World Cup of Hockey starts today folks! And with that in mind Scotty Vincent’s back with an all new WCoH ad featuring legendary hockey player and former Gretzky coach, Barry Melrose. The spot features WCoH darling Reg Carling explaining to Barry what it really means to be a Camerican. What? You mean you don’t know either? Well you better click play on the spot above and afterwards be sure to click on over to ESPN to check out the world’s greatest hockey players battling it out.


Have we all been keeping up with the NHL Playoffs? I know you have, so I know you’ve seen Washington Capital Nicklas Bäckström cleaning up out there on the ice. Nicklas was kind enough to take a break from dominating the National Hockey League to sit down and have a chat with Reg Carling in order to talk specifics about this year’s impending World Cup of Hockey including whose seats are and are not comped. Check out Scott Vincent’s latest in the video above and be sure to root for Bäckström and the Caps tomorrow night.


If you’ve been watching the Stanley Cup Finals lately (and we know you have since you’re all fine citizens of the world) you may have seen Scott Vincent’s ads for The World Cup of Hockey, the latest of which features Boston Bruin Patrice Bergeron. For those not aware, the World Cup of Hockey is a best-on-best international hockey championship set for September. It will feature eight teams made up of more than 150 of the best players in the NHL. But that’s in September. Right now, Scotty V’s shooting spot after spot with the hottest hockey players in the league. Check out Patrice’s commercial in which he shows off his many, many awards…


In Scott Vincent’s latest spot for Cox Cable we see just how far a certain Mom will go to be cool. Spoiler alert: it’s really friggin’ far. 

If there are any Mothers out there who don’t want to alienate their children take notes on what not to do. That said, we think it’s hilarious to make our progeny as uncomfortable as possible in social situations so if you decide to go the other way, god speed. 


Scott Vincent’s got a new spot from Ad Council. Now we know what you’re thinking. Ad Council? Are they gonna be slingin’ messages at me and makin’ me think about my fellow man? Yes Mr. Cynic. They are. But it’s a Scotty V spot, so these heartfelt messages are gonna be delivered in a bouquet of yucks. Indeed, these Ad Council spots always manage to find a way to keep you laughing while also gently suggesting you keep an eye out for the little guy. And, actually, in this spot “the little guy” is literal.

Well done, Scott. Keep the good vibes comin’!


It’s the most exciting time of the year for Major League Baseball fans! Game three of the 2015 World Series happens tomorrow night and fans the world ‘round get to watch the Royals and the Mets battle it out for American Past Time Supremacy. It’s also exciting for another group of fans, though. The MLB is the founding donor for Stand Up 2 Cancer who, together with Scott Vincent, recently shot a series of spots that highlight some of MLB’s biggest stars as well as children who have survived or are currently battling cancer. More than 163,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year worldwide and this is Major League Baseball’s chance to spread the word and get people thinking about, as well as donating to, the fight against cancer. The MLB itself has donated nearly $40 million towards cancer research to date and, though that is a very impressive sum, it isn’t nearly enough. So please kick back tomorrow, grab some snacks, and watch the game, but when Scotty’s SU2C spots roll at various times throughout the game, maybe hop on over to SU2C.org and toss a little coin their way. If you do, I guarantee you, regardless of the score of the game, everybody wins.


We’ve all heard the adage, “Behind every great man there’s a great woman.” I bet you didn’t know that still applied to that moment when you walk into a Dairy Queen and see a grown man screaming at the top of his lungs as tears flow from his eyes because he’s just eaten yet another jalapeño bacon Flamethrower cheeseburger.

Greatness comes in many forms.


We know none of our readers would ever forget about Mother’s Day so we would have no reason to remind everybody to please take care of your mothers this weekend. It’s obvious to all that we should help our mothers relax this Sunday. Kick up their feet. And we certainly don’t need to use Scott Vincent’s latest KFC spot to remind you to treat your mothers to their favorite meal. We know you already know this, we’re just saying to say it…

… seriously though, Mother’s Day is Sunday. Don’t forget.


Parents! Beware! The word is out!

