The One Show has announced its finalists and Hungry Man work plasters the page. We’ve got Wayne McClammy in the Teleivison – Short Form – Campaign category for his Geico “It’s What You Do” spots. Dave Laden is also competing in this category for his “Make Time for Snapple” spots and his “Are You My Grandma” campaign for Grandma’s Cookies is also up for the Online Films & Video – Short Form – Campaign category. And finally the Branded Entertainment category was announced today and Nanette’s #MakeWhatsNext Microsoft spots hit the Online – Short Form – Single slot.

Congrats Wayne, Dave, and Nanette! We’ll make some room on the ol’ awards shelf.


Dave Laden’s latest Muscle Milk spot, “Strong Feels Good,” has been garnering some very high praise.

First it was on AdForum’s Best of the Month list.

Then Agency Spy did a damn fine write-up on it.

Now AdForum’s back making Muscle Milk the Editor’s Pick on its Best Ads of the Week list.

Suffice it to say, Strong Feels Good feels good and strong, baby! Woooo! MUSCLE MILK!


Every woman’s body is different and these days with the overwhelming amount of ways there are to get fit there can be a lot of pressure to subscribe to one regimen over another. If you find yourself at a loss for what to do, just check out Dave’s latest Muscle Milk spot. Let it be a reminder that we’ve all got different muscles so you just have to find what’s right for you.


Dave Laden’s back slingin’ some Truth at you folks. His latest anti-smoklng spots for Truth have been dominating the airwaves and, just this weekend, they took home a bronze Clio Award in the Health & Wellness category. If you’re a current smoker and wanna learn how to save some scratch, give the commercial above a watch. You might find it very informative. And if you’re not a current smoker be sure to use that extra money you’ve got wisely. Don’t just blow it all on hats.

Congratulations Dave!


While shooting their latest Muscle Milk spot, Dave and Steph took a break to indulge in the latest of internet trends, The Mannequin Challenge. For those of you who are unaware, The Mannequin Challenge is where a large group of people stand completely still and somebody shoots video amongst said people. Some say this fresh interactive meme is an ode to the robots of Westworld. Others claim it is merely an evolved form of planking. We here at Hungry Man don’t really care from whence it arose. We merely sacrifice our motion and offer up our stillness to the God of the internet….

…. fyi, Charlie from Charlie Bit Me is the God of the internet.


Dave is having a banner year of shooting companies’ first commercials. Initially Yelp tapped Dave to shoot their first spots ever, then Dave wins an EMMY (not really pertinent to this conversation but is still incredibly impressive), and now Google is rolling out their brand new video calling app, Google Duo, and they have turned to the one man who can take care of firsts in 2016: Mr. Dave Laden.

Check out the first of Dave’s firsts above. The ad features anthropomorphic peanut butter and jelly jars so if you’ve already had your quota of cute today, maybe don’t click on it.


You can find out the answer to that riddle and more in Dave’s latest Snapple ad, “Astronaut.” We promise the answer isn’t going to throw you into a political tirade. That headline was just click bait. And here you are… dance my little puppets… dance…

Anywho! While you’re here why don’t you check out Dave’s spot!



Have you guys seen Dave Laden’s latest Foster Farms spot featuring a horned hairy monster personifying a human being’s hunger? If you’re not sure, trust us, you haven’t seen it. You’d remember.

Today AdWeek gave me the article I’ve been waiting for, in which they describe just how Laden and Legacy Effects went about creating this kind of adorable kind of horrifying beast of hungry tummy nightmares. Check out the article here and definitely check out the commercial. The images sprang from the demented mind of Dave Laden so you know it’s gonna look NUTS!


Captain Sulu isn’t the only Star Trek character making headlines this week. Dave Laden dipped his toes into the final frontier with his new Quicken spots featuring a married couple of Vulcans appreciating the space-aged technology that is the Rocket Mortgage app. We know what you’re thinking, Dave Laden and Star Trek, it’s a highly logical pairing, and you are correct. AdAge, Shoot Online, and Mashable are all talking about these commercials and it is nothing but good news.

