Everyone with access to BBC2 be sure and tune in Christmas Day as well as Boxing Day for Steve Bendelack’s latest hour-long made for TV film, We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story. To this day Dad’s Army is still one of BBC2’s highest-rated shows 40 years after it was first on air and We’re Doomed! tells of the nightmare that was putting it together. The Guardian is calling We’re Doomed! a drama. Independent UK is calling it a comedy. Radio Times is just trying to figure out if it’s AM or FM and Steve Bendelack is just calling it good (we’re inclined to agree with the latter). Definitely check this film out if for no other reason than seeing Shane Richie in army fatigues.


The latest 007 film, Spectre, just passed the $544 million mark worldwide. The film is being hailed as a beautiful send-off for and final farewell to Daniel Craig’s Bond. But with Craig on his way out, the public find themselves pondering one simple immutable question…

Who’s going to be the next Cadbury Milk Tray Man?

I mean, yeah, we’re also wondering who the next Bond will be, but that mystery pales in comparison to that of the Milk Tray Man. Though we don’t have an answer on the Milk Tray Man front just yet, we do have a selection of possible traynees (athankyou) for you to peruse. Robbie Savage, Denise Lewis, Joey Essex, Thom Evans, and Barry from ‘Eastenders’ all take their shot at the title. Do any of them have what it takes? Find out by watching Steve Bendelack’s latest Cadbury short film above.


AdAge is highlighting Steve Bendelack’s Mentos spot “Never Surrender” today. The commercial is amazing, they really point out “Never Surrender’s” goofy, Python-esque humor, but the really impressive thing about this article is the incredible detail in which wirter E.J. Schultz delves regarding Mentos’ campaign strategies old and new. If you’d like a comprehensive timeline of how Mentos got from THIS to Steve’s spot above definitely read the article. Not only does it show much love for Hungry Man but it’s damned informative.

Congrats Steve and thanks E.J. on the well done article.


Anne Bilson of the Telegraph had some nice things to say this week about Steve Bendelack’s films The Leauge of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse and Mr. Bean’s Holiday:

After suffering through the original Bean movie, I had been dreading the sequel. Yet despite my antipathy towards the character (like all right-thinking people, I prefer Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder) the film gradually won me over as Bean’s more obnoxious traits were sidelined in favour of a Tati-esque tour de France. Director of both this and the League of Gentlemen’s film was Steve Bendelack, which bodes well for his next project, The Harry Hill Movie.

But most British film comedy nowadays involves small-screen comedians with no notion of what makes a movie tick. Richard Curtis’s films feel more like collections of cobbled-together skits than properly developed stories (About Time hasn’t yet come out where I live, so I can’t say if that has bucked the trend). The disconnected sketch effect was also evident in Chris Morris’ sporadically hilarious but shambolic Four Lions, and Paul King’s Bunny and the Bull, which felt like three back-to-back episodes of The Mighty Boosh (which made it 70 minutes too long in my book). Andrew O’Connor’s Magicians, with David Mitchell and Robert Webb, and Ricky Gervais’ The Invention of Lying were single sketch ideas stretched out to excruciating feature length.

Thanks Anne!

Here at Hungry Man, we’ve got QUITE the voracious appetite. When we heard the ONE SHOW finalists had been announced you can best believe we were hungry for those little silver, bronze and gold pencils. We’ve got quite a few spots up in the running for the coveted pencils, take a look below to see the Hungry Man nominees or visit the site by clicking here. Congratulations to Hungry Man!

