Mother’s Day is May 14th!

That reminder is for all the kids out there.

For all you Mom’s out there Hank Perlman and Kraft have a reminder of a different nature: no mother is perfect. Hank’s latest venture into the world of Mac’n’Cheese serves as an instructional video on the elegance and creativity one can employ when not swearing in front of your children. AdWeek’s already hailing the spot as “clever” and “silly.” We’re already hailing it as [expletive deleted] funny!


Three years ago the world was given a question.

This question was more important than, “Who killed JFK?” More important than “What happens after we die?” This question was even more important than “What https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-prix-en-pharmacie/ is the meaning of life?” On December 18, 2013 the planet Earth received a query that has baffled scientist, mathematicians, and philosophers alike.

Finally thanks to Hank Perlman and ESPN we now have an answer to the most befuddling question of all human existence…

Turn down for what?


Yesterday GQ dropped Hank’s Ryan Reynolds interview with Ryan Reynolds and already a mere 24 hours later it has taken over the trades. E Online, MTV, Access Hollywood, Us Weekly, Front Page of Reddit, Devour, Buzzfeed — They’ve all got it and they all love it!

If you’ve somehow managed to miss the Ryan on Ryan action go ahead and click play on the video above. We promise you will agree with GQ, Ryan Reynolds truly is the Man of the Year.


It’s been a great year for Ryan Reynolds. He starred in Deadpool, the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time. He welcomed his second daughter into the world. He was named GQ’s Man of the Year. But that doesn’t stop his twin brother, Gordon, from taking him down a peg in this exclusive collaboration between Hungry Man’s Hank Perlman and GQ Magazine.


The annual Communication Arts Award winners were announced this week and FOUR Hungry Man directors were honored as winners. Hank Perlman won for his viagra sans ordonnance Kraft Blind Taste Test spot. Craig Brownrigg won for his Rite Aid Carriers spot. Wayne McClammy won for his Geico campaign Countdown, Whisper, and Spy. And Chris Woods won for his Stove Top spot Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim. Communication Arts has been celebrating exceptional Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography, Interactive, and Typography, since 1959 so big ups to Hank, Wayne, Craig, and Chris.


Creativity Online is loving Hank and Kraft’s sneaky sneaky new tactics. Hank’s latest spot for the Mac’n’Cheese giant reveals a startling revelation! Kraft is no longer using artificial flavors, preservatives, or dyes and they haven’t been FOR MONTHS! Boom. Mind blown. That means if you’ve had Kraft Mac’n’Cheese in the last three months you’ve been eating nothing but the freshest Mac’n’Cheese you can shake out of a box. Some said it couldn’t be done. Some said the taste would drive people away. Well? You all didn’t even notice. I’m not saying Hank and Kraft made us all look like fools but… well… I have cheese on my face.


Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Well so what if men get paid more than women. What does it matter?” If you have, you’re a terrible person. That said, there are some valid questions that have arisen over the wage gap between men and women and Hank Perlman has teamed up with The Business Bulge to answer some of them. We must warn you, however, there are some very suggestive mannequins in this spot so if faux-man-bulges upsets you it might be best to move onto the next post. It’s probably less offensive.


Sad news for Giants fans today, as twelve-year head coach Tom Coughlin has officially resigned. “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as head coach of the New York Football Giants. This is a not a sad occasion for me. I have spent 15 years with this organization as an assistant and head coach and was fortunate to be part of three Super Bowl winning teams. A Lombardi Trophy every five years is an achievement in which we all take great pride,” Coughlin’s statement said.

Though we here at Hungry Man align ourselves with no one NFL team (unless The Washington Sentinels count) we would like to honor Coach Coughlin the only way we know how… Having Rob Lowe talk about what he’ll look like at Coughlin’s tender age of 69.



The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer drops tonight but if you can’t wait until then be sure to check out Hank Perlman’s latest commercial for Kraft Mac & Cheese. With the first generation of Star Wars children now having children of their own, the commercial shows the awkward side of explaining “collectibles” to one’s children, and how it can make you feel a touch silly in a way we never before imagined. Even so, if my kid ever removes that 1980 Han Solo in Hoth Fatigues from its original packaging they’re going upstate to live with their grandparents.

AdWeek and AdvertisingAge are also talking about the spot ‘cuz, ya know, it’s friggin Star Wars, man! We all love it!


