and student fare. The body of selected work represents a far-reaching range of genres, styles, emotions and platforms, all reflected in SHOOT’s 12th Annual New Directors Showcase Reel.” In short? Conor is hilarious. His spots are awesome. And you should keep your peepers open for his next Hungry Man commercials.

Check out Shoot’s list here and give Conor’s latest Hungry Man work a watch above. Oh, and get his autograph now… ladies.


Conor Byrne’s first commercial with Hungry Man Productions is an instant success. AdLand and AdWeek have highlighted it as an ad to watch. Agency Spy calls it, “…the cutest advertisement you see today.” Though very funny, AdWeek also says it “…tugs at heartstrings with grade-schoolers.” Don’t worry, though, we won’t get too emotional for ya. The spot still has plenty of diarrhea and booger jokes to keep you laughing all the way to Wellpoint.com where you can sign up for some cheap-ass healthcare.That sounds like a win win win for everybody!

Great job, Conor. Keep the hilarity coming.