We’re nearing the end of January. Is everybody still using their New Year’s resolution gym memberships daily? No? Well, okay, maybe not daily, but every other day? You’re right. That’s too much traffic to fight for a workout. How’s about even weekends of every other month? Yeah. That’s what we thought.

Well prepare to be inspired, ‘cuz Robert Nylund’s got a new Sats spot the message of which is “Train Everywhere.” That’s right, we here at Hungry Man subscribe to the notion that you don’t need a big fancy gym with a three year membership agreement that is absolutely ironclad (sorry, you are NOT getting out of that one). Just hop online and let Sats do all the heavy lifting for you… except… ya know… the actual heavy lifting of weights and such. That you have to do yourself.


Babies hate hipsters. We’re sorry if that offends people but it’s science. They just do. The reason behind such hatred, though, has eluded researchers for years. Is it the suspenders that hold up such tight jeans? Is it the non-prescription glasses that adorn their 20-20 eyeballs? Or perhaps it’s the scent of the sweat-soaked Toms riding their feet.

Turns out it could be none of those things (though we’re not ruling them out as contributing factors). The good folks over at Wilkinson Sword, along with the incomparable Robert Nylund, may have finally solved this age old riddle. Find out for yourself by watching the case study above.


Robert Nylund’s newest spot for Intersport has made it to Shots.net. If you have a subscription you can read the article here. If you don’t have a subscription let me just tell you they call this commercial the greatest one minute of film since Orson Welles uttered the word “Rosebud.” They said every human being on earth needs to watch this commercial with the attention they would give the sonogram of their first born child. Shots.net said of Robert Nylund’s Intersport commercial that if D. W. Griffith were alive today he would line up himself, Thomas Ince, Charlie Chaplin, and Sergei Eisenstein and let Robert Nylund slap each of them across the face for not doing enough to further the medium of motion pictures.

That’s what Shots.net said about Robert Nylund’s newest spot for Intersport if you don’t have a subscription to the website.*

*one or more statements above may include embellishments by the author of this post


That unnamed robot from Lost in Space

One aspect of the future as has always been defined by pop culture has been the ability to talk to our technology. Well, folks, we’re there. Now you can talk to the Google. Check out Robert Nylund’s newest ad for Google and see just how UK citizens are going to be able to chat it up with England’s own disembodied, all-knowing voice.

I just hope she can’t voice my search history aloud. Then it might be time to ask her to sing “Daisy Bell.”

Check out this feature on new Hungry Man directors Axel Laubscher and Robert Nylund. They explain how they give that special Swedish flavor to their work. One highlight:

Robert hasn’t got the million-dollar answer either. But he knows when a commercial’s heading in the wrong direction. “When you’re on the set and you’re shooting a supposedly funny scene and everybody starts laughing on the set, that’s when it turns out shit,” he says. Maybe that’s part of it – recognising that it’s all about context. “On the set it’s theatre,” he muses. But nobody’s laughing when you’re in the editing room watching the jokes flop.

The problem is you don’t know what will be funny until you see it executed. A script can be hilarious, but without the right director, it won’t get a laugh. Axel talks about getting a good script: “The first goal is to get there – to that vision, idea or feeling or something and I think the way Robert and I work is you hope something more is going to happen. If you just do what you thought was going to happen then that’s OK, but if it feels like that extra magic didn’t happen. I feel like our job is not only to invite everybody to the party. Everybody has food and they’re sitting next to each other and all having a good time, but it’s got to be more than that.

“It’s like ‘Yeah, it’s all there. He came into the room and he fell on the banana peel and hit his head and then he held up the product.’ OK. That’s what the storyboard said. But was that funny?”

Check out the link for more!