Chris Woods’ career behind the camera began as a portrait photographer. He cut his teeth shooting his pro skateboard friends in his teens and twenties and transitioned into the world of magazine photography working for such publications as Rolling Stone, Interview, and Spin just to name a few. While shooting for these periodicals Chris traveled across the globe photographing celebrities from all walks of life. People like Lebron James, Hugh Henfer, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Dan Ackroyd, and many many more. He’s also taken pictures of barenaked ladies (both the band and disrobed females).

This being the 21st Century, photography is the natural springboard into filmmaking. Chris’ board sprang into the commercial production world. Since making the transition to motion photography Chris has shot commercials around the world for some of the biggest brands on the planet including Mini, Volkswagen, Skittles, and Adidas. He has even joined the ranks of Super Bowl directors having had multiple spots appear in The Big Game.