Welcome Saul Dibb to the Hungry Man roster.

Saul has spent much of the 21st century writing and directing for both cinema and TV films such as Bullet Boy (2004), The Line of Beauty (2006), The Duchess (2008), Suite Française (2014) & NW (2016), working with talent by the likes of Ralph Fiennes, Keira Knightley, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Hayley Atwell, Charlotte Rampling, Michelle Williams, Ruth Wilson, Matthias Schoenarts, Margot Robbie and Dan Stevens.

He is currently awaiting the release of his most recent feature, Journey’s End (2017), which has already been described by critics as an “exceptional film” and snatched up by Lionsgate.

Saul’s commercial work for the Home Office and VCCP won both a spot in the APA 50 and an arrow at BAA; he then went on to direct a string of commercials for Morrisons and DKLW Lowe.

He’s fantastic at crafting and capturing those real and natural, relatable moments; complimenting subject, performance, location, setting and light.

Saul is excited to dive head first back into the commercial world… Who wants first Dibbs?


Listen up! Our very own Lucy Forbes and Asda have joined forces once again, with a precise plan to please mom on Mother’s Day. Check out the spot above and follow step-by-step, for guaranteed mom satisfaction. Just don’t forget the PJs. I’m talking to you, dad!


Ric Cantor’s spot “Hello” for the New Zealand Transport Agency can’t be stopped. After taking Cannes by storm, this week it’s back in New Zealand taking home an Axis Award. The Axis Awards “celebrate the very best advertising in New Zealand.” I think “Hello” qualifies. If you haven’t seen this PSA yet (and at this point I don’t know how you could miss it) check it out above.

Congrats Ric!


Hungry Man’s resident cineaste is back at it again with a new commercial for Aldi. Richard Bullock has his camera trained on the children of Mini Roos, Australia’s largest football [soccer] program for kids. The spot is called “Keep Them Playing” and its message centers around keeping Australia’s youth out in the yard, in the parks, in the dirt fields playing football. The message is wonderfully poignant but the visuals, in classic Bullock fashion, are so viscerally engaging that you’d think Terrance Malick had quit Texas, moved to Australia, and gotten into commercials.

Good on ya, Richard. And keep them kids playing, Australia!


The Royal Television Society Awards have officially been announced and David Kerr’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream has been nominated for Best Single Drama. The RTS Awards is one of the biggest television awards in the UK so this is an immense honor. Now when you go looking through the list, don’t be fooled by the other Midsummer Night’s Dream on the list. That’s an adaptation by the children’s television program CBeebies. You read that right. A 400 year old play about a group of young lovers having an inter-species key party in the middle of the woods was adapted into a children’s television program. And is up for an award! I got a lot of laughs from David’s version yet somehow I feel like I might get just as many laughs out of the CBeebies’ version.

Congrats, David! Everybody watch David win an RTS Award on March 21st (or 21 March).


Yesterday Taika Waititi was named New Zealander of the Year at the annual Kiwi award show of the same name. He has won Sundance, he has won the AFI Awards, he has been nominated for an Oscar, and yet somehow Taika has managed to one-up himself. He is currently the top person in his country. Like, of all of the New Zealanders… he’s the best. Granted, that’s not how the awards themselves would put it, but that’s how I’m puttin’ it.

Congratulations Taika and everybody can check out his hilarious acceptance speech above.

Andrew Chaplin’s BBC Three series Witless just got a hell of a write-up on VODzilla.co, receiving an 8 out of 10 review for Season 2 (currently viewable online with BBC’s iPlayer). Reviewer Ivan Radford calls Season 2 “laugh-out-loud hilarious” and even goes so far as to compliment Mr. Chaplin himself, saying it’s, “… made even more so by director Andrew Chaplin, who never misses a chance to blend cinematic style with the most mundane actions.” He doles out even more compliments which you can read at the review right HERE, but we must warn you, there are Season 1 spoilers in the review so if you haven’t watched Season 1 yet, first off, what is wrong with you? Second off, go to iPlayer and check it out. It’s rare that such a well reviewed show has a Season 2 that’s even better than Season 1, so you must check it out. We insist.

Series Two of Andrew Chaplin’s show Witless hits BBC’s iPlayer at the end of the month. January 25th iPlayer will drop all five episodes so now is the time to rewatch all of season one! And if you’ve never seen the show before, the quick pitch is: Leanne (Kerry Howard, Him & Her, and forthcoming Young Hyacinth) and Rhona (Zoe Boyle, Downton Abbey, Sons Of Anarchy), are two ordinary flatmates whose lives are thrown into disarray after being forced into witness protection.


Who doesn’t wanna watch that? Need an endorsement? Digital Spy called the show a “brilliant online comedy.”

Trust us. You’re gonna wanna check it out on the 25th.

Rotten Tomatoes has announced its 2016 Golden Tomato Award Winners and Taika’s film Hunt for the Wilderpeople will go down as the Best Reviewed Film of 2016 in Limited Release. The picture currently has a 97% Fresh rating on the review aggregating site and of the FIVE critics that gave it a rotten review, one of the top negative reviewers hated it because, “It has too many… feel-good moments for my comfort zone.”

So if you’re a person who absolutely hates to feel good when watching a movie, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. I’d suggest maybe Nocturnal Animals or Manchester by the Sea.

On the other hand, if you enjoy feeling good at the movies then absolutely check this flick out. It’s on VOD and streaming sites now. It’s an outstanding motion picture and, clearly, one of the best movies of 2016.

Congratulations, Taika!


David Kerr is hangin’ with Keith Lemon this Christmas, bringin’ the UK all the latest Carphone Warehouse deals and Campaign is loving it, noting that the spot checks all of the “festive cheer boxes.” I personally love this Campaign write-up because it has given me the perfect non-curse-word exclamatory sentence to use around my Southern Baptist parents’ house this holiday season. JESUS IN PYJAMAS!!!!


Did everybody enjoy the debate last night? Yeah, me neither. I mean, they wouldn’t even let Deez Nuts debate! What’s with that?!?!?!

Well, if you’re getting as sick of American politics as I am, David Kerr’s latest spot for E!’s The Royals has an out for you, albeit an a-typically frigid Royals “out” laced in sarcasm and superiority. Hey, she’s Queen Helena. It’s what she does!

So if you’re tired of all the vitriol and contempt here in America, Elizabeth Hurley wants you to know that it’s aye okay for us to undo our British exit from the 1700’s and come on back to our mother’s arms. And, frankly, if it’s Elizabeth Hurley’s arms? I vote yes.


If you like inanimate objects talking then Ric Cantor’s latest ad for Savills is the one for you! Personally, ever since I saw Toy Story I often fear that my belongings can hear me and, frankly, I find this new spot quite unnerving. The commercial finds a couple returning from a day of house hunting and it truly takes the phrase “This house speaks to me” to a concerning level.


David Kerr is making a splash with his new spot for RGII, “Even if it’s Daniel” (that’s Registered Gas Installers of Ireland for you Yanks, not Robert Griffin’s father). Little Black Book calls the ad “charmingly funny” and that truly is the best way to describe it. The spot finds Irish superstar Daniel O’Donnell being welcomed into an Irish superfan’s home for the first time only to be summarily dismissed immediately upon entry. I’d tell you why but, frankly, the reason is so incredibly adorable you just have to see for yourself.


Hungry Man director David Allain has just completed a spot for CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM, is a registered charity, which exists to prevent male suicide in the UK. In 2014, male suicide accounts for 76% of all suicides and is the single biggest cause of death in men under 45 in the UK. This is a truly personal project for David. He developed the concept and wrote the script himself, and all of the monologues are quotes taken directly from real men that have used CALM in their battle against depression and to resist suicide. As he puts it, “I wanted to create mini scenes that aren’t what we expect to see and yet are rooted in the journeys of real men.” It’s not Hungry Man’s usual goofy-go-lucky schitck but we’re hoping that digression from the bits and the jokes will help to convey the severity of the issue and we can think of no better director to bring this into the light than David.


100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Official selection at Sundance. Highest grossing local film in New Zealand EVER.

Taika’s new film Hunt for the Wilderpeople is in North American theaters today and you all need to go see this movie. For reals. No more tomfoolery. No more ballyhoo. Go see Wilderpeople. Now. Go see it. Today. Leave work. Right now. Do it. Do it. Just do it.

In 2010, David created a piece with his long time collaborator V.V. Brown and made a pop art piece mixing photography and illustration. The piece reflected Architecture Week and depicted a Monopoly board where mini Polaroids of architecture from around London took them from the 11th Century up to the 21st. It also employed Pentonville Prison as ‘Jail’, a free Congestion Charge instead of ‘Free Parking’, and Inheritance Tax instead of ‘Luxury Tax’. It was called ‘Board of the Capital’ and it appeared in the collection alongside works by the likes of Grayson Perry, Moby, and Marc Quinn.