As is evident in Scott Vincent’s new commercial for KFC, kids everywhere are quickly discovering that we’ve been keeping the good shit from them all along. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, allow your children to see these commercials or it’s possible that they may seek retribution for all those years you weren’t feeding them KFC’s Popcorn nuggets.

You may ask yourself, “Why should I be worried about kids getting even with me?”

-Quickness of youth.
-Can hide in the tiniest of spaces.
-Low centers of gravity.

… I don’t know. Why should you fear them?


Or… well… his new spot does.

Scott’s commercials for Depend are making splashes today (no disgusting pun intended) in the ad world. The spots themselves are wonderful little pieces of inspiration. Like Bill Pullman urging us to fight some aliens or Mel Gibson demanding the Scotts get their freedom, Scott Vincent’s new spots make a passionate, declarative plea for underwear awareness.

That’s not the whole story, however.

As Agency Spy and even the New York Times point out in their articles about the commercials, the way in which the spots were made was quite out of the ordinary. Check out Mr. Vincent’s music video for Depend above and click HERE to read up on how this unusual campaign came to be.


Let’s say a woman leans over to you and informs you that she has Sam in her pants. What would your reaction be? Personally I would ask if this arrangement was consensual but, hey, I’m a humanist.

Give Scott Vincent’s newest spot for Poise a watch and think about your response to said encounter. Who knows how many people around you have Sam in their pants right now.


That’s right, kiddies. Today is the day you’ve been waiting for. It’s finally time to watch Scott Vincent’s newest baby, This is Hot 97. VH1 would describe the show thusly, “Known as the place ‘Where Hip Hop Lives,’ New York’s globally recognized #1 radio station HOT 97 is teaming up with VH1 to take viewers on a behind-the-scenes look into the Big Apple’s go-to destination for Hip Hop and R&B with the debut of This Is HOT 97. Premiering on VH1 March 31 at 10:30 PM ET/ PT, This Is HOT 97 is a 30-minute unscripted comedy series that gives viewers a look inside this iconic radio brand.” Note: “unscripted” not “reality.” There’s definitely some story-telling/comedic artistry at work here so if you love Scott Vincent’s past work (and who doesn’t) be sure to tune into VH1 tonight at 10:30 pm, or you can click HERE to watch it at VH1.com right now.

In the meantime enjoy the taste of This is Hot 97 above.

Out of Leo Burnett Chicago comes director Scott Vincent’s newest ad for Sprint’s “Drive First” app starring Nascar legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.  The smart app automatically blocks and replies to texts while you drive.

A modern take on the Abbot and Costello “Who’s on first?” bit, the joke really runs it’s course on a confused crew member of Dale Earnhardt’s team as he tries to explain the app.

See the spot below or read more here where Creativity has garnered it PICK OF THE DAY.


ESPN turned to Hungry Man’s very own Scotty V this week to discuss Dale Earnhardt Junior and his future as an actor. Much the same way CNN might turn to Neil Degrasse Tyson with questions pertaining to the universe, Marty Smith turned to Scott Vincent to find out just what makes a funny sports spot.


We won’t give the ending of this article away, but we will say several Scott-Vincent-directed sketches make the list and one nearly goes all the way.


Also, on a personal note, many of our staff members here at Hungry Man spent our formative years watching Chappelle’s Show (and by “watching” I mean “quoting with religious zeal”), and this article does an exquisite job summing up exactly why. The show balanced the genius with the sophomoric, public perception vs. self perception, and balanced jokes about racists with jokes about doo-doo butter all the while subverting an entire generation’s understanding about where we stand in this world and why. It also taught us how to invest wisely.

So, in short, good on ya, Scotty V. Good on ya.

Well, it’s the holiday season! Presents! Decorations! Families visiting from all around the world! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Actually, NO. Who am I kidding? Uncles with bad advice, gossipy aunts and bratty,bratty nephews who make it their life goal to say, “I’m not touching you” are more of a reality.

Luckily, Scott Vincent is here to save your sanity this year with some great advice and hilarious spots for KFC out of Draft FCB, Chicago.

Creativity Online showcases Scott’s KFC spots, click on the images for links to the site.


KFC “Aunts”



KFC “Nephews”


KFC “Uncles”