See, this is why we love AdWeek. It’s not because they continuously pick us for their “Ad of the Day” spots though, don’t get me wrong, we really really like them for that, Carly Rae Jepsen style, but we LOVE them because they have absolutely no problem listing five of Hank Perlman’s Fox NFL ads as their “Ad of the Day.” They don’t stick to the rigid, Highlander-esque dogma of their forefathers where there can be only one. They say, “Hey, these guys made so many funny, creative, and handsome (see: dreamy Rob Lowe smile) commercials that we can’t choose just one so, screw it, here’s five.”

What we’re trying to say is, thank you, AdWeek. And we agree. We can’t choose a favorite Rob Lowe Fox NFL spot either. It’s like choosing your favorite child, or your favorite burger. I mean, I have a favorite burger, but if you put any burger in front of me I’ll eat it because all burgers are amazing.

I really should not write these posts on an empty stomach.


Clio Awards kicked off this week with their first wave of winners and Hungry Man made the list several times over in the Film/Product category. Hank took home a Bronze for his Amazon spot where Gary Busey talks to things, strategically entitled, “Talking to Things.” Ricardo also took home a Bronze for his Pedigree spot “First Days Out.” We are waiting with bated breath for them to announce that he’s won the gold in the Social Media category, so stay tuned for that one. And finally Wayne McClammy took home the silver for his Madden spot “Madden Season” starring Dave Franco and Kevin Hart.

We are deeply proud of the recognition our directors are receiving for their tireless efforts and look forward to some more big announcements throughout the rest of the week.


The 2015 Clio Awards Shortlist is out and Hungry Man is all over that B! Under the category of Film/Product Service Hank is nominated for his Amazon spot, “Talking to Things,” featuring Gary Busey and Wayne is nominated for his internet-breaking “Madden Season” music video. Ricardo’s “First Days Out” commercial for Pedigree is also in the Film/Product Service category as well as the Social Media category. Under the Film Technique/Editing Carlao’s “Mole” spot for the Sao Paulo Creative Club scored a nod and none of us were surprised.

This is normally the point where I would explain to the uninitiated what the Clio Awards are but at this point I really don’t feel I have to. If you don’t know Clio by now… well… I’ll just let Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes explain it.


As American Pharaoh gears up to take the triple crown of horse racing next month, Hank Perlman’s already miles ahead taking home the triple crown of commercial making (yes we admit it’s an unfair comparison since horses can’t actually film commercials due to their lack of opposable thumbs or ability to give stage direction, but go with us).

Creativity Online has given solid write-ups to not one, not two, but THREE of Hank’s Beautyrest commercials. The videos for Bullhorn, Champagne, and Super Hero can be found at those links, and we definitely suggest you check out all three. They are all completely different and utterly hilarious.

Congratulations to Hank. We’re sure the wreath of flowers will be delivered to the New York office shortly. Pictures of his victory lap coming soon #HungryManInc


The Avengers, Daredevil, Batman v. Superman, Arrow, The Justice League, Ant Man… We are running out of Super Heroes rapidly. Luckily Hank and Beautyrest are holding auditions for the newest Super Hero to add to the team. I don’t know if they’ll find the person best — ahem — suited to join the team but there’s definitely some stiff competition. Now we just need to hope Batman doesn’t hear about it. He can get pretty emo.


Guess who’s back?

If you guessed Slim Shady you would be mistaken. This is even better… It’s the CONEHEADS.

Anybody born post 1990 just go watch a YouTube video of a cat for a second while the rest of us reminisce up some sweet ass nostalgia. This week Hank Perlman brings Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtain back in [arguably] their most popular Saturday Night Live characters, Beldar and Prymatt Conehead. A new take on State Farm’s previously popular “Jake From State Farm” commercials, this new spot brings the beer-guzzling, driver’s ed teaching, Remulak natives to the 24 hour call center where Jake is always there to take your call. I think we all can agree we’re happy Beldar and Prymatt haven’t quite assimilated into American culture yet… But they’re getting there. AdWeek’s already showing the spot some love and we guarantee they won’t be the last.


