If you’re Wayne McClammy and it’s April you win a pencil at the D&AD Awards. It’s what you do.

Yes, indeed, Wayne has taken home yet another D&AD Award for his ever-outstanding work on the Geico “It’s What You Do” campaigns. This year his wooden pencil is in the category of Film Advertising and TV Commercial Campaigns for the spots, Sleeping Beauty, Raccoons, Parrot, and Directions. I don’t even need to say “if you haven’t seen these yet” because if you’re watching any of the NHL playoffs, any of the NBA playoffs, the NFL draft, or anything currently on Hulu you have seen these spots. If you haven’t… well… there’s nothing I can do for ya.

Congrats, Wayne and the Geico Team!


Wayne is back with another Geico “It’s What You Do” spot and this one, if I may, might be the funniest one yet. I know we talk up our spots (it’s what we do) but, my hand to Geico, this one is the best. It’s got a stuntman, the Grim Reaper, public transportation, and the best looking LA street hot dogs you ever did see. Giver ‘er a watch above.


Most of the time when pop culture is using robots as the antagonist they’re breaking the first law of robotics and trying to murder humans. When Wayne McClammy and HPE toss robots into their work, they’re more just out to kill your buzz. Check out Wayne’s latest spot “Nobot.” It won’t so much terrify you as it will really cheese you off.

The One Show has announced its finalists and Hungry Man work plasters the page. We’ve got Wayne McClammy in the Teleivison – Short Form – Campaign category for his Geico “It’s What You Do” spots. Dave Laden is also competing in this category for his “Make Time for Snapple” spots and his “Are You My Grandma” campaign for Grandma’s Cookies is also up for the Online Films & Video – Short Form – Campaign category. And finally the Branded Entertainment category was announced today and Nanette’s #MakeWhatsNext Microsoft spots hit the Online – Short Form – Single slot.

Congrats Wayne, Dave, and Nanette! We’ll make some room on the ol’ awards shelf.


Wayne McClammy is back with a new Carl’s Jr. commercial unlike any Carl’s Jr. commercial you’ve ever seen.

After years of using risque commercials featuring scantily-clad women to sell their burgers, Carl’s Jr. and Hardees has decided to go back to its roots and they have tapped Wayne McClammy to take ‘em there. In the flagship spot entitled, “Carl Hardee Sr. Returns,” we find the Carl’s Jr and Hardees headquarters being run by the “poster child millennial CEO, the fictional Carl Hardee, Jr.” who is shown the error of his ways by the brand’s new spokesman, Carl Hardee Sr. portrayed by Charles Esten (what up Deacon Claybourne!).

I won’t spoil it for you, but Hardee Sr. explains to his son just what the Carl’s Jr. and Hardees names are supposed to mean. As Jr. sums it up, “Burgers not boobs.”

There are some excellent write-ups on this spot right now. AdWeek has fascinating interviews with the folks at 72 and Sunny and Creativity Online has interviews with the folks at Carl’s Jr. and Hardees. I know we recommend you read more about all of our commercials, but both of these interviews give fascinating insights into this bold and refreshing new direction so we highly recommend you give both articles a read.


Wayne McClammy’s latest Coordown PSA, “Not Special Needs,” has generated 5.7 million Facebook views in five days and was presented during the World Down Syndrome Day Conference in New York, at the United Nations headquarters. It’s a very funny spot with a cast comprised almoast entirely of actors with Down syndrome that points out the simple fact that people with Down syndrome don’t require special needs. The message is resonating so well that Creativity Online, Shoot, and AdWeek have all posted write-ups about it. We would strongly suggest checking out AdWeek’s. It’s got excellent interviews and insight. Do so after you watch the spot itself, though.


The annual Communication Arts Award winners were announced this week and FOUR Hungry Man directors were honored as winners. Hank Perlman won for his viagra sans ordonnance Kraft Blind Taste Test spot. Craig Brownrigg won for his Rite Aid Carriers spot. Wayne McClammy won for his Geico campaign Countdown, Whisper, and Spy. And Chris Woods won for his Stove Top spot Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim. Communication Arts has been celebrating exceptional Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography, Interactive, and Typography, since 1959 so big ups to Hank, Wayne, Craig, and Chris.


Wayne’s viagra online paypal australia latest round of Geico has hit the airwaves and both Creativity Online and AdWeek agree it is a fantastic addition to the pantheon of classic Geico spots Wayne and The Martin Agency have created together. I won’t spoil the “what” of it all, but needless to say it involves talking raccoons and has lead to a handfull of subsequent internet cooking videos entitled, “Raccookin’.” Check out Wayne’s spot above and if you wanna see more online content AdWeek has collected several Raccookin’ videos right here.


You know those times when you’re trying to get through the latest episode of Westworld and your husband and/or wife walks in asking, “Who’s that? Is that a robot or a person? Why is Anthony Hopkins’s hair like that? How old is Anthony Hopkins? Hold on. I’ll check IMDB.” And you just wish you could be left alone to get lost in James Marsden’s glacier blue eyes…

… you know those times?

Well Wayne McClammy and his latest spot for Geico have the remedy for any and all who would impede your binge watching habits. He took his cue from the oldest of fairy tales. Check out the ad above and take notes, because I’m pretty sure something crazy is about to happen to The Man in Black.


The 2016 Clio Award Winners have been announced and it should come as no surprise that Wayne McClammy has walked away with two. He won a bronze in the Short Form category for his Madden the Movie spot for EA Sports, and he took home GOLD in the Film Technique category for his Call of Duty Seize Glory spot.

We know this seems like a good thing but I do want us all to bear in mind that this can’t be easy on Wayne. He has to constantly constantly over and over again reinforce the shelves upon which all his awards sit and, you guys, that type of home improvement is neither easy nor cheap.

Congratulations Wayne and… we’re sorry…


The Clio Awards shortlist has hit the world and it comes as zero surprise that Bryan Buckley and Wayne McClammy are topping the list of nominees. Bryan’s up there for his Super Bowl Honda spot New Truck to Love and Wayne’s got two spots on the list, one for Geico Countdown and another for EA Sports Madden: The Movie. Talking sheep, Dave Franco, and the Final Countdown. I’d say Hungry Man’s got this one in the bag.