Check out the spot above and remember, I have been and always shall be your friend…

… NAH! I’m just messin’ with ya. I don’t know you! Don’t be cray cray!


The jury is in, literally, and Hungry Man has walked away from Cannes with 4 Lions for 10 spots. As reported last week, Ric Cantor took home a Gold Lion for his spot Hello with the New Zealand Transport Agency, and then this weekend Nanette brought home a Silver Lion for her Microsoft spot Make What’s Next, and Wayne McClammy took home a Bronze Lion for his Madden Season music video as well as a Silver Lion for his Geico It’s What You Do campaign, featuring Check, Countdown, Directions, Fisherman, Reunion, Spy, and Whisper.

We are astoundingly proud of our winners this year, but also for our record breaking number of shortlisted spots. Here’s a

quick once over of every Hungry Man spot Cannes felt deserved attention:

Cyber Lions

Nanette Burstein – Lean Cuisine “#WeighThis”

Glass Lions

Nanette Burstien – Microsoft “Make What’s Next”

Direct Lions

Ric Cantor – New Zealand Transport Agency “Hello”

Film Lions

Conor Byrne

– Crystal Pepsi “The 92nd Floor”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Bees”

Dave Laden – Snapple “King of Hearts”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Telegraph”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Break Room”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Cafeteria”

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions – Talent: Sports

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Film Craft – Direction

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”

Film Craft – Visual Effects

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”


The final in Dave’s Tour De Snapple is called “Kings” and it’s a lot like the diner scene from Pulp Fiction except with less guns….. and more mustaches….. and only slightly less swearing….


Have you ever wondered how dolphins could stand to eat such stomach churningly smelly fish for dinner? Sure ya have! The second of Dave’s Snapple Fact series explains why, and, no, it’s not because they’re all pescetarians…. but they are…. except Killer Whales. 


We all know the best part of drinking a Snapple is the fun Snapple fact you get with each bottle. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Mango Madness, but how can you put a price on fascinating factoids?

You can’t.

That’s why Dave’s newest campaign for Snapple is a series of spots each highlighting one such factoid. The first of which is an exploration of the first SPAM message in history. Spoiler Alert: it’s got nothing to do with making anything longer. 


There are awards, and there are awards, and then there are Emmys. Dave Laden is now the proud owner of the latter.

Last night the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the winners of the 37th annual Sports Emmy Awards and Dave’s NBC NASCAR spot, “America, Start Your Engines,” took home the Emmy for Outstanding Sports Promotional Announcement. I don’t think I need to impress upon you the immensity of this moment, I think just referring to Dave as “Emmy Award Winning Dave Laden” from now on will convey how momentous this achievement is.

… and I’m not joking. I ran into Dave at the urinal this morning and said, “Good morning, Emmy Award Winning Dave Laden.” Yeah, it was weird. But Emmy Award Winning Dave Laden earned that weird moment.

Congratulations to Dave as well as the creative dream team of Executive Producer / Executive Creative Director Allan Broce & NBC Sports.


Much like Daniel, Dave Laden is back at it again! Fresh on the heels of his Grandma’s Cookies spot “Park” making AdForum’s Top Five Ads Worldwide last week, this week AdWeek has seen fit to give all of these spots a wee write-up. The article includes all four scenarios as well as interviews with Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ creative director Jon Wolanske and copywriter Colin Nissan. It’s a must-read and these are must watches. As AdWeek puts it, they are “twisted,” “unsettling,” and can “…warm our cold, cold hearts.” That’s high praise.


Dave Laden’s latest opus is getting write-ups in Creativity Online, Shoot, Ads of the World, and Adver To Log. His campaign for Grandma’s Cookies centers around that feeling you get when you smell those sweet, moist, delicious saucers of dough. It just reminds you of Grandma. And my Grandma didn’t even bake cookies! The only snacks she ever had around her house were peanuts. Unsalted. But somehow every time someone opens a package of Grandma’s cookies it just takes me back to a childhood I never had. I love you Gam-Gam!