In 2012, they were invited to contribute to another collection by Shelter. This time all of the pieces in the collection were curated under the theme Up My Street. David made a piece that mixed photography and illustration called ‘My Ends Live on the Back of a City Fox’. Inspired by Native American and Indian folklore where the world is believed to sit on the back of an animal (elephant, turtle etc.), he showed his world (East London – from where he then lived by Roman Road to Shoreditch High St) on the back of an urban fox, which David felt to be a mascot for his London. The image in the middle is a composite of architecture and landmarks along his way to Shoreditch High St (Brick Lane Bagel Shop, Buddhist Centre, Box Park, RickMix, Shoreditch House etc.) and the frame consists of all of the road signs between his home and there. This window onto East London is sat upon by two people he felt typical of the area – a student and a wino. This piece was hung beside a piece by Jake and Dinos Chapman and appeared in the collection with works by other artists including Miles Aldridge and Anthony Gormley.


Ric Cantor has taken home a Gold Lion from Cannes!

Didn’t want to bury the lead there. Ric Cantor is now the proud owner of a golden Cannes Lion award for his brilliant spot “Hello” from the New Zealand Transport Agency. If you haven’t seen it yet definitely check it out, because not only is it a hilariously awkward little film, but it’s also an invaluable public service announcement. Don’t let your friends text and drive. Do anything to stop them… ANYTHING. Clearly that message and the method through which Ric conveyed it resonated with the Cannes judges because they bestowed upon him one of the highest honors a commercial director can receive.

Brilliant spot. Brilliant message. Brilliant execution. Congratulations, Ric!


Day 3 of Wilderpeople Week goes out to my homies rockin’ in NYC!!!

Who’s going to see Taika’s new flick Hunt for the Wilderpeople this week? I know. All of you, right? Especially my peeps in Williamsburg who all say they saw What We Do In The Shadows before anybody else. We know you did, guys. We know you did.

Anyways, we know money gets tight in the big city so as a little extra added value, if you go to one of the Wilderpeople screenings found on the list here, you’ll not only get to see the brand new picture before [almost] everybody else, but you’ll also get a sweet-ass Q&A by the film’s director and/or the film’s star. I know, right? We’re too too generous.

Check out the showtimes and go see nature get gangsta! #Wilderpeople


This one goes out to all my Angelenos!

If you are in the

Los Angeles area this week and you enjoy laughter, either your own or that of a large group of people, we highly recommend you head on over to the Arclight and/or Landmark theaters to see Taika Waititi’s latest picture Hunt for the Wilderpeople, after which there will be butt loads of questions and answers by the man himself and his lead actor Julian Dennison. Showtimes for Arclight are below and can also be found here.



Archlight Hollywood Q&A:

Thurs 23rd – 7pm, 9.15pm, 11pm 12,15am
Fri 24th – 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5.15pm, 7.20pm. 9.30pm, 11pm
Sat 25th – 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5.15pm, 7.20pm. 9.30pm, 11pm
Sun 26th – 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5.15pm, 7.20pm. 9.30pm, 11pm

Last night, HM’s own David Kerr took the stage at the Slapstick Comedy Festival in Bristol, alongside fellow funny Brits Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, for a special night honoring their achievement in silent comedy. David A’d some Q’s during a panel hosted by comedian Robin Ince, and took home a shiny new Slapstick Festival Legacy Medal. Even more impressive than the medal – it was the first Q&A ever to be conducted in complete silence.


Andrew Chaplin’s latest short film 1500 Words was on the front page of the U.S. site The Awesomer this week as well as being named Short of the Week at ShortOfTheWeek.com. In a review of the film ShortOfTheWeek.com says, “It’s charming, it’s funny, it’s heartbreaking – what more could you want?” Nothing more, ShortOfTheWeek. Nothing more. Give the short a view up top and check out that review.


Andrew Chaplin is taking the BBC by storm with his new sitcom Witless. Quick elevator pitch for Witless: Two flatmates’ lives are thrown into disarray after witnessing a gangland shooting.

Boom. How do you not want to watch that? Well, good news, you can. All episodes are available on iPlayer right here. Click there now to go watch the show Digital Spy calls “Brilliant.” It’s so brilliant, in fact, that BBC Three has already ordered a second series, unless you’re an American reading this, in which case BBC Three has already ordered a second season. They haven’t ordered a whole new series, though I’m sure they soon will because the show is currently winning its slot after The Graham Norton show every Friday night.

Congratulations Andrew!

For more about Andrew and his award winning short 1500 Words that’s currently killing it at film festivals and online click on over to here.


Get ready, world! David Kerr is bringing Bill Shakespeare’s immortal classic Midsummer Night’s Dream back to life this Monday night on BBC One. John Hannah, Nonso Anozie, Matt Lucas, Maxine Peake I mean COME ON! Tell me you don’t want to see that! Young lovers looking for a good Monday night romcom? This is the ORIGINAL romcom. Parents, looking to give you children a little culture whilst simultaneously teaching them the birds and the bees via a multi-species Dionysian key party? I promise you will not lose their attention.

So everybody set your alarms to buzz you at 8:25 Monday evening and make sure you don’t miss out on all the iambic pentam-a-fun!


We here at Hungry Man have no illusions about where we fit in the world of advertising. We’re funny. From our inception Hungry Man has made a name for itself coming up with new and innovative ways to get you to chuckle. But behind it all we have always had filmmakers like Richard Bullock out there doing the emotional work. The forward-thinking work. And I never knew quite how to describe his affect on this company until this week, when The Stable wrote an article entirely devoted to Richard and his position as Judge at this year’s D&AD Awards. In the article they describe Bullock in the most apt and succinct way I’ve ever heard, as “The moral rudder” of the design and advertising business. It was one of those revelations that makes you step back and really appreciate the elegance of the imagery. Richard Bullock is a moral rudder. While the rest of us are out there trying to go viral or trying to make people laugh while urging them to make desired purchases, Richard Bullock has been in the back of it all making sure we never sail too far off course. Always reminding us that, though there is importance in laughter, there’s more to this world than the rest of us are frequently focused on.

It’s an excellent article. You can check it out here. Moral rudder only scratches the surface of what The Stable unearthed in their one-on-one, but if you’ve ever wondered what kind of person sits in judgement at some of the largest advertising awards shows on earth, give a read to Richard Bullock’s interview in The Stable.


David Kerr is up on David Reviews this week with his latest add for Lidl, a chain of Irish super markets. The spot follows a mother of at least several as she goes through her day and explains to us what her day is full of. The spot is a full, charming look into the world of Ireland’s kick ass full time Moms and in true Irish fashion nearly ends full of curse words.

Well done, David!


In honor of the 400th anniversary of Bill Shakespeare’s death, David Kerr together with the BBC have recreated A Midsummer Night’s Dream, set to air May 30th. The trailer for the film is forthcoming but with an all-star cast comprised of John Hannah, Nonso Anozie, Matt Lucas, Maxine Peake, and more, we’re absolutely certain this will be the greatest performance in the 400 some-odd years since its inception. I mean, come on, Matt Lucas as Nick Bottom? Fie on everyone else who has ever assayed the role (pun absolutely intended).


TGIF everybody! Not because the weekend is upon us (though a weekend replete with hockey playoffs isn’t anything to scoff at) but rather because Friday is the day that AdForum releases its list of the Top 5 Ads in the World. This week’s number 2 ad comes as no surprise, Ric Cantor’s Mr Kipling spot “Slide Show.” If you haven’t seen this one yet you should know it’s the most safe for work NSFW ad you’ll ever see.

Congratulations Ric and everybody have a great weekend (especially the Los Angeles Kings).


Ric Cantor is helming the new relaunch of Premier Foods brand Mr. Kipling with the most safe for work NSFW spot you’ll see this year. Ric deftly demonstrates why anytime somebody asks me if I want to see their honeymoon pictures I always respond with an emphatic, “Absolutely I do.” Granted, this has resulted in me seeing a lifetime’s worth of people holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but every once in a while Ric’s Kipling spot comes to life! Check the commercial out above and be sure to read the article Campaign wrote up about the rebranding.


Cell phones distracting drivers is a global issue. Last year alone there were 1.6 million car accidents caused by cell phone distractions but, unfortunately, that message is not getting across to drivers. The stats for accidents just keeps rising. Nothing seems to work, not government agencies flatly stating statistics, not warnings on GPS and certain cell phone apps, not even Werner Herzog’s terrifying voice explaining the dangers of texting and driving in an all-too-real short documentary. Drivers just don’t seem to be taking this threat seriously, so that’s exactly the new strategy Ric Cantor and the New Zealand Transport Authority have decided to attack this problem with: not taking it seriously.