Hank Perlman’s new Kraft Mac & Cheese spots are making headlines all over the place. First AdWeek takes a look at the new health-conscious aspects of the campaign while Creativity Online focuses more on the humor in Estelle Harris’ spot (we have a feeling someone’s a Seinfeld fan over at Creativity). If you’d rather split the difference and hear about both the health and the ex-Costanzas you can go on over to Little Black Book where they’re just loving the campaign for what it is: pure fun.


As we approach our second week of the NFL season we’d like to recommend a fun way to enjoy this great American pastime even more. We realize the commercials are everybody’s least favorite part of the NFL weekend — we’ve come to terms with it, it’s okay — so we here at Hungry Man would like to suggest a way you can enjoy the sponsor’s breaks just as much as the game itself.

It’s the Hungry Man drinking game.

Here’s how it works: Every time you see a Hungry Man commercial you take a drink from your beverage*. It’s that easy and it’ll happen way more often than you think. Why, last weekend alone we had Bryan’s Miller Lite spots as well as both Hank’s Hans and Franz State Farm spot and his AT&T Gordon Ramsey commercial all over the ball games. Shit, we even saw them play a clip from Football On Your Phone during the Broncos pre-game.

So this weekend keep yourself busy during the commercial breaks by keeping your eyes peeled for the best Hungry Man Inc has to offer and whenever they cut to commercial get your drinking hand ready*. Oh, and feel free to mumble and grumble every time it’s not a Hungry Man Spot. We sure do.


Note: Hungry Man Productions does not endorse alcoholic drinking games of any nature. We only encourage you to play this drinking game with non-alcoholic beverages like grape drink, or Gatorade, or a nice tall glass of Yoo-Hoo. But please drink your Yoo-Hoo responsibly. As my Dad always used to tell me, “Don’t be an idiot.”


The love for Hank’s State Farm spot just keeps a’comin’. AdForum labeled it their Editor’s Pick of the week. If you haven’t seen it yet watch it now and believe it later.


Apparently we here at Hungry Man aren’t the only people who appreciate some good’ol’fashioned nostalgia. Everybody’s talking about Hank’s latest State Farm spots, “Trainers” and “Steve’s Kid.” Here are just a smattering of the kind things people are saying about us:

Washington Post
Sports Illustrated
Post Crescent
Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
Fan Sided
Wisc News
Chicago Business Journal
California Golden Blogs
Game Day
SB Nation

“Steve’s Kid”
USA Today
Ad Hugger
Ads of the World
The Comic’s Comic
Great Ads

Now if only we could get The Ladies Man to sponsor Trojan and Brian Fellows to sponsor Iams then all of our 90’s endorsement dreams will come true.


Anybody watching last night’s NFL season opener got to see one hell of a blast from the past. If you were born post 1990 you can just tune this one out. You’re not likely to understand the epic-osity that befell the third quarter of the Seahawks/Packers game, but Hank Perlman’s latest State Farm commercial premiered and it starred the two biggest titans of late ’80’s early ’90’s body-building culture. That’s right. I’m talking about none other than Hans and Franz of “Pumping Up With Hans and Franz” fame. If you’re looking for a calorie burning sprint down memory lane give the spot above a little watch, and for those ’90’s babies just check out this video of Hans and Franz in their heyday teaching Swayz-dog how to not be such a girly man.

Great job Hank!


In the nineties it was bands, in the aughts you weren’t cool unless you had a half-pipe in your garage, now in the twenty-teens you ain’t got jack if your garage doesn’t have a tech start-up housed inside. In his new spot for Xfinity Hank Perlman shows us just how easy it is to put some app makers to work in your garage…. though, we’d suggest hiring employees of legal working age.


Check out Hank’s latest AT&T commercial featuring that manic genius himself, Mr. Gordon Ramsay…

… please don’t tell him I called him manic. Please. I don’t want to get hit with a frying pan.


And now, a heart-warming turn.

Hank Perlman’s newest ad for American Greetings is making rounds today. Both AdWeek and Creativity Online picked up the spot which highlights the difficulties in being a father. “Dad Casting” is American Greeting’s follow-up to their widely popular mother’s day spot “Toughest Job In The World.”

Whether you’re a father with six children or a single guy that needs to reaffirm the need for protection, Hank’s spot definitely gets its point across with laughs and emotion; it’s tough to be a Dad.


