Ricardo Mehedff’s first feature film, Inner Court, will make its debut at the Boston International Film Festival next month. The picture is a “film noir psychological drama” that centers around a judge presiding over a sensitive corruption case who must remain locked in his office after receiving death threats. As Ricardo puts it, it’s a study of the “institutions corrupted in their essence.” It’s an absolutely amazing film and we highly suggest anyone in the greater Boston area go check it out. You can find the trailer above and more info here at the Boston International Film Fest website.


Women’s issues are at the forefront of all of our minds right now. From reproductive rights, to bathroom rights, to the first potential female U.S. President… But nobody seems to be talking about the foremost important issue. Nobody, that is, but Ricardo Mehedff. Ricardo is here for you, ladies, because he knows that what you desire even more than an equal wage is to get your damn beer when you order one. Ricardo’s spot “Yes We Beer” is less of a commercial and more of a PSA: We all love beer, even and especially women. It’s 2016, gentlemen, and women can order any drink they damn well please.

So check out his spot, and if you’re a waiter and/or bartender and a lady asks you for a beer? You bring her the beer. Stat.


You remember that one kid in grade school — it was always the same kid — who would inevitably every single class ask to borrow someone’s pencil? Well after this week’s One Show Awards, Hungry Man has many pencils to spare.

For those who may not get that joke, the One Show awards its recipients pencils and this week Hungry Man took home a plethora of number twos, starting with Wayne McClammy taking home a total of 4 pencils as well as 6 merits in these categories for these spots:

Consumer :30 TV SINGLE
Geico “Whisper” – SILVER PENCIL
Geico “Final Countdown” – MERIT
Geico “South pole” – MERIT
Geico “Fisherman” – MERIT

Geico “It’s What You Do” – GOLD PENCIL

Geico “Final Countdown” – MERIT
Geico “Whisper” – MERIT

Call of Duty: Black Ops III “Seize Glory” – MERIT

That’s a lotta lead! But we weren’t done. After Wayne filled his pencil pouch it was Ricardo Mehedff’s turn with his Pedigree spot First Days Out which won a bronze pencil in the CSR Advertising category and was also honored in other categories like Integrated Branding, Innovation Brand Transformation, Digital, Film/Online, and Branded Social Post.

Well done, Wayne and Ricardo!


Happy Tuesday, folks! I come bearing more One Show Award announcements.

I know. I know. I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t Wayne already win, like, forty-seven of these?” That is hyperbolically accurate. But another Hungry Man director also took home a One Show pencil.

No surprise here, Ricardo Mehedff’s Pedigree spot “First Days Out” won a bronze pencil in the CSR Advertising category. He was also honored in other categories like Integrated Branding, Innovation Brand Transformation, Digital, Film/Online, and Branded Social Post.

Not too shabby, guys. Seriously, though, if you haven’t seen Ricardo’s Pedigree spot check it out above. It truly is heartwarming and there’s no wonder why it’s taken home every possible branded content award.

Well done, Ricardo!


Clio Awards kicked off this week with their first wave of winners and Hungry Man made the list several times over in the Film/Product category. Hank took home a Bronze for his Amazon spot where Gary Busey talks to things, strategically entitled, “Talking to Things.” Ricardo also took home a Bronze for his Pedigree spot “First Days Out.” We are waiting with bated breath for them to announce that he’s won the gold in the Social Media category, so stay tuned for that one. And finally Wayne McClammy took home the silver for his Madden spot “Madden Season” starring Dave Franco and Kevin Hart.

We are deeply proud of the recognition our directors are receiving for their tireless efforts and look forward to some more big announcements throughout the rest of the week.


More huge news out of Cannes, Ricardo Mehedff brought home the Bronze Lion for his Pedigree spot “First Days Out.” He won in the brand new Heath and Wellness – Film Craft – Direction category but what he should’ve won in was the Make Me Cry Harder Than I Did At The End Of Marley & Me category. I’m not sure if Cannes has that category but if they don’t they should start it.

Congratulations to Ricardo on the win. He fully deserves it for his heart-melting, visually-arresting mini-doc.

Author’s note: I did not even notice the pun in that last sentence until after I posted this. I regret nothing.


The Cannes Short List is out and like a group of hipsters at a Mumford and Sons concert, we are all over it.

In the category of branded content we have:

Wayne’s EA Sports Madden Season
Ricardo’s Pedigree First Days Out
Chris Woods’ Canadian Safe School Network Kids Read Mean Tweets
and Conor Byrne’s Skittles spot Struck By A Rainbow.

In the Film category Conor is short listed for Struck by a Rainbow as well as Wayne for his Skittles Web spot.

In the Film Craft category Dave Laden is short listed for his NASCAR America, It’s Time For A Gutcheck spot.

And Ricardo’s First Days Out is nominated again in the Titanium & Integrated section.

Ya know, they say it’s just an honor to be short listed for this type of stuff and they’re absolutely right. It is an honor and we are so very proud. And we’ll be just as proud when all of these guys take home the gold lions for these spots because, I mean, look at ‘em. They’re amazing. Winning these lions will be the second funnest thing one can do on the Cannes Red Carpet.


Nominations were announced for this year’s Professionals of the Year Awards in Brazil and it came as no surprise that João Caetano Feyer is one of the finalists. He’s received a lot of recognition for his wonderful Bomnegocio.com spots. You may have seen them. They’re commercials where furniture grows talking heads. Hard to miss. The category in which he’s nominated is the National Commercial Film category.