Congratulations, Wayne and Bryan.


Agency Spy is loving Wayne’s new ESPN spot featuring David Ortiz. The spot finds Ortiz carefully planning how he’s going to spend his retirement which, if the way my parents spend theirs is any indication, will include Big Papi moving to Florida, signing up for lots of water aerobics, and trying to figure out how “the Facebook” works.


The jury is in, literally, and Hungry Man has walked away from Cannes with 4 Lions for 10 spots. As reported last week, Ric Cantor took home a Gold Lion for his spot Hello with the New Zealand Transport Agency, and then this weekend Nanette brought home a Silver Lion for her Microsoft spot Make What’s Next, and Wayne McClammy took home a Bronze Lion for his Madden Season music video as well as a Silver Lion for his Geico It’s What You Do campaign, featuring Check, Countdown, Directions, Fisherman, Reunion, Spy, and Whisper.

We are astoundingly proud of our winners this year, but also for our record breaking number of shortlisted spots. Here’s a

quick once over of every Hungry Man spot Cannes felt deserved attention:

Cyber Lions

Nanette Burstein – Lean Cuisine “#WeighThis”

Glass Lions

Nanette Burstien – Microsoft “Make What’s Next”

Direct Lions

Ric Cantor – New Zealand Transport Agency “Hello”

Film Lions

Conor Byrne

– Crystal Pepsi “The 92nd Floor”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Bees”

Dave Laden – Snapple “King of Hearts”

Dave Laden – Snapple “Telegraph”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Break Room”

Dave Laden – Grandma’s Cookies “Cafeteria”

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Entertainment Lions – Talent: Sports

Wayne McClammy – Madden NFL 16 “Madden the Movie”

Film Craft – Direction

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”

Film Craft – Visual Effects

Wayne McClammy – Call of Duty “Seize Glory”


Out of the 5,000+ Film and Film Craft entries submitted to Cannes this year, less than 200 are expected to win a Lion trophy. The Gunn Report has launched their annual sweepstakes to predict the winners, including 20 commercials from around the world with the highest potential to rack up the prizes. Needless to say, Hungry Man has made the cut, with Wayne’s “Spy” spot for GEICO’s “It’s What You Do” campaign cracking the top 20. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, because that would be unethical. But if you’re a smart person, you vote for Wayne. It’s what you do.


We realize you guys are probably getting tired of hearing about all the awards Hungry Man has been pulling in this awards season and, frankly, we’re getting tired of putting up new shelving to hold them all but, alas, Hungry Man has brought home several new prizes, this time from The Effie Awards.

Effie’s objective is simple: to honor the most effective marketing communications cases in the United States and Canada. When that’s your directive there are really only two names that need be brought up: Conor Byrne and Wayne McClammy. Last night Conor brought home a silver Effie Award for his Solar City Power of Ra campaign in the category of Positive Change and Wayne brought home a silver and a bronze for his Madden NFL ’15 music video Madden Season in the categories of Entertainment and Sports and Youth Marketing / Teens & Young Adults respectively.

Congratulations Wayne and Conor, and please stop.


We know there are some of you out there who have been suffering in silence for three years. For seven seasons you had a core group of friends that you used to see at least once a week if not more in syndication but for three years now it’s been radio silence from them and, yeah, it hurts…

… Well hurt no more, dear sweet viewer, for your long pined for friends at 30 Rock are back in Wayne McClammy’s latest commercials for Verizon. Kenneth, Jenna, and Frank are back in several new spots that Creativity Online has called “Clever” “Funny” and “Snappy.” Check out “Audition” above and you can see “Backdoor Brag” right here.


We’ve got more pencil distributions this week. Same recipient, different color pencil, different award show altogether, same quantity of joy.

Wayne McClammy brought home two pencils from this year’s D&AD Awards. Both pencils were wood, both were for Geico, and both were in the category of Film Advertising / TV Commercials 21-40 seconds. Now we know what you’re thinking, “When’s it gonna end???” Never. That’s when. Have you seen these Geico commercials? Rhetorical question. We know you’ve seen them because we know you have encountered a television and/or the internet within the last week. These spots are amazing. Even my mother has seen ‘em and likes ‘em. She says, “I like the one with the young man who runs a lot.” I’m not saying my little old mother in Wilmington, North Carolina directly influences the choosing of D&AD pencil winners… but I’m not NOT saying that.

Congratulations, Wayne! More pencils to add to the collection.


UpRoxx this week compiled a list of their “Most Important Viral Videos in Late-Night History” and while we disagree with the impetus of this list (we think Stephen Colbert is doing a masterful job and some of us watch his YouTube clips every single morning in the bathroom as we prepare for work oh no I’ve said too much) we wholeheartedly agree with their appraisal of top Late Night YouTube Vid Ever…

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, we present to you Wayne McClammy’s masterpiece… I’m F***ing Matt Damon.


You remember that one kid in grade school — it was always the same kid — who would inevitably every single class ask to borrow someone’s pencil? Well after this week’s One Show Awards, Hungry Man has many pencils to spare.

For those who may not get that joke, the One Show awards its recipients pencils and this week Hungry Man took home a plethora of number twos, starting with Wayne McClammy taking home a total of 4 pencils as well as 6 merits in these categories for these spots:

Consumer :30 TV SINGLE
Geico “Whisper” – SILVER PENCIL
Geico “Final Countdown” – MERIT
Geico “South pole” – MERIT
Geico “Fisherman” – MERIT

Geico “It’s What You Do” – GOLD PENCIL

Geico “Final Countdown” – MERIT
Geico “Whisper” – MERIT

Call of Duty: Black Ops III “Seize Glory” – MERIT

That’s a lotta lead! But we weren’t done. After Wayne filled his pencil pouch it was Ricardo Mehedff’s turn with his Pedigree spot First Days Out which won a bronze pencil in the CSR Advertising category and was also honored in other categories like Integrated Branding, Innovation Brand Transformation, Digital, Film/Online, and Branded Social Post.

Well done, Wayne and Ricardo!