It’s Wednesday. Hank Perlman’s newest spot for Amazon, “Gary Busey,” has just hit the internet and it’s already begin talked about by Creativity Online and Mediaite. It’s been up for mere hours and already people are showing their love for the Tour De Force team that is Perlman/Busey. So compelling is this new development that it forces us here at Hungry Man to make this bold, declarative statement:

Many people are going to be talking about this spot for days to come.

I know. Outrageous. Overly-self-assured. Other such “O” adjectives. But the statement stands. So confident are we that news outlets will be talking about The Buse (he let’s me call him The Buse. We’re buddies now) for days to come that we’re going to go ahead and throw up a heading for every day this week and whenever an outlet mentions Misters Perlman and Busey’s Amazon spot we’ll throw their name under that day’s respective column. That’s right, like Baby Ruthie herself, we are pointing our bat at the outfield and calling our shot.

So come back to this post throughout the week to see just who’s talkin’ ’bout our boys.

Creativity Online

The Examiner

Washington Post
Business Insider


If you’ve been on the internet in the past day you have certainly come across at least one article talking about Hank’s Orbit spot “Lipstick” starring the very funny, very desirable Sarah Silverman (That’s not objectification. Watch the spot!). If you only have your websites read to you by a third party and thus you have not been on the internet in the past day tell your reader to take a hike and click on any (or all) of the wonderful websites below to see what they’re saying about Hank’s Orbit.

Creativity Online
Crain’s Chicago Business
Huff Post
Agency Spy

Well done, Hank. I’m sure there are more to come!


I have waited nearly my entire life for this moment. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are now Kraft Macaroni and Cheese characters, and Vanilla Ice is rapping about it. If you were alive in the ’90’s you know just how much this makes every Millenial’s year, and it looks like it’s not just us…

Agency Spy
Rolling Stone!

All of them are praising Hank Perlman’s newest spot for Kraft in which Vanilla Ice performs the classic musical anthem. It’s like, Stairway to HeavenLike A Rolling StoneGo Ninja Go.

But not only are all of these outlets highlighting Hank’s kick-ass spot, but AdWeek has made it its Top Five Commercials of the Week AND they’ve even posted a little behind the scenes video which I included up top.

All in all, a good week for the ’90’s.

Oh, and have fun having this stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


Sorry for the pun…. they just come to me…

Anywho, people are posting all about Hank’s new Kraft spot, “What I Did For Love.” AdWeek, LE Book, Ads of the World, Agency Spy! They all seem to love it, especially Agency Spy how had some particularly nice things to say about the campaign. They even name-check Hank specifically.

Good stuff, Perlman!

Check out the spot above, but don’t do it on an empty stomach.


From the moment the first human uttered its first chuckle, the question of “What is funny?” has plagued our species as we time and time again tried to bring smiles to our friends, impress persons of romantic interest, and uplift the otherwise downtrodden. “What is funny?” is one of the most elusive questions on the planet and in an interview with Source E Creative Hungry Man’s very own Hank Perlman, Kevin Byrne and Raquel Balsam attempt to answer this age old question.

Spoiler alert: it’s poop. Poop is funny.


Two of Hungry Man’s top directors (and co-owners of the company) are tag-teaming Xbox’s new Xbox One roll-out this fall, with Bryan Buckley shooting last month’s “Invitation” and this month’s “His and Hers” while simultaneously Hank Perlman rocks his own spot, “Retirement Home,” featuring Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis showing off the finer points of the system and how said points can be applied to the greatest football sundays the world has ever known.

But don’t take my word for it. Media Bistro has laid it all out for ya here.

All I know is, I’m gettin’ one.

Hank Pelrman’s got a new spot in which we find out just how Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher spend their newly freed up Sundays.

Check it out below…



Creativity Online
Campaign Brief

These are just a few of the news outlets talking about Hank Perlman’s new spot for Jet Blue. Perhaps it’s the pigeon voice over, perhaps it’s the beautiful prism through which Hank shoots creatures we often find so disease-ridden, or perhaps it’s the simple fact that this pigeon is telling us that we are not flying in a way that is considered humane to pigeons let alone human beings. No matter what the reason, we know Hank’s new work is captivating and has everybody talkin’.

That’s right.