Ric’s hilarious new spot for NZTA sends a different message aimed not at distracted drivers but rather at their also-at-risk passengers. It’s clear drivers themselves aren’t going to be safe, so you, as the passenger, need to make them, even if that means making things a little… ahem… uncomfortable. Check out the spot that AdWeek calls “devilishly good” above.


This is a good week for David Kerr! First he takes home an award from the Royal Television Society for his C4 television show No Offence, now homeboy has won a bronze at the British Arrow Awards in the Web-based Series category. The winning spots were for his work for Smart Energy, Bride, Doctor, and Satnav. If you haven’t seen them yet you can watch all of ‘em here at The British Arrows website. Our sincerest congratulations to David and we’re excited to see what award you take home tomorrow. Three awards one week!!! Go for the hat trick!!!!


David Kerr’s C4 TV series No Offence took home Best Drama series at the RTS Awards last night. For those of us Yanks who may not be aware, RTS stands for Royal Television Society and it is considered the gold standard of achievement in the television community. This is a massive accomplishment for David and the whole No Offence team. If you’re not familiar with the show you can watch the trailer above and if you are familiar with the show, feel free to go into work tomorrow and shove it in all of your coworkers’ faces. “I told you this show was amazing! Eat it!”


The British Arrow Award shortlist is up and David Kerr has made the proverbial grade. Dominating the “Web-Based Series” category David is nominated for his Smart Energy series Bride, SatNav, and Doctor. The premise of the series is professionals approximating when they should be exacting so we did in fact triple check with the British Arrows and they confirmed, David is, indeed, nominated. Had they just been joking we would’ve been upset, but we’d have to admire their level 10 trolling skills.

They’re not though.

He’s nominated.



Sundance Weekend opened with a friggin bang for Hungry Man. Takia Waititi had the premiere for his latest feature film, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and it’s getting excellent reviews.

Now, we won’t kid ya, Taika’s had a tough year what with CBS naming his last picture What We Do In The Shadows one of the best movies of 2015. Unfortunately for Taika, 2016 looks to be shaping up quite the same. A little known publication called Variety dubbed Wilderpeople, “… a pleasing comedy-adventure that pays cheeky homage to some early New Zealand classics.” Seriously. Check out the review here and the teaser trailer above. It couldn’t have been a sweeter review and we are currently awaiting with great anticipation Taika’s next movie, whatever it may be.


We’re nearing the end of January. Is everybody still using their New Year’s resolution gym memberships daily? No? Well, okay, maybe not daily, but every other day? You’re right. That’s too much traffic to fight for a workout. How’s about even weekends of every other month? Yeah. That’s what we thought.

Well prepare to be inspired, ‘cuz Robert Nylund’s got a new Sats spot the message of which is “Train Everywhere.” That’s right, we here at Hungry Man subscribe to the notion that you don’t need a big fancy gym with a three year membership agreement that is absolutely ironclad (sorry, you are NOT getting out of that one). Just hop online and let Sats do all the heavy lifting for you… except… ya know… the actual heavy lifting of weights and such. That you have to do yourself.

Everyone with access to BBC2 be sure and tune in Christmas Day as well as Boxing Day for Steve Bendelack’s latest hour-long made for TV film, We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story. To this day Dad’s Army is still one of BBC2’s highest-rated shows 40 years after it was first on air and We’re Doomed! tells of the nightmare that was putting it together. The Guardian is calling We’re Doomed! a drama. Independent UK is calling it a comedy. Radio Times is just trying to figure out if it’s AM or FM and Steve Bendelack is just calling it good (we’re inclined to agree with the latter). Definitely check this film out if for no other reason than seeing Shane Richie in army fatigues.

Co-Sponsored by African Heartland Journeys and Hungry Man, The Big Green eMachine has been venturing across some of the most difficult terrain in Chinsta to bring technology to schools with little power source or space to house computers. The eMachine has a 10 laptop computer setup so that school children can learn by day and adults can log on at night.

Hungry Man’s very own Richard Bullock & Matt Buels played a key part in its creation and pop back to visit from time to time.

Friends of Chintsa spear­headed the fundraising and project man­age­ment of the “Big Green e-​Machine” which is the areas first 4×4 mobile computer lab for the Southern Wild Coast.

Above are some pictures capturing the Big Green E-machine in action and feel free to donate to the Friends of Chintsa charity that runs the day to day operations. It’s a damn good cause and every little bit helps.


Hungry Man Director, David Kerr, has nabbed a Rose d’Or Award nomination for his work on the BBC’s dark anthology series, “Inside No. 9.” If you live in the UK you should know how big a deal this is. If you live in the US the Rose d’Or is awarded by Eurovision and is “the most prestigious international entertainment programme awards,” and you know that’s classy ‘cuz they used an extra “m-e” on the word program.

Major congratulations go to Mr. Kerr as we’re thinking he has a pretty solid chance at bringing home the gold. “Inside No. 9” has already won awards at the Banff International Media Festival (Best Comedy & Best Entertainment), and the Royal Television Society Award (Best Comedy Performance). So keep an eye out for David’s name on the winner’s list and if you’re interested in the material contained “Inside No. 9” check it out on David’s reel right here.


The latest 007 film, Spectre, just passed the $544 million mark worldwide. The film is being hailed as a beautiful send-off for and final farewell to Daniel Craig’s Bond. But with Craig on his way out, the public find themselves pondering one simple immutable question…

Who’s going to be the next Cadbury Milk Tray Man?

I mean, yeah, we’re also wondering who the next Bond will be, but that mystery pales in comparison to that of the Milk Tray Man. Though we don’t have an answer on the Milk Tray Man front just yet, we do have a selection of possible traynees (athankyou) for you to peruse. Robbie Savage, Denise Lewis, Joey Essex, Thom Evans, and Barry from ‘Eastenders’ all take their shot at the title. Do any of them have what it takes? Find out by watching Steve Bendelack’s latest Cadbury short film above.


Chaplin & Forbes have teamed back up with Leigh Francis to tickle everyone’s funny bone down under… Are there other ways we could’ve phrased that? No. No there are not.

The new spot for Carphone Warehouse aims at showing what Christmas is like in a place that, from our points of view, has its seasons backwards… as well as its views on dangerous eight legged monsters. David Reviews is already getting in on the action claiming, “As ever, fans of the eccentric comedian – and there are plenty of them – will warm to his antics while others may be a bit perplexed.” I think that sums the spot up very well. As a Yankee, I can personally vouch, I had no idea what Francis was saying but damn did I enjoy hearing him say it.

Give the spot a watch above and if you enjoy watching Francis go check out more of his work with C&F on their reel.


Hungry Man has some new work about football, and for once we’re not talking American football, we’re talking… well… everybody else in the world’s football.

Richard Bullock has a brand new short documentary out about FC Barcelona (football club, for those uninitiated). It’s got the heart of a sports doc combined with the science of a pit crew squeezing every mph out of their car. It’s a fascinating piece of filmmaking and even if you’re not a football [soccer] fan, even if you don’t speak the language, even if you think the name Leo Messi refers to DiCaprio and his scraggle-beard in The Revenant, you’re gonna want to watch this doc. It’s fascinating from a sports angle, a science angle, and from a nature angle (those pitches are, like, REALLY green). Well done, Richard.

You can catch the trailer above and the full doc right HERE.


Big week for our dear director Mr. Andrew Chaplin. First, his newest short, “1500 Words,” has a hell of a showing at the New York Independent Film Festival. “1500 Words” is the dark and comedic tale of one man’s struggle to keep his relationship, and himself alive whilst using his final one thousand five hundred words. Boy, who hasn’t been in that dilly of a pickle?

Then on Wednesday, October 21st Andrew teamed back up with Keith Lemon to deliver a ninety minute long tribute to one of the most classic eighties franchises of all time. No, not Breakin’ and Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo. We’re talking about Back to the Future! Fresh off the global celebration of the date to which Marty McFly travels in the 1989 sequel, Chaplin and Lemon delivered a star studded world class tribute to the films that would even make Biff Tannen weep with emotion. So if you’re living in the UK check out the show on ITV.com and if you’re living in the US, well… Just sit there and think about how cool a ninety minute long tribute would be. So cool…

Creativity and Ad Age have released their 2015 A-list and Hungry Man has literally made the grade, yet again. Some might argue, there’s still three months left in the year thus isn’t an end of year wrap-up a skosh premature?

