The One Show has announced its finalists and Hungry Man work plasters the page. We’ve got Wayne McClammy in the Teleivison – Short Form – Campaign category for his Geico “It’s What You Do” spots. Dave Laden is also competing in this category for his “Make Time for Snapple” spots and his “Are You My Grandma” campaign for Grandma’s Cookies is also up for the Online Films & Video – Short Form – Campaign category. And finally the Branded Entertainment category was announced today and Nanette’s #MakeWhatsNext Microsoft spots hit the Online – Short Form – Single slot.

Congrats Wayne, Dave, and Nanette! We’ll make some room on the ol’ awards shelf.


Everybody coming out for the Women’s Marches tomorrow? Doesn’t matter where you live, I promise there is one near you. There are going to be 600 marches globally tomorrow so whether you live in New York, Kansas, South Africa, or Brisbane there is a Women’s March for you (click this link to find your location).

And if you’re sitting there wondering why on earth you should march, Nanette Burstein has the answer for you with her new Women’s March PSA. It’s getting a lot of coverage so far considering it’s barely been out for 24 hours. AdAge, Shoot, and The Drum are all talking about it and you should be to. McGarryBowen Creative Director Teresa Herd (one of the minds behind the PSA) put it best when asked if this was a political event: “This is not a political movement. It’s a human and civil rights movement.”

We wholeheartedly agree.


Nanette has a new PSA out explaining why you should join one of the hundreds of Women’s Marches across America this Saturday. What began as a March on Washington has become rallying cry for proponents of Equal Rights around the world. Literally around the world. So far there are over 600 sister marches planned globally with well over a million participants. People of all genders, all races, all nationalities and religions — citizens of the globe with a single unifying belief in equality for all. It’s not political. It’s just common sense.

If that sounds logical to you, come on out. You can find the march nearest you right HERE. And if you’re still not convinced, watch Nanette’s spot above. That’s sure to get ya.

Fun Fact: Nanette’s crew for the PSA was comprised entirely of women.


Fresh off her epic showing at the Toronto International Film Festival (or TIFF, as the festival is known to her friends), Nanette Burstein and the good people at Showtime are dropping her new Feature Documentary tomorrow night at 9pm. Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, tells the story of tech millionaire John McAfee – famed inventor of anti-virus software – and how he went off the grid to live in Belize, building a compound and harem, becoming a drug lord and developing an armed security force to guard himself against the police… That is, until he became a suspect in his neighbor’s murder and had to make his escape back to the U.S.

Slate, Hollywood Reporter, Wired, and The Verge already love Gringo and we’re certain you will too.

Check your local listings to ensure you don’t miss a moment of the action. But if you Google the movie be sure to Google the entire title, not just Gringo. If you Google “Gringo” the top result will be Mel Gibson’s movie Get the Gringo and that’s a whole different flick. One movie stars an insane racist millionaire who moves

to his own private island where he arms himself and terrorizes anyone who comes within a hundred feet of him and the other movie stars John McAfee.



Anybody going to TIFF this year? Nanette is and she’s bringing a new feature film with her.

Fresh off of winning a Silver Lion at Cannes and being included on AdWeek’s Creative 100 list, Nanette has a new documentary premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend. Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee delves into the strange story of John McAfee, who went from millionaire software mogul, to yogi, to Kurtz-like jungle recluse, to potential murderer, and most recently a prospective presidential candidate for the American Libertarian Party. Yes, this is the same McAfee whose software you’ve spent your entire computing life using to rid your hard drive of malware.

The picture is utterly fascinating and if any of you find yourselves in the Toronto area this weekend we highly recommend you catch a screening. All info can be found here.


AdWeek put together its Creative 100 list this week and not only did one of Hungry Man’s greatest directors, Nanette Burstein,

make the list but one of Hungry Man’s newest additions, Milana Vayntrub, made the AdWeek cover! There is an outstanding interview with Milana that can be found right here that really shows the versatility of this actor/director/writer/documentarian/spokeswoman. You’re definitely gonna wanna give the article a read because no matter what you know Milana as, whether it’s “the AT&T girl,” or the refugee who made a movie about refugees, or “Subway Rat Woman” in Ghostbusters, or UCB improver, or the director of those Cracker Barrel commercials…. Doesn’t matter what you think you already know about Milana, I promise, you have but scratched the surface. Check out her write-up here and check out Nanette on the Creative 100 list here.