It’s a good day for Wayne McClammy, he has won two D&AD Awards for his work with The Martin Agency on Geico. His spots “Spy” and “Whisper” are taking home pencils. You may recognize these commercials from watching sporting events on TV. Or maybe from when they play in front of every video on YouTube. Or maybe when they play in front of every act of every television show on Hulu. Or the forty-two times we’ve all watched them on HungryMan.com and somehow we’ve never gotten sick of them.

Regardless of where you’ve seen them before, they’re taking home pencils at this years D&AD awards. To find out what color pencils be sure to check out the ceremony on May 19th.


To hell with Election Day! The most important vote of your 2016 is the 20th annual Webby Awards! Ya know why? ‘Cuz three of Hungry Man’s directors are nominated (with an honorable mention for Madden: The Movie). That’s right, folks…

Bryan’s “Christmas Miracle” spot with Tracy Morgan – NOMINATED (Online Film & Video / Scripted)

Wayne’s Madden NFL Campaign – NOMINATED (Advertising & Media / Digital Campaign)

Chris Woods’ “Kids Read Mean Tweets” – NOMINATED (Advertising & Media / PSA)

And ya know who chooses the winner? You! So please go to webbyawards.com and vote for Hungry Man’s directors because this is way more important than stopping [insert reviled political candidate here] from becoming President! This actually matters!


Now that the holidays are over you’re probably finding yourself left with all that sweet holiday loot, be it Christmas gift cards from the Uncle who has no idea “what twenty-somethings like,” or that Hanukkah gelt from your bubbie who couldn’t make the 45 minute car ride down to see you, or perhaps that holiday bonus your boss spontaneously gave to everybody after singing “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” Whinnie the Pooh style (shirt no pants). Well, Wayne, Fred Armisen, and Old Navy have some suggestions as to how you could spend dem holiday duckets. Spoiler alert: It’s clothes.


You remember how last week we were talking about The Martin Agency being Shoot’s Agency of the Year thanks to their “It’s What Ya Do” campaigns? Well Martin and Wayne have an all new one and its epic-ocity puts all the others to shame (yes, even Whisper). I won’t even give it anymore preface except to say that AdWeek has already made it their Ad of the Day and we’re sure more publications are to follow.


As the year winds down it’s time for Shoot to pick their Ad Agency of the Year and they went with The Martin Agency. Based out of Richmond, The Martin Agency is currently celebrating their 50th year and what better way to do so than having this honor bestowed upon them by one of the most venerable advertising periodicals/websites in the world?

Ever the mensch, Joe Alexander, Chief Creative Officer over at Martin was generous enough to note their collaboration with Hungry Man and Wayne McClammy on some of the greatest commercials of the past decade including Hump Day, Countdown, Whisper, Operation… Ya know, pretty much any Geico spot that ends with the tag, “It’s what ya do,” and sharing the limelight is what Alexander does, specifying of McClammy, “Wayne has a great sense of comedy, is very collaborative, has a strong point of view without being a jerk about it, and he’s also good at marrying humor and dialogue with sophisticated visual effects.”

We would like to congratulate everyone at The Martin Agency and look forward to many more Martin/McClammy team-ups to come.


AdWeek, Creativity Online, People, and Fast Co Create are all raving about Wayne’s Black Friday Old Navy spots. You know the ones. They star Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Kumail Nanjiani, and Mr. Old Navy himself, Snoop D-oh-double-G. AdWeek says that the long-form cut, “is plenty entertaining, with enough absurd dialogue to keep it moving at the right clip.” Fast Co Create hails, “it’s fun to watch Louis-Dreyfuss threaten the rapper as he’s tied to a chair and Nanjiani eats all of his donuts.” And People proclaims, “[Old Navy]’s offering a 50 percent off sale Thursday and Friday!” We’re not gonna lie, People seemed to love the spot but seemed more preoccupied with the “mega-sales.” Which… ya know… that’s cool.


This spot is everywhere right now and we highly recommend you take two minutes out of your day and watch the long-form version above because, though Wayne and Julia have made some exquisite Old Navy spots this year, “Burglar” may take the cake… or profiteroles.


Less than 48 hours after its debut, everybody’s talking about Wayne’s new Call of Duty spot. FastCoCreate calls the spot an “epic” ad that “celebrates the everyday badass.” Shots describes the trailer as an “all-out cavalcade of carnage.” Creativity Online says the spot… exists. And Gaming Target even goes so far as to shout out Wayne and the production team saying, “This is director Wayne McClammy’s fourth go-round with Call of Duty and has continued to up the ante with each installment. A majority of the live-action was shot practically, rather than with visual effects, to bring a heightened sense of grit and realism to the spot. Academy Award winning director of photography Deon Bebe teamed up with renowned stunt coordinator Darrin Prescott to lend a cinematic feel to each moment. The film was shot over five days in an abandoned mall in Southern California, as the natural decay and destruction gave the shoot a more authentic feel.” And then there’s the 6 million YouTube views in less than 2 days.

What I’m saying is, if you have not watched this trailer yet, do so.


First thing’s first, we here at Hungry Man have to apologize to anybody who was watching any sporting event at all yesterday because you kids could not get away from Wayne McClammy. Whether it was older Geico spots like “Horror Movie” or newer ones like “Reunion”, our buddy Wayne was EVERYWHERE.

But no spot was more prevalent yesterday than his new Call of Duty “Seize Glory” trailer. You know the one. It’s the reason you had “Paint it Black” by the Stones stuck in your head all night. It premiered yesterday and is getting a hell of a response. AdWeek and Mashable are talking about it and it has received over 3 million views in less than 24 hours. Not a bad start. And if Wayne’s previous work with Call of Duty and 72 and Sunny is any indication, it’s only up from here.

Anyways, if y’all haven’t heard about Kevin yet, you definitely need to check out the spot.


Clio Awards kicked off this week with their first wave of winners and Hungry Man made the list several times over in the Film/Product category. Hank took home a Bronze for his Amazon spot where Gary Busey talks to things, strategically entitled, “Talking to Things.” Ricardo also took home a Bronze for his Pedigree spot “First Days Out.” We are waiting with bated breath for them to announce that he’s won the gold in the Social Media category, so stay tuned for that one. And finally Wayne McClammy took home the silver for his Madden spot “Madden Season” starring Dave Franco and Kevin Hart.