The winners aren’t announced until October so we’ll have to remain on the edge of our respective seats until then…. hopefully said seats don’t start talking to us but if they do we know who to turn to.


The 2015 D&AD Awards were held in London last night and Hungry Man’s got more pencils than a Bic warehouse! We took more lead than Sonny Corleone at a toll booth. We made more pencils disappear than The Joker!

… I think three is enough.

Let’s go down the list:

Bryan Buckley et al nabbed a Graphite Pencil for Special Effects in Film Advertising with his Marionette DirecTV commercials.

Ricardo Mehedff’s CNA “Speaking Exchange” crew took home a Yellow Pencil, two Graphite Pencils, and a Wooden Pencil for Digital Tools & Utilities, Direct Response Digital, Innovative Use of Technology, and Advertising & Marketing Communications respectively.

Taika Waititi took home a Wooden Pencil for his Air New Zealand spot “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever” under the category of Tactical Branded Film Content & Entertainment.

And Amnesia won a Graphite in the Use of Music for Film Advertising category for their Mix Brazil spot “Everyone is Gay.”

Congratulations to all of you gentlemen. You deserve every one of these and may you always bring home more writing utensils than Jon Stewart in “The Faculty.”


We here at Hungry Man make no apologies for touting all of the wonderful spots our directors have made over the last few years. We have humble-bragged our way into all of your feeds extolling the virtues of our many talented directors, and we do not take any of them back nor do we regret one single hyperbolic declaration of quality…

However, every once in a while a lone spot stands out amongst the rest as important and today that spot is Ricardo Mehedff’s “First Day Out” for Pedigree. It seems odd to describe branded content as “important” but as AdWeek states, “First Day Out” is more than a commercial for dog food, it’s an “immensely moving documentary,” and Creativity Online describes it as “… touchingly directed.” You can read all of the kind things Creativity had to say about it as well as a full interview on AdWeek with Ricardo and his brother, Hungry Man EP, Alex Mehedff. We suggest you check out the interview as well as the commercial. We promise it’s something you won’t soon forget.


We here at Hungry Man understand that sometimes hearing about the same spots winning awards over and over and over again can get tedious. We do. We understand and we sympathize. That’s why we’re not going to go into the fact that Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro’s spot “Speaking Exchange” for CNA took home more awards this week at the El Ojo advertising festival in Buenos Aries. We’re not gonna talk about it. There’s absolutely no reason to tell you the categories in which they won because it would just look like a stupidly long list of awards won, like this:

Grand Prix Direct – Best Fidelity Action and Brand Engagement (Agency)
GOLD – Branded content (Hungry Man)
GOLD – Best Integrated Production (Hungry Man)
SILVER – Best Direction – Non Conventional Format (Hungry Man)
SILVER – Internet Commercials (Hungry Man)

Like, who wants to look at that laundry list of accomplishments? Nobody. Because at this point after the Cannes and Clios we know you’re tired of hearing about how AMAZING this spot is and how many people LOVE it. That’s why we’re simply going to post the spot itself above and ask you to give it a watch. It’s a lovely little piece that a lot people seem to dig.



Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro’s commercial, Speaking Exchange for CNA has officially taken home silver and gold at the 55th annual Clio Awards. They received silver in the Film category and gold in the Content category. They have also taken home a Black Star at the Creative Club of Sao Paulo Festival. Hungry Man is the only production company to be given the Black Star twice, the last time was in 2012 for Santa’s Forgotten Letters.

If you folks haven’t seen Speaking Exchange spot yet do yourselves a favor and give it a watch. Not only is it well shot and well constructed, but it’s a beautiful story. It’s no wonder this commercial is winning over so many people’s minds and hearts.

Well done, gentlemen. I’m sure there is more to come.


Good news out of South America today! Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro’s spot “Speaking Exchange” for CNA is a finalist at the Clio Awards in no less than four categories:

Content & Contact

The Clio’s are one of the world’s most recognized international awards competition for advertising, design, digital, and communications so needless to say, this is an honor and a half. Thank you to the Clio Awards and good luck to Ricardo and Pinheiro come October 1st. We know you’re going to bring home that Hungry Man gold!


With Cannes officially over it’s easy to take stock of the amount of awards Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro’s spot for CNA, “Speaking Exchange” has brought home. It’s a nice round double-digit number. Count ’em with me…

3 Gold
3 Silver
4 Bronze

Bravo. The Count couldn’t have done it better himself.

Major congratulations are in order for Ricardo and Fabio. They have made the Top Ten most awarded campaigns at Cannes this year. They have done amazing work and it’s refreshing to see such an effort rewarded so generously. Well done, gentlemen.


Hungry Man’s first big news out of Cannes this week comes via our Brazil office. Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro are both taking home awards for their heartwarming CNA spot “Speaking Exchange.” The spot has thus far garnered THREE gold lions, THREE silver, and THREE bronze which really kicks off Cannes week with a bang. On top of that we already know Gualter Pupo’s Kibon commercial ”Raise the Roof” is shortlisted for the Outdoor category so… Yeah… Not a bad start for Hungry Man here in France.

Congrats to Ricardo, Fabio, and Gulater. Stay tuned for more Cannes love.