We are so stoked on our Hungry Man Women… but like, not like Hungry Man-Women… like Hungry Man comma Women… or, that comma’s not right… Maybe Hungry Man dash Women? Hungry Women? Hungry People?….. we’ll work on proper gender assignations another time.


The 2016 Summer Olympics are coming up and Nanette Burstien has a very important message to all the young girls out there: Keep playing.

There are massive quantities of statistics that show beyond doubt that young females are socially discouraged from continuing to play sports as they grow older, specifically the Junior High School years, arguably a young woman’s most impressionable time. Well Nanette and Always say to hell with that. Keep playing. You think those Olympic athletes let people shame them out of their desired sporting event? Shit no. And you shouldn’t either.

This point is made so saliently in this new ad that Creativity Online and AdWeek are highlighting the spot this week. There’s also an excellent director’s interview that can be found here.

So adults, if you have a young girl in your life, make sure she watches Nanette’s new Always commercial. And if there are any young girls reading this right now (which would be really weird since tweens aren’t really Hungry Man’s demo but…) listen to Nanette when she tells you: keep playing.


The jury is in, literally, and Hungry Man has walked away from Cannes with 4 Lions for 10 spots. As reported last week, Ric Cantor took home a Gold Lion for his spot Hello with the New Zealand Transport Agency, and then this weekend Nanette brought home a Silver Lion for her Microsoft spot Make What’s Next, and Wayne McClammy took home a Bronze Lion for his Madden Season music video as well as a Silver Lion for his Geico It’s What You Do campaign, featuring Check, Countdown, Directions, Fisherman, Reunion, Spy, and Whisper.

We are astoundingly proud of our winners this year, but also for our record breaking number of shortlisted spots. Here’s a

quick once over of every Hungry Man spot Cannes felt deserved attention:

Cyber Lions

Nanette Burstein – Lean Cuisine “#WeighThis”

Glass Lions

Nanette Burstien – Microsoft “Make What’s Next”

Direct Lions

Ric Cantor – New Zealand Transport Agency “Hello”

Film Lions

Conor Byrne

– Crystal Pepsi “The 92nd Floor”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Bees”

Dave Laden – Snapple “King of Hearts”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Telegraph”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Break Room”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Cafeteria”

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions – Talent: Sports

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Film Craft – Direction

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”

Film Craft – Visual Effects

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”


Ace Metrix is an analytics company that scores every national TV ad in the US using a panel of at least 500 consumers, demographically balanced according to the US census.

I tell you that to tell you this…

Ace Metrix just released a list of the 10 ads of the first quarter of 2016 that were able to “get noticed” and right at the top of this list, number one with a bullet, Nanette Burstein’s Microsoft commercial “Woman Made.” It’s a brilliant commercial made by our resident docu-expert and it just goes to show that when you make an important spot with a poignant message people pay attention, and to say that important spots with a poignant messages is Nanette’s wheelhouse feels like an astounding understatement. Check out Business Insider and AdAge’s reports on this release.

Well done, Nanette. Another top spot!


Yes, anytime Nanette steps on the scene you know you’re gonna get punched right in the limbic system. Today’s spot released just in time for International Women’s Day highlights the way we gender-wash our world’s scientific heritage and the way that affects our nation’s young girls. Like all of Nanette’s work we promise you will walk away reconsidering the way your mind’s eye views all of history, because some say it’s written by the winners, we here at Hungry Man say it’s written by dicks… er… men.

I know, I know. This is big talk. Luckily for us Creativity Online, Little Black Book, and AdWeek all agree with our assessment. So this Women’s Day find a young girl in your life and tell her about Yvonne Brill, or Ada Lovelace, or Tabitha Babbit… Unless you don’t actually know any young girls, in which case it’s probably better for everyone if you just go home and look these ladies up on wikipedia and quietly keep the information to yourself.


This next one’s for the ladies.