We are deeply proud of the recognition our directors are receiving for their tireless efforts and look forward to some more big announcements throughout the rest of the week.


The 2015 Clio Awards Shortlist is out and Hungry Man is all over that B! Under the category of Film/Product Service Hank is nominated for his Amazon spot, “Talking to Things,” featuring Gary Busey and Wayne is nominated for his internet-breaking “Madden Season” music video. Ricardo’s “First Days Out” commercial for Pedigree is also in the Film/Product Service category as well as the Social Media category. Under the Film Technique/Editing Carlao’s “Mole” spot for the Sao Paulo Creative Club scored a nod and none of us were surprised.

This is normally the point where I would explain to the uninitiated what the Clio Awards are but at this point I really don’t feel I have to. If you don’t know Clio by now… well… I’ll just let Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes explain it.


Jurassic World.

Avengers 2.

Star Wars VII.

When critics look back at the end of the year and ask themselves what the greatest sequel of 2015 was, their response will be none of these…. Their answer will be a quiet, simple, contemplative, “Madden: The Movie.”

That’s right, kiddies, Wayne McClammy and Madden are back and they’re bigger than ever! Guns! Explosions! No dinosaurs! PSYCH!!!! THERE’S TOTALLY DINOSAURS!!! Last year’s “Madden Season” music video with Dave Franco and Kevin Hart received well over 30 million views in just a few weeks and this year’s movie trailer will top that in just a few minutes!* FastCoCreate already loves it and it’s only been up for an hour!

Watch it now before all the good bandwidth is gone!

*note: just a guesstimate based on statistics that we made up


We’re just gonna let them say it for us…


Creativity Online




Entertainment Weekly


Fox Sports

Sports Grid

Oh, and James Franco’s Instagram…



Ya know, after Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Hollywood was skeptical about whether or not a movie about a kraken murdering humans could work. It took a young southern upstart named Wayne Ulysses McCalmmy* to prove them all wrong. Indeed, today AdForum tossed Wayne’s Geico spot “Whispers” up on their Top 5 Worldwide List. That title’s a skosh vague so allow me to elucidate. Top 5 Ads Worldwide… Top 5 Ads… Worldwide.

Well done, Ulysses.

*The author of this post does not actually know if Wayne’s middle name is Ulysses…. but we hope it is.


Sorry guys. I know we were just telling you about Wayne’s new Geico spot “Whisper” at the beginning of the week and normally we wouldn’t overload you with the same spots but Creativity Online is showing us some love. We can’t help it if our guys are making spots worthy of note. Don’t blame us, blame Creativity. Or, even better, blame no one and, instead, give the spot another watch. I don’t know about you guys but I could watch a Kraken demolish the PGA Tour any day of the week and twice on Fridays.


Wayne has struck gold yet again with his latest Geico spot. This one, entitled, “Whisper” is currently AdWeek’s Ad of the Day. If you watch any YouTube videos or Hulu shows or pretty much any television at all you have undoubtedly seen Wayne’s other Geico spots but this new one raises the stakes in an incredible way. I’m not gonna say they went ahead and invoked a 13th century Norse sea beast but… uh… well, they went ahead and invoked a 13th century Norse sea beast.

Wayne Boldly Go

Getting the week started with a bang, AdWeek compiled a list of the 10 Commercial Directors Making Today’s Coolest, Strangest and Loveliest Ads. Length of the title and lack of Oxford comma notwithstanding we are absolutely thrilled to see our very own Wayne McClammy make the list. Among the adulation thrown Wayne’s way they called his recent Call of Duty spot, Killcameraman, a “perfectly twisted paean to the fictional workhorse of gory instant replays.” You can tell it’s a hell of a compliment because we had to look up what “paean” meant (noun: a song of praise or triumph. A thing that expresses enthusiastic praise).

We are incredibly proud of Wayne and though we find him cool, strange, and lovely every day it’s vindicating to know someone else finds him that way as well.

Congrats to Wayne and thanks to AdWeek!


Remember when Wayne McClammy’s “Madden Season” got over 34 million views on all of the internets? Did you think that was the best it was ever gonna get? Well we didn’t!

Apparently Kevin Hart and Dave Franco kill it in France as well as the U.S. because “Madden Season” just brought home Gold and Silver from Cannes. The winning categories are as follows:

Gold – Branded Entertainment: Original Use of Music

Silver – Branded Entertainment Fiction: Online (15 Minutes or Under)

I’m glad it won gold in music because I’ve had that damn song stuck in my head for a year. It’s embarrassing singing about slapping my friends’ faces as they kick my ass in the actual game. I know I shouldn’t pick the Panthers every time but Cam Newton is so damn charming!

Anyways, congrats to Wayne and the whole Madden team for LITERALLY bringing home the gold! Well done, guys.


The Cannes Short List is out and like a group of hipsters at a Mumford and Sons concert, we are all over it.

In the category of branded content we have:

Wayne’s EA Sports Madden Season
Ricardo’s Pedigree First Days Out
Chris Woods’ Canadian Safe School Network Kids Read Mean Tweets
and Conor Byrne’s Skittles spot Struck By A Rainbow.

In the Film category Conor is short listed for Struck by a Rainbow as well as Wayne for his Skittles Web spot.

In the Film Craft category Dave Laden is short listed for his NASCAR America, It’s Time For A Gutcheck spot.

And Ricardo’s First Days Out is nominated again in the Titanium & Integrated section.

Ya know, they say it’s just an honor to be short listed for this type of stuff and they’re absolutely right. It is an honor and we are so very proud. And we’ll be just as proud when all of these guys take home the gold lions for these spots because, I mean, look at ‘em. They’re amazing. Winning these lions will be the second funnest thing one can do on the Cannes Red Carpet.


Wayne McClammy makes Shoot Online yet again. This time with his latest round of Geico. You can find “Prisoner,” the spot in question, above. Be sure to watch it here before popping on over to Shoot’s website for they do give a spoileriffic summation of it in the exposition. However they also called the spot “offbeat” and “comedic” so we can totally overlook their explanatory fervor. I mean, who could blame ‘em, it’s a McClammy joint. Big thanks to Shoot and big congrats to Wayne.