Who else could wrangle these guys and girls into shape? Legendary funny man Hank Perlman directed the viral stars in the newest string of ads for Youtube’s Comedy Week. Perhaps you have noticed this slew of  Youtube adverts rolling before the “funny cats 101” videos you secretly watch at work. Starring comedians like Rainn Wilson, Sarah Silverman, The Lonely Island, Ryan Higa and more, the ads were created out of Goodby Silverstein & Partners in NY.  The tagline for this ongoing week will be, “This better be funny.” I’m sure it will! The comedy battle begins Sunday, May 19th- through to the 25th.

Click here to read an exclusive feature from Fast company. Watch the ads below.

















With Halloween firmly behind us it’s now time for some kick-ass holiday spots and Hank Perlman is getting the ball rolling, serving up the holiday hits complete with a side of cranberry sauce and figgy pudding (though we still don’t know what figgy pudding is or why they won’t go until they get some).

Check out Hank’s Macy’s Holiday spot that Ad Critic deemed worthy of Ad of the Day.


Indeed, the Beibs and every other one of Hank Perlman’s all-star cast makes an appearance in this newest Macy’s Holiday commercial — airing this week — that highlights exactly how much a part of Christmas Macy’s is and always was. Feeling equal parts contemporary and nostalgic, this new spot features our cast of modern day moguls interacting with that of the classic holiday film “Miracle on 34th Street.” So striking is this newest clash of old and new that Stuart Elliot of the New York Times deemed it worthy of a write-up.


Hank Perlman’s latest campaign for Macy’s is a parody of an old Brady Bunch esqe show called, “What’s In Store?”

The campaign follows the holy grail of A-List celebrities working at Macy’s on a normal day. Prepare to feel incredibly

jealous of the main character, Harold, the store manager of Macy’s who gets to party with each and

every one of these celebs.  Coming out of JWT NY, this Macy’s campaign may just be the best yet.

To learn more click here.

I’m not too good at math, but I think that’s good.

Check out Hank and Nanette’s Macy’s and Google spots respectively on Adweek’s site.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it as they say. Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s latest effort for Kraft Mac & Cheese, which debuted during last night’s Oscars telecast, continues the agency’s concept of parents who can’t help but bogart some of the gooey dish from their kids. This time, as part of Kraft Mac & Cheese’s diamond anniversary (75 years in case you didn’t know), CP+B and its client introduce us to three generations of Mac & Cheese enthusiasts including the elder statesman (who looks awfully familiar) and has been skimming from his offspring’s plates for, yes, 75 years. And of course, Ted “Golden Voice” Williams is still providing VO. Credits after the jump.

ASSOCIATE CREATIVE DIRECTOR(s): Matt Talbot / Andrew Lincoln
SR. COPYWRITER(s): John Benedict
ART DIRECTOR(s): Jeff Hunter
PRODUCTION COMPANY & CITY: Hungry Man, Inc. New York
DIRECTOR: Hank Perlman
EDITORIAL COMPANY & CITY: The Now Corporation New York
EDITOR: Jesse Reisner
Music Production/Composer: JSM Music


2011 would have been a lot less fun without the work of Hungry Man. The Baldwin-Krasinski New Era showdown, directed by Bryan Buckley and created out of The Brooklyn Brothers, was hands down one of year’s most entertaining campaigns. Buckley also let us “Watch Any Device on Conan,” for TBS and continued to show his chimp-flavored finesse with another Super Bowl spot for Career Builder, “Parking Lot.”


Buckley also teamed up with Hank Perlman on a pair of high-action laffers for TNT out of Grey, N.Y., “Don’t Miss a Second,” every bit of which you really shouldn’t miss, and “Wherever You Go,” which starred Timothy Hutton as lead spy guy.


Brian Billow contributed his own funny moments to The Martin Agency’s “Shopping List” campaign for Walmart, including a can’t-miss scene featuring armpits, while Taika Waititi turned out some major longform moves, including the hilarious Sour Patch Kids’ “World Gone Sour” music video out of Mother New York, which gave a taste of what happens when Sour Patch Kids don’t get chomped, a hilarious teaser to the agency’s upcoming video game with the same theme. He also brought more musical levity to Cadbury, with a four-minute underwater serenade to swimmer Rebecca Adlington.


Other fun turns came out of South America, including the Carlao Busato– directed “Drunk Valet,” Ogilvy Brazil’s latest smart move against drunk driving, for Bar Aurora and Boteca Ferraz, which cleverly employed the services of an “intoxicated” valet.

Read the Creativity article here.