Have you ever stepped on a scale and wished that the number that appeared reflected the important things in life? Nanette Burstein and the good folks at Lean Cuisine have. In her latest docu-style spot Nanette really goes after all of the feels as she asks real women to weigh what’s really valuable to them in life. This approach has really affected a lot of people including the folks at Shoot Online and Creativity Online who both have featured the spot this week and applauded Lean Cuisine’s shift in tone from weighing your fat to weighing your value as a person.

Bravo Lean Cuisine and bravo Nanette.


That’s neither hyperbole nor is it creative exaggeration. Knorr has posted Nanette’s spot, “Flavor of Home” in eleven different languages and when you add up all of those views from around the world we get a nice round 53 million people who have watched Nanette’s spot. And that’s a conservative guesstimate. Given the heart-warming nature of the film we know on the Easter and/or Passover holidays there were many mothers who pulled their visiting children over to the family desktop saying, “You have to watch this video! You see how that daughter APPRECIATES HER MOTHER’S COOKING???”

… I’m not saying that happened to me. I’m just saying.

Anyways, major congratulations goes out to Nanette and her crew for making a commercial that smashes through language barriers and cultural divides and truly encapsulates what really makes home feel like home to citizens the world round… Food.


AdForum has Nanette’s Knorr spot “Flavour of Home” on it’s Top 5 Ads of the Week list this week. The film is safely ensconced at number two. Not too shabby.

Still haven’t seen it yet? Well damn it, man, give that commercial a watch! We promise you’re going to want to call up your mother immediately afterwards and tell her you love her and then ask her to make your favourite meal for you and then get resentful when she says, “Why can’t you just call to say you love me? Why do I have to make you dinner?” And then you say, “THE MOM IN NANETTE’S COMMERCIAL DID IT! IF YOU LOVED ME YOU’D MAKE ME A G.D. POT ROAST!”

So basically what we’re saying is Happy Easter and Passover everybody!


Man. We haven’t seen this much crying over potatoes since Signs.

Just released today, Agency Spy and Fast Co Create are already loving Nanette’s newest spot for Knorr. Having worked on shows like New Girl and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 Nanette has proven that she can make us laugh, but it’s with spots like this where she reminds us that her bread and butter (pun totally intended) is in making us cry. The good kind of cry, too. Not like those damn Sarah McLachlan dog commercials. Nanette knows just how to tap into our nostalgia nerve and get the exact emotional response she’s looking for from us and this commercial is a prime example of that.

I could continue to gild the lily but I think I will just let the spot speak for itself. It’s somewhat NSFW in that you wouldn’t want Robin from H.R. making fun of you for sobbing silently at your desk.


Just the other day I was trying to explain to my grandmother that people are getting famous now all thanks to their YouTube channels. She said, “Is that a channel on TV? You know I don’t get cable.” So I said, “It’s TV on the internet.” And she said, “You watch it on your TV?” And I said, “No, you watch it on the internet.” And then she said, “Well then why are we watching it on your TV?” I said, “Because I have a device that streams the internet to my television to make viewing YouTube videos that much easier.” There was a long pause and then she asked, “So they’re on the TV?” And I said, “Yes, Nana, they’re on the damn TV.” And she said, “Don’t take that tone with me!” And Sunday high tea was officially ruined.

The really sad thing is I went through all of that when really all I had to do is show her Nanette Burstien’s new full length feature documentary “The Creators” for YouTube. Granted, the doc itself won’t hit the net till March but the trailer is up now and it’s already getting a ton of press. Marketing Magazine in the UK featured it on its website while The Sunday Times actually featured it in its style section this week. Pretty impressive considering the film is still one month away.

Regardless, check out the trailer above and keep your eyes peeled for more news to come about YouTube’s “The Creators” documentary.


Big Ups to Nanette Burstein for taking home first place at the 8th Annual Cinema Eye Honors. This past year Nanette shot an enthralling documentary for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series in which she interviews Tonya Harding about the infamous 1994 attack on Nancy Kerrigan (trailer above).

If you haven’t seen this doc yet do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s on Netflix Instant right at this moment. You have to watch it. Right now. I’m serious. Open a new tab on your browser, copy and paste this, then you’ll see a screen with a bunch movies on in. In the top right hand corner copy and paste this The Price of Gold in the search bar. Click Play. Thank me later.