No. No it is not. For as Advertising Age is apt to point out, Hungry Man has made so many notable, engaging, and all around epic spots already this year that, hell, we can just coast on that until 2016 comes a’callin’. We won’t. I’m just saying we could.

Thanks to Creativity Online for acknowledging all the hard work we’ve thrown into these projects in 2015 and buckle up for an even more fruitful 2016.

Also, they did single out specific Hungry Man directors so be sure to give the article a read right here.


Creativity Online aren’t the only one’s noticing Richard Bullock’s work with Didier Drogba for Turkish Airlines. Adweek and Campaign are chiming in already with their own mentions! Adweek in particular loved the “visual flair”, in particular the “colorful, hand painted sets”.

Click through to Adweek and Campaign to read more!


People are raving about Richard Bullock’s latest spot for Turkish Airlines. They feature soccer superstar Didier Drogba and explain just how you make a Didier. Spoiler alert: it ain’t sittin’ around on your ass playin’ video games. Creativity Online got in on the love, calling the spot “an exuberant 60-second feast” and predicting that it too could be yet another viral hit for Turkish Airlines.

Congrats to Richard and apologies to every other country on earth for us still calling football soccer. Don’t blame us. Blame Roger Goodell.


Remember when Taika won gold at Cannes a few months ago for Branded Content and Entertainment? Well we do.

If you haven’t seen his latest spot for New Zealand Transport Agency, “Tinnyvision” you have to check it out herein. It is what we at the office have taken to calling “Classic Waititi,” meaning it has you laughing hysterically for two thirds and then it just hits you with the feels right in the gut.

Okay… maybe it’s just me at the office who calls this “Classic Waititi” but it’ll catch on. Along with me calling people “bro” with a New Zealand accent as in “Brew, thuts clessic Waititi!”


The internet is just chock full of Negative Nancy’s. Uptight folks who have nothing better to do than comment on Chaplin & Forbes’ Confidante spot “Sniffers” saying things like, “How could you use dogs in this way?” and “Did you have to show the entire pink dildo?” and “Have you no soul?”

But guess what you anal-retentive ninnys, Chaplin & Forbes’ Confidante spot “Sniffers” just won a Bronze Lion at Cannes! Boom! Call THAT sophomoric and juvenile!

Big ups to Forbes & Chaplin. Your humorous home-test kit commercial is spreading awareness hopefully faster than night clubbing youths can spread VD… though probably not. Night clubbing youths can spread VD pretty quickly.


I’ve had several people approach me on the street recently and say, “Hungry Man guy, I recently saw Taika Waititi’s newest Vampire mocumentary What We Do In The Shadows — available on VOD right now everywhere — and I just could not get enough of the Takia and Rhys Darby combo. Do you know where I could find more of the two of them working together?” I said, “Absolutely, fictional guy! Taika just shot some new Crazy Domain commercials with Darby and they are quite humorous indeed.”

For anyone who didn’t get their Waititi/Darby fix from Flight of the Conchords and What We Do In The Shadows check out the Crazy Domain campaign at CampaignBrief.com where they had some delightfully flattering things to say about the comedic duo.


Hungry Man is very proud to welcome a brilliant new director to its roster. A fellah by the name of David Kerr. David is best known for his television work on shows such as That Mitchell and Webb Look, Whites, Fresh Meat, and Inside No. 9. If you don’t know what any of those shows are you’re probably a Yank (though repped the world round by the Hungry Man Inc team David spends a lot of his time in the UK) and if that’s the case I demand you check out his reel immediately. This stuff is astoundingly funny and totally translates transatlantic sensibilities. Dude also just took home “Best PSA” at the AICP Awards last week so he’s got that going for him.

We are sure David is going to make a great addition to the Hungry Man family and we welcome him with open arms.


The 2015 D&AD Awards were held in London last night and Hungry Man’s got more pencils than a Bic warehouse! We took more lead than Sonny Corleone at a toll booth. We made more pencils disappear than The Joker!

… I think three is enough.

Let’s go down the list:

Bryan Buckley et al nabbed a Graphite Pencil for Special Effects in Film Advertising with his Marionette DirecTV commercials.

Ricardo Mehedff’s CNA “Speaking Exchange” crew took home a Yellow Pencil, two Graphite Pencils, and a Wooden Pencil for Digital Tools & Utilities, Direct Response Digital, Innovative Use of Technology, and Advertising & Marketing Communications respectively.

Taika Waititi took home a Wooden Pencil for his Air New Zealand spot “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever” under the category of Tactical Branded Film Content & Entertainment.

And Amnesia won a Graphite in the Use of Music for Film Advertising category for their Mix Brazil spot “Everyone is Gay.”

Congratulations to all of you gentlemen. You deserve every one of these and may you always bring home more writing utensils than Jon Stewart in “The Faculty.”


That’s neither hyperbole nor is it creative exaggeration. Knorr has posted Nanette’s spot, “Flavor of Home” in eleven different languages and when you add up all of those views from around the world we get a nice round 53 million people who have watched Nanette’s spot. And that’s a conservative guesstimate. Given the heart-warming nature of the film we know on the Easter and/or Passover holidays there were many mothers who pulled their visiting children over to the family desktop saying, “You have to watch this video! You see how that daughter APPRECIATES HER MOTHER’S COOKING???”

… I’m not saying that happened to me. I’m just saying.

Anyways, major congratulations goes out to Nanette and her crew for making a commercial that smashes through language barriers and cultural divides and truly encapsulates what really makes home feel like home to citizens the world round… Food.


AdForum has Nanette’s Knorr spot “Flavour of Home” on it’s Top 5 Ads of the Week list this week. The film is safely ensconced at number two. Not too shabby.

Still haven’t seen it yet? Well damn it, man, give that commercial a watch! We promise you’re going to want to call up your mother immediately afterwards and tell her you love her and then ask her to make your favourite meal for you and then get resentful when she says, “Why can’t you just call to say you love me? Why do I have to make you dinner?” And then you say, “THE MOM IN NANETTE’S COMMERCIAL DID IT! IF YOU LOVED ME YOU’D MAKE ME A G.D. POT ROAST!”

So basically what we’re saying is Happy Easter and Passover everybody!


Man. We haven’t seen this much crying over potatoes since Signs.

Just released today, Agency Spy and Fast Co Create are already loving Nanette’s newest spot for Knorr. Having worked on shows like New Girl and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 Nanette has proven that she can make us laugh, but it’s with spots like this where she reminds us that her bread and butter (pun totally intended) is in making us cry. The good kind of cry, too. Not like those damn Sarah McLachlan dog commercials. Nanette knows just how to tap into our nostalgia nerve and get the exact emotional response she’s looking for from us and this commercial is a prime example of that.

I could continue to gild the lily but I think I will just let the spot speak for itself. It’s somewhat NSFW in that you wouldn’t want Robin from H.R. making fun of you for sobbing silently at your desk.


Looking for a quick weekend jaunt? Richard Bullock has just what you’re looking for in his new spot for Turkish Airlines. No… not Turkey…

Africa, baby!

Now we know what you’re thinking, “I can’t just up and fly to Africa. I have a job. And a mortgage. And a cat.” Well after you watch Richard’s new commercial you’re going to forget all about these so called “responsibilities,” because, let me tell ya, our boy makes Africa look GOOOOOD.

Give the spot a watch above and book your flight to Africa directly thereafter. Trust us, you won’t be sorry.*

*You might be sorry if you quit your job, abandon your mortgage, or orphan your cat… unless your cat is a jerk. In which case it’s all good.


Just the other day I was trying to explain to my grandmother that people are getting famous now all thanks to their YouTube channels. She said, “Is that a channel on TV? You know I don’t get cable.” So I said, “It’s TV on the internet.” And she said, “You watch it on your TV?” And I said, “No, you watch it on the internet.” And then she said, “Well then why are we watching it on your TV?” I said, “Because I have a device that streams the internet to my television to make viewing YouTube videos that much easier.” There was a long pause and then she asked, “So they’re on the TV?” And I said, “Yes, Nana, they’re on the damn TV.” And she said, “Don’t take that tone with me!” And Sunday high tea was officially ruined.

The really sad thing is I went through all of that when really all I had to do is show her Nanette Burstien’s new full length feature documentary “The Creators” for YouTube. Granted, the doc itself won’t hit the net till March but the trailer is up now and it’s already getting a ton of press. Marketing Magazine in the UK featured it on its website while The Sunday Times actually featured it in its style section this week. Pretty impressive considering the film is still one month away.

Regardless, check out the trailer above and keep your eyes peeled for more news to come about YouTube’s “The Creators” documentary.