Agency Spy released a wonderful write-up of Dave Laden’s newest Tecate spots today, which just so happen to be the first spots in the brand’s first-ever national campaign. The commercials feature boxing star Canelo Alvarez and soccer referee Felipe Ramos Rizo and, much like Dave himself, the spots just ooze masculinity. But don’t worry, ladies, these pieces aren’t filled with the usual “bros, broads, and booze” you’d find in a normal beer ad. These are clever send-ups of the status quo. Especially Red Card, a quiet indictment of soccer players who spend more time flopping than playing.

Check out the article, it’s got great interviews with Tecate brand director, Belen Manukoff and Saatchi & Saatchi New York CCO Jay Benjamin. Fascinating stuff!


Spring is upon us, folks, and that means but one thing: Awards Season.

To kick things off this year Dave Laden’s NBC NASCAR spot “America, Start Your Engines” has been nominated for an Emmy at the 37th annual Sports Emmy Awards. He is nominated in the Outstanding Sports Promotional Announcement category. Competition is stiff this year but when you team Dave Laden up with Nick Offerman and toss a little homemade Jerry Reed-esque ditty in there, we’re certain Dave and NBC will be taking home the gold.

Well done, Mr. Laden!


Creativity Online has listed Dave’s Taco Bell “Eat it for Them” spot as one of their Ads of the Day. The spot, extolling the virtues of steak, is there to help us appreciate the ease with which we can acquire an item that was once so coveted and so rare. Sort of the opposite story of cigarettes, gluten, and a can of Four Loko.


The Taco Bell bong, that is. Yes indeedy, Dave’s latest project with The Bell is more of a call to action for any and all meat eaters out there. Our ancestors used to die in the search for good steak. They battled beasts. They battled the elements. They battled each other. And all for that one simple joy of cooking meat over a flame and ripping it apart with their teeth. Yet here we sit, fat, lazy, and selfish. We take for granted the fact that we could walk down the street, enter the nearest Taco Bell and say, “Hey! I want some steak!” I mean, we could probably say it nicer than that, but there’s no time, damn it!

So I don’t care if you’ve already eaten. I don’t care if it’s not even noon. I don’t even care if you’re a vegetarian. You need to get up, go out, and get your ass some steak. You’re not eating it for you. You’re eating it for them.

Good night. And good luck.


That’s right, Seahawks Fans! Creativity Online is showing you the love!

Well, okay, they’re not quite showing you the love per se, but rather Dave’s “One Up” spot for Washington Lottery. However, since it does feature Walter Jones, Steve Largent, Cortez Kennedy, as well as an actual seahawk we’ll go ahead and take Creativity’s praising patronage as a tacit endorsement of the Seattle Seahawks who we’re certain, though currently embattled, are going to rise up to prominence once again.

And, hey, if they don’t there’s always hockey.


Yelp has finally birthed their very first national television commercials and Dave Laden is the proud mother… or, maybe the midwife?… doula?… I don’t know, I’ve lost the metaphor, the point is Yelp was looking for someone to direct their first ever television commercials and they chose Dave as their birth coach, which was clearly a great choice since AdWeek has made it their Ad of the Day. Actually, AdWeek posted all of Dave’s Yelp spots as their Ad of the Day. We’re not judging, AdWeek. We couldn’t pick a favorite either. It’s like picking your favorite child birthed with your favorite doula. Who can choose?

Well done on the spots, David. Keep up the kick ass work!


Once again, like the inexorable path of Apollo’s chariots as they daily raise and lower our burning orb, we have found ourselves drowning in the autumnal, pumpkin spiced waters of fall, which can mean but one thing… FOOTBALL SEASON.