Everybody catch Nanette’s 30 for 30 doc, “The Price of Gold” last night? If not, fret not, there will be encore showings throughout the next week (the next one airing Sunday at 7:30 ET, 4:30 PT on ESPN). In the meantime did a lovely piece on the doc which you can peep here. Also this morning Nanette graces the cover of New York Magazine (see above). Pick up a copy today and find out who the hottest Doc Director in town is. Spoiler Alert: It’s her.


Nanette’s Google ad “Jess Time” is such a beautiful peice of work we can’t stop talking about it even a year later. As part of the Art Directors Club’s new “Behind the Cube” initiative, Agency Spy sat down with Jesse Juriga and Jessica Brillhart, part of the team behind the spot, to discuss how it was constructed and how they managed to fit such real, earnest emotions into 60 seconds of TV time. If you’re like me and you love this spot, you’re definitely going to want to check this out.


Hungry Man set the 3rd annual Ciclope Festival ablaze this week racking up three awards and earning five finalist nods in a variety of categories, such as…

Silver – Grey Poupon “The Chase” by Bryan Buckley

Bronze – Comedy Central “Siesta” by Bryan Buckley

Finalist – Geico “Hump Day” by Wayne McClammy

Finalist – Nike Golf “No Cup Is Safe” by Wayne McClammy

Visual Effects
Finalist – Geico “Hump Day” by Wayne McClammy

Finalist – Google “Jess Time” by Nanette Burstein

Music Video
Finalist – “Marx Was Santa Claus!” by Carlão Busato, Gualter Pupo, & João Caetano Feyer

Live Experience
Bronze – “aMAZEme” by Gualter Pupo

A little bit about the Ciclope Festival

Unlike most advertising festivals, CICLOPE focuses on the art of execution, rather than the agencies’ ideas. Whether it’s a TV commercial, a mobile app or an interactive installation, they truly believe a good execution is as important as the idea, and extremely determinant for the consumer´s experience.

In short? Well done everyone! This is a great day for Hungry Man.

Congratulations to Nanette Burstein and Bryan Buckley for their Emmy Nominations!

Nanette’s “Jess Time” for Google and Bryan’s “The Chase” for Grey Poupon were both nominated for Emmys at this year’s award ceremony for Outstanding Commercial. Of the four nominees Hungry Man took two of the spots (or 50% of the nominations for those of you who prefer your stats as percentages).

We hear at Hungry Man couldn’t be prouder. Well done all.

Thursday, April 6th marked the 11th Annual AICP Awards Show in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, also known fondly as, “Ad Prom”! We are proud to announce the winnings for directors Bryan Buckley, Nanette Burstein and Max Joseph. See below for the full list of Hungry Man winners. Congrats to team Hungry Man!
Bryan Buckley- Grey Poupon- “The Chase”
Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 5.31.20 PM
Nanette Burstein-Google Chrome-“Jess Time”
Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 5.32.22 PM
  Max Joseph-Rainforest Alliance – “Follow the Frog”
Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 5.35.48 PM

Performance Dialogue:
Nanette / Google Chrome / Jess Time
Bryan/ Grey Poupon/ The Chase 
Agency Art Direction:
Bryan/ Grey Poupon/ The Chase 
Cause Marketing:
Max Joseph/ Rainforest Alliance / Follow the Frog

The prestigious AICP awards show is right around the corner and we are excited to announce the selection of several of our works for the shortlist! The AICP is taking place this year during the week of June 4th. Take a look at the list below to see the nominated gems.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 5.21.53 PM



Bryan Buckley’s Oscar premiere commercial, “The Chase” for Grey Poupon has been nominated in the follow categories.

Agency Art Direction, Copywriting, Editorial, Humour, Performance Dialogue, Visual Style, Viral /Web films

Max Joseph’s PSA for the Rainforest Alliance, “Follow The Frog” has been nominated in the following categories.

Copywriting, Editorial

Nanette Burstein’s heartfelt spot for Google Chrome, “Jess Time” has been nominated in the following category.