Note for all Yankees in the audience: In England they call STD’s STI’s. It sucks having to explain the joke but I didn’t want my fellow Americans to have to Google the reference ’cause then their significant other might use their computer and be all like, “Why the eff were you looking up Sexually Transmitted Infections, and why the eff are you calling it a Sexually Transmitted Infection and not a Sexually Transmitted Disease? Did you get it from a British person? Who is she? WHO IS SHE???” I’m not saying that has happened I’m just saying it could happen.

On with the show:

What if figuring out whether or not you had an STI was as easy as having a dog sniff your crotch? I know, right? That’s the world I someday want to live in. Well wish no more! Thanks to Chaplin & Forbes the STI Sniffers are real and on your streets today. Double up your pants (“underwear” for our US subscribers), slap some Trumper on your undercarriage, and avoid any and all creatures walking around the clubs on four legs, which is good advice normally but especially so now.

Check out the doc for these STI Sniffers above, see what Ad Agency had to say about them HERE, and be aware, the future is nigh.


Babies hate hipsters. We’re sorry if that offends people but it’s science. They just do. The reason behind such hatred, though, has eluded researchers for years. Is it the suspenders that hold up such tight jeans? Is it the non-prescription glasses that adorn their 20-20 eyeballs? Or perhaps it’s the scent of the sweat-soaked Toms riding their feet.

Turns out it could be none of those things (though we’re not ruling them out as contributing factors). The good folks over at Wilkinson Sword, along with the incomparable Robert Nylund, may have finally solved this age old riddle. Find out for yourself by watching the case study above.


Richard Bullock is back with all new work from Asics. And this time it’s all about Rugby.

Now I know a lot of my fellow Yanks out there don’t have a clue how rugby is played — personally one of my favorite pastimes is going to a sports bar, finding the one TV playing Rugby, and trying to guess the rules as the game is played out before me — but there’s one thing that’s universally understood whether you’re talking about rugby, football, futbal, or hockey, and that is heart. In these Asics spots Bullock conveys the heart this sport takes in such a clear and evocative manner that it transcends country lines and favorite national pastimes. I still don’t understand how the game is played, but damn it if I don’t respect the men that play it and those that stand behind the men that play it (not just because they could kick my ass ten times over).

So give Mr. Bullock’s latest Asics commercials a watch and to all the Americans reading this, the next time you find yourself in a sports bar find the one TV playing rugby and give it a watch. I promise you won’t be sorry.





Yeah, we didn’t think we needed to add anything to that journal title.

Check out Jim Hosking’s latest spot for Schneider Electric because… well… if you have to ask you don’t deserve to watch.


Robert Nylund’s newest spot for Intersport has made it to Shots.net. If you have a subscription you can read the article here. If you don’t have a subscription let me just tell you they call this commercial the greatest one minute of film since Orson Welles uttered the word “Rosebud.” They said every human being on earth needs to watch this commercial with the attention they would give the sonogram of their first born child. Shots.net said of Robert Nylund’s Intersport commercial that if D. W. Griffith were alive today he would line up himself, Thomas Ince, Charlie Chaplin, and Sergei Eisenstein and let Robert Nylund slap each of them across the face for not doing enough to further the medium of motion pictures.

That’s what Shots.net said about Robert Nylund’s newest spot for Intersport if you don’t have a subscription to the website.*

*one or more statements above may include embellishments by the author of this post


Ever wonder what it takes to become a top triathlete? Well in Richard Bullock’s new spot for Asics you can find out.

Warning: The following video will either inspire you to get in shape and get your life together, or it will make you want a nap.

You have been warned.


That unnamed robot from Lost in Space

One aspect of the future as has always been defined by pop culture has been the ability to talk to our technology. Well, folks, we’re there. Now you can talk to the Google. Check out Robert Nylund’s newest ad for Google and see just how UK citizens are going to be able to chat it up with England’s own disembodied, all-knowing voice.

I just hope she can’t voice my search history aloud. Then it might be time to ask her to sing “Daisy Bell.”


In his latest commercial for Asics, Richard Bullock shows us just what it takes to be a Marathoner.

Nipple Tape?


Trash Bags?


A desire to run a race derived from a Greek soldier’s sprint from Marathon to Athens which ultimately ended up killing said soldier?

….. I think I’ll take the bus.

For all you crazies out there who still run these races, though, this spot’s for you. You’re braver folk than I.

Everybody’s talking about Ric’s newest ad for the Labour Party (notice that’s an “O-U-R”, i.e. we’re talking UK politics here for all the Yankees in the audience). The spot is called “The Uncredible Shrinking Man,” and it makes some pretty bold declarations about life and times in English politics. So incendiary is this short film that it currently has almost every outlet in the UK talking about it. Take a look at the gallery of press above and then give the spot a watch HERE. Decide for yourself whether you agree or disagree.


That’s how hashtags work, right?

AdAge threw Chaplin & Forbes into the spotlight this week with their iSpot Hot Spots list. iSpot Hot Spots uses iSpot.tv to track tags and measure activity around TV ads in real time and, I’m here to tell ya folks, Chaplin & Forbes’ Beamly spot “The Show Never Stops” is trending like a son of a b. The version that’s making rounds on TV right now is the safe for work version but Beamly has also released a NSFW version (featured above) that’s also getting some substantial views.

Check out AdAge’s article here and be sure to watch the spot above.


AdAge is highlighting Steve Bendelack’s Mentos spot “Never Surrender” today. The commercial is amazing, they really point out “Never Surrender’s” goofy, Python-esque humor, but the really impressive thing about this article is the incredible detail in which wirter E.J. Schultz delves regarding Mentos’ campaign strategies old and new. If you’d like a comprehensive timeline of how Mentos got from THIS to Steve’s spot above definitely read the article. Not only does it show much love for Hungry Man but it’s damned informative.

Congrats Steve and thanks E.J. on the well done article.


Chaplin & Forbes get celebrities to show off their naughty bits in their new spot for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and people are taking notice. Shots wrote up a great piece on C&F’s piece featuring celebrity’s pieces that discusses the finer points of the charity and the commercial that encourages men all over England to shed their undies come March 7th and go commando against cancer.

To read the Shots article click here and to watch the spot… well… it’s right above these words soooo…


Taika is up for three Andy Awards. Yes, it sounds like an award your college buddy made up after nobody could chug three beer bongs in two minutes like his roommate Andy could, but it’s not. The 50th Annual Andy Awards is designed to celebrate “bravery in advertising” as well as pretty good alliteration. Taika is nominated for his spot “Blazed,” a short film he created for the New Zealand Transport Agency. Nominated for best Copywriting, Direction, and Web Film, we intend no pun when we say that “Blazed” is a sobering portrait of the hazards of drugged driving.

Keep an eye out for the results on April 24th.


Remember Wayne’s award winning spot “Vinnie” for the British Heart Foundation? The good people at Lego sure do. In honor of their new film coming soon to theaters in the UK, they’ve decided to re-do some of the most popular advertisements in England with Legos. Whose is up first? Why Wayne McClammy’s “Vinnie” spot, of course.

You can check it out here.

I don’t know if having one’s commercials reinterpreted by Legos is a badge of honor in your circles, but here at Hungry Man we say good on ya, Wayne! This one’s even better than the Mego version of “Hump Day.”

Author’s Note: That last part was a joke. Do not spend your day scouring YouTube for a version of “Hump Day” performed by Mego dolls. Such a video does not exist….. yet….


Now we know how Harry Nilsson felt.

Taika’s latest campaign for Carlton Dry beer has all of the big Ad outlets talking:

Creativity Online
Campaign Brief
Ad News

They all love Taika’s #HelloBeer spots and, at the risk of sounding gauche, we do too. The spots feature a bunch of flatmates (roommates to us yanks) doing what flatmates around the world (or roommates around the world) wish they had the wherewithal to do. Homemade sumo suits, giant arms, paper mache Air Jordan legs, and — of course — upside-down dancing. If you’re a twenty-something dude out there and you say you haven’t ever considered steaming your hot dogs in your dishwasher (for those twenty-something dudes with a dishwasher) you are a dirty rotten liar.

Anyways, check out the spots and check out what these websites say about Taika and his flatmates (… oh, you know).


From the moment the first human uttered its first chuckle, the question of “What is funny?” has plagued our species as we time and time again tried to bring smiles to our friends, impress persons of romantic interest, and uplift the otherwise downtrodden. “What is funny?” is one of the most elusive questions on the planet and in an interview with Source E Creative Hungry Man’s very own Hank Perlman, Kevin Byrne and Raquel Balsam attempt to answer this age old question.

Spoiler alert: it’s poop. Poop is funny.