Indeed, just as William Wallace had on approach to that bridge in Sterling, sports fans nationwide are removing their respective side’s colors after their all-too-brief summer’s respite and raising the flags of their burgs high, each one attempting to establish beyond all of doubt’s shades, who is the #1 Fan. Dave Laden’s newest advertisement for Washington’s Lotto portrays this age old story perfectly in a tableau of blue and neon yellow. Check it out above but be forewarned, this communicable madness might engender action on one’s own part to prove to all who may bear witness, that you are the true #1 fan.


Like Tom and Jerry, The Roadrunner and The Coyote, Dave Laden just cannot stop busting Sasquatch’s nuts*. Now while we do advocate the use of Jack Link’s products, Hungry Man Inc cannot condone the pranks viewed herein and if, indeed, any of you folks do come across Sasquatch in your worldly wanderings, please, PLEASE, just shoot some grainy video of him. Do not do… well… do not do the stuff above.

*Author is unaware of Sasquatch’s gender so we stipulate this idiom might not be apt.


You remember those nights at Summer Camp as a kid when you’d be strolling through the forest and come across an eight foot tall cryptid simian-ape-hominid? Remember how you’d be eating Jack Link’s Beef Jerky and it filled you with the antic-inducing vigor of a wild beast? And then you’d decide the best way to ensure you had the optimal quantity of fun would be to pull a prank on said bipedal humanoid?

I’ll bet you thought you’d never be able to relive those experiences again but the joke is now on you. Dave Laden brought our past to life with his new spot for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. Check it out above and be sure to thank Dave when next you see him for recalling in high-def relief the jocular tomfoolery of our youth.

Or… maybe it was just me….


The Cannes Short List is out and like a group of hipsters at a Mumford and Sons concert, we are all over it.

In the category of branded content we have:

Wayne’s EA Sports Madden Season
Ricardo’s Pedigree First Days Out
Chris Woods’ Canadian Safe School Network Kids Read Mean Tweets
and Conor Byrne’s Skittles spot Struck By A Rainbow.

In the Film category Conor is short listed for Struck by a Rainbow as well as Wayne for his Skittles Web spot.

In the Film Craft category Dave Laden is short listed for his NASCAR America, It’s Time For A Gutcheck spot.

And Ricardo’s First Days Out is nominated again in the Titanium & Integrated section.

Ya know, they say it’s just an honor to be short listed for this type of stuff and they’re absolutely right. It is an honor and we are so very proud. And we’ll be just as proud when all of these guys take home the gold lions for these spots because, I mean, look at ‘em. They’re amazing. Winning these lions will be the second funnest thing one can do on the Cannes Red Carpet.


First let’s all soak up the initial wave of joy from this news: Chicken fries are back at Burger King. I know. I know. Twill be much jubilation and ballyhoo.

That said, let us now appreciate Dave Laden’s amazing commercials that herald the forthcoming fast food fowl. The spots in question feature a world in which chikens date and rock chicken-tinder (or Coopid). As we’ve previously established, watching animals do what humans do is hilarious in and of itself but imagining a world of hook-ups and parental distrust is brilliant. Clearly Agency Spy thinks so, calling the spots “quirky” and “over-the-top.” We concur. Well done David.


Woo that game yesterday! Am I right???

That sucker was enthralling up to the last seconds of the match, so we KNOW you all saw Dave Laden’s NASCAR Super Bowl spot with Nick Offerman at the end of the 4th quarter (that already has 7 million views and growing). The Washington Post sure did as they requested, “Can NBC just skip the NASCAR part of this and make some sort of ‘Talladega Nights’ sequel, starring Offerman? Two minutes are not enough.” Not exactly showing the love for NASCAR but damn it if that ain’t a glowing review of Dave’s work.

Shit, they even loved the commercial in Sweden! Well done, David!



We here at Hungry Man fully acknowledge that not everyone reading this post will be a NASCAR fan. We have followers all around the world so it’s natural to assume that not every one of you is going to enjoy NASCAR or even know what it is. After you watch Dave Laden’s new Super Bowl spot, though, we expect all of that to change.

