Hank Perlman began his career in advertising as a copywriter in New York City and then moved to Portland, Oregon to work for Wieden + Kennedy in 1993. There he created numerous award winning campaigns for Nike and ESPN.

Of all the work Perlman did at Wieden, the “This is SportsCenter,” campaign was and continues to be the most successful and influential.

Perlman parlayed the success at Wieden into a move back to New York and a stint in the MTV on-air promo department as a writer, producer, and director. That led to more directing work for Comedy Central, the Independent Film Channel, and to Hank quickly building a distinctive director’s reel.

Along with “This is SportsCenter” director Bryan Buckley, Perlman launched New York based production company, Hungry Man, in 1997. Within just a few years, in addition to their own directing careers, Hungry Man became host to some of the world’s best directors, and had opened offices in LA, London, and Rio/Sao Paulo in addition to New York.

Perlman continually collaborates with the most talented creative teams in the US and abroad. He has worked on campaigns for Fedex, Amazon, AT&T, State Farm, and American Express to name a few.

When not directing and helping to manage Hungry Man, Perlman enjoys spending time in Manhattan’s West Village with his two children, George and Sally.