Hungry Man’s resident cineaste is back at it again with a new commercial for Aldi. Richard Bullock has his camera trained on the children of Mini Roos, Australia’s largest football [soccer] program for kids. The spot is called “Keep Them Playing” and its message centers around keeping Australia’s youth out in the yard, in the parks, in the dirt fields playing football. The message is wonderfully poignant but the visuals, in classic Bullock fashion, are so viscerally engaging that you’d think Terrance Malick had quit Texas, moved to Australia, and gotten into commercials.

Good on ya, Richard. And keep them kids playing, Australia!


We here at Hungry Man have no illusions about where we fit in the world of advertising. We’re funny. From our inception Hungry Man has made a name for itself coming up with new and innovative ways to get you to chuckle. But behind it all we have always had filmmakers like Richard Bullock out there doing the emotional work. The forward-thinking work. And I never knew quite how to describe his affect on this company until this week, when The Stable wrote an article entirely devoted to Richard and his position as Judge at this year’s D&AD Awards. In the article they describe Bullock in the most apt and succinct way I’ve ever heard, as “The moral rudder” of the design and advertising business. It was one of those revelations that makes you step back and really appreciate the elegance of the imagery. Richard Bullock is a moral rudder. While the rest of us are out there trying to go viral or trying to make people laugh while urging them to make desired purchases, Richard Bullock has been in the back of it all making sure we never sail too far off course. Always reminding us that, though there is importance in laughter, there’s more to this world than the rest of us are frequently focused on.

It’s an excellent article. You can check it out here. Moral rudder only scratches the surface of what The Stable unearthed in their one-on-one, but if you’ve ever wondered what kind of person sits in judgement at some of the largest advertising awards shows on earth, give a read to Richard Bullock’s interview in The Stable.


Here we are, folks. We are down to the final four teams of the 2016 NCAA Championship. Anybody have a perfect bracket? We had UNC Wilmington going all the way so that one did not go according to plan. BUT, I’ll tell ya, regardless of whether you’re beating your friends or cursing Duke’s name every night before you go to sleep, we can be sure the real winners of this championship are the athletes playing in this year’s Coaches vs. Cancer basketball game. Every year Infiniti hosts a game featuring 2 NCAA coaches and 14 cancer survivors to show the world what it means to be a survivor. We suggest you definitely check out the game today on Final Four Friday, and if you want to see what working with these coaches is like for the players click play on Richard Bullock’s short doc above. Inspiring barely even covers it.

Go Seahawks.

Co-Sponsored by African Heartland Journeys and Hungry Man, The Big Green eMachine has been venturing across some of the most difficult terrain in Chinsta to bring technology to schools with little power source or space to house computers. The eMachine has a 10 laptop computer setup so that school children can learn by day and adults can log on at night.

Hungry Man’s very own Richard Bullock & Matt Buels played a key part in its creation and pop back to visit from time to time.

Friends of Chintsa spear­headed the fundraising and project man­age­ment of the “Big Green e-​Machine” which is the areas first 4×4 mobile computer lab for the Southern Wild Coast.

Above are some pictures capturing the Big Green E-machine in action and feel free to donate to the Friends of Chintsa charity that runs the day to day operations. It’s a damn good cause and every little bit helps.


Hungry Man has some new work about football, and for once we’re not talking American football, we’re talking… well… everybody else in the world’s football.

Richard Bullock has a brand new short documentary out about FC Barcelona (football club, for those uninitiated). It’s got the heart of a sports doc combined with the science of a pit crew squeezing every mph out of their car. It’s a fascinating piece of filmmaking and even if you’re not a football [soccer] fan, even if you don’t speak the language, even if you think the name Leo Messi refers to DiCaprio and his scraggle-beard in The Revenant, you’re gonna want to watch this doc. It’s fascinating from a sports angle, a science angle, and from a nature angle (those pitches are, like, REALLY green). Well done, Richard.

You can catch the trailer above and the full doc right HERE.