Anne Bilson of the Telegraph had some nice things to say this week about Steve Bendelack’s films The Leauge of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse and Mr. Bean’s Holiday:

After suffering through the original Bean movie, I had been dreading the sequel. Yet despite my antipathy towards the character (like all right-thinking people, I prefer Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder) the film gradually won me over as Bean’s more obnoxious traits were sidelined in favour of a Tati-esque tour de France. Director of both this and the League of Gentlemen’s film was Steve Bendelack, which bodes well for his next project, The Harry Hill Movie.

But most British film comedy nowadays involves small-screen comedians with no notion of what makes a movie tick. Richard Curtis’s films feel more like collections of cobbled-together skits than properly developed stories (About Time hasn’t yet come out where I live, so I can’t say if that has bucked the trend). The disconnected sketch effect was also evident in Chris Morris’ sporadically hilarious but shambolic Four Lions, and Paul King’s Bunny and the Bull, which felt like three back-to-back episodes of The Mighty Boosh (which made it 70 minutes too long in my book). Andrew O’Connor’s Magicians, with David Mitchell and Robert Webb, and Ricky Gervais’ The Invention of Lying were single sketch ideas stretched out to excruciating feature length.

Thanks Anne!


AustralianCreative.com is talking about Ric Cantor’s new spots for Vodafone. In a brief but earnest piece they point out that Ric’s Vodafone campaign is filled “… with so much heart you want to hug your Vodafone mobile plan and hold it forever.” Featuring new tunes by The Strypes Australian Creative thinks Ric’s spots are the next big thing and we can’t help but agree.

You can read the article here.


Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 5.02.30 PM

Director Jim Hosking’s newest music video for the band Moones called “Universal Remote Control”.

Written and directed by Jim Hosking, the music video first came into fruition after Moones singer Ollie Kristian contacted him. Known for his quirky and eclectic style, commercial director Jim Hosking’s resume boasts some especially unique commercials including, “V Energy”, “Sierra Mist” and “Comcast“. A major difference between shooting commercials and the music video, was the freedom in the creative process. Jim says of Ollie, “He gave me carte blanche to come up with anything I wanted. The band didn’t need to appear in the video… We had £5000 and the idea was to make something truly idiosyncratic to create a bit of impact. But then again, I don’t know how to do that. I just know how to make stuff I like, and then if I follow my gut hopefully I’ll make something that some other people will like too.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 5.03.07 PMOn the Creative Process:

“I wrote a treatment featuring three actor friends of mine.. I sent it to Ollie and he pushed the idea further and he made it even more eccentric than it was already.” The video opens on a fisherman returning home to have dinner with his older counterpart. What follows is a series of unpredictable events ranging from fish and whipped cream and an octopus chase scene. “I really felt with this it was liberating to work with a lot of younger crew, get new ideas, a different feel, just go with the flow of it. I used Nick Gillespie DP who has been 2nd unit on all of Ben Wheatley’s films. We decided to shoot the whole film on a 50mm lens. It’s the closest to a human eye and it’s what Robert Bresson used for his films. Good enough for me, good enough for him.”
That’s right Jim. And for those of you desperately wondering, yes, the actors did indeed eat the fish with the whipped cream.
Watch the full music video by clicking here or the pictures above.

Following a week of glory at the Cannes Advertising Awards Show, Max Joseph’s award winning spot, “Follow the Frog” was screened at the Saatchi and Saatchi New Director’s Showcase in London last week. For the first time in 23 years, the showcase was held outside of Cannes. Executive Producer Matt Buels was part of the panel of speakers and our director of sales/executive producer James Covill was in attendance.

Congrats to Max!

See below for pictures from the event.


From L to R (clockwise): Grey Poupon, Rainforest Alliance, Tide, Devondale.


Unleash the feast! Winners have been announced for this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and it seems like celebrations are in order!

Bryan Buckley picked up a film lion for his Superbowl spot “Miracle Stain” for Tide out of Saatchi and Saatch NY. He also picked up a Lion in the the Titanium and Integrated category for his revitalization of the Grey Poupon classic, “Pardon Me” out of Crispin Porter and Bogusky. Director Tim Bullock was awarded a Film Lion for Devondale, “Sunshine Bubble” out of DDB Melbourne and lastly, Max Joseph was awarded a Film Lion for his viral PSA- “Follow the Frog” by Rainforest Alliance. The spot was also featured in Saatchi and Saatchi’s New Director’s Showcase at Cannes this past Thursday. The spot has also been selected as Creativity’s Pick of the Day. You can view the full list of Cannes winners here!

Gosh it feels great doesn’t it? Break open the Veuve Cliquot Mesdames et Messieurs!

Congratulations to all!





Taika Waititi, the man of many talents. Actor, director, writer and most importantly able to speak with a charming New Zealand accent. What can’t he do? Well,  in the lastest of his recent accomplishments, Taika stars in a web film for the NEW Samsung Galaxy Note II! In it, Taika shares with us the many cre-ations that can be made with the Samsung!  Also, in case you were interested to learn more, the video lists a few of his other accomplishments like raising an owl from birth and becoming  the proud owner of a 1989 Citroen Bx 60. Yes, that’s 1989, 23 years of glory all combined into one silver box on wheels. Check out this funny advert below! It’s already making viral heads spin on Bestadsontv!


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.00.15 PM






The prestigious AICP awards show is right around the corner and we are excited to announce the selection of several of our works for the shortlist! The AICP is taking place this year during the week of June 4th. Take a look at the list below to see the nominated gems.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 5.21.53 PM



Bryan Buckley’s Oscar premiere commercial, “The Chase” for Grey Poupon has been nominated in the follow categories.

Agency Art Direction, Copywriting, Editorial, Humour, Performance Dialogue, Visual Style, Viral /Web films

Max Joseph’s PSA for the Rainforest Alliance, “Follow The Frog” has been nominated in the following categories.

Copywriting, Editorial

Nanette Burstein’s heartfelt spot for Google Chrome, “Jess Time” has been nominated in the following category.

Performance Dialogue

Our collaboration with Droga5 and Hennessy captured the essence of professional boxer Manny Pacquiao throughout the streets of the Phillipines. “Manny” has been nominated for best “Original Music”.

Last but not least comes Director Gualter Pupo and artist Marcos Saboya’s impressive 250,000 book maze that premiered at the London Olympics 2012. The project teamed up with OXFAM to donate books to charity.  “aMAZEme” was nominated for a NEXT Award in the Experiential category.

Here at Hungry Man, we’ve got QUITE the voracious appetite. When we heard the ONE SHOW finalists had been announced you can best believe we were hungry for those little silver, bronze and gold pencils. We’ve got quite a few spots up in the running for the coveted pencils, take a look below to see the Hungry Man nominees or visit the site by clicking here. Congratulations to Hungry Man!

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.55.14 AM



Public Service Integrated Branding Campaign

Steve Bendelack/ Grey London/ British Heart Foundation / Minni Vinnie

Consumer TV :60 Single

Nanette Burstein / Google Creative Lab / Google / Jess Time

Bryan Buckley / Saatchi and Saatchi NY / Tide / Miracle Stain

Consumer TV : 30 Single

Wayne McClammy / The Martin Agency / Basket / Geico

Consumer TV Over :60 Single

Wayne McClammy / 72 and Sunny/ The Replacer / Call of Duty

Non Broadcast Online

James Gooding/ Droga 5 / White Paper / Puma

Bryan Buckley / CPB / The Chase / Grey Poupon

Branded Content Online

James Gooding / Droga 5 / White Paper / Puma

Integrated Branding -Consumer Campaign

Bryan Buckley/ Cpb / Pardon Me / Grey Poupon

Out of Home – Transit & Installations – Single

Project /Ogilvy Brasil / Coca Cola / Sprite Shower




Wayne McClammy / 72 and Sunny / Activision Publishing / Call of Duty: Black Ops II – The War of the future


Bryan Buckley / CP + B / Grey Poupon / The Chase

Interactive Advertising – Environmental / Experiential – Single

Projects / Ogilvy Brazil / Coca Cola / Sprite Shower







Here is this month’s HUNGRIEST fan! 

This gentle soul mistook our Facebook and website for Hungry Man Frozen Foods.  Good Grief.

To read more Hungry Man Love and Hate Mail from our fans click here.


Hungry Man Fan Letter



The Brazilian ‘AdAge’ – Meio e Mensagem, has released its annual report on Agencies, Advertisers and Production Company’s standings / rankings. The Hungry Man Brazil office has been ranked  the #3 production company in all of Brazil! This is especially incredible considering HM Brazil  opened its doors only 7 years ago. Hungry Man Brazil has been pulling out all the stops these past few years with incredible work such as the Cannes Lion award winning “Sprite Shower” out of the *Projects division and most recently with Carlao Busato‘s “Dove For Men-Slow” ad that has since gone viral on Youtube. Congratulations to all for the great work!