“The various trials and tribulations that the young director endures throughout this ridiculous scene… are very well observed… so much so that we’d like to think that this is a ‘making of’ and they decided to run with this instead of the ad they were planning to make.”

That’s right Lunchables fans, Wayne McClammy’s newest spot “Hashtag” is so funny and believable that DavidReviews.com thinks it could be a behind the scenes of a commercial that then got its own commercial. I believe children today call that “Meta”.

It’s not, though. Wayne McClammy is just a very very good director. Watch the spot!


Wayne McClammy and McGarry Bowen have teamed up to bring one of theater and film’s greatest dramatic actors, Malcolm McDowell, to the Lunchables brand. And so for it’s going… okay.

Check out Wayne’s latest spot above and see just how a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts sells you some mini-subs. McDowell takes to it like a fish in a river… a California river that has long since dried up due to lack of rainfall and overconsumption of water.


You ever find yourself skulking through a level of Call of Duty only to be fragged moments later by some 9 year old in Poughkeepsie with a potty mouth? And the kid just adds literal insult to injury by trash talking you as the Kill Cam shows you how you died?

You ever stop to think who’s holding the Kill Cam while that pre-pubescent is calling you a “noob-queer”?

Wayne McClammy and the good people at Call of Duty have an answer for you and AdWeek must’ve enjoyed it because it was their Pick of the Day on Friday. And they wrote an extensive piece on it today. AND Shots wrote a piece on it as well. AND Fast Co Create and Shoot Online featured it today also… so… like… yeah. Everybody loves it. Be sure to check it out above and/or at any of these sites, and congratulations Mr. McClammy for finally shedding light on an area of gamer life heretofore unknown.


Big news, true believers! Shots magazine did a 5 page spread in their February issue on one of our favorite Hungry People, Mr. Wayne McClammy. We can’t re-post the article herein — that would be stealing — but we can tell you it is comprehensive. Those of you who have met Mr. McClammy know that, much like the Polynesian sculptures on Easter Island or sudoku, he is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. This article, however, lays it all bare beginning with his run-ins with Emilio Esteves in his youth right up to his love of Birdman and fascination with Anthony Bourdain.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Wayne McClammy or if you’ve never even met the guy but you just really dig those camel commercials pick yourself up a copy of this magazine. You will not be sorry.


That’s right, Gamers. In his newest spot for Call of Duty & Mountain Dew, Wayne McClammy shows you how to get a DLC (“Downloadable Content” for the non-video-game-enthusiasts) for destroying a Mountain Dew vending machine mid-battle.

Okay, well, that’s not entirely true, but he does show you what it would be like if such a DLC existed. That’s still pre-tty sweet.


Having trouble getting into the spirit of the holiday? Well look no further. Between Wayne’s Geico and Skittles commercials as well as Dave’s spot with a portly bearded white dude dressing up as Christina Applegate we here at Hungry Man have everything you need to get you in the Halloweeny mood.

Happy Halloween to you and yours from us and ours!


You guys, this is serious so listen up. With tomorrow being the first day of October and thus Halloween season is officially upon us we want to warn you about a rampant problem that’s decimating the number of teenagers and twenty-somethings we have in this country. That problem is Homicidal Maniacs.

As Wayne McClammy shows in his newest spot for Geico, we are not teaching our children the proper way to run from homicidal maniacs, and as such they’re dying in droves. This problem has become so prevalent that even AdWeek and AdCritic have stepped in to speak out about it.

There’s a very simply solution, however. Just teach your children The Rules. Kevin Williamson didn’t go through all that trouble to write Scream just so you’d not know what to do when a psycho killer [qu’est-ce que c’est] is after you.

Be sure to check out Wayne’s Geico spot above to see what you should NOT do.


With Halloween right around the corner Wayne McClammy and Skittles would like to warn you never to trust a giant spider. We’re not sure where you fall in that “do I trust or do I not trust giant spiders” debate but we say don’t. We are a firm anti when it comes to giant spiders.


Well, Wayne’s Madden spot has scorched the internet like the brush fires engulf the hills of Southern California (We can say that. We live here… cough… cough…). We here at Hungry Man know how difficult it can be to keep track of where this spot’s been mentioned so we thought we’d compile a comprehensive list for your internet surfing ease. Without any further ado, we present Wayne McClammy’s Metaphorical Madden Season Conflagration List:

Washington Post

USA Today

Fox Sports

CBS Sports



Best Ads on TV

Creativity Online


FastCo Create

High Snobiety

Complex Magazine

Hype Beast

Agency Spy

Hollywood Life

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Well, I said on Friday that Wayne’s Madden spot with Dave Franco and Kevin Hart was about to take over and you guys did not make a liar out of me. A lot of you watched this weekend. Roughly 4 million of you, to be vaguely exact. I guess you’re interested, so, given that, I reckon I’ll fill you in on just a smattering of the news outlets talking about “Madden Season” today. We’re impressed because it’s not all ad sites, it’s not all sports sites. It’s quite a diverse group we have here. Check it out:

Fox Sports

E! online

Hollywood Life

Hype Beast

High Snobiety

It’s also Ad Critic’s Pick of the Day. So, ya know, there’s that.

And it’s only 9am (pst). So, if you’re the fourteen people in America who haven’t already watched this spot, you can do so above. And if you have already watched it… well… you know the drill… WATCH IT AGAIN!


Have you seen that new Madden spot Wayne McClammy did with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco? No? Well you should. This spot is about to TAKE OVER.


SB Nation

Fan Sided

The Bleecher Report

The Sacramento Bee

Fast Company

These are just a few of the first round of websites throwing press Wayne’s way and it’s only been live for a few hours. Not only that but Kevin Hart is BLOWING up the twitterverse with Madden.


Do yourself a favor and watch it now so YOU can be the person at the water cooler saying, “Hey, did you see that new Madden spot? No? Well you should.”