Performance Dialogue

Our collaboration with Droga5 and Hennessy captured the essence of professional boxer Manny Pacquiao throughout the streets of the Phillipines. “Manny” has been nominated for best “Original Music”.

Last but not least comes Director Gualter Pupo and artist Marcos Saboya’s impressive 250,000 book maze that premiered at the London Olympics 2012. The project teamed up with OXFAM to donate books to charity.  “aMAZEme” was nominated for a NEXT Award in the Experiential category.

Here at Hungry Man, we’ve got QUITE the voracious appetite. When we heard the ONE SHOW finalists had been announced you can best believe we were hungry for those little silver, bronze and gold pencils. We’ve got quite a few spots up in the running for the coveted pencils, take a look below to see the Hungry Man nominees or visit the site by clicking here. Congratulations to Hungry Man!

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.55.14 AM



Public Service Integrated Branding Campaign

Steve Bendelack/ Grey London/ British Heart Foundation / Minni Vinnie

Consumer TV :60 Single

Nanette Burstein / Google Creative Lab / Google / Jess Time

Bryan Buckley / Saatchi and Saatchi NY / Tide / Miracle Stain

Consumer TV : 30 Single

Wayne McClammy / The Martin Agency / Basket / Geico

Consumer TV Over :60 Single

Wayne McClammy / 72 and Sunny/ The Replacer / Call of Duty

Non Broadcast Online

James Gooding/ Droga 5 / White Paper / Puma

Bryan Buckley / CPB / The Chase / Grey Poupon

Branded Content Online

James Gooding / Droga 5 / White Paper / Puma

Integrated Branding -Consumer Campaign

Bryan Buckley/ Cpb / Pardon Me / Grey Poupon

Out of Home – Transit & Installations – Single

Project /Ogilvy Brasil / Coca Cola / Sprite Shower




Wayne McClammy / 72 and Sunny / Activision Publishing / Call of Duty: Black Ops II – The War of the future


Bryan Buckley / CP + B / Grey Poupon / The Chase

Interactive Advertising – Environmental / Experiential – Single

Projects / Ogilvy Brazil / Coca Cola / Sprite Shower







I’m not too good at math, but I think that’s good.

Check out Hank and Nanette’s Macy’s and Google spots respectively on Adweek’s site.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Nanette’s newest ad for Google out of BBH NY premiered during the MTV Video Music Awards Show.

The heartwarming spot, “Jess Time” surrounds a college freshman’s interactions with her father via GOOGLE during

her first year away from school.  Watch the spot and let us know what you think on our Facebook or Twitter!


Seems like 11 year old Denise Bestman really does “have it all”! Nanette Burstein’s spot for Target gets some love from “Good Morning America” after airing on the Grammys!!!


2011 would have been a lot less fun without the work of Hungry Man. The Baldwin-Krasinski New Era showdown, directed by Bryan Buckley and created out of The Brooklyn Brothers, was hands down one of year’s most entertaining campaigns. Buckley also let us “Watch Any Device on Conan,” for TBS and continued to show his chimp-flavored finesse with another Super Bowl spot for Career Builder, “Parking Lot.”


Buckley also teamed up with Hank Perlman on a pair of high-action laffers for TNT out of Grey, N.Y., “Don’t Miss a Second,” every bit of which you really shouldn’t miss, and “Wherever You Go,” which starred Timothy Hutton as lead spy guy.


Brian Billow contributed his own funny moments to The Martin Agency’s “Shopping List” campaign for Walmart, including a can’t-miss scene featuring armpits, while Taika Waititi turned out some major longform moves, including the hilarious Sour Patch Kids’ “World Gone Sour” music video out of Mother New York, which gave a taste of what happens when Sour Patch Kids don’t get chomped, a hilarious teaser to the agency’s upcoming video game with the same theme. He also brought more musical levity to Cadbury, with a four-minute underwater serenade to swimmer Rebecca Adlington.


Other fun turns came out of South America, including the Carlao Busato– directed “Drunk Valet,” Ogilvy Brazil’s latest smart move against drunk driving, for Bar Aurora and Boteca Ferraz, which cleverly employed the services of an “intoxicated” valet.

Read the Creativity article here.