Claro Mobile declares its love for Rio in this spot directed by Gualter Pupo.  Daily sunset applauses on Ipanema beach, desire to have Açai anywhere you walk, waterfalls 15mins bike ride from the beach, amazing coastal landscape with hiking and rock climbing with stunning views, overtaken by street art, and , right – the most beautiful girls in the world… There’s more too.

If you haven’t been to Rio, well, that’s your loss.

View the spot!


claro_2 claro_3 claro_4 claro_5 claro_6 claro_7

For 3 days, starting today, if you live in Sao Paulo and happen to swing by Market Plaza Shopping Mall, you will be able to enter Shell Helix’s simulator and have a brand experience like no other.  As you experience the simulator in various weather type conditions, many cameras will capture your reactions, to be later included in a spot that will air online.  The *Projects team: Fabio Pinheiro, Armando Ruivo, Gualter Pupo and with collaboration from upcoming director Caco Santana, with production team lead by exec producer Rodrigo Castello and line producer Mariana Beltrão, have been designing and building this puppy for the last 20 days, integrating up to date technology to create a branded consumer experience.  Be our guest to try it out!


photo-1 photo-2 photo-3

A big Congratulations to directors James Gooding and Steve Bendelack for their GOLD win at the Creative Circle Awards last night in London. The GOLD award was given in the “Film—Best Charity category” for the British Heart Foundation campaign this year out of Grey London. The spots were a follow up to 2011’s BHF “No Kissing” spot which starred Vinnie Jones teaching hands only CPR. The winning campaign this year featured actual cardiac arrest survivors who were saved via techniques taught from “No Kissing” as well as a spot targeted towards children and youths called  “Mini Vinnie”. View the spots below. James Gooding directed, “Alan’s Testimonial” and Steve Bendelack is the director of “Mini Vinnie”.


To view the Creative Circle Awards showcase click here.







The Hungry Man Director’s Summit 2013 started off with a bang this year. Hungry Man staff and directors from New York, London, Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo, Brazil were all in attendance at the Los Angeles office.  The festivities included an opening night  Margarita/Taco Party complete with a Mariachi Band welcome party!  Click here  to view the full album!



The spot directed by Joao Caetano Feyer for Claro Mobile / Ogilvy Sao Paulo with Int’l Football Celebrities Ronaldo & Neymar Jr, is a finalist on the SBT (2nd Largest Network Channel in Brazil) “Best Commercial of The Year 2012”.   The spot was shot in Sao Paulo early in the year 2012. Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 5.56.02 PM

Check out this feature on new Hungry Man directors Axel Laubscher and Robert Nylund. They explain how they give that special Swedish flavor to their work. One highlight:

Robert hasn’t got the million-dollar answer either. But he knows when a commercial’s heading in the wrong direction. “When you’re on the set and you’re shooting a supposedly funny scene and everybody starts laughing on the set, that’s when it turns out shit,” he says. Maybe that’s part of it – recognising that it’s all about context. “On the set it’s theatre,” he muses. But nobody’s laughing when you’re in the editing room watching the jokes flop.

The problem is you don’t know what will be funny until you see it executed. A script can be hilarious, but without the right director, it won’t get a laugh. Axel talks about getting a good script: “The first goal is to get there – to that vision, idea or feeling or something and I think the way Robert and I work is you hope something more is going to happen. If you just do what you thought was going to happen then that’s OK, but if it feels like that extra magic didn’t happen. I feel like our job is not only to invite everybody to the party. Everybody has food and they’re sitting next to each other and all having a good time, but it’s got to be more than that.

“It’s like ‘Yeah, it’s all there. He came into the room and he fell on the banana peel and hit his head and then he held up the product.’ OK. That’s what the storyboard said. But was that funny?”

Check out the link for more!

Shot out of DDB Australia, Steve Hudson’s latest spot features the crafty and extremely thought out dedication one man utilizes just to taste a piece from Mcdonald’s new “Loose Change” Menu.

BestAdsonTV.com is currently showcasing Steve Hudson’s “Stretch” spot for Mcdonald’s up on it’s homepage. You can see it by clicking here.
Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 10.23.56 AM



Brazilian directors Carlao Busato, Gualter Pupo and Joao Caetano Feyer joined forces to co-write and co-direct an unusual music video christmas message for the band “Johnny Lipstick and the Bad Licks”.
“Marx Was Santa Claus” chronicles the life of an old communist intellectual who to survive needs to work as Santa Claus. In this little saga, dwarves, orgies, drugs permeate the life of the protagonist.
Johnny Lipstick and the Bad Licks is a musical project by Carlão Busato who grew up singing in a local Curitiba, Brazil band.   The song “Marx Was Santa Claus” was recorded at Jamute Audio studio in São Paulo, and featured song production by James Feeler and Paul Corcione.

In this new film for Duracell created by Sao Paulo Agency 9ine and Directed by Brazilian Gualter Pupo, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) World Champ Anderson Silva stars the film shot in stop motion.  Watch out for a cameo appearance by Ronaldo “The Phenom”.

[vimeo]https://vimeo.com/55771716 [/vimeo]

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(Niemeyer in his office on Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro with one of the cities curves in the bg.)

Although he is worldly known for ‘making’ Brasilia (Brazil’s Capitol) with its curves and shapes back in 1959, Oscar lived most of his life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   Rio de Janeiro is also where Hungry Man opened its first Brazilian Office, in mid-2005.

Oscar Niemeyer, born 1907, became ill recently and passed away Dec 05, 2012.  Oscar often described his ‘curves’ in his drawings “it’s what I see in women”, literally transferring them into his concrete designs, material he chose to create his aesthetic revolution in architecture.

It is common to recognize the spirit of Rio de Janeiro in his creations.  It is even more common to recognize the cities greatness and its horizons of pure nature when observing either north, south, east or west when you are in Rio de Janeiro.

We, Hungry Man, with Brazilian spirit and soul, honor him for the brilliance he brought to life and creations he left behind in his lifetime through his works standing throughout the world.

An inspiration to all of us, story tellers.

A “Great” has come and gone.  Leaving behind a visual opportunity to shine through your own vision.

Note: Hungry Man Director and Founder, Bryan Buckley, shot for the first time in Rio almost 10 years ago, in 2003.  And on his first project, for Diageo’s Archer’s Acqua and Mother London, chose to shoot one of the ‘stunt’ scenes on an Oscar Niemeyer creation.

Rest well Oscar.


Brazilian Director Carlao Busato and LewLara/TBWA Sao Paulo Agency have just released their latest work for Nissan.  If you know someone who has major problems in getting stuck, or “Mud – Stuck”, try this cure!



Directed by Brazilian Director Gualter Pupo for W+K Sao Paulo, the spot focuses on how important your coca cola bottle will be for the World Cup.  The bottles will actually be made into Maracana Stadium Seats when recycled.  The spokesperson for this add is none other than Brazilian Celebrity Luciano Huck, and has a cameo appearance from Martha, the #1 Woman Football player in the World.


Hungry Man *Projects division and Director Joao Caetano Feyer presented northeastern graffiti artists ACIDUM to W+K Sao Paulo creative team when asked about any interesting graffiti art we knew of.  Next step, Smirnoff signing off on the new technique where graffiti murals are only visible at night, under black lighting.  Armed with the new graffiti spray paint in the market, ACIDUM, W+K Sao Paulo and Director Joao Caetano Feyer went after some hot spots in the mega metropolis city of Sao Paulo to create Art visible only at night.  For a sneak peak of what the murals looked like, here’s one of the films of the project.  There will be more, stand by!




These web films focus on stories behind the 1986, 1994, 1998 & 2002 World Cups. Ronaldo, the spokesman and adman for the brand, takes the host seat and interviews some historical figures from Brazil’s Official National Team. A 5 part series where each segment has 1 ‘family’ member.  Careca, who played in the 1986 World Cup and was a soccer/football star during the mid to late ’80’s in Brazil, Bebeto who scored the memorable goal on July 4th, 1994 in the US World Cup playing against none other than the host country team, Denilson who was part of the 1998 World Cup Brazil Team and was close to Ronaldo at the time when a tragic afternoon slammed focus on final game day, Felipao – the renowned Brazil Team Coach known as a ‘father’ figure to players at the time and worked with Ronaldo and team to win again the Cup, and Leandro Damiao, who is now a player on Brazil’s National Team all talk about their experiences and what it means to be on the Brazil Team…



Hungry Man has amassed yet another fortune to our roster of  directors this year with the signing of Swedish directors Robert Nylund and Axel Laubscher.

Robert Nylund- Director / Zombie?