You’re all gonna be tearin’ down the road pretending you’re Jeff Gordon. You’ll get under the hood of the family SUV to see if you can’t get that puppy up to her top RPMs. You will most certainly paint a giant number three on the top of your beautiful white pick-up truck in honor of the late great Dale Earnhardt Sr. (never forget). We assure you this will happen because no one, and I mean NO ONE, can resist when Dave Laden teams up with Captain America himself… no, not Chris Evans.

Nick G.D. Offerman!

Don’t take our word for it, though. Take USA Today’s word for it when they call the spot “hilarious” or AdWeek when they call it “glorious” and “pure awesome.”

Give the commercial a watch but be warned it may cause excessive need to go fast.


Having trouble getting into the spirit of the holiday? Well look no further. Between Wayne’s Geico and Skittles commercials as well as Dave’s spot with a portly bearded white dude dressing up as Christina Applegate we here at Hungry Man have everything you need to get you in the Halloweeny mood.

Happy Halloween to you and yours from us and ours!


Have you ever wished you had a decoy of yourself? Well it doesn’t matter if you have because Christina Applegate has and she’s famous so hush up and watch what happens when C-App (she lets me call her that) gets Fruitwater to set her up with a decoy in Dave Laden’s newest spot.


If you live in the greater Chicago area you may have noticed a familiar commercial during your Super Bowl broadcast last week. Dave Laden’s Trolli spot, “Gummi Dog” aired during the venerable footballing event thus prompting many Chicagoans to utter a, “What the hell was that?” Which is exactly the reaction Trolli’s weirdly awesome campaign is going for. As the Chicago Sun and/or Times puts it, “The droll commercial for Sour Brite Crawlers… has a heavy “Napoleon Dynamite” vibe… The message here — and no offense, red heads — is that weirdness can be awesome.” We agree, weirdness can be awesome and delicious.

To check out the Sun/Time’s article on Dave’s Super Bowl work click here.

Congrats to Dave for having a spot in The Bowl and keep up the weirdly awesome work!


As the end of the year draws closer Hungry Man can’t help but reap the awards from all of our hard work! Last night at Ad Council’s 60th Annual Public Service Award Dinner, Dave’s “Feed the Pig” campaign earned Ad Council’s top creative award of the year – the Gold Bell for Creative Excellence. Ad Council’s goal was “Helping young adults take control of their finances and add saving to their lifestyle.” I’d say Dave’s spots are definitely a step closer to Millenial’s fiscal responsibility…. until the Xbox One comes out, that is. Then all bets are off.

Congratulations Dave!


From the moment the first human uttered its first chuckle, the question of “What is funny?” has plagued our species as we time and time again tried to bring smiles to our friends, impress persons of romantic interest, and uplift the otherwise downtrodden. “What is funny?” is one of the most elusive questions on the planet and in an interview with Source E Creative Hungry Man’s very own Hank Perlman, Kevin Byrne and Raquel Balsam attempt to answer this age old question.

Spoiler alert: it’s poop. Poop is funny.


Can’t seem to save any money? Let Dave Laden’s new spot for Ad Council show you how to save… or, at least how not to spend…


Dave’s Peta spot “BWVAKTBOOM” is officially a semi-finalist in this year’s SXSW Eco video competition. To hear SXSW Eco say it themselves, “SXSW Eco has quickly become a significant connector for professionals working to solve the complex challenges facing civil society, the economy and the natural world… SXSW Eco provides unique networking opportunities and cross-sector discussion for diverse, passionate and pragmatic professionals in the public, private and academic sectors.”

See? I always told Dave his Peta project was passionate, pragmatic, and professional and this here is proof positive of that posit.

Congratulations Dave and the entire “BWVAKTBOOM” crew.


Dave Laden’s new Trolli spots from Periscope tout themselves as “weirdly awesome” and it seems the rest of the industry tends to agree. The spots are currently highlighted on Ads of the World and Campaign Brief to say nothing of the different social media platforms it’s currently streaming across.

Major congratulations to Dave and his team on making a noteworthy group of ads.


