Gualter Pupo

Gualter Pupo

A São Paulo native,  Gualter has lived in Rio de Janeiro for the past 40 yrs, where he also graduated in Design back in 1989. With over 15 years experience as a production designer to some of industry’s biggest and brightest in Brazil, Gualter has developed projects in many areas, for the arts, such as film, animation, post production, music videos, short films, theater, concerts and graphic design.

Gualter has won several awards as a Production Designer/Art Director in short films, feature films, music videos ( which he Co-Directed and Production Designed), along with commercials he worked on over the last  15 years.  Gualter has also had the opportunity to evolve with digital technology by having worked as an Art Director for a Post Production facility during 2.5 yrs.  There, Gualter go involved in 2d/3d animation, plate design, motion graphics and composition effects.

In 2003, Gualter began working for Hungry Man with co-founder Director Bryan Buckley. The relationship generated many award winning campaigns, such as Archer’s Acqua (Cannes Silver Lions -3 – 2004), Mini Cooper Counterfeit (Cannes Gold Lions, Gold Titanium, D&AD, Clios, One Show 2005/2006), Burguer King’s Whopperettes (Cannes Silver Lions – 3- 2006, D&AD, Clios), which also awarded Gualter for best Production Design at AICP in 2007.

In 2007, worked on his first commercial film as solo director developing projects mixing Art Design, Animation and Post Production. His process in creating/directing a film involves a lot of research, drawings/design, storyboards and when necessary, pre visuals to reach the desired look.

His works, besides having a strong link between art direction and post production elements, are getting close to spots where the acting and humor are also important.
And this new aspect, brought some freshness to his jobs, witch is tracking him to a larger horizon in the world of advertising.

Gualter has began to direct for Hungry Man TV a web series called “ Strange Detective Tales “. Based in the comic book with the same name, by Jesse Bausch and James Callahan, it’s a animated flash film, about two creeps working as privet investigators working in Los Angeles in the late 50’s. It’s a comedy about creeps , crime and sci-fi.

Gualter has began to direct for Tv Shows in 2016, creating and directing Terminadores (Dumpers), for broad cast tv channel Band, cable tv channel TNT and Netflix. It’s a comedy about an office that finishes personal relationships for clients that don’t know how to do it by theirselves.

Between 2017 and 2018 directed two seasons of “Procurando Casseta&Planeta”, a comedy Tv Show for cable channel MultiShow. In 2019, was the executive producer for “Arcanjo Renegado”, Globoplay Tv Show.

His last work is in post production, he directed the second unit for Marcos Bernstein film.

Since 2021, he is ahead as showrunner, with JC Feyer, of an 8 episode drama series for a Streaming Channel.