The Royal Television Society Awards have officially been announced and David Kerr’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream has been nominated for Best Single Drama. The RTS Awards is one of the biggest television awards in the UK so this is an immense honor. Now when you go looking through the list, don’t be fooled by the other Midsummer Night’s Dream on the list. That’s an adaptation by the children’s television program CBeebies. You read that right. A 400 year old play about a group of young lovers having an inter-species key party in the middle of the woods was adapted into a children’s television program. And is up for an award! I got a lot of laughs from David’s version yet somehow I feel like I might get just as many laughs out of the CBeebies’ version.

Congrats, David! Everybody watch David win an RTS Award on March 21st (or 21 March).


David Kerr is hangin’ with Keith Lemon this Christmas, bringin’ the UK all the latest Carphone Warehouse deals and Campaign is loving it, noting that the spot checks all of the “festive cheer boxes.” I personally love this Campaign write-up because it has given me the perfect non-curse-word exclamatory sentence to use around my Southern Baptist parents’ house this holiday season. JESUS IN PYJAMAS!!!!


Did everybody enjoy the debate last night? Yeah, me neither. I mean, they wouldn’t even let Deez Nuts debate! What’s with that?!?!?!

Well, if you’re getting as sick of American politics as I am, David Kerr’s latest spot for E!’s The Royals has an out for you, albeit an a-typically frigid Royals “out” laced in sarcasm and superiority. Hey, she’s Queen Helena. It’s what she does!

So if you’re tired of all the vitriol and contempt here in America, Elizabeth Hurley wants you to know that it’s aye okay for us to undo our British exit from the 1700’s and come on back to our mother’s arms. And, frankly, if it’s Elizabeth Hurley’s arms? I vote yes.


David Kerr is making a splash with his new spot for RGII, “Even if it’s Daniel” (that’s Registered Gas Installers of Ireland for you Yanks, not Robert Griffin’s father). Little Black Book calls the ad “charmingly funny” and that truly is the best way to describe it. The spot finds Irish superstar Daniel O’Donnell being welcomed into an Irish superfan’s home for the first time only to be summarily dismissed immediately upon entry. I’d tell you why but, frankly, the reason is so incredibly adorable you just have to see for yourself.

Last night, HM’s own David Kerr took the stage at the Slapstick Comedy Festival in Bristol, alongside fellow funny Brits Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, for a special night honoring their achievement in silent comedy. David A’d some Q’s during a panel hosted by comedian Robin Ince, and took home a shiny new Slapstick Festival Legacy Medal. Even more impressive than the medal – it was the first Q&A ever to be conducted in complete silence.


Get ready, world! David Kerr is bringing Bill Shakespeare’s immortal classic Midsummer Night’s Dream back to life this Monday night on BBC One. John Hannah, Nonso Anozie, Matt Lucas, Maxine Peake I mean COME ON! Tell me you don’t want to see that! Young lovers looking for a good Monday night romcom? This is the ORIGINAL romcom. Parents, looking to give you children a little culture whilst simultaneously teaching them the birds and the bees via a multi-species Dionysian key party? I promise you will not lose their attention.

So everybody set your alarms to buzz you at 8:25 Monday evening and make sure you don’t miss out on all the iambic pentam-a-fun!


David Kerr is up on David Reviews this week with his latest add for Lidl, a chain of Irish super markets. The spot follows a mother of at least several as she goes through her day and explains to us what her day is full of. The spot is a full, charming look into the world of Ireland’s kick ass full time Moms and in true Irish fashion nearly ends full of curse words.

Well done, David!


In honor of the 400th anniversary of Bill Shakespeare’s death, David Kerr together with the BBC have recreated A Midsummer Night’s Dream, set to air May 30th. The trailer for the film is forthcoming but with an all-star cast comprised of John Hannah, Nonso Anozie, Matt Lucas, Maxine Peake, and more, we’re absolutely certain this will be the greatest performance in the 400 some-odd years since its inception. I mean, come on, Matt Lucas as Nick Bottom? Fie on everyone else who has ever assayed the role (pun absolutely intended).


This is a good week for David Kerr! First he takes home an award from the Royal Television Society for his C4 television show No Offence, now homeboy has won a bronze at the British Arrow Awards in the Web-based Series category. The winning spots were for his work for Smart Energy, Bride, Doctor, and Satnav. If you haven’t seen them yet you can watch all of ‘em here at The British Arrows website. Our sincerest congratulations to David and we’re excited to see what award you take home tomorrow. Three awards one week!!! Go for the hat trick!!!!


David Kerr’s C4 TV series No Offence took home Best Drama series at the RTS Awards last night. For those of us Yanks who may not be aware, RTS stands for Royal Television Society and it is considered the gold standard of achievement in the television community. This is a massive accomplishment for David and the whole No Offence team. If you’re not familiar with the show you can watch the trailer above and if you are familiar with the show, feel free to go into work tomorrow and shove it in all of your coworkers’ faces. “I told you this show was amazing! Eat it!”


The British Arrow Award shortlist is up and David Kerr has made the proverbial grade. Dominating the “Web-Based Series” category David is nominated for his Smart Energy series Bride, SatNav, and Doctor. The premise of the series is professionals approximating when they should be exacting so we did in fact triple check with the British Arrows and they confirmed, David is, indeed, nominated. Had they just been joking we would’ve been upset, but we’d have to admire their level 10 trolling skills.

They’re not though.

He’s nominated.



Hungry Man Director, David Kerr, has nabbed a Rose d’Or Award nomination for his work on the BBC’s dark anthology series, “Inside No. 9.” If you live in the UK you should know how big a deal this is. If you live in the US the Rose d’Or is awarded by Eurovision and is “the most prestigious international entertainment programme awards,” and you know that’s classy ‘cuz they used an extra “m-e” on the word program.

Major congratulations go to Mr. Kerr as we’re thinking he has a pretty solid chance at bringing home the gold. “Inside No. 9” has already won awards at the Banff International Media Festival (Best Comedy & Best Entertainment), and the Royal Television Society Award (Best Comedy Performance). So keep an eye out for David’s name on the winner’s list and if you’re interested in the material contained “Inside No. 9” check it out on David’s reel right here.


Hungry Man is very proud to welcome a brilliant new director to its roster. A fellah by the name of David Kerr. David is best known for his television work on shows such as That Mitchell and Webb Look, Whites, Fresh Meat, and Inside No. 9. If you don’t know what any of those shows are you’re probably a Yank (though repped the world round by the Hungry Man Inc team David spends a lot of his time in the UK) and if that’s the case I demand you check out his reel immediately. This stuff is astoundingly funny and totally translates transatlantic sensibilities. Dude also just took home “Best PSA” at the AICP Awards last week so he’s got that going for him.

We are sure David is going to make a great addition to the Hungry Man family and we welcome him with open arms.