Robert Nylund has over 8 years of experience as a director at Social Club in Stockholm, and has directed commercials around the world in Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Japan and the US. His work has garnered awards from several distinguished shows including Cannes, Spotlight, Klappe, NY festival, ADC, Prague International Festival, Epica, Eurobest and Cresta. At the heart of Robert’s work lies a subtle humor based around human experience and a love for both strong storytelling and  beautiful cinematography. At the heart of Robert’s work lies a subtle humour based around human experience and a love for both strong storytelling and uniquely beautiful cinematography.


Axel Laubscher is excited to join hungry man!


Axel Laubscher is an experienced director having worked in a number of countries, languages (of which he speaks four) and made both short films and commercials. He founded Swedish production company Social Club in 2002 and has won myriad awards from all around the world including a Cannes Golden Lion and Swedish Golden and Silver Eggs. A great storyteller with a unique sense of humour and love of working with actors, Axel’s films blend emotion, cinematography and memorable performances.

Recently Axel has worked on a project for BYGGMAKKER that followed the company’s history in film from the 1890s to the present day based on a variety of archived footage. Rather than shooting on digital and attempting to recreate the film look of different eras in post-production, Axel chose to film with the equipment of each era including crank-up cameras, 16mm, 35mm, reversal, positive and VHS. The project is a perfect example of the unique diversity and experience that Axel brings to all of his work.


Campaign’s website has dubbed James Gooding’s British Heart Foundation spot “Alan ‘Lucky’ Linton” as their spot of the day. Big ups to Mr. Gooding and all involved. We should all be quite proud, but let us not get so caught up in our conviviality that we forget the true heroes of this day….. The Gibb Brothers.

Following on the heels of  last year’s hilarious and life saving promo for the British Heart Foundation’s “No Kissing” campaign, directors Steve Bendelack and James Gooding each took their turn with a continuation spot for the foundation.

Steve Bendelack directs MINNIE VINNIE, starring a what do you know.. Mini Vinnie Jones teaching youths the proper  procedure and etiquette (“NO KISSING”) of hands only CPR.

James Gooding directs ALAN’S TESTIMONIAL, where an actual survivor of cardiac arrest speaks out about how his life was saved after friends remembered the Vinnie Jones advert and performed CPR on him to the beat of “Stayin Alive.”

Since the launch of last year’s campaign, 28 saved lives have been attributed to CPR techniques taught by Vinnie Jones.  With these two new spots I’m sure the number of  saved lives will go up…as well as the sales of camel trench coats and black turtlenecks.

The Reel and BBC have already begun showcasing these hilarious and life saving spots. Click here to see the original version from hungry man director Wayne McClammy.


Steve Bendelack directs “Minnie Vinnie” and his posse for BHF


James Gooding directs “Alan’s Testimonial” for BHF



In Richard Bullock’s spot for Omega, Daniel Craig heads to Mongolia with the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital on a journey to give one country sight.


When Vinnie Jones tells you “No Kissing!” you listen and the voters over at Campaign Big Awards were definitely listening last night when they gave it the gold in the Direct category. As if gold wasn’t enough, Hungry Man’s very own James Gooding followed it right up with the silver in the Direct category for his work with Brother P-Touch.

Huge congratulations to both men and, all in all, October 24th wasn’t too shabby a night for ol’ Hungry Man Productions.

We here at Hungry Man feel it’s very important to take pride in one’s work, that’s why we’re pleased as punch to hear that our boys over at Funkhaus Design are as proud of the work they did on our new website as we are. It looks great, it works great, and these folks are responsible. Here’s what they have to say about Hungry Man’s site and all of the amazing new features (three of which we didn’t even know we had until we read this blog post).

You can always rely on Jim Hosking to make you laugh. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the launch of his latest work for Channel 4 in the UK , Privado.

Written and directed by Jim, Privado is a mini comedy series about a patch-emblazoned- suit wearing American investigator aptly named, “Michael Jackson” who has left his tortured past for a fresh start in Great Britain.

Starring Neil Maskell as Michael Jackson, the series boasts Jo Hartley (This is England), Rasmus Haridker (Saxondale), Dan Renton Skinner (Angelos Epithermiou Show), Michael Winder (Undisclosed) and Richard Hardisty (Evil Kweevil).

Catch the first episode on Channel 4’s YouTube, Vimeo and iTunes Podcast accounts.





Behold Richard Bullock’s newest spot for Omega Watches. The spot features a reading by Davis Love III, PGA Tour Winner and Ryder Cup 2012 Captain, and was shot by Director of Photography Haris Zambarloukos, DP of such films as Thor and Mama Mia. Zambarloukos, it should be mentioned, is also repped as a commercial director by Hungry Man. Now if we could only relate Richard, Davis, and Haris to Kevin Bacon this six degrees of omega watches will be complete.

Jennie Garth and heart throbs Luke Perry and Jason Priestly make a comeback in Taika Waititi’s new commercial for Old Navy, “Why Choose”?

Check it out!

Here are some photos of ‘aMAZEme’. Enjoy!


2.5 metre high walls made of 250,000+ books,
Large Maze in the shape of a fingerprint
that is the size of 500 square metres,
Touch screen installations hidden in these walls,
London Olympics 2012 Festival

Hungry Man director Gualter Pupo in collaboration with Marcos Saboya and the hungry man *Projects team are setting up this art installation for the London Olympics 2012. Watch the magic happen here:


It’s Steve Bendelack’s hilarious new BBC 3 prison drama Dead Boss!


His new spot for V Energy shows us the best way to get what you want out of life. Here’s a hint, it involves unicorn chauffeurs, puppy wingmen and epic awesomeness that a mere facebook description cannot describe.

Check out Jim Hosking’s Reel for more great work.

Happy Mother’s Day from everyone here at Hungry Man!

Amazing story of How Wayne McClammy‘s BHF spot literally kept man alive!!

Thanks Paulo Gandra! You were an inspiration to us all with your youth and energetic mind and soul!

Gotta Have Swagger.


Taika does the weather on the news today!!!


The year is 1984, and on the rural East Coast of New Zealand “Thriller” is changing kids’ lives.

Inspired by the Oscar nominated “Two Cars, One Night”, BOY is the hilarious and heartfelt coming-of-age tale about heroes, magic and Michael Jackson.

BOY is a dreamer who loves Michael Jackson. He lives with his brother ROCKY, a tribe of deserted cousins and his Nan. Boy’s other hero, his father, ALAMEIN, is the subject of Boy’s fantasies, and he imagines him as a deep sea diver, war hero and a close relation of Michael Jackson (he can even dance like him). In reality he’s “in the can for robbery”. When Alamein returns home after 7 years away, Boy is forced to confront the man he thought he remembered, find his own potential, and learn to get along without the hero he had been hoping for.

Be sure to check out the rest of Taka Waititi’s work.


2011 would have been a lot less fun without the work of Hungry Man. The Baldwin-Krasinski New Era showdown, directed by Bryan Buckley and created out of The Brooklyn Brothers, was hands down one of year’s most entertaining campaigns. Buckley also let us “Watch Any Device on Conan,” for TBS and continued to show his chimp-flavored finesse with another Super Bowl spot for Career Builder, “Parking Lot.”


Buckley also teamed up with Hank Perlman on a pair of high-action laffers for TNT out of Grey, N.Y., “Don’t Miss a Second,” every bit of which you really shouldn’t miss, and “Wherever You Go,” which starred Timothy Hutton as lead spy guy.


Brian Billow contributed his own funny moments to The Martin Agency’s “Shopping List” campaign for Walmart, including a can’t-miss scene featuring armpits, while Taika Waititi turned out some major longform moves, including the hilarious Sour Patch Kids’ “World Gone Sour” music video out of Mother New York, which gave a taste of what happens when Sour Patch Kids don’t get chomped, a hilarious teaser to the agency’s upcoming video game with the same theme. He also brought more musical levity to Cadbury, with a four-minute underwater serenade to swimmer Rebecca Adlington.


Other fun turns came out of South America, including the Carlao Busato– directed “Drunk Valet,” Ogilvy Brazil’s latest smart move against drunk driving, for Bar Aurora and Boteca Ferraz, which cleverly employed the services of an “intoxicated” valet.

Read the Creativity article here.

Check out the superstars of NBC in this spectacular musical promo for the Superbowl directed by Hungry Man’s own Taika Waititi!



We wish everyone a Happy 2012 filled with health, joy and positive energy!!! Remember to love your loved ones and your neighbors. Give it your best this 2012!!!!

2011 going going going, and 2012 just around the corner.

Thanks to all who came by the Hungry Man lounges at last night’s AICP Holiday Party! You helped make us the best-looking bunch in the place.