Beginning of the week gotcha down? Need a daily dose of inspiration?

Max Joseph and Casey Neistat have got ya covered with their new YouTube vid, Do What You Can’t. It’s a simple reminder that everyone killing it on YouTube right now, all the people we so reverently refer to as “influencers,” they all started off as “average” people who simply did what they were told they can’t.

Because we all need a little reminder once in a while.


We here at Hungry Man know times are tough. Things always get heated around election time and this is an extra-ordinary election so one of our venerable directors has released a new mini-doc to try and help guide the way through this ‘Murican swamp maze of mayhem. Max Joseph’s latest opus is called, “The Truth About The Hillary Clinton Scandals.” Yes, we realize most of America has already made up their minds, but to all the undecided Ken Bones out there, give this video a watch before wandering into the voting booth tomorrow. And to everybody else who is already with her? Well… Thanksgiving’s coming up. Maybe just keep this video handy for when politics inevitably is brought up during dinner and you need to make clear succinct points in a five minute span.

… ya know… provided President Drumpf doesn’t replace Thanksgiving with something “less sissy” like ThanksTrumping… TrumpThanksing… TrumpsGiving?… I don’t know. He’s gonna workshop it. It’ll gonna be tremendous.


We know, guys. It’s Monday. It’s close to the end of the year but not close enough to get really excited. It’s cold enough outside that you don’t wanna step into the world but you’ve got so much pent up energy from these first few months of winter already that you don’t feel like sinking into your couch for yet another mindless NFL game. What do you do with your Monday night to make you feel better?

Zach Efron. Emily Ratajkowski. Max Joseph. VOD. Now.

In case you couldn’t decode that cypher, Max’s new feature film We Are Your Friends is officially on DVD and VOD. Yeah, you read that right. VOD. That means you don’t even need to leave your couch to see it! Just hop on over to itunes, amazon, or your preferred digital downloading platform and buy that joint! We guarantee you this picture will have you bumpin’ and grindin’ your seasonal affective disorder away in a jiffy. Plus it’s Max Joseph so you KNOW it’s gonna be good!