Adweek profiled Richard Bullock’s Climate Reality Project PSA in today’s Adfreak column. They loved it, calling it “stirring” and “effective”, and said the speakers “convincingly claim the moral authority” using “just the right tone, firm but respectful.” Click through to read the profile, including an interview with director Richard Bullock.

Check out this just released, moving spot from Richard Bullock for the Climate Reality Project:


The spot, “Open Letter”, is an appeal to world leaders meeting for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change to take action now. The appeal is plainly spoken, directly to camera from people around the world impacted by climate change including Al Gore, Ed Norton, and Richard Branson.


Creativity Online aren’t the only one’s noticing Richard Bullock’s work with Didier Drogba for Turkish Airlines. Adweek and Campaign are chiming in already with their own mentions! Adweek in particular loved the “visual flair”, in particular the “colorful, hand painted sets”.

Click through to Adweek and Campaign to read more!


People are raving about Richard Bullock’s latest spot for Turkish Airlines. They feature soccer superstar Didier Drogba and explain just how you make a Didier. Spoiler alert: it ain’t sittin’ around on your ass playin’ video games. Creativity Online got in on the love, calling the spot “an exuberant 60-second feast” and predicting that it too could be yet another viral hit for Turkish Airlines.

Congrats to Richard and apologies to every other country on earth for us still calling football soccer. Don’t blame us. Blame Roger Goodell.


Looking for a quick weekend jaunt? Richard Bullock has just what you’re looking for in his new spot for Turkish Airlines. No… not Turkey…

Africa, baby!

Now we know what you’re thinking, “I can’t just up and fly to Africa. I have a job. And a mortgage. And a cat.” Well after you watch Richard’s new commercial you’re going to forget all about these so called “responsibilities,” because, let me tell ya, our boy makes Africa look GOOOOOD.

Give the spot a watch above and book your flight to Africa directly thereafter. Trust us, you won’t be sorry.*

*You might be sorry if you quit your job, abandon your mortgage, or orphan your cat… unless your cat is a jerk. In which case it’s all good.


Richard Bullock is back with all new work from Asics. And this time it’s all about Rugby.

Now I know a lot of my fellow Yanks out there don’t have a clue how rugby is played — personally one of my favorite pastimes is going to a sports bar, finding the one TV playing Rugby, and trying to guess the rules as the game is played out before me — but there’s one thing that’s universally understood whether you’re talking about rugby, football, futbal, or hockey, and that is heart. In these Asics spots Bullock conveys the heart this sport takes in such a clear and evocative manner that it transcends country lines and favorite national pastimes. I still don’t understand how the game is played, but damn it if I don’t respect the men that play it and those that stand behind the men that play it (not just because they could kick my ass ten times over).

So give Mr. Bullock’s latest Asics commercials a watch and to all the Americans reading this, the next time you find yourself in a sports bar find the one TV playing rugby and give it a watch. I promise you won’t be sorry.





Ever wonder what it takes to become a top triathlete? Well in Richard Bullock’s new spot for Asics you can find out.

Warning: The following video will either inspire you to get in shape and get your life together, or it will make you want a nap.

You have been warned.


In his latest commercial for Asics, Richard Bullock shows us just what it takes to be a Marathoner.

Nipple Tape?


Trash Bags?


A desire to run a race derived from a Greek soldier’s sprint from Marathon to Athens which ultimately ended up killing said soldier?

….. I think I’ll take the bus.

For all you crazies out there who still run these races, though, this spot’s for you. You’re braver folk than I.

In Richard Bullock’s spot for Omega, Daniel Craig heads to Mongolia with the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital on a journey to give one country sight.



Behold Richard Bullock’s newest spot for Omega Watches. The spot features a reading by Davis Love III, PGA Tour Winner and Ryder Cup 2012 Captain, and was shot by Director of Photography Haris Zambarloukos, DP of such films as Thor and Mama Mia. Zambarloukos, it should be mentioned, is also repped as a commercial director by Hungry Man. Now if we could only relate Richard, Davis, and Haris to Kevin Bacon this six degrees of omega watches will be complete.