That’s right. Dave Laden’s short film “First Impressions” is an official selection at this year’s 9th annual Hollyshorts Film Festival. Major congratulations are in order to Dave and his wonderful cast and crew for creating a wholly unique peice of filmic art.

And, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Hollyshorts film festival, past winners include Grainger David for his film The Chair and Bryan Buckley’s Academy Award Nominated short Asad.

In short — pun intended — this is a big deal.

Though we’ve known it for years, PromaxBDA has finally crowned Dave Laden as The Funniest. It was Dave’s Spike TV spot “The Duffy Twins,” a yin and yang tale of tragedy and triumph, that took home the gold at last month’s PromaxBDA Awards under the category of “funniest promo.”

Major congratulations are in order for Dave and his co-creators on this spot, Hungry Man staffers Justin Warius and Frances Galvon. From concept through to production they have created a wonderful peice of promotional art that is clearly getting the attention it so rightfully deserves.

Oh yeah, and it’s really friggin funny.




It’s been a while since we’ve last heard the name ACER amongst technology elites Samsung, Apple and Microsoft, but today is the mark of a new revolution!  ACER has made a comeback bigger than Britney’s circa 2008. The  latest ad directed by the ever debonair Dave Laden features the new Acer Aspire laptop containing more than a few bells and whistles to make it stand apart from the others. Shot out of Ideo in San Francisco, the video is already a viral hit on YOUTUBE, with over 60,000 views in just a matter of days. Tech geeks unite!



With the devastation of Hurricane Sandy still eminent along the Eastern coastline, Hungry Man director Dave Laden and his crew spent two days capturing the stories of those who received the brunt of the storm in Rockaway, Queens, Seaside, New Jersey and Ortley Beach, New Jersey. The project is aimed to gather donations for locals who survived Hurricane Sandy and are currently trying to build their lives back from the destruction. We had a chat with Dave Laden to discuss how he got involved with this project and the difficulties of shooting in the aftermath.

Dave Laden

Q: Why did you decide to get involved with this project?

DL: The second I got the call to do something for Hurricane Sandy relief I was in. It was a combination of wanting to help in anyway that I could and the fact that I had grown up in New Jersey and went to the Jersey shore every summer of childhood. When my buddy Mark Wenneker at Mullen called, I didn’t have to read the script. I knew it was going to be good. But once I did read it… and I saw an opportunity to re–write and re-think a classic holiday song—it was a done deal for me. The only problem was that it needed to be shot, edited and on air in 4 days and here I was in my car, driving down the 405 in LA. I made one call to our executive producer in NY, Kevin Byrne and the next thing you know, I was on a plane to New Jersey.

Q: Was it difficult shooting in Rockaway/Jersey Shore? Was it as bad as you expected?

DL: Now that the filming part is done, I’m blown away by the people who made this shoot possible. Nothing to do with me and everything to do with my team. What they were able to get us access to and the people that rallied to make this work in such a short amount of time in such a highly restricted disaster areas was unreal. Visually, what I saw was a hundred times worse than the worst image I saw on TV. It was extremely emotional for all of us, but the handshakes and the hugs in the end were worth every second.

Q: What is going on there now? Can you give us the real deal?

DL: It is ROUGH. Entire communities and neighborhoods have been wiped out, flattened and destroyed. They need LOTS of help and they will continue to need our help for the next few years. As for right now, right this second, any help is good help. Even hugs. Seriously these people love hugs. But many of them lost EVERYTHING. So anything you can give is going to make a difference.

Some of the damage is obvious to the eye and most of it is extremely emotional but the people in these areas are tough, close knit and they look out for each other. The fight for a normal life has just begun but I know with a hundred percent certainty,especially after filming this project these people will never give up and they will come back stronger than they ever were before.

Q: What happened with the bulldozer?

DL: We were in highly restricted areas so the construction crews had no reason to think there would be people filming anywhere near these sites. Halfway through one of our interviews the boardwalk was basically ripped out from under us. We were rolling at the time though so hopefully the agency will use that take in the edit. I’m not gonna lie though…. I ran.