Wayne’s Titanfall spot “Shadow” is up on ShootOnline today. They used phrases like, “Pretty amazing…” and described, “…ear-to-ear grinning…” and said that Wayne is, “…dominating the world…”

Yes, those quotes may have been slightly out of context, but in order to place them in the correct context you have to click THIS LINK and go read the article yourself. Then, should you so desire, give the spot a second watch. I say “second watch” because I know you’re already watching the video above.

Well done, McClammy!


I can see where that headline may have been misleading. An Addy is an advertising award given by The Greater San Francisco Ad Club and Wayne’s Madden spot “Running Back Sons” took home the silver Monday night. Big ups to Wayne for making a hilarious football ad featuring Arian Foster and this year’s Super Bowl Champ, Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch, and big ups to San Francisco for giving an award to an ad featuring this year’s Super Bowl Champ, Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch. It shows tremendous maturity…. though they did only award it the silver…. huh….

Well done all!


Wayne’s Titanfall spot is at it again. After a weekend of non-stop airing during college basketball, his spot, “Shadow,” has now made the Top 5 List at AdForum. I’d like to assume that most of you know what AdForum is but my grandmother used to tell me to not to assume for reasons that had to do with spelling, so for those uninitiated AdForum is “A place to express your opinions, ideas and share your attitude about today’s best creative from around the world.” Well, the people have spoken and right now Wayne McClammy has one of the best creative in the world.


One day into the campaign and Wayne McClammy’s Titanfall commercial “Shadow” is already blowing up the ad world. Today alone it’s on the front page of Shots (as a “hot shot” I might add), Creativity Online, AdAge and just about every gaming site on the internet… That’s right… All of the internets is talking about Titanfall.

Now we realize not all of you are gamers but, trust us, watch this spot and you’ll be pre-ordering Titanfall with the rest of ’em.

Well done, Wayne!


Remember Wayne’s award winning spot “Vinnie” for the British Heart Foundation? The good people at Lego sure do. In honor of their new film coming soon to theaters in the UK, they’ve decided to re-do some of the most popular advertisements in England with Legos. Whose is up first? Why Wayne McClammy’s “Vinnie” spot, of course.

You can check it out here.

I don’t know if having one’s commercials reinterpreted by Legos is a badge of honor in your circles, but here at Hungry Man we say good on ya, Wayne! This one’s even better than the Mego version of “Hump Day.”

Author’s Note: That last part was a joke. Do not spend your day scouring YouTube for a version of “Hump Day” performed by Mego dolls. Such a video does not exist….. yet….


NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is getting a little love from AdWeek. Or, rather, the ducks in the spot are. Regardless, Wayne McClammy’s spot “Dale Call” for Diet Mountain Dew was, according to David Kiefaber, “One of my favorite ads from Super Bowl night…” Though he acknowledges that the spot didn’t actually run during the game but, rather, before and after, it still holds up as one of the best of the night.

You all can check out that article right here. You can watch the spot above. And you can give Wayne his props by watching the spot above twice.

Well done Diet Dew team!


Didn’t bury the lead on that headline. Yes indeed Creativity Online has dubbed Wayne McClammy’s Geico “Hump Day” spot one of “2013’s Most Inspiring Moments In Brand Creativity.” They made a wonderful end of the year video in which they list off their favorites. You can watch it here, and we suggest you do if for no other reason than to watch their compilation of best local news gaffs of 2013.

If you haven’t seen “Hump Day” yet you can click on Wayne’s name above and watch it on his reel but, frankly, if you haven’t seen this spot yet I can only assume you’ve been stranded in the Indian Ocean for six months a la Robert Redford in “All Is Lost” and therefore you have more important matters to tend to.

All that being said, congratulations Wayne and the Geico team! You guys pretty much dominated 2013.


The end of the year love for Wayne’s Geico “Hump Day” spot just keeps on coming. In case you’ve missed it, AdWeek listed the 20 Most Viral Ads of 2013 and “Hump Day” landed squarely at #2. Then Time listed their Top 10 Commercials of 2013 and “Hump Day” was #3 with a bullet. Now AdWeek is back at it again rating their favorite spots of 2013 and, sure enough, Wayne’s makes the top 5 yet again. Take a look at their list right here.

Congratulations are once again due to this wonderful director, the magnificent idea, and, of course, Caleb the Camel. Well done all.


Wayne has made yet another top ten in 2013 list. This time it’s Time. They have rated Wayne’s Geico “Hump Day” spot the number 3 television commercial of 2013. They even go so far as to cite the middle school in Connecticut that helped add to the legend of Caleb the camel.

Congrats to Wayne and the entire Geico team. Check out Time’s list of the top ten spots here.


That’s right. With barely one month left in the year AdWeek has declared the Top 20 Viral Ads of 2013, and though there are 20 entires you need look no further than number 2. Wayne McClammy’s Geico “Hump Day” spot gets the silver medal this year. I would say “for those of you who haven’t seen it,” but this pretty much proves that if you’re reading these words right now you’ve seen this video. Indeed, it’s nearly impossible to hear the words “hump day” anymore without shouting at the top of one’s lungs, “HUMP DaaAAAY!” Just ask the students of Vernon Center Middle School.

So congratulations go to Mr. McClammy for once again creating one of those rare breeds of commercials that transcends commerce itself and finds its way into the national zeitgeist. You know if you can beat a dancing baby you’ve got something real special on your hands.


From the moment the first human uttered its first chuckle, the question of “What is funny?” has plagued our species as we time and time again tried to bring smiles to our friends, impress persons of romantic interest, and uplift the otherwise downtrodden. “What is funny?” is one of the most elusive questions on the planet and in an interview with Source E Creative Hungry Man’s very own Hank Perlman, Kevin Byrne and Raquel Balsam attempt to answer this age old question.

Spoiler alert: it’s poop. Poop is funny.


