We realize most of you are going to be familiar with actor Jonathan Banks from his role as Mike Ehrmantraut on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, but he’s got a new role that threatens to eclipse his oh-so-loveable and gregarious AMC alter ego. In Ric Cantor’s latest ads for Fram, Banks takes on the role of Frampa, “…the salty sage teaching the next generation of DIYers to do right by their cars…” as The Drum puts it. They picked the spots as their Ad of the Day and got a great interview with Jon Laughlin, writer and creative director at Laughlin Constable. We highly recommend checking out the ads and interview HERE.


According to NPD Group nearly 31 Million Americans skip breakfast each and every morning. That’s roughly 10% of the United States population not eating what experts have called for decades the most important meal of the day. Well Ric Cantor and McDonald’s are here to show you why this is a very bad idea.

Check out the ad above or over on Creativity Online.


Ric Cantor’s spot “Hello” for the New Zealand Transport Agency can’t be stopped. After taking Cannes by storm, this week it’s back in New Zealand taking home an Axis Award. The Axis Awards “celebrate the very best advertising in New Zealand.” I think “Hello” qualifies. If you haven’t seen this PSA yet (and at this point I don’t know how you could miss it) check it out above.

Congrats Ric!


Stressing over work? Missing the relaxation of the holidays? Ric Cantor knows how you feel. He’s teamed up with Vicks in an effort to help you tune out that nagging voice in your head that has you wondering if you put the proper cover on the TPS reports. Don’t worry about the TPS reports. You got the memo. Everything is fine. Let Ric’s Vicks lull you into a peaceful night’s sleep.


If you like inanimate objects talking then Ric Cantor’s latest ad for Savills is the one for you! Personally, ever since I saw Toy Story I often fear that my belongings can hear me and, frankly, I find this new spot quite unnerving. The commercial finds a couple returning from a day of house hunting and it truly takes the phrase “This house speaks to me” to a concerning level.


The jury is in, literally, and Hungry Man has walked away from Cannes with 4 Lions for 10 spots. As reported last week, Ric Cantor took home a Gold Lion for his spot Hello with the New Zealand Transport Agency, and then this weekend Nanette brought home a Silver Lion for her Microsoft spot Make What’s Next, and Wayne McClammy took home a Bronze Lion for his Madden Season music video as well as a Silver Lion for his Geico It’s What You Do campaign, featuring Check, Countdown, Directions, Fisherman, Reunion, Spy, and Whisper.

We are astoundingly proud of our winners this year, but also for our record breaking number of shortlisted spots. Here’s a

quick once over of every Hungry Man spot Cannes felt deserved attention:

Cyber Lions

Nanette Burstein – Lean Cuisine “#WeighThis”

Glass Lions

Nanette Burstien – Microsoft “Make What’s Next”

Direct Lions

Ric Cantor – New Zealand Transport Agency “Hello”

Film Lions

Conor Byrne

– Crystal Pepsi “The 92nd Floor”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Bees”

Dave Laden – Snapple “King of Hearts”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Telegraph”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Break Room”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Cafeteria”

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions – Talent: Sports

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Film Craft – Direction

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”

Film Craft – Visual Effects

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”


Ric Cantor has taken home a Gold Lion from Cannes!

Didn’t want to bury the lead there. Ric Cantor is now the proud owner of a golden Cannes Lion award for his brilliant spot “Hello” from the New Zealand Transport Agency. If you haven’t seen it yet definitely check it out, because not only is it a hilariously awkward little film, but it’s also an invaluable public service announcement. Don’t let your friends text and drive. Do anything to stop them… ANYTHING. Clearly that message and the method through which Ric conveyed it resonated with the Cannes judges because they bestowed upon him one of the highest honors a commercial director can receive.

Brilliant spot. Brilliant message. Brilliant execution. Congratulations, Ric!


TGIF everybody! Not because the weekend is upon us (though a weekend replete with hockey playoffs isn’t anything to scoff at) but rather because Friday is the day that AdForum releases its list of the Top 5 Ads in the World. This week’s number 2 ad comes as no surprise, Ric Cantor’s Mr Kipling spot “Slide Show.” If you haven’t seen this one yet you should know it’s the most safe for work NSFW ad you’ll ever see.

Congratulations Ric and everybody have a great weekend (especially the Los Angeles Kings).


Ric Cantor is helming the new relaunch of Premier Foods brand Mr. Kipling with the most safe for work NSFW spot you’ll see this year. Ric deftly demonstrates why anytime somebody asks me if I want to see their honeymoon pictures I always respond with an emphatic, “Absolutely I do.” Granted, this has resulted in me seeing a lifetime’s worth of people holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but every once in a while Ric’s Kipling spot comes to life! Check the commercial out above and be sure to read the article Campaign wrote up about the rebranding.


Cell phones distracting drivers is a global issue. Last year alone there were 1.6 million car accidents caused by cell phone distractions but, unfortunately, that message is not getting across to drivers. The stats for accidents just keeps rising. Nothing seems to work, not government agencies flatly stating statistics, not warnings on GPS and certain cell phone apps, not even Werner Herzog’s terrifying voice explaining the dangers of texting and driving in an all-too-real short documentary. Drivers just don’t seem to be taking this threat seriously, so that’s exactly the new strategy Ric Cantor and the New Zealand Transport Authority have decided to attack this problem with: not taking it seriously.

Ric’s hilarious new spot for NZTA sends a different message aimed not at distracted drivers but rather at their also-at-risk passengers. It’s clear drivers themselves aren’t going to be safe, so you, as the passenger, need to make them, even if that means making things a little… ahem… uncomfortable. Check out the spot that AdWeek calls “devilishly good” above.


I think by now we can all agree, cancer is a son of a bitch. Walk down any street in the world and you’d be hard pressed to find one person who hasn’t been directly or indirectly, through family members or friends, affected by this d-bag of a disease. And it’s that universality, that sense of community reacting to the Hitler of all life-threatening diseases, that has teamed up Modern Family’s Julie Bowen and Hungry Man’s Ric Cantor on the latest round of Stand Up 2 Cancer spots. The message is simple, we’re all affected by it so let’s all get together and do something about it, and in a thirty second spot with nearly no dialogue Ric conveys this notion beautifully (and Julie still manages to make us giggle in an ad about cancer).

So in summation, well done Mr. Cantor and kiss our asses, cancer!… though not literally. Colon Cancer doesn’t seem like a fun way to spend one’s October.

Everybody’s talking about Ric’s newest ad for the Labour Party (notice that’s an “O-U-R”, i.e. we’re talking UK politics here for all the Yankees in the audience). The spot is called “The Uncredible Shrinking Man,” and it makes some pretty bold declarations about life and times in English politics. So incendiary is this short film that it currently has almost every outlet in the UK talking about it. Take a look at the gallery of press above and then give the spot a watch HERE. Decide for yourself whether you agree or disagree.