Q: What type of difficulties did you experience with this run and gun shoot?

Very little actually. The locations scouts were amazing. They lived in these communities and knew everyone. Literally. They got us in and out of every nook and cranny with ease and safety, without them none of this would have been possible.

Q: What can we do to help?

DL: GO visit these areas. You’ll see what I’m talking about. There are many awful things going on in our world today and unfortunately there will be more. They all require equal attention and love. Do not forget out this tragedy or these people. Its going to take a lot of time and help to get back to normal.

*To do your part please visit or by clicking here.

You can see more images from Dave Laden’s shoot on the Hungry Man Facebook page.

Follow Dave Laden:

In other news, conjoined twins around the globe celebrate their new found fame and glory with massive slip and slide contests.

Just Kidding.

Take a look here to view the list and video!

Congrats to director Dave Laden and writers Justin Warias and Frances Galvon!




One day, many years from now, Dave Laden is going to sit his grandchildren on his lap, look them in the eye and ask, “Do you know what the greatest ad of October 18th, two-thousand and twelve was?” They’ll shake their heads, no (unless they’re extremely weird and very adept Googlers) and he’ll respond, “The Duffy Twins.”

If they ask for proof (as very incredulous children of the future are wont to do) he can show them this link and reply, “Booyah.”: ADWEEK

This week we are unveiling the launch of a new spot for SPIKE TV called, “The Duffy Twins”. Surrounding a pair of conjoined twin brothers, we follow the life and strife of Dan and Ethan Duffy. A modern day take on Goofus and Gallant, Dan is a superstar at life because he watches SPIKE TV whereas his (non SPIKE TV watching) brother Ethan is working as a professional slacker. At his parents house.

I had a chat with the team behind SPIKE TV and the creative process behind this spot. Take a gander below the video to see what they had to say.
Directed by Dave Laden
Written by: Justin Warias and Frances Galvon
Produced by: Jason Gilbert
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director Dave Laden:
What was the most difficult part about shooting with “conjoined twins”? What type of mishaps occurred?
Believe it or not the shoot wasn’t really that difficult.  The twins were super cool and easy to work with. They were open to do anything we wanted. Or at least try. The hardest thing to shoot was the Slip and Slide scene. There wasn’t enough room for the guys to get a real running start and it was actually dangerous because Dan would run and jump and land right on Ethan’s back. HARD.  I think it knocked the wind out of him the fist take. So we rigged a bungie and laid them down. Then pulled them across until they had enough momentum to let go. Oh, and we also had a nip slip.

How did you guys prepare for this shoot?
We had to make hand made outfits that was stitched together very specifically. There were 8 or 9 different outfits for Dan and luckily Ethan only had one.
What was your favorite part about directing this spot?
The cast of friends and family were really funny. A lot of the stuff we shot never made the cut… but we were all laughing the entire time. The energy was also super fun. We did this project directly with Spike… they were a pleasure to work with, extremely collaborative and wide open to ideas.
Did Ethan ever fall off Dan during shooting?
Ethan and Dan only struggled a little. They were/ are actually really good athletes so they only fell a few times. Oddly enough the couch scenes proved to be the most difficult. There was some accidental groin to groin contact they were not fans of.
Anything else you’d like to comment on?
Quite often I get  projects with really funny and or really smart characters. So after casting…we usually all sit around joking about how great it would be to shoot a short film or make these characters into a show etc etc etc.  Truth is… with just a little more time, and maybe a little more money.. and a hair more planning…. its very doable. I’m really grateful SPIKE TV agreed to go ahead and shoot some extra footage. The short film ” The Duffy Twins” is the result.
                                                                                                 (Taken behind the scenes on Justin’s phone)
Justin Warias

Can you tell me a little bit about the whole writing process and how you guys came up with the script?
It was very collaborative between Dave, Frances and I. We would each brainstorm ideas and then talk them out on conference calls. The idea came from us wanting to show the contrast between someone that was exposed to SPIKE TV and someone that wasn’t – so conjoined twins that were facing separate directions made perfect sense.
How did you guys prep for the job?
I prepped for the job by watching some documentaries on actual conjoined twins and seeing how they interact and move with each other. There’s an unlimited amount of comedy that can come from being stuck to someone, so once we applied that idea to the new line up of SPIKE TV shows the scenarios came pretty easily.
What was your favorite part about being on set?
My favorite part about being on set was watching our ideas come to be a reality. All of the actors did an amazing job of squeezing every bit of humor our of the situations.