Hungry Man set the 3rd annual Ciclope Festival ablaze this week racking up three awards and earning five finalist nods in a variety of categories, such as…

Silver – Grey Poupon “The Chase” by Bryan Buckley

Bronze – Comedy Central “Siesta” by Bryan Buckley

Finalist – Geico “Hump Day” by Wayne McClammy

Finalist – Nike Golf “No Cup Is Safe” by Wayne McClammy

Visual Effects
Finalist – Geico “Hump Day” by Wayne McClammy

Finalist – Google “Jess Time” by Nanette Burstein

Music Video
Finalist – “Marx Was Santa Claus!” by Carlão Busato, Gualter Pupo, & João Caetano Feyer

Live Experience
Bronze – “aMAZEme” by Gualter Pupo

A little bit about the Ciclope Festival

Unlike most advertising festivals, CICLOPE focuses on the art of execution, rather than the agencies’ ideas. Whether it’s a TV commercial, a mobile app or an interactive installation, they truly believe a good execution is as important as the idea, and extremely determinant for the consumer´s experience.

In short? Well done everyone! This is a great day for Hungry Man.

Wayne’s new spot for Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority shows a friendship that spans eighteen years in a mere thirty seconds. It’s like Benjamin Button except it’s way shorter… and it progresses the natural way through time… and it doesn’t have Brad Pitt in it… or Cate Blanchett…

… but other than that it’s exactly like Benjamin Button.



Okay, guys. I’m done. I’m not going to talk about Wayne’s Geico “Hump Day” spot anymore. I’m not gonna mention its over 13 Million views on YouTube, nor will I mention it getting mentioned in all of the trades. I’m not gonna. We’re done talking about it. Finito. No mas…

… I’m gonna let CBS This Morning do it for me. BOOM!


Hey, remember how Hungry Man had a spot at the top of Mashable’s list of Most Shared Spots of June?

Yeah… Well… This time we’ve got two.

Wayne’s “Hump Day” ad for Geico is still topping the Most Shared List in August followed closely by Bryan Buckley’s “Football on Your Phone” spot for DirecTV. Together they have a total of 1,373,302 shares.

People just cannot get enough of that camel or those Manning boys.

Newsfeeds around the country are alight with Wayne McClammy’s new spot for Madden, “Running Back Sons.” The commercial stars Marshawn Lynch and Arian Foster portraying their own fathers as we take things back in time, 80’s style. All sorts of news outlets are covering it from USA Today to AdWeek. Also EA Sports has posted some behind the scenes pics from Wayne’s shoot which, combined with ours, leaves this one well-covered, well-put-together Madden 25 spot.


You may be asking yourself, “Self, why are Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch dressed like extras from the movie Boogie Nights? Are they attending Colin Kapernick’s 80’s themed birthday party?”

Not quite.

A couple of weeks ago Wayne McClammy and Heat team up with some of the world’s greatest football players to bring a commercial 25 years in the making to life.

Check out some exclusive stills from set and keep a particular eye out for Wayne and Russell Wilson tossing the ball around. Quarterback of the Seahawks and Wayne McClammy. Just running some plays. No big deal.

Thought you knew everything about Academy Award Nominee Don Cheadle? Well…. you don’t. Check out Wayne’s new Comcast spot, “The Passion” to see the real Cheadle. To see a Cheadle with ideas. A Cheadle with needs.


Mashable just released its list of the top 20 ads shared in June and Wayne McClammy‘s Geico spot, “Hump Day,” was right at the top as the #1 most shared ad in all of youtubedom. To break that down for the over-sixty crowd (our key demo) that means people watched “Hump Day” and liked it so much they felt the need — nay — they felt compelled to share it on their various social media platforms. A share is an unequivocal stamp of approval and in June Wayne McClammy got 1.1 thousand stamps of approval.

Congratulations to Wayne and if you haven’t seen this spot yet — well, you clearly are still waiting for myspace to pick back up — and you can watch it below.


Check out some more praise for Hump Day: Unruly

That right. She won’t get mad one bit with this one.  Today is HumpDay!  Wednesday, the most overlooked day of the week  makes a unique appearance in director Wayne McClammy‘s newest spot for Geico. Aptly named, “Humpday”, the spot is part of Geico’s ongoing “Happier Than” campaign out of the Martin Agency.  Happy Humpday everyone! The spot has already been featured in Creativity and Adweek to raving reviews!

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 1.42.36 PM

It was only in February that the first Call of Duty spot was released and now with the debut of the follow up The Replacer Black Ops 2 advert, the two have already made it into the Million High Club with combined Youtube views surpassing 9 Million!

Honing in on the original Call of Duty spot,  veteran badass Peter Stormare makes a comeback with a new sidekick, actor/comedian J.B. Smoove. The newest Call of Duty spot features the “Bad Cop, Bad Cop” duo taking over for players during their day to day lives from surgical shifts at the hospital to slapping together sandwiches at the craving inducing shop , “Sammmmmiches.”

Earlier this year, Wayne’s Nike Golf spot starring Tiger Woods and Rory McIllroy surpassed 10 million views.

Have we discovered the solution to the viral equation?

Funny Video + Wayne McClammy = VIRAL GOLD




The team at Wieden & Kennedy Portland behind Wayne’s “No Cup is Safe” spot for Nike Golf was awarded Creative Agency of the Year at Ad Age’s fourth annual Viral Video Awards. Creativity talks about it in their break-down, here.

Sure, they referenced all of the great work W+K has done in the past year but they featured “No Cup is Safe” as a stand-out. We read you loud and clear, Creativity Online. Loud and clear…. winky face emoticon.


Here at Hungry Man, we’ve got QUITE the voracious appetite. When we heard the ONE SHOW finalists had been announced you can best believe we were hungry for those little silver, bronze and gold pencils. We’ve got quite a few spots up in the running for the coveted pencils, take a look below to see the Hungry Man nominees or visit the site by clicking here. Congratulations to Hungry Man!

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.55.14 AM



Public Service Integrated Branding Campaign

Steve Bendelack/ Grey London/ British Heart Foundation / Minni Vinnie

Consumer TV :60 Single

Nanette Burstein / Google Creative Lab / Google / Jess Time

Bryan Buckley / Saatchi and Saatchi NY / Tide / Miracle Stain

Consumer TV : 30 Single

Wayne McClammy / The Martin Agency / Basket / Geico

Consumer TV Over :60 Single

Wayne McClammy / 72 and Sunny/ The Replacer / Call of Duty

Non Broadcast Online

James Gooding/ Droga 5 / White Paper / Puma

Bryan Buckley / CPB / The Chase / Grey Poupon

Branded Content Online

James Gooding / Droga 5 / White Paper / Puma

Integrated Branding -Consumer Campaign

Bryan Buckley/ Cpb / Pardon Me / Grey Poupon

Out of Home – Transit & Installations – Single

Project /Ogilvy Brasil / Coca Cola / Sprite Shower




Wayne McClammy / 72 and Sunny / Activision Publishing / Call of Duty: Black Ops II – The War of the future


Bryan Buckley / CP + B / Grey Poupon / The Chase

Interactive Advertising – Environmental / Experiential – Single

Projects / Ogilvy Brazil / Coca Cola / Sprite Shower







That’s high praise.

