Born in Phoenix, AZ “The Valley of the Sun,” it was Chris McPherson’s third grade teacher who first put a camera in his hand. The teacher happened to be in charge of the school newspaper and thought it would be a good idea for there to be an 8 year old photographer on staff. Being able to take this camera out into the playground and take pictures of his friends tormenting ants, pummeling each other with a sinister red ball, and partaking in the usual activities only added to his enthusiasm for the medium. Chris would hand the camera back to the teacher, he would process the film, and the pictures would show up in the special section of the newspaper.

His interest in photography peaked in high school and it became an outlet that worked well with his lifestyle. It didn’t hurt that his oldest brother, Tod Swank, was a staff photographer for one of the top skateboarding magazines on the planet, Transworld. That opened Chris’ eyes to the idea that you could get paid to do what you love and, indeed, shortly thereafter Chris got his first big break as a photo-slave at a commercial photography studio in Phoenix, thus beginning his formal/professional training.

After cutting his photographic teeth as a greenhorn grom for several years Chris packed up his ride and moved out to Los Angeles where all of his thoughts and ideas began to come to fruition. He worked as an assistant for a couple of years to a handful of top photographers, rounding out his knowledge of the business and truly came into his own as a professional photographer.

Chris has had the amazing opportunity to photograph some of the most famous and infamous people in the world including Ron Jeremy, Lindsay Lohan, Pauly Shore, Pauly D etc… Others included are Stephen Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie for publications such as Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair, ESPN Mag and many others.

As the twenty-teens got going Chris became interested in photography in motion and in no time at all he had amassed a bevy of filmic work ranging from skate videos with local kids to multi-million dollar ads for companies like Chevy, Nokia, and Adidas featuring celebrities like Ben Harper and Michael Bublé.