Frances Galvon

Did SPIKE TV give you guys free reign to come up with a spot or was the premise already there?
SPIKE TV gave us a totally blank canvas. They asked us to incorporate new and existing SPIKE TV programming. That was pretty much it. Dave, Justin and I collaborated on several ideas we pitched to them. They sparked to the TWINS idea and we developed a script from there. We looked for ways to make one conjoined Twin better and more productive through watching SPIKE TV. We maximized every idea around our location and tattoo + accounting was born in that writing process. The creative writing was really a tri-collaboration between Justin, Dave and I and then when we had our cast we knew we’d be able to get a lot with improv. So Dave designed a really supportive set for the actors and let cameras roll to capture really long takes of the family dynamic.
What did you use as inspiration for the look and feel of the spot?
The look and feel of the spot were always rooted in a fictional version of anywhere-middle America. We chose “Michigan” and designed the parents characters with that kind of wholesome repression. The SPIKE TV execs who came to the shoot were very supportive and totally allowed Dave free reign. It was an awesome process.

Now I know what you all are thinking and the answer is no, Dave Laden did not get that amazing hanging lightbulb from ikea. It’s actually from a cute little boutique over in Marina…

….oh, the naked people? Those are just the stars of Dave’s kick ass new short, “Words With Friends.” They’re pretty cool, too.


All over the world, regular guys are choosing a vegan diet, unaware of the erotic consequences. As a result, an epidemic is spreading among their “loved” ones: BWVAKTBOOM, “Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom out of Me.”

For years, women have been open to the physical, emotional, and karmic benefits of veganism. But now, more and more men are discovering the perks of a plant-based diet. More specifically, a dramatic increase in their wang power and sexual stamina.

Unfortunately, the consequences of all this mind-blowing intercourse can often lead to sex injuries such as whiplash, pulled muscles, rug burn, and even a dislocated hip.

This is your support system to get you through BWVAKTBOOM and help you go vegan safely.

Please get help if you need it – there’s no shame in BWVAKTBOOM. Hungry Man thanks Dave Laden for his touching work on the subject.


2011 would have been a lot less fun without the work of Hungry Man. The Baldwin-Krasinski New Era showdown, directed by Bryan Buckley and created out of The Brooklyn Brothers, was hands down one of year’s most entertaining campaigns. Buckley also let us “Watch Any Device on Conan,” for TBS and continued to show his chimp-flavored finesse with another Super Bowl spot for Career Builder, “Parking Lot.”


Buckley also teamed up with Hank Perlman on a pair of high-action laffers for TNT out of Grey, N.Y., “Don’t Miss a Second,” every bit of which you really shouldn’t miss, and “Wherever You Go,” which starred Timothy Hutton as lead spy guy.


Brian Billow contributed his own funny moments to The Martin Agency’s “Shopping List” campaign for Walmart, including a can’t-miss scene featuring armpits, while Taika Waititi turned out some major longform moves, including the hilarious Sour Patch Kids’ “World Gone Sour” music video out of Mother New York, which gave a taste of what happens when Sour Patch Kids don’t get chomped, a hilarious teaser to the agency’s upcoming video game with the same theme. He also brought more musical levity to Cadbury, with a four-minute underwater serenade to swimmer Rebecca Adlington.


Other fun turns came out of South America, including the Carlao Busato– directed “Drunk Valet,” Ogilvy Brazil’s latest smart move against drunk driving, for Bar Aurora and Boteca Ferraz, which cleverly employed the services of an “intoxicated” valet.

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