A big “well done” to Wayne and the Call of Duty team. You can find that article right here.


It’s the most incredible brand collaboration since…hee hee…I think you should just watch…hoo hooo….below! Hee Hee!

Directed by Wayne McClammy out of the Martin Agency,  the spot is part of an ongoing “Happier Than” campaign for Geico. Wayne’s last spot featured basketball star Dikembe Mutumbo called “Basket.”

Watch the spot below or see what Creativity had to say here.




Wayne’s Nike Golf spot with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy is yet another pick of the week. This time it’s in Campaign. Campaign is one of those “paper publications” people talk about so we’ve got a picture of it below. Check out the copy and then check out the spot HERE!

Picture 7

Picture 28

What’s that in the “Most Popular” section of the Youtubes? Why, Wayne McClammy’s Call of Duty spot “The Replacer.” So remember, kids, as you head into the weekend, if you wanna play a little Call of Duty, just call up The Replacer.



Read the article below or click here to read on Davidreviews.com!


Rory McIlroy has grabbed the golf world by the lapels and shaken into submission over the last couple of years. The young Irishman began delivering on the enormous promise he’d shown as a teenager by winning two majors and playing a major part in Europe’s extraordinary Ryder Cup win in September.

Nike have long coveted his charisma and must have been thrilled to secure his services as a brand ambassador but his first commercial for the sportswear giant sends a firm signal that they have no intention of using him to replace Tiger Woods.

Instead, the pair get a chance to see if they work well together… and do they ever.

Hungryman’s Wayne McClammy has drawn sublime performances from both men – no mean task in the case of Woods who is as prickly as ever in press interviews despite showing signs of humility in the aftermath of the shit storm that engulfed him when he was exposed as a serial adulterer.

With a bit of luck, this signals the start of a renewed effort by Nike to capitalise on the personalities of the young men and women they pay to use their gear – it’s something they used to do brilliantly and this commercial proves they’re capable of doing it again.


… Well Creativity Online has. It’s their spot of the day and we’d like to applaud them for their magnificent taste.


When Vinnie Jones tells you “No Kissing!” you listen and the voters over at Campaign Big Awards were definitely listening last night when they gave it the gold in the Direct category. As if gold wasn’t enough, Hungry Man’s very own James Gooding followed it right up with the silver in the Direct category for his work with Brother P-Touch.

Huge congratulations to both men and, all in all, October 24th wasn’t too shabby a night for ol’ Hungry Man Productions.

One of Wayne’s Madden spots featuring Paul Rudd and Ray Lewis graces the homepage of Funny or Die today. If you haven’t seen it yet you HAVE to check it out. And if you have seen it yet, watch it again. And if you already have watched it again, well, then go ahead and take a break. Go get some food. Maybe grab a sandwich and a Capri Sun. Watch a little TV.

Once that’s all over and done with, though, WATCH IT AGAIN.

Has anyone ever called you or your dog by the wrong name before? If so, I think this is the proper reaction to have to make them feel silly for doing so. Wayne McClammy’s newest spot for CA Lottery is… “CORNELIUS”

You’ve got an approximately 1 in 176 million chance of not liking Wayne McClammy’s new spot for the California Lottery (that means you’re going to like it).


Have you ever wondered what a giant anthropomorphized sports-loving ear looks like? Of course you have. Thanks to Wayne McClammy and Wieden+Kennedy NY, you don’t have to wonder anymore and, as a bonus, you can take sports with you wherever you go. That’s a twofer!


The other guy Skateboards or Snowboards I think.

Do you know who they are?

(No fish were harmed during the taking of this photo – right after at lunch, though, plenty of fish were eaten.)


Ahh. Ahh. Ahh. Ahh. Stayin Alive. Stayin Alive!!!! You will definitely be stayin alive after watching this hilarious and beneficial spot for the British Heart Foundation from Wayne McClammy!

Vinnie Jones takes centerstage in the latest ad from Grey London for the British Heart Association. How do you save a geezer that collapses in front of you? Rule number one: No kissing. Push hard and fast, instead.

Amazing story of How Wayne McClammy‘s BHF spot literally kept man alive!!


2011 would have been a lot less fun without the work of Hungry Man. The Baldwin-Krasinski New Era showdown, directed by Bryan Buckley and created out of The Brooklyn Brothers, was hands down one of year’s most entertaining campaigns. Buckley also let us “Watch Any Device on Conan,” for TBS and continued to show his chimp-flavored finesse with another Super Bowl spot for Career Builder, “Parking Lot.”


Buckley also teamed up with Hank Perlman on a pair of high-action laffers for TNT out of Grey, N.Y., “Don’t Miss a Second,” every bit of which you really shouldn’t miss, and “Wherever You Go,” which starred Timothy Hutton as lead spy guy.


Brian Billow contributed his own funny moments to The Martin Agency’s “Shopping List” campaign for Walmart, including a can’t-miss scene featuring armpits, while Taika Waititi turned out some major longform moves, including the hilarious Sour Patch Kids’ “World Gone Sour” music video out of Mother New York, which gave a taste of what happens when Sour Patch Kids don’t get chomped, a hilarious teaser to the agency’s upcoming video game with the same theme. He also brought more musical levity to Cadbury, with a four-minute underwater serenade to swimmer Rebecca Adlington.


Other fun turns came out of South America, including the Carlao Busato– directed “Drunk Valet,” Ogilvy Brazil’s latest smart move against drunk driving, for Bar Aurora and Boteca Ferraz, which cleverly employed the services of an “intoxicated” valet.

Read the Creativity article here.