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.55.14 AM



Public Service Integrated Branding Campaign

Steve Bendelack/ Grey London/ British Heart Foundation / Minni Vinnie

Consumer TV :60 Single

Nanette Burstein / Google Creative Lab / Google / Jess Time

Bryan Buckley / Saatchi and Saatchi NY / Tide / Miracle Stain

Consumer TV : 30 Single

Wayne McClammy / The Martin Agency / Basket / Geico

Consumer TV Over :60 Single

Wayne McClammy / 72 and Sunny/ The Replacer / Call of Duty

Non Broadcast Online

James Gooding/ Droga 5 / White Paper / Puma

Bryan Buckley / CPB / The Chase / Grey Poupon

Branded Content Online

James Gooding / Droga 5 / White Paper / Puma

Integrated Branding -Consumer Campaign

Bryan Buckley/ Cpb / Pardon Me / Grey Poupon

Out of Home – Transit & Installations – Single

Project /Ogilvy Brasil / Coca Cola / Sprite Shower




Wayne McClammy / 72 and Sunny / Activision Publishing / Call of Duty: Black Ops II – The War of the future


Bryan Buckley / CP + B / Grey Poupon / The Chase

Interactive Advertising – Environmental / Experiential – Single

Projects / Ogilvy Brazil / Coca Cola / Sprite Shower







A big Congratulations to directors James Gooding and Steve Bendelack for their GOLD win at the Creative Circle Awards last night in London. The GOLD award was given in the “Film—Best Charity category” for the British Heart Foundation campaign this year out of Grey London. The spots were a follow up to 2011’s BHF “No Kissing” spot which starred Vinnie Jones teaching hands only CPR. The winning campaign this year featured actual cardiac arrest survivors who were saved via techniques taught from “No Kissing” as well as a spot targeted towards children and youths called  “Mini Vinnie”. View the spots below. James Gooding directed, “Alan’s Testimonial” and Steve Bendelack is the director of “Mini Vinnie”.


To view the Creative Circle Awards showcase click here.







Following on the heels of  last year’s hilarious and life saving promo for the British Heart Foundation’s “No Kissing” campaign, directors Steve Bendelack and James Gooding each took their turn with a continuation spot for the foundation.

Steve Bendelack directs MINNIE VINNIE, starring a what do you know.. Mini Vinnie Jones teaching youths the proper  procedure and etiquette (“NO KISSING”) of hands only CPR.

James Gooding directs ALAN’S TESTIMONIAL, where an actual survivor of cardiac arrest speaks out about how his life was saved after friends remembered the Vinnie Jones advert and performed CPR on him to the beat of “Stayin Alive.”

Since the launch of last year’s campaign, 28 saved lives have been attributed to CPR techniques taught by Vinnie Jones.  With these two new spots I’m sure the number of  saved lives will go up…as well as the sales of camel trench coats and black turtlenecks.

The Reel and BBC have already begun showcasing these hilarious and life saving spots. Click here to see the original version from hungry man director Wayne McClammy.


Steve Bendelack directs “Minnie Vinnie” and his posse for BHF


James Gooding directs “Alan’s Testimonial” for BHF



It’s Steve Bendelack’s hilarious new BBC 3 prison drama Dead Boss!


2011 would have been a lot less fun without the work of Hungry Man. The Baldwin-Krasinski New Era showdown, directed by Bryan Buckley and created out of The Brooklyn Brothers, was hands down one of year’s most entertaining campaigns. Buckley also let us “Watch Any Device on Conan,” for TBS and continued to show his chimp-flavored finesse with another Super Bowl spot for Career Builder, “Parking Lot.”


Buckley also teamed up with Hank Perlman on a pair of high-action laffers for TNT out of Grey, N.Y., “Don’t Miss a Second,” every bit of which you really shouldn’t miss, and “Wherever You Go,” which starred Timothy Hutton as lead spy guy.


Brian Billow contributed his own funny moments to The Martin Agency’s “Shopping List” campaign for Walmart, including a can’t-miss scene featuring armpits, while Taika Waititi turned out some major longform moves, including the hilarious Sour Patch Kids’ “World Gone Sour” music video out of Mother New York, which gave a taste of what happens when Sour Patch Kids don’t get chomped, a hilarious teaser to the agency’s upcoming video game with the same theme. He also brought more musical levity to Cadbury, with a four-minute underwater serenade to swimmer Rebecca Adlington.


Other fun turns came out of South America, including the Carlao Busato– directed “Drunk Valet,” Ogilvy Brazil’s latest smart move against drunk driving, for Bar Aurora and Boteca Ferraz, which cleverly employed the services of an “intoxicated” valet.

Read the Creativity article here.